Chapter 1182 – The Three Souls Are Linked and Profound Vitality Emerges

Pill Reserve.

Within the great hall where the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron stood.

“Xuanyuan Pojun?”

“He returned so quickly? Oh, there are also some supreme talisman formation grandmasters from the Xuanyuan Clan.”

All the seniors here discussed.

Before the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, Xuanyuan Pojun was silent while he stared fixedly at it. Near him was a few supreme talisman formation grandmasters, and they were studying the talisman formation diagrams within the cauldron with concentration.

These supreme talisman formation grandmasters had been brought over by Xuanyuan Pojun from his clan, and they’d come with a single objective, to try their best to restore the cauldron.

The Pill Reserve’s Dean, Chen Haotian, the Vice Dean Mo Linghai, and all the other seniors of the academy didn’t disturb them because all of these figures were able to discern that Xuanyuan Pojun was filled with anxiety and worry.

After a short period of time, a supreme talisman formation grandmaster shook his head and sighed.

“How is it?” asked Xuanyuan Pojun. He had a towering figure, brows that were shaped like bolts of lightning, and he was like an unrivaled god as he stood there casually.

“I don’t have the slightest idea.” The supreme talisman formation grandmaster spoke bitterly.

Xuanyuan Pojun’s dense brows knit together before he waved his hand and said, “Continue deducing! If all eight of you supreme talisman formation grandmasters can’t even deal with a damaged talisman formation diagram, then it would simply be an embarrassment!”

He didn’t hold back in the slightest!

This was Xuanyuan Pojun, his disposition was sharp like a sword, violent like a blade, and since he cultivated until now, he’d always been famous for being courageous, fearless, and straightforward.

It was precisely because of this disposition that many people called him Madman Xuanyuan.

Time flowed by bit by bit, and the atmosphere within the hall grew even more heavy and oppressive.

Along with the passage of time, the expressions of these supreme talisman formation grandmasters from the Xuanyuan Clan become heavier and heavier while their brows knit together tightly. They seemed to have encountered a problem that they were unable to figure out no matter how they wracked their brains.

One could faintly notice bewilderment, frustration, surprise, vexation, and so on and so forth on their faces.

It was naturally impossible for Xuanyuan Pojun to not notice all of this, causing his mood to become even more anxious as well, and there was a wisp of rage condensing faintly between his brows.

“Fellow Daoist Pojun, I think we should think of another way.” Chen Haotian spoke in a low voice. He was slightly worried that if this were to continue, then this madman, Xuanyuan Pojun, might lose his temper.

“There’s no need for that. This matter arose because of me, so it should naturally end because of me as well. If these clansmen of mine are unable to deal with it, then if worse comes to worse, I’ll admit my mistakes to the Dean.” Xuanyuan Pojun waved his hand as he spoke resolutely.

“Hmph! Even all the supreme talisman formation grandmasters of my Pill Reserve are helpless against this. I think you can just forget it and stop making unnecessary effort.” A cold grunt resounded abruptly, and it seemed to be rather jarring to the ear.

Xuanyuan Pojun turned around and saw Zuoqiu Sheng laughing coldly at him. This caused his brows to suddenly raise, and then a wisp of cold light that was like the cold glow of a blade suddenly arose from his gaze.

At this instant, a strand of terrifying killing intent suddenly effused out and threw the flow of qi and space into chaos. It caused everyone to feel as if they were about to be dragged down into a bottomless abyss.

Everyone was horrified, especially Zuoqiu Sheng. His fair and fat face suddenly twitched and lost all its color while his figure staggered, causing him to almost fall to the ground.

Chen Haotian’s heart jerked when he saw this, and he immediately said loudly, “Fellow Daoist Pojun, calm your rage!”

“Hmph! Even if I, Xuanyuan Pojun, were to suffer a calamity  right now, there’s no place for a damnable fatty like you to interfere!” Xuanyuan Pojun grunted coldly before he withdrew his gaze, and the strand of terrifying killing intent was withdrawn into his body like tidewater as he recovered his calm.

Zuoqiu Sheng was both terrified and furious, and he gritted his teeth while he sneered in his heart. Madman Xuanyuan, I’ll let you run wild for now. Let me see how you give the Dean an explanation once you’re unable to restore the cauldron! You even vainly attempted to refine a Divinering Dao Transformation Pill, that’s a prohibited pill! It was prohibited by the Dean himself!

“Cousin Brother? You’ve returned so soon?” Meanwhile, someone walked in from outside the hall. He wore violet clothes and had a dignified expression. He was Xuanyuan Tong. He was surprised and delighted when he saw Xuanyuan Pojun.

“Where did you go? It has already come to this, yet you left this hall?” Xuanyuan Pojun frowned instead. He was rather worried in his heart, so he spoke even more bluntly.

Xuanyuan Tong laughed bitterly. He really understood Xuanyuan Pojun’s mood, so he wasn’t offended by this.

“Third Ancestral Uncle went to look for me, and I went to look for Chen Xi.” A clear and melodious voice resounded from outside the hall. Accompanying this voice was A’xiu’s graceful and lively figure that appeared within everyone’s fields of vision.

“A’xiu?” Xuanyuan Pojun was stunned, and he said with a frown, “What did you come here for, little girl?” Even though he spoke like this, his voice had eased up greatly. Obviously, he rather doted upon this junior of his.

A’xiu had her hands behind her back while she walked into the hall with a grin on her face. She didn’t feel anything was wrong at all with a junior like her making an appearance before so many seniors of the academy.

She said when she arrived near the cauldron, “Second Ancestral Uncle, I naturally came to restore the cauldron. If you’re unwilling, then I’ll leave right away.”

“Stop playing around!” Xuanyuan Pojun berated her without the slightest thought when he heard this.

