Chapter 1183 – Enforcers

Ten days later, the Pill Reserve.

Before the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron at the center of the hall, the figure of a supreme talisman formation grandmaster from the Xuanyuan Clan stiffened before he spat out a mouthful of blood and fell weakly to the ground.

Clamorous noise erupted and everyone was surprised and anxious.

Xuanyuan Pojun’s brows knit together tightly as he walked forward to check the supreme talisman formation grandmaster’s injuries before he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and said, “His mental strength was exhausted too much, he’ll be fine.”

Even though he spoke like this, his expression was extremely gloomy.

During these past ten days, these supreme talisman formation grandmasters from the Xuanyuan Clan had been studying the talisman formation diagram within the cauldron, yet they’d come up empty handed and there was no development in the matter at all.

Now, these supreme talisman formation grandmasters were covered in exhausted expressions while their eyes were bloodshot, and their mental strength was already completely exhausted. Under such circumstances, it was naturally impossible for Xuanyuan Pojun to be in a good mood.

“Fellow Daoist Pojun, please ask them to stop. If this continues, then it’ll be very easy for them to suffer backlash and damage the foundation of their cultivations.” The Pill Reserve’s Dean, Chen Haotian, spoke in a low voice.

These were supreme talisman formation grandmasters, and every single one of them were existences that were respected by countless living beings if they were in the outside world. Now, they were ordered about like mules instead by Xuanyuan Pojun, and Chen Haotian couldn’t bear to continue watching this happen.

The other seniors of the Pill Reserve nodded successively and deeply agreed. If the foundations of a group of supreme talisman formation grandmasters were damaged because of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, then the detriment would absolutely outweigh the benefits.

“Cousin Brother, why not allow them to rest for now? Didn’t A’xiu say that Chen Xi would come today? Perhaps that young man will be able to give us a pleasant surprise.” Xuanyuan Tong couldn’t help but persuade Xuanyuan Pojun.

“Can what A’xiu said be trusted?” Xuanyuan Pojun disapproved. “I’ve met that kid, Chen Xi. If you say that his natural talent in the path towards the Dao is unparalleled, then I’d absolutely not doubt it in the slightest, otherwise it would be impossible for me to personally take the initiative to go over with the intention of taking him as my disciple after the test ended that day.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “But if you tell me that a little fellow at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm like him is capable of solving a problem that all of us old geezers are unable to solve, then I’m slightly doubtful.”

Xuanyuan Pojun’s words were within reason, and all the seniors within the hall thought like that as well.

In other words, practically all of them held doubtful attitudes towards Chen Xi’s ability to restore the cauldron.

Xuanyuan Tong couldn’t help but sigh when he heard this. “Cousin Brother, then what should we do?”

Xuanyuan Pojun’s brows knit together tightly, and he went silent while pondering deeply. Yes, at this point in time, even he didn’t know what to do. Unless the academy’s Senior Bu Ping who possessed the title ‘Talisman God’ returned, but obviously, that was impossible.


Right at this moment, the entrance to the hall was pushed open from the outside.

A piercingly cold, solemn, and deathly silent aura suddenly surged in from the outside, and it caused the hearts of all the seniors here to tremble while their gazes shot over.

A group of around ten black robed figures stepped into the hall under Zuoqiu Sheng’s lead. Along with their arrival the air in the entire hall seemed to be effused with an bone piercing, icy cold, and murderous aura that was deathly silent.

It felt as if a group of death gods had arrived from hell. They were merciless, cold, and intended to reap the souls of the dead, causing a wisp of coldness to uncontrollably arise in the hearts of all.

Everyone present here was a top great figure and senior of the academy, yet their pupils constricted while their entire bodies felt uncomfortable when they saw this group of black robed figures.

It wasn’t that they were afraid, and it was a sort of feeling of detest. It was like they saw the arrival of a group of plague gods.


“What’re they doing here?”

