Chapter 1186 – Hua Jiankong’s Swords

Karmic Luck!

A mysterious energy that came from the Heaven Dao. It seemed to be ethereal, yet it actually affected the movement of the three dimensions.

The myriad of things in the world had spirits of their own, and they were born out of destiny, then Karmic Luck was the destiny of the Heaven Dao!

The benefits of Karmic Luck could be said to be boundless. Those that possessed great Karmic Luck were usually eminent figures on the path towards the Dao and were praised as favorites of the heavens.

For figures at the Half-step Immortal King Realm, charging into the Immortal King Realm was like fighting with the Heaven Dao, and what they fought for was a strand of Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao!

This was the principle behind the saying ‘It’s impossible to become a King without Karmic Luck.’

On the other hand, Chen Xi similarly had a very deep understanding towards Karmic Luck because he’d obtained an innate auspicious beast, an infant Pixiu, a very long time ago. During these years where Bai Kui was by his side, he repeatedly obtained fortuitous encounters on his path of cultivation while turning calamities into blessing. His experiences could be said to be legendary to the extreme.

At this moment, the strand of Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao that effused out from the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron was like an enormous gift. It caused everyone present here that participated in the restoration of the treasured cauldron to obtain extraordinary benefits.

Especially Xuanyuan Pojun, Chen Haotian, Li Bei, and other such existences at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. When they sensed that they’d obtained a strand of Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao, they felt uncontrollably excited even with their firm Dao Hearts.

Because it was Karmic Luck!

It was related to whether they were able to charge into the Immortal King Realm or not! How could they not be excited?

On the other hand, the others were shocked speechless as well. None of them had imagined that the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron would actually divide out some Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao and award it to them at this moment. This was simply more precious than obtaining a Void Grade Immortal Artifact and was absolutely an extraordinary fortune that could only be chanced upon by luck!

Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao… Why is it like this… Why didn’t I get any? Similarly, Zuoqiu Sheng had sensed the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao as well, but he felt aggrieved because from the beginning until the end, he was actually unable to obtain even a strand of it!

In other words, he could only watch helplessly and sense it, yet he was unable to take possession of it.

All of this caused Zuoqiu Sheng’s expression to change indeterminately, and it was extremely complicated.

The atmosphere in the hall was solemn, and it carried aura that almost seemed like sacred silence.

“Thank you.” It was amidst this silence that the Head Enforcer, Li Bei, turned around and looked at Chen Xi before solemnly expressing his gratitude. It was merely two words, yet everyone present here was able to perceive the trace of gratitude within it.

This caused everyone to be surprised, and they were slightly puzzled by it.

Chen Xi grinned instead and said, “This is something that senior deserved.”

“You’re welcome to drop by at the Hall of Enforcers if you have the time.” Li Bei was silent for a short moment before he glanced deeply at Chen Xi, and then he turned around and waved his hand to the other Enforcers. “Let’s go. This matter isn’t related to Xuanyuan Pojun.”

In the next moment, he’d led all the Enforcers and left the hall.

He left very abruptly and unexpectedly.

But he’d left in the end. When they saw that these executioners with hands that were covered with blood had left, everyone within the hall heaved a long sigh of relief and felt their entire bodies relax.

“Why…have they left just like that?” Xuanyuan Tong asked with shock.

“Even the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron awarded me with a strand of Karmic Luck, so how could they dare continue pressuring me?” Xuanyuan Pojun had seen through all of this, and he said, “Not to mention that if it wasn’t for Chen Xi, it would be impossible for them to obtain the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao, and that’s an extraordinarily great fortune.”

“Under these circumstances, not only would they not dare pursue the matter against me, they even have to thank Chen Xi for inviting them to participate in the restoration of the cauldron. Because if it wasn’t for that, they can only dream of obtaining a shred of Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao.” 

Xuanyuan Tong came to a sudden understanding and glanced at Chen Xi with a strange expression before he said in his heart, Could it be that this little fellow prepared all of this since the beginning?

The others quickly guessed this as well. For a time, all of their gazes towards Chen Xi changed, and the praise within their gazes revealed a trace of indescribable surprise and admiration.

No one had expected that a young man who’d just entered the academy would actually be able to resolve Xuanyuan Pojun’s predicament by himself and even flawlessly deal with the problem that plagued the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron.

It wasn’t just that, if he hadn’t invited all of them to participate in the restoration, then how could they have obtained the Karmic Luck awarded by the cauldron?

This seemed to be something awarded by the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, but they would definitely be unable to obtain it without Chen Xi! 

In this way, Chen Xi could be said to have obtained the friendship and recognition of all these seniors in one go. Merely based on this, if anyone desired to deal with Chen Xi in the academy, they would at least have to consider the attitude of these seniors.

Especially the Head Enforcer Li Bei, he really favored Chen Xi. So when they thought up to here, many seniors actually felt a trace of envy towards Chen Xi.

This little fellow’s ability is really extraordinary. With Enforcers protecting him, would he have to worry about any instructor daring to look for trouble with him? After all, the Enforcers specialize in supervising the instructors of the academy!

“Chen Xi, come over here.” Suddenly, a cold and aloof voice resounded, and it caused the hearts of everyone present here to jerk. They turned their heads to look and were surprised to notice that Hua Jiankong was standing at a corner of the hall, and the short and fat Zuoqiu Sheng was standing by his side.

However, no one paid any attention to Zuoqiu Sheng, and practically everyone’s gazes descended onto Hua Jiankong while their expressions more or less carried a trace of surprise.

