Chapter 1184 – Where Does His Confidence Come From?

Li Bei and the other Enforcers frowned in response to Chen Xi’s arrival.

“The restoration of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron and the investigation towards Xuanyuan Pojun isn’t directly related. Young Man, this matter isn’t something you’re able to interfere in.” Li Bei spoke indifferently.

Chen Xi grinned instead and said calmly, “Then would senior believe me if I said that the damage to the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron isn’t related to the refinement of a Divinering Dao Transformation Pill?”

As he spoke, he directly walked over to stand before the cauldron and carefully scanned the ancient cauldron. He said, “Of course, my words don’t carry much weight, and all of you wouldn’t believe me no matter what I said. But I have a method to prove what I said earlier.”

Everyone present was shocked when these words were spoken.

Even Xuanyuan Pojun was stunned, and he didn’t understand exactly what Chen Xi planned to do.

“What method?” Chen Haotian couldn’t refrain himself from asking.

“It’s very simple. Ask Senior Treasured Cauldron directly, and all the questions you have will be resolved immediately.” Chen Xi replied casually.

Senior Treasured Cauldron? 

Everyone was stunned, and they quickly recovered from their shock and realized that Chen Xi was speaking about the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron.

“How absurd! Not to mention that the cauldron is damaged at this moment, even if it was whole, it has never made an appearance in the form of an Artifact Spirit. So how will you find out the answer from it? This is simply a bunch of irresponsible remarks!” Zuoqiu Sheng flatly objected to Chen Xi’s method, and his face was covered in a sneer and disdain.

Chen Xi glanced at Zuoqiu Sheng and said calmly, “If you’ve never seen it, it doesn’t mean that the Artifact Spirit doesn’t exist. Or perhaps, with your current ability, you don’t have the qualifications to meet the treasured cauldron’s Artifact Spirit.”

These words were spoken bluntly and without holding back in the slightest.

Zuoqiu Sheng was even more infuriated in his heart when he heard this. He was just about to do something when he was stopped by Mo Linghai that stood by his side. “Alright, it isn’t good to make such a fuss with a junior.”

Zuoqiu Sheng grunted coldly and glanced coldly at Chen Xi before going silent.

“Yes, an Artifact Spirit had been born out of Karmic Luck when the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron was created. However, in the boundless years of the past, it has only made very few appearances. Moreover, it even vanished in the last ten thousand years. If you want to make it speak on your behalf, then it’s probably utterly impossible.” Chen Haotian frowned and spoke after pondering deeply.

The other seniors nodded without end as well. The Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron had existed for too long, and its Artifact Spirit was even an existence that existed during the same period as the primeval Dao Emperor had. In the boundless years of the past, it very rarely showed itself, and up until now, they even suspected that the Artifact Spirit had left the academy a long time ago to seek a Grand Dao of its own.

Chen Xi said calmly instead, “Everyone will know if it’s possible after I restore the cauldron.”

Up until this point of the conversation, it had returned to the first topic, the restoration of the cauldron.

Everyone here frowned when they heard this. Obviously, they weren’t sure exactly where Chen Xi got his confidence from, or why Chen Xi would sincerely swear that he was able to restore the cauldron.

Could it be that this young man at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm is capable of accomplishing what all these us old geezer can’t? Xuanyuan Pojun had been coldly observing Chen Xi since the beginning, and when he saw that Chen Xi spoke and acted in a composed manner and didn’t seem like he was bragging, Xuanyuan Pojun couldn’t help but speak unhurriedly. “Since it’s like this, then why don’t you give it a try.”

Chen Xi nodded and glanced at the Head Enforcer, Li Bei, before he said, “Senior, no matter what you intend to investigate, you ought to be in no rush, right? Why don’t you wait a moment, because perhaps senior’s strength will be needed when we restore the cauldron later?”

Li Bei was stunned. His cold and firm face revealed a strange expression as he glanced deeply at Chen Xi and said, “What if your method doesn’t work?”

Chen Xi said without the slightest hesitation, “Then, I, Chen Xi, will be at your mercy.”

Everyone was astounded when they heard these words. They seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually be ready to risk everything in order to help Xuanyuan Pojun.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Sheng almost burst out with laughter instead. He was waiting for Chen Xi to speak these exact words because in this way, so long as Chen Xi was unable to restore the cauldron, then not only Chen Xi, but even Xuanyuan Pojun would suffer calamity!

This could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

Xuanyuan Pojun was horrified and moved instead, and he said, “Little child that doesn’t know the immensity of things, what nonsense are you speaking? Quickly go restore the cauldron and don’t ask about anything else!”

His voice was stern, yet it carried a strand of concern and protectiveness that wasn’t concealed in the slightest.

Chen Xi grinned and said in his heart, I already have a good relationship with A’xiu. Now if I’m able to obtain the acknowledgement of some great figures from the Xuanyuan Clan, then it can be considered as a pleasant surprise.

As he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi had arrived before the cauldron.

During this entire process, Li Bei and the other Enforcers hadn’t stopped him, nor had they left. Obviously, they’d tacitly approved of Chen Xi’s actions, or perhaps it could be said that even they wanted to see if this young man was actually able to accomplish all of this.

Was he playing tricks?

Or did he possess real ability?



The cauldron was 27m tall and three legged, and it was suffused with an ancient aura that seemed material.