Everyone within the hall frowned in unison. The Dean of the Pill Reserve, Chen Haotian, even stood up while his gaze shot over coldly like a bolt of lightning, and he didn’t conceal his detest at all.

Enforcers were a group of special experts in the academy.

Every single one of them at least possessed a cultivation at the Saint Immortal Realm and had terrifying combat strengths. Their existence was alike to the Enforcement Hall, and it was for the sake of upholding the rules of the academy. 

The only different was that the Enforcement Hall was formed from students, and they supervised matters related to students, whereas Enforcers existed to supervise the instructors in the academy!

This sort of people were like the executioners of the mortal world. They were cold, ruthless, and had hands covered in blood. They were the most merciless and cruel sort of people, so there was naturally no one that had a good impression of them.

“Zuoqiu Sheng! Why did you bring Enforcers to the Pill Reserve?” Xuanyuan Tong questioned with a grim voice.

“Oh, I encountered Fellow Daoist Li Bei by chance. They’re looking for Fellow Daoist Pojun, so I brought them along with me.” Zuoqiu Sheng spoke frankly.

As soon as he finished speaking, he grinned to a black robed man by his side and said, “Fellow Daoist Li Bei, I’ve completed my assignment. Please do as you please.”

The black robed man called Li Bei had a thin figure and stood upright like a spear. His face that seemed as if it was carved by a blade revealed a strange wisp of paleness, and his entire disposition was firm, cold, and murderous.

He was Li Bei, one of the Head Enforcers, and he was at the Half-step Immortal King Realm. During the years that he was in the academy, he’d slaughtered countless instructors that had betrayed the academy, and he was a rather famous and terrifying figure amongst Enforcers.

Even if everyone here was clearly aware that the instructors who died at Li Bei’s hands deserved such punishment because these instructors had either colluded with the Xeno-race, were those of the evil sects, or had committed intolerable crimes, but everyone here couldn’t arouse the slightest fondness towards Li Bei.

Executioners were executioners, and there was little common ground for understanding between those that followed differing principles!

When they saw Li Bei had brought Enforcers over while Zuoqiu Sheng was at his side, how could everyone present not understand that all of this was aimed at Xuanyuan Pojun?

When they thought about how Xuanyuan Pojun would fall into the hands of the Enforcers in a moment. All the seniors present here sighed in their hearts and were furious. Moreover, they resented Zuoqiu Sheng for acting too mercilessly.

“There’s no need to panic. We only came here because we received news that something happened to the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron. This treasure has existed since the primeval times, and it’s related to the karmic luck of the Pill Reserve. We received orders to come investigate here.” Li Bei spoke with a low voice that carried a gloomy tone, and it was extremely frightening. “I know that all of you don’t like us, Enforcers. So please cooperate during our investigation. In this way, we can leave as soon as possible as well, so as to avoid arousing adverse feelings from all of you.” 

Everyone grunted coldly and remained silent.

Xuanyuan Pojun seemed as if he didn’t notice at all, and he stared at Li Bei emotionlessly as he said, “Speak, did you come to capture me?”

Li Bei’s expression became much more cautious when facing a Head Instructor of the inner court like Xuanyuan Pojun, and he went silent for a short moment before he said, “I didn’t come to capture you, but to investigate.”

Xuanyuan Pojun roared with laughter, and his voice shook the hall. “What is there to investigate? The damage of just a treasure was able to make you Enforcers take action. It looks to me that all of you are really too free!”

The expressions of those Enforcers turned cold in unison when they heard this, and they revealed hostile gazes.

Li Bei frowned and restrained his subordinates before he said to Xuanyuan Pojun, “I’m not worried about the cauldron, but the Divinering Dao Transformation Pills. Refining this pill requires the sacrifice of a million souls to be transformed into the karmic luck of the Heaven Dao for one’s own use. It’s something that only the evil sects do. I want to know where you got the million souls?”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone in the hall fell into silence. Indeed, the Divinering Dao Transformation Pill is restricted because once it’s refined, it’ll definitely require the souls of a million living beings as the main ingredient. Many of them present here were supreme grandmasters in the Pill Dao within the Pill Reserve, so how could they be unaware of this?

