Chapter 1167 – Allheaven Golden Rankings

Dao Emperor Academy, a top power that stood aloof and independent in the Immortal Dimension.

In the boundless years of the past, countless experts of the younger generation in the three dimensions had gathered here, and they revealed their outstanding and astounding natural talent. They experienced innumerable tempering before they finally grew to become the most dazzling overlords in the three dimensions.

On the surface, Dao Emperor Academy’s strength wasn’t really noteworthy, yet only some supreme existences were clearly aware of the true strength that Dao Emperor Academy possessed, and it wasn’t on the surface, but a type of hidden force.

It was an academy that encompassed the top disciples of the various top powers in the world. In the countless years of the past, innumerable top experts had emerged from Dao Emperor Academy, and there was no lack of extraordinary figures that stood proudly in the three dimensions amongst them. Moreover, amongst them was the renowned Valiant Star Immortal King!

These figures that could be called overlords in the three dimensions might have left Dao Emperor Academy a long time ago, yet a bond of master and disciple that was impossible to eliminate lay between them after all.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be displayed at ordinary times, yet when Dao Emperor Academy truly encountered a threat to its continual existence, those great figures that had emerged from Dao Emperor Academy all those years ago would definitely surge over like the clouds in the sky!

At that time, the people of the world would understand how terrifying the forces that Dao Emperor Academy concealed beneath the surface were!

It was like a sleeping dragon that was normally inconspicuous. But when it truly started to awaken, it would probably shake the entire world.

This was the resources and reserves of Dao Emperor Academy, and it was the reason it was capable of becoming the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension.



When Chen Xi and the others passed through the bronze door under Zhou Zhili’s lead, they instantly appeared in a completely unfamiliar world.

When their fields of vision cleared up and they saw the scenes in the distance clearly, the hearts of all the disciples present here couldn’t help but surge with a wisp of shock.

This was a platform that lay atop the peak of a 300k tall mountain. The platform was smooth like glass and covered an extremely large area. It seemed as if it stood towering at the peak of the sky, and it was enshrouded in mist and clouds, causing it to seem dreamlike.

At this moment, Chen Xi and the others stood on this grand and imposing platform. Compared to the platform, they were like numerous ants and seemed so tiny and insignificant.

The surroundings of the platform were covered in a boundlessly vast and magnificent scene. Numerous lofty mountains stood like the trees in a forest, lakes were scattered all over like the stars in the sky, and rivers coiled around the mountains. Besides this, there were countless grand, lofty, ancient, and aged buildings that studded the surroundings.

The sight of immortal flying beasts fluttering through the sea of clouds and immortal beasts moving about the luxuriant mountains could be seen from time to time. Moreover, countless divine rays of light could be frequently seen charging into the sky. Those were figures that possessed formidable auras, and they moved about between the boundless mountains. 

The scene before their eyes was too lofty and vast. It was like a kingdom for immortals, a paradise sheltered from the outside world!

“This is the true location of Dao Emperor Academy, and it was created by the Dao Emperor all those years ago through his supreme divine ability. Primeval Chaotic Qi converges here, so cultivating here for a single day is equivalent to cultivating for ten days in the outside world.” Zhou Zhili pointed at the boundlessly vast paradise of mountains and spoke with a deep voice that carried a trace of price. “In the countless years of the past, some great figures and countless legends that all of you’re familiar with were born here.”

The hearts of Chen Xi and the others shook when they heard this, and their gazes lit up while revealing a wisp of burning excitement because from today onward, they would be cultivating here as well!

Zhou Zhili turned around to glance at Chen Xi and the others who revealed excited expressions, and then he couldn’t help but grin as he recalled how he was just like all these little fellows all those years ago. He was so excited, and he was filled with such anticipation towards Dao Emperor Academy.

“Come, I’ll lead all of you to the new student area.” Zhou Zhili flicked his sleeve before an enormous cloud soared up into appearance beneath his feet, and then he carried Chen Xi and the other 499 disciples towards the depths of the mountains.

All along the way, Zhou Zhili casually introduced some basic knowledge to them.

It turned out that Dao Emperor Academy was divided into the outer court and inner court. Amongst them was the Book Reserve, Pill Reserve, and Dao Development Reserve.

They formed the five bodies within Dao Emperor Academy.

Every single one of them had a Dean and Vice Dean, and beneath these deans were head instructors and ordinary instructions. For example, Zhou Zhili was the outer court’s Dean, whereas, Wang Daolu was a head instructor in the inner court instead. 

Something worthy of mention was that only head instructors taught within the inner court, whereas there were only a few head instructors in the outer court, while most of the instructors were still ordinary instructors.

When they were about to arrive at the new student area, a disciple suddenly exclaimed in shock. “What’s that?”

It wasn’t just him, the gazes of the other disciples had similarly descended towards the same place in unison. A stone stele that towered into the sky stood there!

The stone stele wasn’t standing on the ground, and it was on an extraordinarily enormous Dragon Turtle instead. It seemed to be a divine beast, yet it was actually already no different from a vast continent.

The reason the stone stele drew their attention was that its surface was suffused with dazzling radiance. It flickered with brilliant light and emanated an indescribable pressure that enveloped the heavens and the earth.