Chen Xi stood before it while his expression gradually became calm, serious, and even solemn. On the other hand, he was swiftly looking over numerous mysterious and profound talisman formation diagrams once more within his mind.

These diagrams were deduced from the Infinite Divine Talisman. They possessed unfathomable origins and were filled with the profundities of the Heaven Dao. Even with Chen Xi’s understanding towards the Dao of Talismans, he could only vaguely guess that this talisman formation diagram ought to be related to Karmic Luck!

Karmic Luck!

A mysterious force that came from the Heaven Dao and was impossible to be fathomed by the living beings of the three dimensions.

The talisman formation diagram within the cauldron was actually related to Karmic Luck, so it wasn’t Chen Xi’s fault that he wasn’t able to completely comprehend it and could only rely on the Infinite Divine Talisman to deduce its profundities.

“Seniors, I’ll need to rely on all of you during the restoration of the cauldron later, whereas I’ll tell all of you the methods to restore it. If this operation goes smoothly, then six hours will be sufficient to restore it completely.” Chen Xi pondered silently for a long time before his gaze recovered its clarity, and he spoke calmly.

“Of course.” Chen Haotian nodded immediately. “The Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron is the ultimate treasure of the Pill Reserve after all. So we’ll naturally not stand by idly.”

The others nodded successively as well, and it was even to the extent they eagerly looked forward to doing this. After all, in this way, they could understand the specifics of the method Chen Xi utilized to restore the cauldron and find out exactly what secrets it possessed.

Everyone didn’t notice at all that they’d unknowingly aroused slight confidence towards Chen Xi.

At this moment, the expressions of everyone within the hall had become serious and solemn. They stood in a row before the cauldron while being ready to act. So long as Chen Xi gave the command, they would act without the slightest hesitation.

This little fellow is interesting. He was able to imperceptibly control the course of the situation. This isn’t something that an ordinary genius can accomplish… In the distance, the Head Enforcer, Li Bei, seemed to be lost in thought in his heart.

After he saw all these seniors standing obediently behind him while revealing a serious expression as if they were at his command, an indescribably sense of accomplishment arose in Chen Xi’s heart.

If all these seniors of the academy were under my command, then taking down the entire Zuoqiu Clan would probably be as easy as blowing off dust, right? Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart while his gaze inadvertently glanced over and noticed that Li Bei and the others were still standing in the distance. He immediately invited them. “Senior, please come over as well. I’ll need to rely on all your strengths to restore the cauldron in a moment.”

The other seniors of the Pill Reserve frowned. They didn’t like the Enforcers. But they were unable to understand the meaning behind Chen Xi’s actions, so they didn’t speak out with any objections and chose to watch coldly.

Li Bei and the other Enforcers frowned as well. They seemed to have never imagined that Chen Xi would actually invite all of them over. They glanced at each other before finally looking at Li Bei.

Li Bei didn’t give it any extra thought and immediately waved his hand before he said, “As a member of the academy and since we have the opportunity to participate in the restoration of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, we’re naturally duty bound to assist.”

As soon as these words were spoken, it actually aroused a trace of a favorable impression from the seniors of the Pill Reserve. Of course, it was merely a trace, and it was impossible to be more than that.

At this point, only Zuoqiu Sheng still sat cross-legged in the distance. His eyelids dropped while he sneered in his heart. Hmph! A nobody like you made so many great figures fool around with you. It would be the greatest joke when you fail in the end!

Everyone was clearly aware that it was impossible for him to come forward and assist Chen Xi, so they paid no attention to him. 


“Seniors, the damaged talisman formation diagram within the cauldron is too complicated. I’ve already broken the method down and passed it to all of you. All of you only have to listen to my instructions before making a move later.” Chen Xi’s expression was calm as he spoke swiftly via voice transmission. At the same time, he’d passed over numerous mysterious talisman formation diagrams to the others via his immortal sense.

This is… All of them carefully inspected the talisman formation diagram within their seas of consciousness, and they firmly remembered it in an instant. However, they didn’t know exactly what profundities it contained.

After all, these were a talisman formation diagram that had been broken down, so it was normal that they were unable to discern its profundities.

Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered about all of this. He took a large stride forward while his palm suddenly emanated a strand of Immortal Force, and then he slapped it down onto the cauldron, causing a strange and heavy droning to resound.

Instantly, expanse after expanse of extremely complicated talisman formation diagrams suddenly surged out from the surface of the cauldron. It was vast like a boundless starry sky, and it was infinitely profound and aroused the reverence of all.

However, there was an incomplete area that was like a blackhole at the side, and it destroyed the completeness of the talisman formation diagrams possessed by the cauldron.

Everyone here was clearly aware that it was the damaged area of the cauldron. If it wasn’t restored as soon as possible, then the damaged area would spread like ink and corrode the other areas of the cauldron.

“Do it!” said Chen Xi via voice transmission.

All of them immediately and swiftly formed various different talisman formation diagrams according to Chen Xi’s instructions, and these diagrams were condensed within thick Immortal Force before they surge into the cauldron like tidewater.


The cauldron rumbled violently while emanating an ancient, aged, and extremely heavy aura. The brilliance of divinity effused out and revealed an enormous rain of light that illuminated the entire hall.

At this moment, even Zuoqiu Sheng became nervous, and he muttered in his heart. This kid will definitely not succeed, he’ll definitely won’t…

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