Chapter 1178 – Hustling About To Earn Starpoints

There were numerous screens of light in the assignment area within the Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and there were more than a hundred.

Every single screen of light reflected a single type of issued assignments, and they were simply uncountable if added together because new assignments were being added every single moment.

It wasn’t just posted by students, but instructors as well, and practically all these posted assignments were related to cultivating, equipment refinement, pill refinement, taming, planting of herbs, and a vast variety of other things.

Chen Xi frowned because many assignments on the screens of light were impossible to complete with his current cultivation realm. For example, practically all the assignments completed outside the academy required experts at the Golden Immortal Realm to undertake it.

Of course, Chen Xi didn’t intend to accept assignments that required him to leave the academy. However, this allowed him to understand that there were very few assignments in the academy that were suitable for new students.

“Hmm?” Not long after, a familiar word appeared in Chen Xi’s mind — Assignments in the Dao of Talismans!

Chen Xi’s eyes lit up while his tightly knit brows eased up. Perhaps he wasn’t skilled in assignments related to pill refinement, taming, or planting of herbs, but he was extremely confident in the Dao of Talismans that he was most familiar with.

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Xi’s immortal sense entered the screen of light for the Dao of Talismans, and he started to scan through it carefully.

“Restoration Assignment, a single damaged formation diagram. Requirement — accepted by a Talisman Formation Grandmaster. If it’s completed within three days, then the reward is 1,000 Starpoints. Negotiation is prohibited.”

“Set-up Assignment, set-up at least three layers of water attribute restrictions, the higher the quality the better. Requirement — accepted by a Talisman Formation Grandmaster. Assignment reward — 1,000 to 3,000 Starpoints.”

“Research Assignment, solve a primeval talisman formation diagram. Requirement — accepted by a Talisman Formation Grandmaster. Reward — 3,000 Starpoints.

“Talisman Marking Extraction Assignment. A Talisman Formation Grandmaster is required to extract the talisman markings developed within the Inheritance Bone of a Netherwind Immortal Beast. Reward — 1,000 Starpoints.” 


Chen Xi read through them one by one. As he saw the types of assignments growing in number, a wisp of a smile couldn’t help but appear on the corners of his mouth. Sure enough, he was able to easily complete most of the assignments here.

After pondering briefly, Chen Xi’s immortal sense entered into an assignment, and he read through it carefully before he accepted it.


The screen of light in his mind flashed, and then the specifics of the assignment had appeared before him.

“Restoration Assignment, an unknown talisman formation diagram. Requirement — accepted by a Talisman Formation Grandmaster. Reward — 1,000. Time limit — infinite.”

Obviously, this was an assignment to restore a talisman formation diagram that was issued two days ago. The screen of light had already revealed the damaged diagram, and Chen Xi only had to provide the specific method of restoration in order to complete it.

This meant that Chen Xi could accept assignments and receive the corresponding Starpoints without leaving his abode.

Chen Xi took a deep breath before he placed his attention onto the damaged diagram, and he swiftly deduced within his mind. In practically less than the time for an incense stick to burn, a perfect method to solve it had floated up into his heart.

Of course, this didn’t mean that the damaged diagram was very simple, and it was Chen Xi’s cultivation in the Dao of Talismans that was too abnormal. He’d attained the ranks of a supreme talisman formation grandmaster a long time ago!

In the eyes of Talisman Formation Grandmasters, perhaps a few days would be needed to complete this assignment, yet it wasn’t difficult at all to Chen Xi.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Chen Xi didn’t hesitate to utilize his immortal sense and start providing his answer on the screen of light. After he checked it over and confirmed there were no problems with it, Chen Xi withdrew his immortal sense.

He did this to avoid the situation where his assignment failed from arising. After all, according to the rules of the academy, if one was unable to complete an assignment after accepting it, then a certain amount of Starpoints would be deducted from the student.

For example, the reward for this assignment was 1,000 Starpoints, but if he were to fail, then 200 Starpoints would be deducted from him.

At the same time that Chen Xi’s immortal sense was withdrawn, the completed assignment vanished from the screen of light. At this moment, he had to wait for the person who issued the assignment to confirm his success before he could obtain his reward.

Of course, if the person that issued the assignment didn’t confirm it within three days or refused to pay the reward, then the person would suffer the severe punishment of the academy, and those consequences were something no one could bear to suffer.

So there was utterly no need to worry that the person who issued the assignment would go back on his word after one completed the assignment.

After he finished this assignment, Chen Xi didn’t waste even a moment before hastily looking through the assignments. When he saw that he was able to complete most of the assignments, he didn’t choose and directly accepted the first assignment he saw.

Of course, some assignments required the person to deal with something personally, and Chen Xi refused to accept assignments like these. In other words, all the assignments he accepted could be completed without leaving his abode.

Chen Xi didn’t do this because he was too lazy, he just wanted to save more time and earn even more Starpoints.


Not long after, Chen Xi completed another assignment. It was an assignment to break open the talisman formation structure of an ancient talisman formation, and the reward was 1,000 Starpoints as well.

When he counted the time that had passed, Chen Xi noticed that he’d only spend less than the time for an incense stick to burn in order to complete these two assignments. This caused Chen Xi’s spirits to be refreshed, and he felt that this method of earning Starpoints really worked. It was simply no different than sitting there and earning.

Thus, in the following period of time, Chen Xi discarded all his distracting thoughts and placed his entire attention onto his great undertaking of accepting, completing, and submitting assignments.

Later on, he even overlooked the specific requirement and reward of the assignment, and he was like a tireless wooden puppet that accepted another assignment as soon as he finished the one before.

At the very least, on the surface, Chen Xi seemed to be sitting down cross-legged on the ground with a calm expression, and he didn’t reveal the slightest sign that he was cultivating. He was no different from a human shaped statue.