The other seniors couldn’t stop themselves from chuckling and smiling without end as well.

“Then I’ll really leave?” A’xiu blinked and smiled as she looked at Xuanyuan Pojun.

Xuanyuan Pojun was angry and was just about to wave his hand to make her leave immediately when Xuanyuan Tong stopped him. “Cousin Brother, listen to what A’xiu has to say first.”

When they saw Xuanyuan Tong actually spoke on behalf of A’xiu, it wasn’t just Xuanyuan Pojun who was stunned, even the other seniors restrained their smiles as they realized A’xiu didn’t seem like she was joking.

Only Zuoqiu Sheng laughed coldly without end. Obviously, he was rather disapproving towards this.

“Chen Xi will come over ten days from now, and he’ll help us restore the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron.” A’xiu didn’t beat around the bush, and she casually spoke these words before turning around and leaving the hall.

Her clear and melodious voice was still reverberating through the hall while the expressions of everyone within the hall had become strange.

Ten days from now? 

Restore the cauldron? 

Where did that kid get such confidence?

Xuanyuan Pojun frowned and said to Xuanyuan Tong via voice transmission, “Has A’xiu gone mad? She spoke too confidently. What if he fails? It wouldn’t just be that kid who loses face at that time.”

Xuanyuan Tong shrugged and said helplessly, “It has already come to this, so let’s just give it a try.”

Xuanyuan Pojun shook his head and didn’t speak any further. 


The world of stars.

After he agreed to A’xiu that he would try to help, Chen Xi directly entered the world of stars. He withdrew the Violet Ribbon Starcrest and entered the assignment area before finding the assignment related to the restoration of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron.

After that, he started to study it with concentration. This assignment was very difficult, otherwise, it would be impossible for all the seniors in the Pill Reserve to be helpless against it. So, Chen  Xi didn’t dare strike his chest and guarantee he would really be able to deal with it perfectly.

What he could do was ‘try his best.’ No matter if it was to help A’xiu or the earn the 800,000 Starpoints of the assignment, he would do all he could.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t know that A’xiu had already spread the news that he would definitely be able to deal with the restoration of the cauldron in ten days of time…

Ten days in the outside world was equivalent to fifty days in the world of stars.

Chen Xi concentrated on the assignment and was completely unaware of the passage of time. Unknowingly, over a month had already passed within the world of stars.

I can confirm that it’s related to Divine Talismans, yet it’s even more obscure and complicated. Those that possess such ability have probably exceeded the standard of a supreme talisman formation grandmaster and can be called a Talisman God… Chen Xi muttered. Presently, he was clearly aware that above the levels of talisman formation grandmaster and supreme talisman formation grandmaster was the levels of Talisman God and Talisman Saint.

First god, then saint. As the saying goes, gods and saints are inviolable. It was obvious from this method of address that Talisman Gods and Talisman Saints were extraordinarily lofty existences!

On the other hand, the word inviolable vividly described their status.

Actually, the Dao of Talismans followed the same principles as the Sword Dao, Blade Dao, Art Dao, Scholarly Dao. For example, when an expert in the Sword Dao attained an enlightened sword heart, it would be the level of grandmaster in the Sword Dao while a myriad of techniques emerging from a single sword technique was the supreme grandmaster level in the Sword Dao, whereas above the grandmaster and supreme grandmaster levels were the existences like Sword Gods and Sword Saints.

However, because the experts that were addressed as ‘god’ or ‘saint’ were too few in number within the three dimensions, the knowledge related to this sort of levels were extremely scarce within the three dimensions. It could only be described as unfathomable, supreme, and mysterious.

Looks like I can only rely on the might of the Infinite Divine Talisman… After pondering for a long time, Chen Xi finally decided to stop wasting time unnecessarily. If he had even more time, then he would naturally study the talisman formation diagrams of the cauldron with all his heart and soul.

But unfortunately, he had too many things to deal with now, and he didn’t have enough time at all. So he naturally couldn’t waste all his time on this.

On the other hand, the only thing Chen Xi felt was capable of dealing with this problem was probably the true inheritance of the Master of the Manor, the Infinite Divine Talisman.


Right at this moment, a grand and strange fluctuation suddenly spread out from the world of stars with shocking impetus.

Chen Xi was stunned. When he turned around, he saw that at this moment, his main body’s that was seated cross-legged in meditation there had suddenly emanated a myriad of strands of divine brilliance and caused a rain of light to descend. Its entire imposing aura was like a bamboo shoot after the rain, and it suddenly rose swiftly!

“My main body has advanced into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!” Chen Xi’s eyes lit up. His clone and main body were two parts of a whole, so he was naturally able to clearly sense the various shocking changes in his main body at this moment.

Beneath his main body’s Dantian and within the Huiyin Acupoint, a torrent of Immortal Force had shockingly converged there at this moment, and it emanated divine brilliance that was like amber.

The Vitality Soul!

At this moment, his Heavenly Soul, Earthly Soul, and Vitality Soul had been linked completely, causing the Cerebral Palace at the top of Chen Xi’s head, the Tanzhong acupoint at his chest, and the Huiyin Acupoint beneath his stomach to form a straight line that was linked together and fused together. It revealed the profound scene of the three souls fused together and profound vitality emerging.

Once this realm was attained, the entire body would be without the slightest shred of dirt. Thus, one’s body had truly formed into a Dao Constitution.

All of these were the signs of the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

Not bad, if I’m able to deal with the restoration of the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron, then I can allow my main body to act. In this way, my clone wouldn’t be exposed, and it continue playing the role of a trump card… Chen Xi took a deep breath and stopped thinking about this anymore before turning around and heading towards the depths of the starry sky.

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