Chapter 1176 – Just Wait and See

Assignment Mountain.

Halls stood like trees in a forest, and it was extraordinarily bustling. Figures could be seen everywhere. Some had come to accept assignments while others had come to claim their completed assignments, and it was a very popular place.

Most of the students here were senior students, while the figures of some new students could be seen as well. Moreover, there was no lack of instructors, immortal beasts, and other such existences here.

Liang Ren noticed a Golden Fenix fluttering over, and then it transformed into the appearance of a young woman that walked gracefully into a hall.

“That’s the disciple of the inner court’s head instructor, Daoist Nun Jiang. She’s a pure-blooded Golden Fenix at the Golden Immortal Realm, and she’s ranked at the 58th position in the inner court’s Violet Ribbon Golden Rankings. According to rumor, her natural endowment isn’t inferior to the Flaming Rain, Ling Qingwu, from all those years ago.” A’xiu explained in a clear voice before leading Chen Xi’s group through numerous corners to arrive at a grand hall at the center area of the side of the mountain.

The hall was spacious and silent. At this moment, many figures had gathered here, but most of them were new students that had formed a line behind a table.

When Chen Xi’s group arrived here, they noticed to their shock that many familiar faces were in the line, like Zhao Mengli, Moqi Yan, Zhongli Xun, and so on and so forth.

Many senior students were by their sides. Obviously, an acquaintance of theirs had brought them to Assignment Mountain as well, and they’d probably come to verify their identity and accept assignments.

When they saw A’xiu leading Chen Xi’s group over, a wave of movement instantly arose from the line of new students as they’d recognized Chen Xi.

“Cousin Sister, look. That’s the first amongst us new students this year, Chen Xi! The first! Didn’t you say you would only get married to the first? I think Chen Xi is really not bad.” A new student pointed at Chen Xi excitedly while speaking to the young woman in dark red clothes that stood nearby.

The young woman in dark red clothes stomped her feet in embarrassment and anger, and then she glared angrily at the new student before turning around and leaving swiftly.

“Cousin Sister, Cousin Sister! Wait for me.” The new student hurriedly followed after her. Moreover, the new student didn’t forget to reveal a benign smile when passing by Chen Xi.

Even though Chen Xi didn’t know this new student, he still nodded courteously in return.

“I never expected that you’re really welcomed amongst the new students.” A’xiu chuckled with a voice that clinked like a spring, and it was pleasant to the ear and refreshing to the soul.

“Of course, he’s the first. Merely this title is sufficient for him to receive the respect of most people.” Liang Ren smiled as he spoke. He was originally slightly nervous when he met A’xiu, yet through the contact he had with her, he noticed that A’xiu’s character was cheerful and lively. She didn’t the slightest spoiled aura that the little princess of the Xuanyuan Clan should possess, and she was very easy to approach instead.

It wasn’t just Liang Ren, Gu Yueming and Mu Yuchong felt the same way, and they really liked A’xiu’s character.

“It’s just a title, and it’ll draw a great deal of trouble to me instead,” said Chen Xi as he shook his head.

He was very well aware that some people would respect this brilliant halo that was the position of first, yet most people would envy it and remain unconvinced of his strength. Since they were unconvinced, they would come challenge him, and that was the most annoying thing he could encounter.

As they talked, they’d lined up at the end of the line.

This hall was the central mechanism of the Assignment Mountain. It didn’t issue assignments and specialized in verifying the identity of students. After their identities were verified, the students would be able to look through the various new assignments that were issued every day via their Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and they wouldn’t have to leave their abodes.

Of course, verification required a payment of Starpoints, and it wasn’t much, only a thousand a person.

After they found out about this, the corners of Liang Ren and Gu Yueming’s mouths twitched as they cursed the academy for being so wicked, and they felt the academy was even superior to treacherous merchants.

It couldn’t be helped. Both of them were ranked at the end of the rankings, so they only earned a few thousand Starpoints. They spent a thousand Starpoints for their abodes, and now that they had to pay another thousand, it would instantly cause their wealth to shrink by more than half.

Both of them sighed with emotion. We’ve only just entered the academy, yet Starpoints are being spent like water. I wonder how difficult it will be to earn Starpoints in the future.

Before long, it was Chen Xi and the others’ turn.

A grey clothed middle aged man sat before the table. When he saw Chen Xi walk over, he casually withdrew a treasure that seemed like a jade seal before lightly placing it over the Violet Ribbon Starcrest Chen Xi passed over.


A thousand Starpoints were deducted from the Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to ache slightly when he saw this scene. These Starpoints are really spent so quickly…

When he received his Violet Ribbon Starcrest back, Chen Xi noticed that the contents of the Violet Ribbon Starcrest had changed. There was an assignment area within it, and when his Immortal Sense entered this area, it was like entering a strange space with numerous screens of light that floated in it. The screens of light were filled with row after row of assignments.

Every single assignment was labelled with a name, request, and the amount of Starpoints rewarded when completed. It could be said to be a dazzling array of countless assignments.

“Oh, right. Every single time you complete an assignment, the academy will deduct a certain fee from your Starpoints according to the difficulty of the assignment. Work hard, young man.” The grey clothed middle aged man’s voice sounded out from behind him, and it caused the expression of Chen Xi who’d just turned around and intended to leave to freeze. Moreover, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch violently.

