Chapter 1168 – Emperor Grade Abode

“All of you are students of Dao Emperor Academy from now onwards. Origins and background are disregarded here, and all of you are only a member of the outer court students. If you want to obtain respect and status, then you have to strive for it on your own.” Zhou Zhili raised his eyes to glance at Chen Xi and the others before he said indifferently, “Now, an abode will be arranged for each and every one of you to cultivate in.”

Over ten figures flew over from nearby as he finished speaking. There were both men and women amongst them, and all their bodies were suffused with vast and formidable auras. Every single one of them actually possessed a strength at the Saint Immortal Realm!

“These are all the instructors for the new students in the outer court, and they’ll tell all of you everything new students ought to know. Little Fellows, the path to attain the Dao is difficult, and it’s a long and arduous road. Work hard.” Zhou Zhili instructed before he left swiftly.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked in his heart when he saw this scene. Even the instructors for the new students in Dao Emperor Academy possess strengths at the Saint Immortal Realm. If this was at a place like the Eastern Peace Continent, then their strengths would be sufficient for them to become the ruler of a continent.

In next to no time, these instructors had spread out and started distributing the abodes for everyone.

Chen Xi, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others who were in the top ten were separated into a group, and the instructor in-charge of them was a grey clothed middle aged man with a robust figure and rugged appearance.


The grey clothed middle aged man casually swung his arm to withdraw an immortal vessel, and it carried Chen Xi and the others off into the distance.

“I’m Wang Hen, and I’m your instructor. I’ll be guiding all of you for a period of time until you adapt to cultivating within the academy. In the future, feel free to come look for me if you don’t understand anything.” On the immortal vessel, Wang Hen spoke in a deep voice. “Now, I’ll distribute your abodes first.”


The immortal vessel was like a bolt of lightning that tore open the layer upon layer of space, and it flashed past numerous lofty and ancient houses before finally stopping before a mountain that towered into the clouds.

“This is Vastcloud Mountain. There are ten abodes in the outer area of this mountain, and only the new students who were ranked in the top ten of the test possess the qualifications to cultivate here.” Wang Hen pointed towards Vastcloud Mountain from afar and explained. “All of you are very lucky. There’s a King Grade Immortal Vein beneath this mountain, and it contains Primeval Chaotic Qi. Cultivating for a day here is comparable to cultivating for a few months in the outside world. So I hope all of you will cherish this opportunity well.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up when they heard this. They were able to clearly sense that the Immortal Energy within this mountain range was actually exceptionally dense, and it faintly contained strands of Chaotic Qi and Primeval Qi drifting about. It emanated an ancient, desolate, and mysterious aura.

Merely the abodes prepared for new students contained Primeval Chaotic Qi. Dao Emperor Academy really is extraordinary. No wonder the experts of the younger generation in the three dimensions are willing to fight to the death in order to enter it… Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his heart.

“I heard that there are three Emperor Grade Abodes in the depths of Vastcloud Mountain, right?” Ji Xuanbing pointed towards the depths of the distant mountain as he spoke.

Wang Hen glanced at Ji Xuanbing and wasn’t surprised that Ji Xuanbing knew such secrets. After all, practically everyone amongst these top ten were disciples from the top powers, so they naturally possessed knowledge about the situation within Dao Emperor Academy.

He nodded and said, “Yes, but you have to pay eight thousand Starpoints a year to cultivate there. However, only three students can cultivate there.”

He paused for a moment and grinned before he continued. “Of course, even if all of you cultivate in the ten abodes in the outer area of Vastcloud Mountain, you’ll still have to pay three thosuand Starpoints a year.”

As soon as these words were spoken, only Chen Xi felt slightly surprised as he never imagined that he actually had to pay such a large amount of Starpoints to cultivate here. Presently, he’d entered the academy as the 1st ranked student in the test, yet he only possessed a little over seventeen thousand Starpoints.

In this way, he could only cultivate within the Emperor Grade Abode for two years!

Compared to Chen Xi, the others had calm expressions, and they seemed to have known this from the start.

“Little Fellows, even though all of you have a rather good understanding of the importance of Starpoints, but I have to remind all of you that if you desire to gain a foothold within Dao Emperor Academy in the future, then it’s impossible to accomplish without Starpoints.”

“Obtaining cultivation techniques, medicinal pills, immortal treasures, information, immortal materials, and seeking the help of others all require Starpoints as payment. This was done in order to encourage all of you to work hard in your cultivation and prevent any slacking.” Wang Hen grinned and seemed to glance at Chen Xi with deep meaning in his eyes as he said, “Of course, all of you don’t have to worry because there are many ways to obtain Starpoints.”

“For example, if you little fellows who’re ranked in the top ten are able to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm, then you’ll be able to automatically obtain nine thousand Starpoints, and if you’re able to be ranked in the top five hundred of the Allheaven Golden Rankings, then you’ll be able to obtain eighteen thousand Starpoints.”

“Accepting and completing the various assignments of the academy is also the most direct method to acquire Starpoints.”

“Besides that, there are also a variety of ways to acquire Starpoints. All of you’ll naturally come to an understanding after you reside in Dao Emperor Academy for some time.”

When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi already possessed a clear understanding of the Starpoints within his Violet Ribbon Starcrest. Simply speaking, if one wanted to obtain something in Dao Emperor Academy, then one had to pay with Starpoints, and if one wanted to obtain Starpoints, one had to put in the corresponding effort.

“Alright, all of you can pay 3,100 Starpoints now, and then go choose an abode.” Wang Hen flipped his palm as he spoke and withdrew a Violet Ribbon Starcrest.

