Chapter 1170 – Shocking Discovery Of A River Diagram Fragment

Dao Emperor Academy deserved to be the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension. Merely the various treasures revealed within the Myriad Ball caused Chen Xi exclaimed repeatedly and endlessly with shock.

Every single treasure within it would definitely cause others to fight madly over it if placed within the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension. But now, they’d become the best methods to encourage students to work hard in obtaining Starpoints.

Yes, earning Starpoints!

In Dao Emperor Academy, Starpoints meant more than everything. Starpoints could be utilized to exchange for any treasure one desired, and similarly, one could ask an instructor to personally guide one in cultivation with Starpoints!


Chen Xi took a deep breath and intended to withdraw his Immortal Sense, yet an inadvertent glance caused his heart to suddenly twitch fiercely.

His Immortal Sense looked towards the final page on the list, and there were only a mere few words there. However, it instantly drew Chen Xi’s attention.

“River Diagram Fragment. The ultimate treasure of Dao Emperor Academy. Conditions of exchange — 180,000,000 Starpoints! Additional condition, obtain the approval of Dao Emperor’s inheritance!”

A River Diagram Fragment… Chen Xi muttered to himself while his heart palpitated. Never had he imagined that he would actually obtain a clue about a River Diagram Fragment from the Myriad Ball, and this was an extraordinary surprise to Chen Xi indeed.

Even more shocking to him was that the price of this River Diagram Fragment had actually exceeded a hundred million, and one even had to obtain the approval of the Dao Emperor’s inheritance!

This was absolutely a condition that was harsh to the point of inducing despair to any student in the academy.

After that, Chen Xi laughed bitterly without end. Presently, he only possessed over nine thousand Starpoints, and it was simply nothing compared to the 180,000,000 Starpoints required.

The amount of Starpoints required to obtain the River Diagram Fragment is already despair inducing. I wonder what sort of harsh and abnormal requirements there will be to obtain the inheritance of the Dao Emperor… Chen Xi muttered while the burning excitement in his heart quickly vanished without a trace, and he became calm once more.

According to his knowledge, the complete River Diagram of the three dimensions was formed from nine pieces, and he’d already obtained five now. He only lacked another four to gather the complete River Diagram.

Presently, Dao Emperor Academy actually possessed a piece, so even if the requirements for exchange were extremely harsh, Chen Xi decided that no matter what sort of price he had to pay, he would try his best and perhaps he might even have the chance to succeed.

After pondering silently for a long time, Chen was about to put away the Myriad Ball when a shocking fluctuation suddenly swept over like a gale. At this moment, the tiny cauldron that was originally absorbing Primeval Chaotic Qi had suddenly flown over.

“The Chaos Quintessence Fragment! My god! Dao Emperor Academy is finally willing to take out this treasure?” The tiny cauldron’s voice revealed excitement and wild joy that was impossible to restrain.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then his Immortal Sense swept through the Myriad Ball. Sure enough, he saw that a row of words was surprisingly floating on the page before the River Diagram Fragment, and it read ‘Chaos Quintessence Fragment. Conditions of exchange — 160,000,000 Starpoints!’ 

Chen Xi was clearly aware that according to legend, the quintessence of chaos had completely shattered when the three dimensions were formed, and it transformed into the 3,000 large worlds, myriad of minor worlds, the Heaven Dao, the Laws, the Dao Insight, and the myriad of living beings and objects in the world.

But there was still a small portion of these fragments that fell into the three dimensions, and they were either obtained by the extraordinary figures that were born from the chaos or hadn’t been found until now.

There was once a rumor in the immortal cultivation world that the Chaos Quintessence Fragments contained the most primitive secrets of the heavens and the earth, and if it was obtained by a commoner, then the commoner could ascend into the Immortal Dimension overnight and leave the cycle of reincarnation!

On the other hand, immortal cultivators would instead be able to attain the Dao, ascend to the extremes of the Grand Dao, and stand as equals with the Heaven Dao!

Of course, this was merely a rumor, and it was just like a story told on the streets. It was filled with exaggeration and absurdity.

However, it wasn’t difficult to determine from it that the Chaos Quintessence Fragments were definitely extraordinary precious treasures.

“Chen Xi! Get it! So long as I possess it, then not only will I be able to recover my strength, I’ll even be able to rely on it to cultivate a Chaotic Dharma Body. If I’m able to transform into a Chaotic Treasure, then even an Immortal King would be unable to do anything to me!” The tiny cauldron’s thoughts were transmitted over, and it revealed extreme excitement and wild joy. This was the first time that Chen Xi had seen the tiny cauldron lose its composure since he’d met it.

After that, Chen Xi laughed helplessly. He really wanted to help, but the key was that the price was absurdly high.

160,000,000 Starpoints!

It seemed to only be 20,000,000 Starpoints lower than the River Diagram Fragment, but could anyone in Dao Emperor Academy afford such a price?

“Senior, we have to plan this slowly. With my current strength, gathering over a hundred million Starpoints can’t be accomplished in a short period of time.” Chen Xi took a deep breath and laughed bitterly.

The tiny cauldron fell into silence when it heard this, and its excitement and wild joy calmed down along with this. In the end, the tiny cauldron said, “You’re right. If it was so easy to obtain, then it would have probably been taken away by another a long time ago.”

When he heard this, Chen Xi couldn’t help but say. “Senior, don’t worry. Since the Chaos Quintessence Fragment is still there, then it means there’s hope to obtain it. I’ll try my best and strive to obtain it.”