No wonder that no one was able to exchange their Starpoints for the River Diagram fragment. Merely these miscellaneous fees will squeeze out the Starpoints earned from the blood and sweat of many disciples…

In next to no time, Mu Yuchong, Xuanyuan Yun, Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and the others were done as well, and they left the hall with Chen Xi.

“If I wasn’t aware that this was Dao Emperor Academy’s Assignment Mountain, I would have thought I’d entered a shady store. It’s really fucking wicked.” Liang Ren gnashed his teeth and revealed a pained expression.

The other new students felt sorrowful in their hearts as well. All of this allowed them to deeply feel the deep meaning that Starpoints carried, and it was even more important than wealth and even more difficult to earn than wealth…

“Hmm? Isn’t that Zhao Mengli? Who’s she waiting for?” Xuanyuan Yun spoke abruptly.

Everyone raised their heads and saw a slender figure standing beneath a luxuriant and ancient tree before the hall.

She wore a fiery red dress, had black hair that hung down like a waterfall, and a gorgeous and bright appearance. Her entire body emanated a shapeless aura of nobility, and she was like a drop dead gorgeous beauty that had walked out of a painting.

All the students that came to the hall and left couldn’t refrain themselves from glancing at her repeatedly while the seemed to have their breath taken away. Unfortunately, not a single one of them dared to go over and speak to her.

She seemed to be calm, yet her entire body emanated a proud and aloof bearing that seemed unapproachable. It caused others to only dare look at her from afar yet not take the liberty to disturb her.

This woman was naturally the descendant of a True Phoenix, Zhao Mengli, a genius that possessed a peerlessly noble bloodline.

During the primeval times, the True Phoenix was absolutely a terrifying existence that instilled fear in the three dimensions. It looked down proudly upon the gods and Buddhas of the world, and only existences like the ancestor of the Dragon Dimension, the Green Dragon, could match her.

As a descendant that possessed the purest bloodline of the True Phoenix, Zhao Mengli naturally possessed the ability to be proud. It was even to the extent that she seemed to have become like a goddess in the hearts of the new students, and she possessed numerous fans.

“Tsk. I wonder if anyone in Dao Emperor Academy will be able to capture the heart of this proud True Phoenix.” Mu Yuchong smiled lightly while his gaze flashed with a wisp of burning desire.

“Save it. The descendants of the True Phoenix are proud to the bone. So, capturing their hearts is simply more difficult that charging into the Immortal King Realm.” Xuanyuan Yun shook his head and bluntly struck a blow to Mu Yuchong’s confidence.

Mu Yuchong’s face froze before he said angrily, “I didn’t say that I intend to pursue her…” When he spoke up to here, he glanced at Chen Xi and suddenly said with a smile, “I think that Chen Xi has a very good chance.”

Xuanyuan Yun was stunned, and he actually pondered briefly before he said seriously, “He really does. Amongst us new students, only Chen Xi and Zhen Lu are higher ranked than Zhao Mengli, whereas Zhen Lu is a Buddhist Cultivator, so it’s impossible for him to search for a Dao Companion. Thus, only Chen Xi remains…”

The more he spoke, the more excited he became, and he seemed as if he intended to encourage Chen Xi to pursue Zhao Mengli.

Chen Xi hurriedly said when he heard this, “Stop!”

He didn’t have any ill feelings towards Zhao Mengli, yet he couldn’t be said to have a favorable impression of her either. Not to mention that he didn’t have any intention to pay attention to the matters between men and women.

“Let’s go.” Chen Xi shook his head before he turned and walked away. He even slightly suspected that their conversation had been clearly heard by Zhao Mengli who stood in the distance, and for the sake of avoiding any unnecessary misunderstandings, it was best to leave as soon as possible.

A’xiu had been listening from the side since the beginning. She couldn’t help but blink her clear eyes when she saw this, and then she glanced at Chen Xi before she shot a glance at Zhao Mengli and seemed to be lost in thought. “You really have no interest in her?”

Chen Xi said angrily, “Am I so casual?”

A’xiu smiled brilliantly. “Alright, tell me when you intend to be casual, and I’ll even help you pluck some feathers of that True Phoenix.”

“…” Chen Xi was utterly speechless.

When their group was about to leave Assignment Mountain, an icy cold and pleasant voice suddenly entered Chen Xi’s ears.

“Chen Xi, I’ll give you a chance to pursue me if you’re able to defeat me in the inner court exam two years from now. Otherwise, don’t discuss others behind their backs anymore!”

“Of course, I don’t think you’ll be able to be ranked amongst the top fifty on the Allheaven Golden Rankings within two years of time. In this way, your chances of participating in the inner court exam is extremely tiny.”

“However, I still hope that you’ll be able to accomplish it. After all, it would seem to be very boring if an opponent like you wasn’t present during the inner court exam…” 

Along with this voice, a True Phoenix that possessed gorgeous and resplendent feathers and was beautiful like an emperor of phoenixes tore through the sky, and it flew swiftly towards the distance. All along the way, it caused countless exclamations of admiration to resound.

Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving and looked at the resplendent flowing ray of fiery light that was about to vanish in the horizon while a wisp of a strange smile suffused the corners of his mouth. Looks like this True Phoenix really did hear the conversation from before.

I’ll definitely participate in the inner court exam two years from now, but it won’t be for the sake of pursuing you. At that time, I hope you don’t misunderstand… Chen Xi muttered in his heart before he took a deep breath, and then his handsome and firm expression was suffused with a wisp of faint confidence.

Who said that it’s impossible to advance from the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm into the Golden Immortal Realm within two years?

Just wait and see! 

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