Wave after wave of strange fluctuations resounded in Chen Xi’s mind. It was the sound emanated when an assignment was completed, but as far as Chen Xi was concerned, it was pile after pile of Starpoints calling out to him…

Under the stimulation of such a sound, he was filled with energy, and he revealed a mighty imposing aura that seemed as if he intended to sweep through all the assignments and gladly accept countless Starpoints. 


While Chen Xi had returned to his abode to complete assignments in peace, many people had gathered at the Enforcement Hall of the outer court.

This was a grand and imposing hall that was personally distributed to the students of the Enforcement Hall by Vice Dean Zuoqiu Hong, and it could be considered as the base camp of the outer court’s Enforcement Hall’s students.

At this moment, Zuoqiu Jun who had a cold face, narrow eyes, and a hawk nose carried a gloomy expression as he sat upright at the seat of the host.

Near him was Zuoqiu Yin, Ao Wuming, Ao Tianxing, and Jiang Canghai. As for the other students of the Enforcement Hall, not a single one of them were within the hall.

Obviously, they were discussing a secret matter at this moment, and it couldn’t be exposed.

“At the bottom of it all, we underestimated that kid’s influence. No matter if it was Xuanyuan Yun, Mu Yuchong, or Ji Xuanbing that stood up for that kid in the end, all of them were variables that we didn’t consider in our operation this time.” Zuoqiu Jun took a deep breath before he broke the silence in the hall and spoke in a low voice.

“No, Brother Zuoqiu has still overlooked a problem, Chen Xi’s combat strength. If Ao Tianxing was able to heavily injury him in one go, then Xuanyuan Yun and the others wouldn’t have the opportunity to stand up for him even if they wanted to,” said Jiang Canghai. He had wide facial features, and a straight and impressive figure. As he sat there casually, he seemed like a lofty mountain that was impossible to move.

“Hmph! So, you’re saying that I’m useless?” Ao Tianxing suddenly grunted coldly while he glanced at Jiang Canghai with a ghastly gaze.

Jiang Canghai had a relaxed expression as he said, “I didn’t say that. But you can’t deny that it was precisely your failure that was the cause for such a situation that was impossible to be turned around.”


Ao Tianxing struck the table, causing wood fragments to fly in all directions as it shattered into pieces.

On the other hand, he stood up while he stared at Jiang Canghai with an icy cold gaze. “That kid was able to take a palm strike of mine head-on while at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, so why don’t you give it a try? So long as you’re able to accomplish it, then I’ll apologize immediately!”

The meaning behind his words was that Chen Xi’s combat strength was unexpectedly formidable, whereas Jiang Canghai only knew how to make sarcastic remarks. So, Jiang Canghai should try to take on a strike of his if Jiang Canghai had the balls to do so!

Jiang Canghai’s face froze before he grunted coldly, and then he puckered his lips and kept silent. It was naturally impossible for him to agree to Ao Tianxing’s unreasonable request because if he was really unable to resist it, then wouldn’t he be acknowledging that he wasn’t even equal to Chen Xi who was at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm?

“Alright, both of you are allies of my Zuoqiu Clan, so we should take care of each other. Don’t continue arguing because of this matter,” said Zuoqiu Jun. He was the head student in the outer court’s Enforcement Hall while he himself was an existence ranked at the 2nd position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings, so his words carried rather great weight.

Ao Tianxing sat back onto his seat when he heard this and said, “My Dragon Dimension only agreed to cooperate with your Zuoqiu Clan, so it doesn’t necessarily mean that I have to listen to your Zuoqiu Clan’s instructions at all times.”

Zuoqiu Jun grinned. “Of course.”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at everyone seated here and said, “Our three powers have joined together because of Chen Xi, and it can be considered to be a form of luck. Don’t worry, so long as we’re able to deal with Chen Xi, then our Zuoqiu Clan will absolutely not forget to show our appreciation to your Dragon Dimension and Jiang Clan.”

The expressions of Ao Tianxing, Ao Wuming, Jiang Canghai, and the others eased up greatly when they heard this.

Comparatively speaking, even though all of them were disciples from top powers and none of them was inferior to the other. But the Zuoqiu Clan’s influence in the academy was something that their Dragon Dimension and Jiang Clan were unable to compare to.

This was something that they had to admit.

“A single failure isn’t a big deal. The path ahead is still very long. I received the suggestion of the Vice Dean earlier, and we won’t take any drastic action against Chen Xi before the inner court exam.”

Zuoqiu Jun said indifferently, “Of course, if he offends the rules of the academy, then we have no reason to show mercy.”

The Vice Dean he spoke of was naturally Zuoqiu Hong.

Zuoqiu Yin couldn’t help but be slightly stunned upon hearing this, and he couldn’t help but say. “Cousin Brother, we’re just letting that kid off like this?”

Zuoqiu Jun frowned. Truthfully speaking, he was extremely disappointed with the display of this Cousin Brother of his. But it wasn’t good for him to make his cousin brother lose face in front of everyone.

“We’re not letting him go, and we’re just exercising temporary forbearance until the inner court exam. After all, most students are aware that we’re trying to deal with that kid now, whereas that kid is the number one student amongst the new students and has received the attention of numerous great figures. It’s obviously extremely unwise to continue dealing with him at this moment.” Zuoqiu Jun forcefully endured his impatience and explained. In the end, he said, “But all of you don’t have to worry, no matter if that kid is able to participate in the inner court exam two years from now, I’ll surely give him an extraordinarily pleasant surprise at that time!”

When he spoke the words pleasant surprise, his lips that were thin like blades had already curved into a piercingly cold smile, and it caused his cold and ruthless appearance to seem extremely ghastly.

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