Chapter 1174 – Leaving In Defeat and Disgrace

As the name implied, the Enforcement Hall was a mechanism that managed and carried out enforcement and punishment in the academy.

The only difference was that the members of the Enforcement Hall of Dao Emperor Academy was formed from students of the academy, and there was a Head Enforcement Student amongst them as their leader.

Besides that, all the matters related to the Enforcement Hall was directly managed by the outer court’s Vice Dean Zuoqiu Hong. Amongst the students of the outer court, a mechanism like the Enforcement Hall possessed an extremely great deterrent force.

After all, the students capable of participating in the Enforcement Hall were top students in the outer court, and practically all their cultivations were at the Golden Immortal Realm.

For example, Zuoqiu Jun wasn’t just a Golden Immortal, he was even a formidable existence that was ranked at the second position on the Allheaven Golden Rankings!

At the same time, Zuoqiu Jun was the Head Enforcement Student in the Enforcement Hall, and he commanded the other students in the Enforcement Hall. He could be considered to be the student in the outer court who possessed the greatest authority.

When they saw Zuoqiu Jun leading a group of students from the Enforcement Hall and appearing out of thin air, the atmosphere at the scene instantly became very silent, and the original situation of confrontation calmed down as well.

The new students looked at the students from the Enforcement Hall with curious gazes, as for the gazes of the senior students, it was filled with undisguised fear, and it seemed like the students of the Enforcement Hall were a group of maleficent existences that killed without batting an eyelid.

“Zuoqiu Jun is a cousin brother of Zuoqiu Yin’s. He’s a gloomy and ruthless person, and so long as a student is targeted by him, then the student will suffer dire consequences from just the smallest mistake.” Mu Yuchong’s voice transmission suddenly sounded out by Chen Xi’s ear. “Of course, so long as you don’t do anything wrong or possesses a strength more formidable than Zuoqiu Jun, then he’ll be helpless against you.”

Chen Xi silently committed all of this to memory, and then he said to Mu Yuchong via voice transmission, “Thank you for your guidance, Brother Mu.”

Mu Yuchong smiled and said, “You’re good friends with Linglong, so we’re all friends. There’s no need to be so courteous.”

Chen Xi nodded, and then he glanced at Xuanyuan Yun who stood by his side and said in his heart, Mu Yuchong is considerate towards me because of Mu Linglong, then what about Xuanyuan Yun? Could it be because of A’xiu?

Who was it that was fighting here earlier? Please step forward.” Meanwhile, Zuoqiu Jun swept the surrounding students with his gaze before it finally descended onto Ao Tianxing and Chen Xi, and his calm expression carried a frightening ruthless aura.


Everyone glanced at Ao Tianxing in unison, and then Ao Tianxing shrugged with an indifferent expression before he stepped forward with large strides and cupped his hands. “Brother Zuoqiu, I was only sparring with a new student earlier. Of course, it might be against the rules of the academy. Feel free to deduct the Starpoints from my Violet Ribbon Starcrest.”

As he spoke, he casually tossed his Violet Ribbon Starcrest to a student by Zuoqiu Jun’s side, and then he crossed his arms before his chest and glanced at Chen Xi while a wisp of a smile of ridicule appeared on the corners of his mouth.

Zuoqiu Jun frowned as he glanced at Ao Tianxing, and then he looked at Chen Xi and said, “It was you who was fighting Ao Tianxing earlier?”

Chen Xi nodded. “Yes.”

“Since you admit it, then come with me.” Zuoqiu Jun waved his hand, and then the students of the Enforcement Hall by his side walked out with large strides towards Chen Xi. They seemed as if they were about to capture a convict.

“Wait!” Mu Yuchong said with a frown, “The matter arose because of Ao Tianxing, and Chen Xi is the victim. On what basis can the culprit, Ao Tianxing, be let go so casually, yet Chen Xi must be taken away?”

These words instantly received the agreement of many new students. 

“Could it be that your Enforcement Hall has colluded with Ao Tianxing and are intentionally repressing us new students?”

“Hmph! It looks to me like it’s probably just like that. Presently, everyone knows that Chen Xi has a bad relationship with your Zuoqiu Clan, so you used such a despicable method to repress Chen Xi. All of you are really capable.”

“I never expected that such shady things would actually exist within the dignified Dao Emperor Academy!”

All the new students were filled with righteous indignation, and they denounced Zuoqiu Jun’s unjust actions, causing the surroundings to become clamorous and restless.

Zuoqiu Jun’s face sank, and his gaze was like a bolt of lightning as it swept coldly past all the new students present here. He said in a low voice, “Is it your place to judge how my Enforcement Hall does things?”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Not to mention I’m only taking Chen Xi away to question him. If it isn’t his fault, then I’ll naturally let him go. If all of you continue fanning the flames here, then don’t blame me for taking all of you away for punishment!”

As soon as these words were spoken, many new students were instantly speechless and went silent like cicadas in the winter.

During this entire process, Chen Xi had been watching coldly from the side, and he even acutely noticed that Zuoqiu Yin, Ao Wuming, Ao Tianxing, Jiang Canghai, and the others revealed an imperceptible wisp of pleasure from his misfortune.

Looks like these fellows have joined forces for the sake of dealing with me… Chen Xi laughed coldly in his heart. How could he be unable to perceive that everything that happened today was too sudden and strange. First, Ao Tianxing jumped out to repress him, and then when the situation wasn’t good, Zuoqiu Jun instantly made an appearance and used the righteousness of the Enforcement Hall to take him away. It was like closely linked rings, and it was obviously an operation that was planned a long time ago with the objective of dealing with Chen Xi.