Xuanyuan Pojun said coldly, “I knew all of you would ask about this, but I have no fucking obligation to tell all of you. If I really have to explain, then I’ll explain to the Dean and not all of you!”

“Fellow Daoist Pojun, your attitude is…” Zuoqiu Sheng spoke.

“Shut up! Who the fuck do you think you are to dare question my attitude? I’ll kill you right now if you dare speak another word!” before Zuoqiu Sheng could finish speaking, Xuanyuan Pojun had already waved his hand to interrupt Zuoqiu Sheng, and his voice was like a thunderclap as he scolded Zuoqiu Sheng to the point Zuoqiu Sheng’s expression was livid and ashen.

The others present here laughed bitterly and were surprise because they never expected that Madman Xuanyuan would act so domineeringly at a time like this.

“So in this way, Fellow Daoist Xuanyuan doesn’t intend to leave with us?” Li Bei’s expression turned even more indifferent. A wisp of combat intent surged faintly within the eyes of all the Enforcers by his side, and their imposing aura erupted.

As soon as these words were spoken, the atmosphere within the hall was tense to the extreme and would erupt into conflict at any moment. It crushed down upon everyone to the point they were unable to catch their breaths.

Everyone was clearly aware that if Xuanyuan Pojun were to leave with them, then the consequences Xuanyuan Pojun faced wouldn’t be anything far from terrible. But if he didn’t go, then he couldn’t avoid a battle, and the consequences would become even more severe.

Only the corners of Zuoqiu Sheng’s mouth were suffused with a wisp of faint ridicule. Now, let me see what you, Xuanyuan Pojun, will do!

Xuanyuan Pojun took a deep breath while he revealed a furious expression, and he glanced coldly at Li Bei and the others before glancing at Zuoqiu Sheng. In the end, he said in a low voice, “Good! Very good! All of you actually forced me into such a situation because of such a trivial matter! Since it’s like this, then…”

He hadn’t finished speaking when a voice suddenly sounded out from outside the hall. “Seniors, can this matter be settled if I’m able to restore the cauldron right now?”

The voice was calm, indifferent, and carried a calming force within its steadiness. However, it seemed to be slightly unexpected in this hall where the atmosphere was originally tense to the extreme.

However, it was precisely because it was unexpected that it greatly dispersed the tense atmosphere instead.

In the next moment, many of them shot their gazes towards outside the hall, and then they saw a tall figure standing outside. He had a handsome appearance, and an indifferent and extraordinary bearing. Moreover, every single move he made carried a unique aura that was calm like an abyss.

This figure was Chen Xi!

Xuanyuan Pojun and Chen Haotian were both stunned when they saw him make an appearance, and they seemed to have never imagined that this young man would actually make an appearance at this moment.

The others didn’t recognize Chen Xi like the two of them did, but when they heard what Chen Xi said, they faintly guessed Chen Xi’s identity. For a time, all of their expressions became slightly strange. This little fellow actually really came. Could it be that he’s really able to restore the cauldron?

Only Zuoqiu Sheng chuckled and shook his head before sighing with emotion. “The students nowadays are really extraordinary. They dare to casually enter the core location of the Pill Reserve. He’s simply lacking in upbringing and has no regard for the rules of the academy.”

Zuoqiu Sheng’s voice was low, yet it was clearly heard by every single person within the hall. All of them frowned without end as they felt Zuoqiu Sheng’s words was beneath the bearing a senior should possess. 

Chen Xi naturally heard it as well, and he raised his eyes to glance at Zuoqiu Sheng. A wisp of a piercingly cold expression flashed within the depths of his eyes. This old fellow that’s short and fat like a gourd is probably Zuoqiu Sheng, right? 

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