Chapter 1180 – Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron

Lu Ting was about to speak, yet stopped while his face froze, and he seemed to be in a rather sorry state.

Fortunately, no one was paying any attention to him at this moment. Because at this moment, a row of golden words had suddenly floated up into appearance on the screen of light at the center of the hall.

“The reward for the assignment of restoring a damaged talisman formation diagram has been acknowledged at 1,000 Starpoints. Completion level of the assignment — perfect. The academy will add another 100 Starpoints to the reward! The issuer of the assignment has added another 100 Starpoints to the reward.”


This row of words had just appeared before it transformed into a wisp of golden light that vanished. At the same time, the assignment vanished from the screen of light. Obviously, it meant the assignment was completed successfully!

Even though the row of words had only appeared momentarily, everyone in the hall had seen it very clearly, and this assignment that had been acknowledge was accepted by Chen Xi!

Not only had the assignment been completed, it had even attained perfection?

The academy and the issues of the assignment added 100 Starpoints each to the reward at the same time?

Everyone was astounded and dumbstruck. They almost didn’t dare believe their eyes.

Every completed assignment was differentiated by the level of completion, and it was roughly divided into the levels of ordinary, outstanding, and perfect.

Those that were able to attain the basic completion level were already able to receive the corresponding reward of Starpoints.

Those that attained the level of outstanding meant that the issuer of the assignment was extremely satisfied with the completion of the assignment and had added another portion of Starpoints to the reward.

On the other hand, there were particular criteria that needed to be accomplished in order to attain the level of perfection. Firstly, the assignment must attain the outstanding level, and secondly, the assignment must be completed within 24 hours.

In other words, those that’re able to attain these two criteria will be able to obtain the acknowledgement of the academy, and they would receive an additional reward of Starpoints!

Of course, these additional Starpoints were a gift from the academy!

Om~ Om~ Om~

Before everyone in the hall could recover from their shock, row after row of golden words appeared once more on the screen of light.

“Extraction Assignment, the reward of 1,000 points has been acknowledged. Completion level — perfect. The academy will add another 100 Starpoints to the reward! The issuer of the assignment has added another 100 Starpoints to the reward.”

“The reward of 3,000 Starpoints for the assignment to solve an unknown talisman formation diagram has been acknowledged…”


Golden words flickered repeatedly on the screen of light. As soon as one vanished, another appeared to take its place, and practically more than half of all the assignments had attained perfection!

Most importantly, every single assignment that had been acknowledge was shockingly the assignments that had been accepted and completed by Chen Xi earlier!

As for the small portion of assignments that didn’t attain perfection were all marked as outstanding, and not a single ordinary level of completion could be found.

The reason this small portion of assignments were marked as outstanding and not perfect wasn’t because of Chen Xi. It was because these assignments had been issued a long time ago, and 24 hours had passed a long time before Chen Xi accepted them.

The golden light that flickered on the screen of light was extremely dazzling, and it actually had no end.

The expressions of everyone present in the hall were flabbergasted, and they seemed like clay statues.

The atmosphere was deathly silent.

Perfectly silent.

“Not a single one is at an ordinary level of completion! How formidable! This Chen Xi is absolutely a supreme talisman formation grandmaster!”

“Perfect levels of completion are really rare. If someone told me that these assignments weren’t completed by a supreme talisman formation grandmaster, then I wouldn’t believe that person even if I’m bashed to death.”

“How strange. Since this Chen Xi is a supreme talisman formation grandmaster, why has he taken a fancy to such assignments? The highest reward amongst those assignments is only 3,000 Starpoints…” 

After the time for an incense stick to burn, the golden words on the screen of light finally vanished, and it recovered its normal state. On the other hand, everyone else seemed as if they’d woken up from a dream, and they were unable to restrain the shock in their hearts any longer.

“Forget all of that. What I want to know is exactly who this Chen Xi is?” Someone frowned as he asked.

Everyone in the hall was stunned. Right, who exactly is Chen Xi?


Within the abode, Chen Xi’s immortal sense withdrew from the assignment area within his Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and then a strand of exhaustions surged throughout his body. He rubbed his aching forehead and couldn’t help but let out a long breath of air.

For an entire twelve hours of time, he’d been constantly utilizing his immortal sense to accept and complete assignments with various different requirements, and he’d practically not stopped to rest at all. So no matter how strong his soul was, he still felt a trace of exhaustion at this moment.

I was probably able to earn a good amount of Starpoints during these twelve hours, right? As he thought like this in his heart, Chen Xi closed his eyes once more and started meditating. It was because he was exhausted and because he wasn’t willing to waste his time on something useless, so he didn’t have any intent to check exactly how much Starpoints he’d earned from completing so many assignments.


The Primeval Chaotic Qi in the abode shook like thick liquid, and it was absorbed into Chen Xi’s body and tempered his body refinement cultivation.

In Chen Xi’s opinion, cultivating was the only method to deal with exhaustion and recuperate. Even though it was very dull, he was willing to endure it.

Chen Xi who’d fallen into deep levels of cultivation was completely unaware that the tiny cauldron who’d always been absorbing Primeval Chaotic Qi at the side seemed to have noticed something, and it suddenly exclaimed with surprise in a voice that was almost impossible to hear. “Hmm? The Nethergod Nine Cauldron Form…” 


The Pill Reserve.

Within an ancient hall that was suffused with the aura of time. At this moment, a few head instructors were seated cross-legged within it.

At their center stood a bronze treasured cauldron. It was 27m in height, had three legs, and its surface was covered with various mysterious patterns like that of the sun, moon, stars, earth. It emanated a heavy, ancient, and deep aura of desolation.

