Chapter 1187 – The Path To Become A Sword God


A sharp howl that was like the howl of a beast tearing apart his eardrums tore through the heavens and the earth. The powerful sword qi was too terrifying, and it filled this strike as it struck out while carrying an imposing aura capable of destroying all techniques.

This was the might of destroying all techniques with a single strike, and it belonged to the abilities that only a supreme grandmaster in the Sword Dao could grasp!

This sort of sword qi was very familiar to Chen Xi because the Sword Dao he’d grasped until now had attained this step, so he was very well aware of how terrifying the might contained within it was.

He didn’t hesitate, nor did he spare it the slightest thought.

Chen Xi similarly formed a sword with his fingers before sword qi sprayed out from the tip of his finger, and it condensed into a shapeless strand of sword qi. The space in the surroundings were like shattered ripples as they shattered beneath this sword qi, and then a spatial ripple swept out.

There was 30km of distance between him and Hua Jiankong. If there was a spectator here, then the person would definitely be able to discern that Hua Jiankong’s sword qi was icy cold, murderous, and swept over like a violent snowstorm.

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s sword qi seemed like it was formed from a row of dense and profound talisman markings. It was refined, clean, and revealed a uniquely fierce aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Both of them had attained the ability to destroy all techniques with a single strike of the sword.

But the Sword Dao that they’d mastered were obviously two different paths. There was no difference in quality, and only a difference in superiority.


The strands of sword qi collided and transformed into a chaotic flow of obliteration that swept towards the surroundings.

“The level of supreme grandmaster in the Sword Dao. Looks like Snow Mortis and Bloodsnow are both unsuitable for you.” Hua Jiankong went silent for a moment when he saw this, and he seemed to be slightly surprised and felt slightly gratified at the same time. In the end, his expression recovered its cold and aloof state from before.

Only now did Chen Xi understand that Hua Jiankong was probing him with those two strikes from before to find out exactly which sword was suitable for him.

This caused Chen Xi to frown before he said, “Why do you insist on doing this?”

Hua Jiankong said, “Obstruct another strike of mine and I’ll give you an explanation.”


Hua Jiankong’s expression became serious while a wisp of arrogance and pride appeared between his brows. He was like a peerless immortal sword that had left its sheath and suddenly emanated the supreme ability that it possessed!

At this instant, the tip of his finger slashed through the air. The entire heavens and the earth suddenly transformed into darkness, and only a spot of dazzling and resplendent light suddenly lit up.

It was like a star that had been lit up in the darkness.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth dimmed down, and only that spot of entrancing light remained!

What sort of sword qi was it?

It seized the fortune of the heavens and the earth and contained boundless variations within a single point. As soon as it appeared, the heavens, the earth, and everything in the world seemed to have become a part of that strand of sword qi, and they’d formed a complete whole that didn’t have any flaws.

It was like going against the entire world, and it one intended to destroy this strand of sword qi, then one had to destroy the heavens and the earth!

At this moment, time seemed to have slowed down while Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly constricted. He felt an oppressive sword qi that was impossible to resist, and it struck straight to his heart. It seemed as if it desired to slash apart his thoughts, and even slice away his wisdom, memories, and everything he possessed!

The sword and heart are like part of me, the heavens and the earth are my tools!

The heavens and the earth are my heart, and my heart is like my sword!

The was the level of Sword God!

As he watched as the wisp of light that seemed to have illuminated the world became clearer in his field of vision and sensed the terrifying and dangerous aura it contained, Chen Xi suddenly closed his eyes instead.

In his mind, countless thoughts appeared in an instant.

The Sword Dao presses forward with indomitable will.

With conviction in heart, everything in the heavens and the earth are the sword in my heart.

Regardless of Grand Dao, minor Dao, or the various profundities… Everything can be fused into the Sword Dao. The Grand Dao is in my heart, and the Grand Dao is my sword!

The Sword Dao is like my heart!

Chen Xi opened his eyes, and his eyes and every single pore on his body gushed with sword qi! It was like his entire body had transformed into a peerless sword!