“If there are no objections, then come with us, Chen Xi.” Zuoqiu Jun spoke calmly. Merely based on his outward appearance, those that weren’t privy would definitely think that he was carrying out his duty impartially, but many people present here didn’t think like this.

“Wait! All of us saw what happened here today. Chen Xi isn’t in the wrong, so if you intend to take Chen Xi away, then why don’t you take me as well so that I can act as a witness?” Right at this moment, Ji Xuanbing suddenly stepped forward, and it exceeded the expectations of everyone present here. Even Chen Xi was slightly stunned, as he didn’t expect that Ji Xuanbing would speak on his behalf.

Zuoqiu Jun was obviously stunned when he heard this, and he frowned without end.

Ji Xuanbing was the leading figure of the Ji Clan’s younger generation, and his sudden interference caused even Zuoqiu Jun to feel that it was slightly troublesome.

“Yes, we can bear witness for Chen Xi as well!” Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Yun, Mu Yuchong, and even numerous other new students came forward.

Zuoqiu Yin, Ao Wuming, Ao Tianxing, and the others’ expression froze slightly when they saw this, and they were extremely infuriated in their hearts. How could they be unable to discern that it was precisely Ji Xuanbing’s interference that caused the situation to undergo another change?

Zuoqiu Jun’s expression became extremely gloomy when he saw this scene, and he said, “So all of you intend to collectively challenge the rules of the academy?”

“We’re just speaking the truth.” Ji Xuanbing said indifferently, “Besides that, you only represent yourself and not the rules of the entire academy. So, you better not slap crimes on us at will. Even though we’re new students, it doesn’t mean that anyone can bully us at will!”

These words were spoken extremely bluntly, and it caused both the senior students and new students to be extremely surprised. Never had they imagined that Ji Xuanbing would actually act so domineeringly and obviously seem like he intended to support Chen Xi.

Zuoqiu Jun went silent for a long time before he suddenly said with a light smile, “Very good. All of you new students from this year are extraordinary indeed. Since all of you have testified, then I’ll believe all of you this time and not pursue this matter for now.”

As he spoke, he turned around and vanished into thin air.

The other students from the Enforcement Hall glanced at each other when they saw this, and then they left as well.

All the new students present here cheered when they saw this scene, and they seemed as if they’d fought a winning battle.

On the other hand, the senior students shook their head without end instead. These new students are obviously fearless because they’re ignorant. They offended the Enforcement Hall right after they entered the academy, so can they avoid suffering in the future?

Amongst the people present, only Ao Tianxing, Zuoqiu Yin, Ao Wuming, and the others had slightly unsightly expressions. They glanced at Chen Xi with gloomy gazes while they felt resentful, surprised, and bewildered in their hearts.

They had truly never imagined that Chen Xi would actually obtain the support of so many people. First it was Xuanyuan Yun, Mu Yuchong, and the others who jumped out to assist him, then even Ji Xuanbing took the initiative to back him up!

It was precisely because of such unexpected events that their operation to repress Chen Xi had ended in complete failure.



It wasn’t long before everyone present here dispersed. The string of events that occurred today allowed these new students to understand that Dao Emperor Academy wasn’t a paradise.

As the saying goes, where there were people, there was society.

After Chen Xi thanked Mu Yuchong and the others, he arrived before Ji Xuanbing and cupped his hands as he said, “Thank you, Brother Ji, for speaking righteously earlier.”

Ji Xuanbing laughed lightheartedly. “It’s fine. We’re both new students, so we should take care of each other. Not to mention that even if I didn’t step forward, others would have done so for you.”

His words were sincere and warm, and coupled with his elegant bearing, it caused others to feel as if they were bathed in gust of spring breeze. He didn’t reveal a trace of a proud or oppressive aura at all.

Subsequently, Ji Xuanbing chatted with Chen Xi for a while before turning around and leaving. 

“What did Ji Xuanbing tell you? Did he intend to rope you in and be of use to him?” Liang Ren and Gu Yueming approached Chen Xi when they saw Ji Xuanbing leave, and they asked Chen Xi in low voices.

“He definitely intends to rope Chen Xi in. But Ji Xuanbing had another motive for doing what he did today, and that motive is to form a trust and a reputation of his own amongst the new students.” Before Chen Xi could answer, Mu Yuchong said with a light smile, “Even though he might offend the Zuoqiu Clan and Dragon Dimension by doing this, he obtained the support of most of the new students in exchange. I would have done the same in his place.”

Chen Xi smiled when he heard this and said, “But no matter what, Ji Xuanbing helped me in the end, and I have to return this favor in the future.”

“According to my understanding, Ji Xuanbing is a rather kind and upright person. He possesses the bearing of the primeval emperors, and so long as it isn’t related to personal benefit and detriment, it isn’t bad to become friends with him.”

Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Yun had walked over as well. He had a handsome appearance, dense brows, slanted eyes, and a bearing that was heavy like a mountain. Chen Xi didn’t know him earlier, yet he’d helped Chen Xi on numerous occasions.

Chen Xi remembered all of this. At this moment, when Chen Xi saw Xuanyuan Yun walk over, he immediately said with a smile, “Thank you for your assistance this time, Brother Xuanyuan.”

Xuanyuan Yun laughed bitterly and shrugged as he said frankly, “There’s no need to thank me. All of this was instructed to me by my clan’s Little Princess. I’m only doing as I was ordered to.”

Little Princess?

Mu Yuchong’s eyes focused as he said with surprise, “You wouldn’t be talking about that little freak from your clan that obtained the inheritance of the Xuanyuan Sword, right?”

Xuanyuan Yun was about to nod, yet right at this moment, a voice that was clear and resounding like a bell resounded abruptly. “Little freak? Are you talking about me?”

The crowd moved restlessly along with this voice, and then a graceful and lively figure arrived nimbly.

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