“Instructor Wang, don’t we only have to pay three thousand Starpoints for the ten abodes in the outer area of Vastcloud Mountain?” Chen Xi was stunned and couldn’t refrain himself from asking.

As soon as these words were spoken, it instantly drew the attention of the others, and Zuoqiu Yin, Jiang Canghai, and Ao Wuming even revealed a wisp of faint ridicule and mocking expressions.

“Oh, I forgot to explain that the extra hundred Starpoints is an advisory expense paid to me. After all, I answered so many questions for all of you.” Wang Hen smiled to Chen Xi and spoke in a rather gentle tone.

At this moment, Chen Xi had a deeper understanding of the importance of Starpoints. Even seeking advice and asking questions cost Starpoints, and this obviously showed how important Starpoints were in the academy.

“I desire to select the Emperor Grade Abode to cultivate in.” Right at this moment, Ao Wuming spoke proudly. “Only a place like that can match my identity!” 

Wang Hen was stunned, and then he nodded and said, “That’s possible as well. But there are only three Emperor Grade Abodes, so if you desire to cultivate there, then besides paying eight thousand Starpoints, you’ll have the chance to acquire it according to your rankings.”

As he spoke, he looked at Chen Xi and said with a smile, “For example, Chen Xi who’s ranked at the first position possesses the qualifications to be the first to choose an Emperor Grade Abode, and the next would be Zhen Lu and Zhao Mengli. Only if one of them forgoes this opportunity would the additional abode be available for the rest of you.”

Ao Wuming was instantly stunned while his expression was slightly embarrassed. He slightly regretted boasting like that earlier. It couldn’t be helped, he was only ranked sixth during the test, so even if he wanted to strive to obtain the Emperor Grade Abode, his chances weren’t great at all.

“Chen Xi, make a decision right now. Do you want to choose the Emperor Grade Abode as your place of cultivation?” Wang Hen asked directly.

The others looked at Chen Xi in unison when they heard this, and they faintly looked forward and hoped that Chen Xi would forgo this opportunity because it was an Emperor Grade Abode, and the Primeval Chaotic Qi within it carried an unbelievable benefit towards charging into the Golden Immortal Realm.

On the other hand, Chen Xi was only at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm now, so as far as they were concerned, if Chen Xi chose the Emperor Grade Abode, then it would obviously be a waste.

Ao Wuming even said directly, “Chen Xi, your cultivation is too low now, so residing in such an abode isn’t really beneficial to you. If you give this opportunity to me, then I won’t just compensate you with five thousand Starpoints, I’ll even give you a Dark Dragon Pearl, and it’s extraordinarily beneficial to you when you charge into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm.”

As he spoke, he smiled proudly and flipped his palm to reveal a fist sized, dark blue, and completely round dragon pearl. It was suffused with tremendous dragon breath that was vast like an ocean, and it drew the attention of many people.

“How about it? These conditions are sufficiently generous, right?” Ao Wuming raised his chin and glanced at Chen Xi as he said indifferently, “Of course, you have to understand that if you refuse, then it’s equivalent to refusing an opportunity to become friends with my Dragon Dimension.”

His voice was calm yet carried a faint threatening intent.

The nearby Mu Yuchong frowned and said, “Ao Wuming, what you’re doing is slightly unfair!”

Ao Wuming’s brows raised as he glared at Mu Yuchong and said with disdain, “Mu Yuchong, I’m talking about terms with Chen Xi. Do you have any qualifications to interrupt me?”

“You…” Mu Yuchong’s gaze turned cold.

Chen Xi immediately stopped him and didn’t even spare a glance at Ao Wuming before he smiled to Wang Hen and said, “Instructor Wang, I intend to cultivate in the Emperor Grade Abode.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Ao Wuming’s expression instantly sank, and he glanced coldly at Chen Xi while he smiled coldly. “Good, very good. You have backbone!”

His voice emanated a trace of ruthlessness that said ‘Kid, just you wait!’ instead.

People from the Dragon Dimension were like this. They were arrogant, conceited, and harbored grudges, but one had no choice but to admit that they were innately noble beings. They possessed natural talents and natural endowments that humans couldn’t compare to at all, thus their strengths were extremely outstanding.

“You don’t have the qualifications to decide if I have backbone or not. After all, I’m the first in the test, whereas you…are only the sixth. Do you think you have the qualifications to judge me?” Chen Xi glanced indifferently at Ao Wuming, and his words were equivalent to serving Ao Wuming with his own medicine for Mu Yuchong.

Ao Wuming’s face sank while his icy cold gaze revealed a wisp of a ghastly expression. He stared at Chen Xi for a long time before he chuckled and averted his gaze, and he didn’t speak another word.

Everyone present here took note of these scenes.

Zhen Lu’s expression remained unchanged.

Zhao Mengli glanced at Chen Xi while seeming to be lost in thought.

Ji Xuanbing chuckled lightly instead.

Zhongli Xun and Moqi Yan acted indifferently as if they weren’t interested towards all of this.

As for Jiang Canghai, the corners of his mouth revealed a wisp of an expression of pleasure from Ao Wuming’s misfortune.

Only Xuanyuan Yun and Mu Yuchong frowned, and they were slightly worried that Chen Xi would suffer Ao Wuming’s revenge in the future.

Wang Hen glanced at Chen Xi with surprise instead, and then his expression turned solemn as he said seriously, “I forgot to remind all of you that from this year onwards, not only will all of you be punished for fighting amongst yourselves within the academy, ten thousand Starpoints will be deducted from you. Out of consideration for your Starpoints, I advise all of you not to act impulsively.”

Ten thousand Starpoints will be deducted for a single fight?

All the students here were stunned when they heard this. When was this lousy rule made? And why is it linked with Starpoints? Why didn’t we know about it? 

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