The tiny cauldron said, “Don’t pressure yourself too much. Gain and loss is a part of the circulation of karma. I was too anxious earlier and lost my composure slightly.”

Chen Xi really understood the tiny cauldron’s feelings because he was extraordinarily excited when he saw the River Diagram Fragment earlier, but when he thought about it calmly, he noticed that if such a precious treasure was so easy to obtain, then it would have been seized by another a long time ago. How could it have possibly been left behind until now?

In short, no matter if it was the River Diagram Fragment or the Chaos Quintessence Fragment, he could only strive for it slowly and couldn’t be impatient.



After that, the tiny cauldron entered into a meditative state once more, and it absorbed the Primeval Chaotic Qi.

On the other hand, Chen Xi started looking at the part about earning Starpoints within the Myriad Ball. He desired to fully understand what sort of method he should utilize in order to earn the most Starpoints in the shortest period of time.

There were numerous methods that formed a dense mass listed on it, and it was roughly divided into tests of cultivation and assignments.

The tests of cultivation were very simple. Every single time a student of the academy advanced in cultivation, the student would automatically obtain a corresponding reward of Starpoints.

On the other hand, when the student’s strength could be ranked on the various rankings in the academy, then the student would similarly be able to obtain a corresponding reward of Starpoints according to the student’s position on the rankings.

For example, the students that were ranked in the top five hundred of the Allheaven Golden Rankings were able to obtain three thousand Starpoints every single month, whereas those ranked in the top fifty were able to obtain eight thousand every single month instead.

After one was ranked in the top ten, one could basically obtain ten thousand Starpoints every single month. Moreover, every single improvement of position in the top ten would allow would to obtain a greater amount of Starpoints. For example, the first obtained a hundred thousand Starpoints every single month!

This was merely the Allheaven Golden Rankings, and according to what Wang Hen said, the Allheaven Golden Rankings was merely the most basic rankings in the academy…

He could imagine that for the sake of earning Starpoints, every single student would probably risk their lives in improving their cultivations, and this was equivalent to attaining the objective of encouraging students to cultivate.

Besides earning Starpoints through tests of cultivation, Starpoints could be earned through assignments. As the name implies, rewards of Starpoints were obtained from completing the various assignments in the academy.

However, contrary to Chen Xi’s expectations, the assignments of Dao Emperor Academy weren’t limited to training outside the academy, and there were many assignments that were closely linked to cultivation in the academy.

For example, assisting an instructor in raising immortal beasts, assisting an instructor of the Scripture Reserve to manage the books within the reserve, assisting an instructor of the Pill Reserve in planting immortal herbs, and so on and so forth. All of these provided a generous amount of Starpoints.

At the same time, the students of the academy would issue some of their own assignments. For example, they required a specific immortal material, so they were willing to pay the corresponding Starpoints in exchange, or another example was forming a group to gain experience outside the academy, and so on and so forth.

It could be said that Starpoints had already formed an inseparable link with the cultivation in the academy, and it was like money, yet was even more precious and unrestricted in usage than money.

A long time later, Chen Xi had finally finished gaining an understanding of everything related to earning Starpoints contained with the Myriad Ball, and he couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.

Earning Starpoints seems to be easy, yet it’s actually not easy. I wonder how long it will take to accumulate over a hundred million Starpoints… Chen Xi muttered. Amidst the dense mass of various assignments, there wasn’t a lack of assignments suitable to him, and contrary to his expectations, there were many. But every single one of these provided a very small amount of Starpoints, and the most was only over ten thousand Starpoints.

The key was that his cultivation was only at the Mysterious Immortal Realm. If he advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, then the corresponding assignments and Starpoint rewards would increase greatly.

The important matter at hand is to improve my cultivation while making the best use of my time to earn Starpoints. Doing this will allow me to familiarize myself with Dao Emperor Academy as soon as possible as well… Chen Xi pondered silently. After he entered Dao Emperor Academy, he wasn’t worried about his own safety any longer, and even if the Zuoqiu Clan might deal with him in secret within Dao Emperor Academy, they would absolutely not dare harm his life.

Of course, if he left the academy to gain tempering in the outside world, then perhaps the situation he was in would be different.

However, Chen Xi had entered Dao Emperor Academy with great difficulty, so how could he possibly be stupid enough to leave and enter the outside world to temper himself? At the very least, he would absolutely not leave in a short period of time.


In the next moment, Chen Xi stopped thinking about it and started comprehending the Sword of Water. His body flowed with strands of the Laws of Water, and from time to time, they transformed into sharp swords or talisman markings that were dense and profound.

The Sword of Water was one of the supreme inheritances that came from the Infinite Divine Talisman. It vividly and completely displayed the might of the Laws of Water, and the three moves, Dreamlike Drizzle, Cloudwave Destruction, and Boundless Ocean, that Chen Xi had grasped were merely the Sword of Water that had been split apart, and he hadn’t fully grasped its true essence.

Now, he was merging these three moves into one, and that would be the true Sword of Water!


The sound of water rumbled. At this moment, Chen Xi’s entire body seemed to have transformed into a torrent that transformed from time to time into a drizzle, surging clouds, or a boundless ocean… It revealed the various forms of water.

During this entire process, his comprehension towards the Sword of Water was like a river that rose explosively after the rain, and it grew deeper and deeper while faintly touching upon the essence of the Laws of Water…

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