Chapter 1169 – The Tiny Cauldron Awakens

Instructor Wang Hen said that ten thousand Starpoints would be deducted if one fought within Dao Emperor Academy from this year onwards.

Obviously, this rule wasn’t present in the past, and it had just been enacted. So everyone, including the disciples of the seven great ancient clans like Ji Xuanbing and Zhongli Xun, weren’t aware about all of this, so they were slightly stunned and depressed in their hearts.

They weren’t depressed because they couldn’t fight, they were depressed that they wouldn’t just suffer punishment if they fought someone, and they would even suffer a deduction of ten thousand Starpoints.


Those were points that were even more valuable than top-grade immortal stones, and it would absolutely be difficult for them to do anything within Dao Emperor Academy without them.

Subsequently, Wang Hen asked Zhen Lu and Zhao Mengli who were ranked at the 2nd and 3rd respectively, and they naturally decided to cultivate in the Emperor Grade Abodes without the slightest hesitation.

Besides Ao Wuming, everyone else couldn’t be said to feel a sense of loss when they saw this.

Because the development of the matter ought to have been like this, and they would be idiots to refuse the Emperor Grade Abodes just because of the amount of Starpoints required.

After all, Starpoints could be earned, but they wouldn’t get a second chance to cultivate within an Emperor Grade Abode.

Subsequently, Wang Hen arranged an abode for all the other students besides Chen Xi, Zhen Lu, and Zhao Mengli, and then he led Chen Xi and the other two towards the depths of Vastcloud Mountain.

When Chen Xi and the others entered into the depths of Vastcloud Mountain, they were instantly able to sense the dense Primeval Chaotic Qi in the heavens and the earth, and it seemed material as it drifted through the heavens and the earth.

All of their spirits were immediately refreshed, and they realized that their cultivations would absolutely be able to benefit extremely if they cultivated here.

“There’s an Emperor Grade Abode in each of those three peaks, and each of you can choose one. Once you’ve chosen, you only have to place your Violet Ribbon Starcrest onto the restrictions around it, and the abode will automatically deduct your Starpoints before taking you as its master, causing it to be impossible for others to take a step into it.” Wang Hen pointed towards three peaks that stood towering in the distance as he explained.

“Besides that, this is a Myriad Ball, and it’s linked up to the Starpoint Hall. The Starpoint Hall is where you can exchange Starpoints for any goods. You can utilize the Myriad Ball to search through these goods. Of course, if you desire to exchange your Starpoints for something, then you still have to make a trip to the Starpoint Hall yourselves.” As he spoke, Wang Hen withdrew three crystalline and translucent fist sized balls of light, and he passed it over to them.

Zhen Lu and Zhao Mengli received the Myriad Balls before nodding to Wang Hen, and then they directly transformed into rays of flowing light that flew towards the other two peaks.

Only Chen Xi held the Myriad Ball in hand while feeling slightly stunned, and he stood there on the spot.

Myriad Ball?

This caused him to recall the Myriad Ball he’d seen in the Grand Deduction Tower. The only different was that the Myriad Ball within the Grand Deduction Tower could be utilized to directly exchange for things.

“What is it? Do you have any other questions?” Wang Hen glanced at Chen Xi and asked in a warm voice.

Chen Xi shook his head and awoke from his thoughts before he cupped his hands and said, “Thank you for your guidance, Instructor Wang.”

“Don’t worry about it. Feel free to come look for me if you don’t understand anything in the future. Of course, a certain amount of Starpoints will be collected as a fee.” Wang Hen smiled as he made a harmless joke, and then he left swiftly.

This Instructor Wang seems to be rather benign to me. If I have the chance in the future, then I can consider becoming friends with him… As he gazed at Wang Hen’s disappearing figure, Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought.



Lucky Rain Peak, Chen Xi held the Violet Ribbon Starcrest in hand as he placed it onto the restrictions before the abode, and then a strange fluctuation arose before the door to the abode opened abruptly.

After that, Chen Xi’s figure flashed into the abode.

At the same time, eight thousand Starpoints had been deducted from his Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and only a little over nine thousand remained.

Lucky Rain Peak was one of the three peaks that possessed an Emperor Grade Abode.

There was an Emperor Grade Immortal Vein beneath this peak, and it emanated Primeval Chaotic Qi that was unbelievably beneficial towards one’s cultivation.

When Chen Xi entered this abode that belonged to him, he saw a paradise that was like a palace. It was quiet, elegant, and suffused with an aura of simplicity.

At the same time, a strand of qi that was dense like lava assaulted Chen Xi’s face, causing even Chen Xi’s soul to tremble. It was comfortable to the point it felt like he was immersed in a hot spring, and he was almost unable to refrain himself from moaning.

“Oh, Primeval Chaotic Qi!” Suddenly, the tiny cauldron’s voice resounded in Chen Xi’s heart!

“Senior!” Chen Xi was stunned. Never had he imagined that the tiny cauldron who’d fallen into deep and deathly silence since he entered the Immortal Dimension would actually awaken at this moment. For a time, he was filled with pleasant surprise and shock.

After that, he sized up the surroundings while feeling slightly nervous. This was Dao Emperor Academy, a place where countless extraordinary figures were hidden, and it would be extremely bad if the tiny cauldron were to be noticed.

“Don’t worry. This place is certainly within Dao Emperor Academy while this abode actually possesses Primeval Chaotic Qi, so it was definitely created atop an Emperor Grade Immortal Vein by the Dao Emperor himself. Not anyone can see through the restrictions here.” The tiny cauldron said calmly, “At the very least, only a mere few people are capable of noticing my existence. However, they wouldn’t place their attention on a little fellow like you, so it’s impossible for anyone to notice me for now.”