At this moment, the bearing he revealed was actually faintly similar to Hua Jiankong, but it wasn’t so overbearing, complete, and flawless like Hua Jiankong.

“Hmm?” Hua Jiankong was stunned, and he seemed to have noticed something. A strand of divine light erupted from his eyes, and he didn’t seem to make any movement, yet the heavens and the earth returned once more to calmness.

Even the spot of sword qi he executed earlier had evaporated into thin air and vanished without a trace.

He stared at the distant Chen Xi while a trace of a complicated feeling arose in his heart. He was even able to undergo sudden enlightenment at such a moment. Isn’t this fellow’s natural endowment a little bit too…

In the end, he shook his head and was unable to find a word to describe Chen Xi.

On the other hand, numerous indescribable comprehensions surged out into Chen Xi’s heart at this moment while the experiences he’d obtained from being immersed in the Sword Dao all through these years had even swiftly appeared, converged, condensed, and improved within his heart.

The Sword Dao was a Grand Dao of technique. It was the number one in terms of resolute slaughter.

From the earliest stages of basic, advanced, and unity, all of it was a type of tempering and polishing of the Sword Dao, and when the sword heart was enlightened, then it could be considered as the level of grandmaster.

Above the grandmaster level was the ability to destroy all techniques with a single strike, and it was called the supreme grandmaster level.

But all of this wasn’t the ending because above the level of supreme grandmaster were the levels of Sword God and Sword Saint!

In other words, after the ability to destroy all techniques with a single strike was the level of Sword God where the heart was like the sword, and the heavens and the earth were used as tools. Once one attained this level, then everything in the world was the sword in one’s heart!

For example, Hua Jiankong was an existence at the level of Sword God.

It was precisely because of this third strike Hua Jiankong executed that Chen Xi’s accumulation had erupted, allowing him to touch upon a trace of the true essence of the level of Sword God. Thus, he experienced a sort of sudden enlightenment in the Sword Dao!

With time, Chen Xi would be entirely capable of relying on this sudden enlightenment to break through the barriers and attain the profundities of the level of Sword God.



After a long time, Chen Xi raised his head and said, “Thank you for showing mercy. I’m indeed unable to resist that third strike of yours right now.”

Hua Jiankong shook his head. “Some people were unable to resist it now and were bound to be unable to resist it in the future because their pursuit in the Dao of the Sword can only stop at the level of supreme grandmaster.”

“On the other hand, you’re unlike them. From now onwards, you already possess the potential to charge into the level of Sword God. It won’t be long before this strike will be unable to cause any harm to you.”

Chen Xi knew that Hua Jiankong was speaking of the cultivation in the Sword Dao, and it didn’t include his own cultivation or energy of the Laws. But being able to obtain the recognition of an existence that was at the level of Sword God still caused him to be rather delighted.


Hua Jiankong stretched out his hand and gestured, and he took the immortal sword, Starclasp, in his hand before looking directly at Chen Xi. “This is an extreme-rank Cosmic Grade immortal sword, and it was personally awarded to me by my Master when I attained the level of Sword God. It’s of no use to me now, so take it.” 

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve, causing Starclasp to transform into a ray of light that flew gently towards Chen Xi.

“Wait! I don’t intend to leave behind any immortal sword!” Chen Xi frowned.

“Could it be that you intend to expose your identity within the academy?” Hua Jiankong replied with a question.

It was only a single sentence, yet it caused Chen Xi to be shocked in his heart. His gaze swept towards Hua Jiankong like a bolt of lightning yet saw the latter’s expression remained completely icy cold and aloof as it was before.

“The Dean intends to take the…Talisman Armament away?” Chen Xi was unable to refrain himself in the end and asked about it.

Hua Jiankong nodded. He wasn’t surprised at all when he heard the words Talisman Armament.

At this point, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding. It turned out that the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy was aware of his identity a long time ago! Moreover, according to what Hua Jiankong said, the Dean obviously desired to conceal his identity by taking the Talisman Armament away.

But why? 