This treasured cauldron was too ancient, and it emanated a deep aura of time and seemed as if it had existed from the primeval and chaotic times. It revealed an imposing aura of supremacy over the world.

However, as they gazed at this cauldron, the space between everyone’s brows carried a wisp of anxiousness. 

“A talisman diagram within the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron had been damaged, and if it’s unable to be repaired within three months of time, then its efficiency will be weakened by thirty percent. At that time, if the Dean were to find out about it, all of us will probably be unable to escape punishment.” An old man who wore black robes sighed. He had high cheekbones, snow white brows, and was called Mo Linghai. He was the Vice Dean of the Pill Reserve, and he was a grandmaster in the Dao of Pills himself.

“I said so since the beginning. The treasured cauldron can’t be lent to that madman, Xuanyuan Pojun. He vainly attempted to refine the Divinering Dao Transformation Pill in order to charge into the Immortal King Realm, but all of you have seen the final outcome. He failed on the verge of success and even the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron was affected!” A short and fat middle aged man frowned as he grunted coldly. He was called Zuoqiu Sheng, and he was a head instructor of the Pill Reserve and an existence at the Half-step Immortal King Realm.

The others couldn’t help but sigh lightly when they heard this.

One month ago, Xuanyuan Pojun who was one of the head instructors of the inner court had disregarded their objections and resolutely chosen to refine the Divinering Dao Transformation Pill with the intention of charging into the Immortal King Realm. However, he failed in the end.

Because the Divinering Dao Transformation Pill was too mighty and affected the karma of the Heaven Dao, it caused the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron to suffer backlash from it, and the cauldron’s innate talisman formation diagrams had been partially damaged. If it wasn’t repaired as soon as possible, then the cauldron’s efficiency would weaken gradually.

The cauldron was a Void Grade Immortal Artifact that had existed since the primeval times until now, and it was personally refined by the Dao Emperor himself and resided in the Pill Reserve for countless years until now. It had refined countless spirit pills and profound herbs, and it had assisted numerous students and instructors to smoothly charge through the barriers of their cultivations…

Yet now, the cauldron had been damaged!

Even if everyone present here was a senior of the academy, their hearts couldn’t help but be filled with worry when they saw such a scene.

“Unfortunately, Senior Bu Ping who’s the only one in the academy that possesses the attainments of a Talisman God has left the academy to travel the three dimensions, and he hasn’t returned until now. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to easily deal with this problem with his extraordinary ability in the Dao of Talismans.” A violet clothed middle aged man shook his head and laughed bitterly, and then he pondered deeply and said, “Actually, perhaps we should request for instructions from the Dean on this matter. If we’re able to request him to make a move, then he’ll absolutely be able to repair the cauldron as easily as blowing off dust.”

“That’s true, but the Dean is elusive, so where should we go looking for him at? Not to mention I’m worried that Xuanyuan Pojun will be skinned alive if the Dean finds out about this matter.” The Pill Reserve’s Vice Dean, Mo Linghai, shook his head. Obviously, he didn’t agree with the violet clothed middle aged man’s opinion.

“Hmph! I think we should notify Xuanyuan Pojun and ask him to offer an apology and ask for punishment from the Dean. He made this mistake, so he ought to bear the consequences.” Zuoqiu Sheng grunted coldly. Obviously, he was rather displeased by Xuanyuan Pojun’s actions.

Right at this moment, the door to the hall was pushed open, and then a tall figure walked in. He had white hair and an upright figure. He was the Dean of the Pill Reserve, Chen Haotian.

However, at this moment, his face was covered in rage. As soon as he entered the hall, he said in a low voice, “Everyone, I want to know who issued the assignment about the damage suffered by the Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron?”

Everyone was stunned, and then they were shocked. The Nine Profundity Treasured Cauldron was the ultimate treasure of the Pill Reserve, and the news of its damage had been locked down since the day it suffered that damage so as to avoid causing a disturbance.

But according to what Chen Haotian said, someone had actually published this news in the form of an assignment at this moment? That person is simply causing trouble!

For a time, the expressions of everyone was slightly unsightly, and the atmosphere seemed to be exceptionally heavy and oppressive.

“I issued the assignment.” However, right amidst this silence, Zuoqiu Sheng stood up and said with a frank expression, “I did it for the sake of solving the problem as soon as possible. Not to mention that this matter has already occurred, and the truth can’t be concealed as time passes. So why not gather the might of everyone in the academy and find a method to solve the problem?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the gazes of everyone converged onto Zuoqiu Sheng, and their expressions varied.

“What nonsense!” The violet clothed middle aged man stood up in fury, and he said in a grim voice, “Even we’re helpless towards the solving this problem, so which instructor or student in the academy could possibly accomplish it? Your actions are obviously aimed at Xuanyuan Pojun!”

“Xuanyuan Tong, what do you mean by that? Could it be that if others intend to redeem the wrongs of your cousin brother, Xuanyuan Pojun, then we’re intentionally looking for trouble with your Xuanyuan Clan?” Zuoqiu Sheng suddenly turned around and glanced at the violet clothed middle aged man with displeasure.

“Enough!” The Dean of the Pill Reserve, Chen Haotian, instantly frowned when he saw both of them were about to enter into an argument, and he stopped them in a low voice. “The matter has already occurred, yet all of you aren’t thinking about how to save the situation and have the mood to argue with each other instead? What would others think of us!?”

His voice carried a wisp of a questioning and berating tone.

Obviously, Chen Haotian was really infuriated.

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