Chapter 1188 – Obtaining Precious Treasures Successively

Zuoqiu Sheng was too infuriated and aggrieved indeed. All his plans had failed successively today. Moreover, being pressured repeatedly by Xuanyuan Pojun at this moment caused him to arouse the impulse to spit blood and go berserk.

Suffer a beating? 

Zuoqiu Sheng did firmly believe that this madman, Xuanyuan Pojun, would absolutely do as he said.

In the end, he forcefully endured the mass of discomfort he felt as he withdrew his Violet Ribbon Starcrest and acknowledged the completion of the assignment in a fierce manner.


A strange fluctuation stretched out, and then Zuoqiu Sheng could only watch as 800,000 Starpoints that belonged to him vanished, and it flowed into Chen Xi’s possession…

Those were 800,000 Starpoints! 

Even if he was one of the head instructors in the Pill Reserve, it was impossible for him to regain such a sum without spending two to three months of time.

Of course, this wasn’t enough to make Zuoqiu Sheng’s heart ache. The reason he felt aggrieved and vexed the most was that in this way, he’d indirectly yielded before Xuanyuan Pojun, and this was the most intolerable thing to him.

“Hmph!” As he sensed the unusual gazes that shot towards him from the surroundings, Zuoqiu Sheng simply felt as if he was sitting on a bed of needles, and he wasn’t willing to stay here for another moment. He flicked his sleeve angrily and left.

“Fatty, I’ll definitely repay your Zuoqiu Clan for this great courtesy it has shown me!” Xuanyuan Pojun’s voice sounded out from behind him, and it caused Zuoqiu Sheng’s expression to freeze. After that, he quickened his pace and left hastily because he had to have a proper discussion with his clansmen about everything that had happened today.



“If we weren’t in the academy, I’ll definitely skin that despicable bastard alive.” Xuanyuan Pojun withdrew his gaze and grunted coldly with disdain.

The others glanced at each other and sighed endlessly in their hearts. They weren’t willing to be mixed up in the enmity between the Xuanyuan Clan and Zuoqiu Clan.


Right at this moment, a wave of spatial fluctuation arose before Chen Xi’s figure emerged.

All the others including Xuanyuan Pojun were stunned when they saw Chen Xi, and then they revealed a wisp of amiable expressions as they moved forward while successively inquiring with concern about what had happened earlier.

“Chen Xi, Hua Jiankong didn’t cause any trouble for you, right?”

“Come, come, come! Let’s sit down and have a proper chat. A young and promising student like you is really rare.”

“You over there! Go boil a bowl of the Drifting Spirit Immortal Mist Tea that I’ve kept in my collection for many years.” 

“Tsk tsk. The Drifting Spirit Immortal Mist Tea is a precious treasure that only sprouts every thousand years. Drinking a bowl can be compared to consuming a medicinal pill prepared for a Golden Immortal.”

All of the seniors here were extremely fervent. Chen Xi originally intended to bid his farewells and leave, yet he was grabbed ahold of and kept within the hall with the reason that they wanted to drink tea, discuss the Dao, and have a nice conversation with him.

Such kindness was difficult to refuse, so Chen Xi could only stay back.

Actually, he was rather happy because everyone present here was a senior of the Pill Reserve or a great figure from the Xuanyuan Clan. So being able to obtain their unanimous recognition was absolutely a blessing that others were unable to obtain even if they put their lives on the line.

“Chen Xi, the restoration method of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron seems to be related to the energy of Karmic Luck. I wonder if you can explain the profundities of it?” As the conversation flowed smoothly and merrily, a head instructor of the Pill Reserve was unable to refrain himself from asking this question.

The other seniors of the Pill Reserve perked up their ears because to all of these supreme grandmasters in the Pill Dao and Talisman Dao, they were naturally most concerned about the restoration of the cauldron.

Chen Xi was mentally prepared for this since the beginning. He pretended to ponder deeply for a moment before he explained it ambiguously. The general idea was that he wasn’t clearly aware of its profundities, and he only felt that restoring it in that way was the most logical and reasonable method. Moreover, he was rather fortunate to be able to succeed. 