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and said, “Good.”


The tiny cauldron suddenly flew out from Chen Xi’s body and revolved as it descended towards the ground at the side before it said, “I originally thought that it would at least take a few thousands of years to recover my injuries. But with the Primeval Chaotic Qi here, I’m entirely capable of reconstructing my soul to perfection. At that time, even if I make an appearance in the Immortal Dimension, I wouldn’t have to worry about being noticed by the Laws of the Heaven Dao.”

“Reconstruct your soul?” Chen Xi’s eyes focused. Only now did he notice that the tiny cauldron’s injuries were actually must more serious than he’d expected.

“Yes. I experienced a great unexpected event during the primeval times, and only a strand of my soul remained. I was always lying dormant within the Primeval Battlefield, but unfortunately, due to the incomplete state of my soul, it was impossible for me to recover my strength no matter what methods I employed throughout these innumerable years of time…” The tiny cauldron sighed lightly before it recovered its composed voice. “However, the Primeval Chaotic Qi here has allowed me to have a glimpse of hope, and I’ll be able to restore my soul completely in less than ten years. At that time, reconstructing my body and recovering my strength can be completed without any extra effort.”

Chen Xi was slightly stunned as he never expected that the reserved tiny cauldron would actually explain so much to him.

“I told you all of this because you already possess the ability to gain a foothold in the Immortal Dimension. We’ve lived together for many years, causing our karma to be intertwined together. At the bottom of it all, it’s I who owe you a little bit more. After I restore my soul, I’ll naturally help you resist this tribulation.”

Chen Xi shook his head and said, “Senior, you’ve helped me too much, so it ought to be I that owes you a bit more.”

“There’s no need to speak any further. Destiny and Karma is something even those existences that stand at the peak of the Grand Dao are unable to fully comprehend, so it’s obviously too early for us to be talking about this. Go and cultivate at ease. You’re carrying too many things on your shoulders, and you’re far from being able to deal with all of it with your current strength.” The tiny cauldron fell into silence after speaking these words, and it started to absorb the Primeval Chaotic Qi, causing the cauldron to shimmer and glow while emanating strands of the obscure glow of divinity.

The tiny cauldron’s words caused Chen Xi to go silent for a long time. In the end, he took a deep breath and shook his head before thinking no more of it. After that, he sat down cross-legged and flipped his palm, causing the crystalline and translucent Myriad Ball to appear in his hand.

The Myriad Ball contained almost everything one could think of. It didn’t just record the conditions of exchange for various immortal treasures, it even contained information related to the academy.

Chen Xi held the Myriad Ball in hand while his Immortal Sense entered into it. Instantly, a screen of light floated up into appearance within his mind, and on the screen was a superb collection of diagrams and information.

“Myriad Immortal Artifact List!”

“Myriad Pill List!”

“Myriad Material List!”


There was a total of over ten different categories.

Chen Xi started looking through it casually.

“Soulsevere Sword, high-rank Darkspirit Grade. Constructed from Nine Heaven Starsteel. Conditions of exchange — 3,000 Starpoints.”

“Illusory Spirit Technique. 1,800 illusory spirits can be formed to do battle once the technique is cultivated successfully. Conditions of exchange — 6,400 Starpoints.”

“Clarity Unification Pill. An auxiliary medicinal pill that possesses the profound ability to refine Immortal Force and cleanse the soul. Conditions of exchange — 9,100 Starpoints.”

“…”Various immortal treasures, cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, immortal materials… All of them appeared within Chen Xi’s mind, and it caused Chen Xi to be dazzled while the shock in his heart grew greater the more he saw.

There were truly too many treasures listen in the Myriad Ball, and there were even Immortal Artifacts at the Valiant Grade and Void Grade! However, the price of these treasures was extremely terrifying, and Chen Xi was incapable of buying a single one with his current wealth.

Before long, Chen Xi’s eyes suddenly focused.

“Primordial Azurelotus, a peerless immortal herb. Conditions of exchange — 3,000,000 Starpoints!”

The details related to the Primordial Azurelotus was very simple, and it only stated that it was a peerless immortal herb. But its value was actually at 3,000,000 Starpoints, and this was absolutely a terrifying amount that caused one’s heart to tremble.

Even the Valiant Grade Immortal Artifacts that Chen Xi saw earlier were only equivalent to 2,800,000 Starpoints.

I never expected that Meng Xinghe actually casually threw over 3,000,000 Starpoints to me… At this moment, Chen Xi was extremely shocked in his heart, and he had a deeper understanding about how extraordinary the Primordial Azurelotus was. He only recovered from his shock after a very long time.

He restrained his thoughts and started looking through the lists once more. As he continued on, the amount of rare treasures grew, whereas the prices of exchange surged up all along the way as well, and it caused Chen Xi’s eyes to open wide.

“The Spirit Soul of a Primeval Fiendgod. Conditions of exchange — 4,000,000 Starpoints.”

“Universe Devilslaughter Spear, Void Grade Immortal Artifact, 6,320,000 Starpoints.”

“Nine Aperture Soulcleanse Pill, a requisite for charging into the Immortal King Realm, 7,800,000 Starpoints.”


Various treasures that could be called precious treasures in the three dimensions appeared one after the other before Chen Xi’s eyes. Every single one of them could be considered a peerless treasure, and it made it impossible for Chen Xi’s heart to calm down. On the other hand, the prices of exchange caused Chen Xi to shudder with fear.

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