When Chen Xi’s gaze swept towards the stone stele, he saw three ancient and grand words on its surface.

Allheaven Golden Rankings!

“This is our Dao Emperor Academy’s outer court’s Allheaven Golden Rankings.” Zhou Zhili said indifferently, “As its name implies, only those in the outer court at the Golden Immortal Realm can ascend the rankings, and it can be considered to be the most basic ranking in the academy.”

Everyone came to an understanding. They were clearly aware that besides all of them new students that were here, the outer court of the academy was filled with senior students that had entered the academy in the previous years.

Just like all of them, these senior students were top figures in the younger generation who’d passed the three recruitment tests of Dao Emperor Academy to enter it. Of course, these senior students had at least cultivated for over a hundred years in the academy by now, so there was naturally no lack of existences amongst them that advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm.

Obviously, this Allheaven Golden Rankings was prepared for the students of the outer court.

After that, everyone was extremely astounded because they heard that this Allheaven Golden Rankings was the most basic ranking in the academy.

Chen Xi exclaimed with shock in his heart as well upon hearing all of this, and he was able to faintly sense that he couldn’t avoid competing with those senior students in the academy while he cultivated in the outer court.

His gaze focused over. He saw that the towering stone stele was suffused with golden light that flickered atop it, and it had become a form of supreme glory to have one’s name inscribed on it.

“The 10th, Zhao Heng, cultivated for 534 years.”

“The 9th, Zhongli Zhen, cultivated for 311 years.”

“The 8th, Liu Zefeng, cultivated for 916 years.”


“The 3rd, Ji Wenlei, cultivated for 104 years.”

“The 2nd, Zuoqiu Jun, cultivated for 327 years.”

“The 1st, Ao Zhanbei, cultivated for 100 years.”

“The Allheaven Golden Rankings only lists the top five hundred, and the cultivation time recorded on it points towards the time of cultivating within the academy. On the other hand, during the academy’s exam held every ten years, only the disciples ranked in the top fifty have the qualifications to participate in the inner court exam, and those that pass are able to become students of the inner court.” Zhou Zhili explained.

As soon as his voice finished resounding through the air, Ao Wuming sneered with disdain. “Oh, so that’s how it is. They truly are a group of trash. The inner court exam is held every ten years, yet these fellows who have been here for so long are actually still in the outer court. They seem to be domineeringly occupying the top five hundred, but in fact their strengths and natural talent are inferior.”

The others laughed lightly without end when they heard this. They didn’t feel any respect towards the names on the rankings, and they instead aroused the intention to mock and ridicule those people on the rankings instead.

This was understandable because if they took Liu Zefeng that was ranked at the 8th position as an example, then even if he was ranked at the 8th, he’d cultivated for an entire 916 years within the outer court!

In other words, he’d experienced around a few tens of inner court exams, yet up until now, he still wasn’t able to enter the inner court. This was sufficient to prove that perhaps Liu Zefeng was an extraordinary genius in the outside world, but his natural talent was inferior when compared to the other disciples.

Zhou Zhili couldn’t help but frown when he saw this scene, and he glanced at all of them before he said, “All of you are still at the Mysterious Immortal Realm now, and it will at least take all of you over ten years or even over a hundred years to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm. How many of you will be able to directly enter the top five hundred? Do all of you know that there are an entire eight thousand students in the outer court? If all of them are trash, then what’re all of you?”

Zhou Zhili paused for a moment before he continued. “Liu Zefeng was only at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm when he entered the outer court, and he utilized almost four hundred years to advance into the Golden Immortal Realm. After that, he spent almost three hundred years to become ranked in the top fifty. Up until now, he already possesses a position as the 8th. Do all of you still think he’s a piece of trash?”

As soon as these words were spoken, the expressions of everyone present here was restrained greatly, and they became much more serious.

The Golden Immortal Realm was a threshold comparable to a natural chasm, and it was extremely difficult to surmount. According to Liu Zefeng’s speed of cultivation, he was already considered an extraordinary genius.

But Ao Wuming still remained unconvinced, and he said proudly, “A clansman of mine entered the academy a hundred years ago, and then he cultivated for ten years before advancing into the Golden Immortal Realm. After that, he ascended into the 47th position of the Allheaven Golden Rankings and even passed through the inner court exam in one go to become an inner court student. Isn’t Liu Zefeng a piece of trash when compared to this?”

At this moment, Chen Xi finally came to an understanding. The example Zhou Zhili made was towards an ordinary genius, whereas Ao Wuming was speaking about peerless geniuses. Both of them couldn’t be compared at all.

On the other hand, Zhou Zhili frowned for a long time when he heard this, and then he didn’t give any further explanation in the end. He said, “Once all of you understand everything about Dao Emperor Academy, you’ll notice that the competition within the academy is much more brutal and intense than any other place.”

When he spoke up to here, they’d already arrived at the new student area.

This place was covered in mountains that rose and fell while ancient houses stood like the trees within a forest. It was like a small kingdom that was established on a mountain, and it emanated Primeval Chaotic Qi that assaulted the face and caused the spirits of everyone to be refreshed.

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