All the seniors here were aged and experienced, so how could they be unable to perceive the meaning behind Chen Xi’s words, so they immediately stopped pursuing the matter.

After all, this was Chen Xi’s own secret in the end. Since he was unwilling to reveal it, then it wasn’t right for them to pester him about it.

Not to mention that it was precisely because of Chen Xi that they were able to restore the cauldron and even unexpectedly obtained a strand of Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao. So it was impossible for them to arouse displeasure towards Chen Xi in their hearts.

It was even to the extent that the more Chen Xi acted in this way, the more they felt that this young man was extraordinary. He seemed to possess various mysterious abilities, and it caused them to think even more highly of Chen Xi.


Suddenly, Xuanyuan Pojun flicked his sleeve, causing a small hill of precious treasures to appear on the ground. There were bottles of medicinal pills, various precious and rare immortal materials, and numerous Immortal Artifacts that flowed with brilliant glows…

Instantly, the entire hall was enveloped in a dense glow of treasures, and it caused all the others present here to reveal a wisp of astonishment and extreme desire.

“Chen Xi, you’ve helped me greatly this time, and you even allowed me to unexpectedly obtain a strand of Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao. I gathered all of these treasures in the three dimensions during the past few years. Take anything you like. You can consider it as a gift from me.” Xuanyuan Pojun pointed at the precious treasures that covered the ground and spoke with a smile.

Chen Xi was stunned as well. This was the collection of an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm! Every single treasure was so valuable that it was able to make countless people feel covetous towards it.

Now, they were actually placed before him and to be selected at his will. Even with Chen Xi’s composure, he couldn’t help but feel slightly dazed. Xuanyuan Pojun is really…too kind! 

The others glanced at Chen Xi with envious expressions as well when they heard this. Treasures that Xuanyuan Pojun attached such importance to were absolutely an extremely great fortune, and others weren’t able to obtain a single one of them even if they kowtowed to Xuanyuan Pojun.

“Senior, I…” said Chen Xi.

Before Chen Xi could finish, Xuanyuan Pojun frowned and interrupted him. “What? Little Fellow, you’re being courteous with me? I asked you to choose, so choose! If you still continue treating me as an outsider, then I’ll take it as you are looking down on me, Xuanyuan Pojun.”

Chen Xi was both moved and helpless when Xuanyuan Pojun spoke to such an extent, and he said in the end, “If you insist.”

Xuanyuan Pojun’s expression eased up, and he beamed as he said, “Good, that’s how it should be. Compared to all these worldly possessions, I, Xuanyuan Pojun, attach the most importance to ties of friendship. Little Fellow, you have a good relationship with A’xiu and even helped me greatly. More importantly, your disposition is to my liking. You’re no different from a junior of mine, so there’s no need to be courteous with me.”

All the others present here sighed emotionally in their hearts. Who said that Xuanyuan Pojun is a straightforward madman? At the very least, these words were spoken very well. Not only did he give away some treasures, he obtained the good impression of a young student with boundless potential. His ability can be said to be outstanding to the extreme.

Chen Xi started choosing treasures.

Needless to say, Xuanyuan Pojun’s pile of treasures were truly too rare and precious. Merely the numerous Immortal Artifacts didn’t consist of a single one below the Cosmic Grade, and there was no lack of Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts.  

As for medicinal pills, immortal materials, and other such treasures, it was the same. The sight of them caused Chen Xi to be dazed, and there were too many treasures for his eyes to take in.

Hmm? Suddenly, Chen Xi’s eyes focused and descended onto an immortal material. It was a pair of dark black wings that were around the size of one’s palm. It floated silently in midair while suffused with an icy cold and frightening aura.

“This is a Nether Crane’s wings. The Nether Crane is a sacred beast in the Netherworld, and it’s comparable to a divine beast. I seized this pair of wings from a Grand Hall Master of the Blood River Sect when I went to temper myself at the Blood River in the Netherworld all those years ago. Take it if it sparks your interest. It can be refined into a pretty good flying immortal treasure.” Xuanyuan Pojun smiled as he guided.