They seemed to have never expected that Hua Jiankong who was the personal disciple of the Dean would suddenly make an appearance here. When did he arrive?

No one was aware.

Of course, all of this wasn’t important. The important thing was that Hua Jiankong seemed to have not come for the sake of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, and he seemed to have come specially for Chen Xi!

Why did he come for Chen Xi? All the seniors here were puzzled.

Chen Xi was stunned as well. But before he could make any reaction, he felt the scene before his eyes flash. In the next moment, he’d appeared within a strange space. 


This was a world covered in snow and ice. The ice was bone piercing and boundless.

Hua Jiankong who had snow white hair and wore grey clothes stood upright atop a rock of ice. His figure was ramrod straight while he seemed to be the king of this world, and he emanated a supreme imposing aura that was aloof, icy cold, and arrogant.

“There are three swords here. They were respectively utilized by me when I was at the levels of sword grandmaster, supreme sword grandmaster, and sword god.” Hua Jiankong spoke with a voice that was colder than snow, and it revealed an aloof and desolate aura. He paused for a moment before he said, “Leave your sword behind.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Chen Xi suddenly noticed there was a rock before him, and on the rock was three swords that were embedded into it.  

The first sword was snow white like silver. It was a meter in length and revealed a razor-edge. It emanated a murderous and icy cold aura that assaulted the face, and it seemed as if it was capable of freezing one’s blood.

A name was inscribed before the rock — Snow Mortis.

The second sword was completely pitch black and thin like the wings of a cicada. It seemed very ordinary, yet when his gaze descended onto it, it seemed like a strand of scarlet red blood was burning, howling, and surging on the blade of the sword! It seemed to intend to effuse out from the sword and dye the heavens and the earth red!

The name of the sword was — Bloodsnow.

When Chen Xi’s gaze swept towards the third sword, his heart couldn’t help but shake. It was clearly an extremely ordinary sword that even seemed slightly simple, but at that instant, it was like he’d seen a deep starry sky with a myriad of stars dazzling within it. It emanated a vast might that caused even his mind to be unable to refrain from trembling.

The name of the sword was — Starclasp!

To clasp the stars in the nine heavens!

Chen Xi took a deep breath before his brows knit together tightly, and then he gazed at the distant Hua Jiankong with a slightly surprised and bewildered expression.

Up until now, he still didn’t understand what Hua Jiankong meant. Choose a sword and leave mine behind? Why?

Presently, there were three immortal swords in Chen Xi’s possession, and they were respectively the Yazi Clan’s Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword, the Nine Radiance Sword Sect’s Dao Calamity Sword that came from the sword cave, and the Talisman Armament he refined himself.

The Saintslaughter Forbidden Sword was a forbidden weapon that had once aroused the covetous intentions of Eternal Spirit Mountain, whereas the Dao Calamity Sword was the precious treasure of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect and was related to some secrets of the Chaotic Divine Lotus.

No matter what, it was impossible for him to hand over either one of these two swords.

On the other hand, the Talisman Armament was related to the inheritance of Oracle Mountain and was a treasure that had accompanied Chen Xi until now, so it was impossible for him to hand it over as well.

Even if all three of Hua Jiankong’s swords were rare precious treasures amongst swords, he was utterly unable to arouse the slightest shred of interest.

“Why?” said Chen Xi. He was faintly able to sense that Hua Jiankong would definitely not compromise if he didn’t do as Hua Jiankong had said. Most importantly, he was utterly unaware exactly which sword Hua Jiankong wanted him to leave behind.

“The Dean’s orders.” Hua Jiankong’s reply was very simple, and he spoke casually as if he’d guessed that Chen Xi would ask this question.

The Dean… Chen Xi’s eyes focused, and he said in his heart, This Dean really doesn’t act according to convention. He prohibited the other instructors from taking me as a personal disciple when I’d just entered the academy. Now, he sent Hua Jiankong over to take away my sword. What exactly is the meaning of this?

“If you don’t know how to choose, then why don’t I help you?” Hua Jiankong suddenly turned around to look directly at Chen Xi.

“Wait! What if I don’t agree?” Chen Xi frowned.

Hua Jiankong didn’t answer yet suddenly stretched out his hand. He formed a sword with his fingers before casually stabbing towards the space before him.


Space was like a shattered piece of cloth and was easily torn apart. A strand of shapeless sword qi tore through the sky in a matchlessly sharp manner!

The strength of this point seemed to be relaxed and flat, yet it actually contained a supreme penetrative force. It gave others the feeling that it carried the terrifying imposing aura where if the heavens and the earth dared to obstruct it, then it would definitely pierce a hole through the heavens and the earth.

Enlightened Sword Heart!

The might of a sword grandmaster!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly. This strike didn’t contain the energy of any Laws, and it was an extremely pure strand of sword qi. But its fierce and swift imposing aura had already attained the level of grandmaster in the Sword Dao.


However, this couldn’t trouble Chen Xi at all. In the next moment, he’d similarly formed a sword with his fingers and stabbed with it. A strand of terrifying sword qi that had similarly attained the level of grandmaster shot out.


The two strands of sword qi collided in midair and transformed into tiny bits that rumbled as they spread towards the surroundings, and they minced apart the wind and snow in an area of 5,000km and swept through the entire sky!

“The level of sword grandmaster. Not bad.” Hua Jiankong’s expression was calm and seemed to not be surprised. As he spoke, his slender and fair hand pointed once more.

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