For the sake of protecting the secrets of Oracle Mountain’s inheritance? Or perhaps that once my identity is exposed, it will cause some sort of calamity or trouble?

Chen Xi was unable to figure it out.

“It’s only temporary. You don’t have to worry about anything.” When he saw Chen Xi remain silent, Hua Jiankong added. “Even though I’m unable to guess the meaning behind the Dean’s actions, it’s absolutely not to harm you.”

Chen Xi’s brows raised, and he said, “Can I meet the Dean?”

Hua Jiankong answered without the slightest hesitation. “Yes, but not now. The Dean will naturally meet you when the time comes.”

Chen Xi went silent once more.

After a long time, he took out the Talisman Armament in the end and passed it to Hua Jiankong before he said, “Please…take good care of it.”

Hua Jiankong nodded.

“Thank you.” Chen Xi cupped his hands before turning around and leaving.

“If you’re going to charge into the Golden Immortal Realm, then you can ask the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron to refine the Primordial Azurelotus into medicinal pills.” Hua Jiankong spoke abruptly.

Chen Xi’s figure stopped moving before he said, “The Dean wouldn’t be called Meng Xinghe, right?”

Hua Jiankong remained silent.

Up until the point Chen Xi left, Hua Jiankong finally moved his gaze towards the Talisman Armament in his hand. The tip of his finger lightly stroked the simple, icy cold, and ancient blade of the sword while a wisp of indescribable amazement appeared between his brows.

“All those years ago, everyone said that I was sword crazed, yet no one knew that amongst the various swords in the world, only a mere few can satisfy me.

“The Talisman Armament is one of them!

“Unfortunately, it isn’t mine in the end…” 


Within the hall in the Pill Reserve. 

After Chen Xi and Hua Jiankong vanished abruptly, all the seniors here were slightly shocked and bewildered.

Why exactly did Hua Jiankong come looking for Chen Xi?

No one was able to guess the answer.

Since they were unable to guess it, they stopped. In the end moment, Xuanyuan Pojun’s attention had descended onto Zuoqiu Sheng, and a wisp of a cold and ridiculing smile appeared on the corners of his mouth.

He walked over with large strides and said as he walked, “Fatty, you issued the assignment to restore the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron. Now that the assignment has been completed, what’re you still standing there for? Quickly acknowledge the completion of the assignment and give Chen Xi the reward.”

His voice was powerful, allowing everyone present here to hear it clearly.

The repeated failures that his plans suffered had caused Zuoqiu Sheng’s to be depressed and aggrieved in his heart to the point of being on the verge of spitting blood. At this moment, when he saw Xuanyuan Pojun coming at him, his face instantly flushed red while he said with an offended expression, “Did I say I wouldn’t give it to him? That’s Chen Xi’s business, so why are you, Xuanyuan Pojun, being so anxious?”

Xuanyuan Pojun revealed even deeper disdain and spat forcefully on the ground. “I’m afraid you’d go back on your word and shamelessly bully a junior. It’s the fine tradition of your Zuoqiu Clan, so I have no choice but to take precautions against it.”

Zuoqiu Sheng was utterly infuriated and said in a grim voice, “You dare humiliate my Zuoqiu Clan?”

Xuanyuan Pojun didn’t mind at all, and he waved his hand as he said impatiently, “Cut the crap. If you still don’t do it, then I don’t mind beating you up here. Make the choice yourself!”

If these words were spoken by anyone else, then perhaps the people present here might doubt it slightly. But when these words were spoken by Xuanyuan Pojun, there was absolutely no one that doubted it!

Because he was a formidable figure that was like a madman and possessed a disposition that was piercingly cold like a blade. Once he went into a frenzy, even the Dean of the inner court, Chi Cangsheng, was unable to stop him.

So in the next moment, everyone revealed a wisp of a helpless expression. They wanted to persuade him, yet didn’t dare because all of them were aware that it was impossible to persuade Xuanyuan Pojun, and he would go even crazier the more he was persuaded.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Sheng’s expression changed once more, and his chubby face twitched repeatedly without end.

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