It really is a Nether Crane’s wings… Chen Xi’s heart shook. An incomplete Flame God Fan still lay within the Buddha’s Pagoda. Presently, he’d only gathered the wings of a Nether Peacock King from the Flaming Peacock Fan, the wings of a Dark Pheasant, and the wings of an Azure Phoenix.

He still lacked the wings of a Phoenix, Suncrow, Roc, and Nethercrane.

Because the method to refine this Immortal Artifact was too difficult, and it was too hard to gather the required materials, it had always stayed within the Buddha’s Pagoda like a precious pearl covered in dust and was never utilized by him.

He originally thought that he would probably be unable to utilize this treasure for his entire lifetime, yet never had he imagined that he was actually coincidentally encounter a pair of Nether Crane wings at this moment, so he was naturally slightly excited in his heart.

The Flame God Fan!

It was a treasure of the primeval times with divine might that shook the heavens. When it was refined successfully, a single fan of it would cause divine flames to blaze with flaming might that surged into the sky. It could incinerate a person into ashes with a flick, and it possessed the might to incinerate mountains and boil seas. It was a true primeval divine weapon.

According to legend, a god possessed a Flame God Fan during the ancient times. He fought enemies from far and wide, and he incinerated countless experts. So, its might was absolutely extremely terrifying.

“These Nether Crane wings are indeed important to me, but…” Chen Xi was slightly hesitant. This was an opportunity that was difficult to come by, so he naturally had to choose a treasure that was most useful to him. But if he chose the Nether Crane wings, they would probably be of no use in the near future.

After all, besides the wings of a Nether Crane, the Flame God Fan still required the wings of a Phoenix, Suncrow, and Roc. Moreover, amongst the flames required, besides the Goldblaze Flame, he still hadn’t gathered the Woodsoul Flame, Darkwater Flame, Sunflame, and Stalactite Flame.

Xuanyuan Pojun seemed to have discerned something, and his dense brows raised as he said, “You wouldn’t be intending to refine the Flame God Fan, right?”

As soon as these words were spoken, all the others were shocked in their hearts as well. This precious treasure had an extraordinary background, and it was related to a figure from the primeval times that possessed remarkable divine might. The true method of refining it had already been lost in the annals of time.

Chen Xi didn’t notice the strange expressions the others revealed, and he nodded as he said, “Yes, I still lack a few immortal materials now. So even if I know how to refine it, I can’t make it out of nothing.”

Everyone was stunned. This little fellow actually really knows how to refine the Flame God Fan?

“Then tell me what you lack.” Xuanyuan Pojun didn’t feel anything wrong with this and asked directly.

Chen Xi immediately spoke frankly about the immortal materials he lacked.

“The wings of a Phoenix, Suncrow, and Roc?” Xuanyuan Pojun was surprised and said, “So, you’ve already gathered the wings of an Azure Phoenix, Dark Pheasant, and Nether Peacock King?”

Chen Xi nodded.

“I have a pair of Suncrow Wings here. I traded for it from a member of the primeval Sagittarius Clan. Take it.” A supreme talisman formation grandmaster of the Xuanyuan Clan spoke abruptly as he withdrew a pair of wings that seemed as if they were formed from burning golden flames. The golden flames flowed through it and emanated terrifying waves of heat.

“I have a pair of Roc wings. I originally intended to refine them into a flying treasure, but since you need it, then I’ll give it to you.” At practically the exact same time, Xuanyuan Tong spoke as well and withdrew a pair of wings with a chaotic color and flowed with the misty brilliance of water.

“Even though I don’t have the wings of a divine flying beast, I have the Woodsoul Flame.”

“I have…” 

In the next moment, all the others spoke successively as they withdrew numerous precious treasures, causing Chen Xi to be unable to help but be stunned on the spot. The wealth of these seniors that have lived for countless years really can’t be underestimated!

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