Chapter 1166 – Nuwa’s Dao Palace

The curtains to Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test for this year were drawn.

The list of the final rankings in the test were spread out at a shocking speed as well, and it was like a gale that swept throughout the 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension and shocked the world.

The most dazzling figure amongst them was undoubtedly Chen Xi, who’d seized first place in the test!

His origins, background, cultivation, combat strength, and even character and hobbies had become the center of the investigation of all the powers, and it became the topic of conversation after meals.

Especially within Southbridge Continent, when they found out that Chen Xi was the first amongst the disciples that participated in Dao Emperor Academy’s test this time, it was no different from an earthquake that caused an extraordinary tremor through Four Divinity City.

The Liang, Gu, and Luo Clans jointly carried out a feast and widely invited other powers to celebrate for Chen Xi for an entire ten days.

On the other hand, the Yin Clan had become dormant instead. Its disciples didn’t step foot outside the clan, and it kept a completely low profile, as if it had suffered an extreme blow, causing its reputation to plummet.

“After such a short period of time, I must look at you in another light? Unfortunately, you’re still too much inferior to me. Perhaps I’ll apologize for being rude to you that day when you become another blazing sun of the Immortal Dimension.” At Midnight Continent and within the Mu Clan, the peerlessly handsome Mu Junlin that wore white clothes smiled indifferently after looking through the jade slip in his hand, and then he fell into deep meditation once more.

“Chen Xi, Chen Xi…” Iris Continent, within the Zuoqiu Clan. Zuoqiu Kong sat silently by himself for an entire day while pondering deeply for the entire day, and he constantly repeated a name, causing others to be unable to figure out exactly what he was thinking.

Heavenflow Continent, Soaring Mountain.

This was the restricted area of the Heavenflow Dao Sect of the Immortal Dimension. It was said that every three meters of distance contained killing intent within it, and there were over ten thousand restrictions within it. Even Saint Immortals would find it difficult to take a single stride here.

This was the core inheritance grounds of Heavenflow Dao Sect, and it was built in the primeval times. It could be said to be a long-standing inheritance, and its resources and reserves were deep.

But only a few seniors within the sect were clearly aware that the most important thing on Soaring Mountain wasn’t the core inheritance of the sect but a mysterious door.


On this day, a jade slip tore through the sky and flew into the depths of Soaring Mountain.

There was a lake of lava in the depths of Soaring Mountain, and blazing waves shot into the sky. It surged with one of the most overbearing flames, the Suncrow Divine Flame. Just a single strand of sparks from it was capable of instantly incinerating a Mysterious Immortal Realm expert to the point nothing remained of him.

At this moment, a handsome figure was sitting cross-legged atop the lake of lava. His figure was ramrod straight, and he wore a feathered crown with a star atop it. His appearance was handsome, his brows were slanted while his eyes were starry, and his entire body was covered by Suncrow Divine Flame.

When looked at from afar, he seemed like a god that was born from the flames, and his entire body emanated a great imposing aura of domineering over the world and ruling it.

If Chen Xi was here, he would definitely be able to recognize to his surprise that this was Bing Shitian!

However, unlike before, Bing Shitian’s aura was obviously even more overbearing and domineering. Every single move he made carried a formidable imposing aura of supremacy and ruling over the world.

“Hmm? Unless an unexpected event that shocked the world occurred, otherwise no one would dare disturb me while I cultivated at this Suncrow Divine Lake. Why has a transmission jade slip been sent over now?” Bing Shitian suddenly opened his eyes. He was like a god of flames that had awakened, and his eyes were filled with monstrous waves of flame that seemed to intend to incinerate the heavens!


He grabbed the jade slip in his hand with a casual gesture.


After hastily glancing through the content of the jade slip, Bing Shitian’s handsome face instantly twisted together, and then he crushed the jade slip in his hand, causing it to transform into powder that drifted into the air.

“The first amongst the new students of Dao Emperor Academy? This kid has only ascended into the Immortal Dimension for a few years, so how could he possibly possess such a terrifying speed of growth? How could this be possible?!” Killing intent converged between Bing Shitian’s brows while he was agitated to the point his chest rose and fell without end, and then he was unable to restrain himself from roaring grimly any longer. His voice shook the heavens while his entire body erupted with strands of golden flames that seemed just like the monstrous flames of rage in his heart at this moment.

He calmed down slightly after a long time, and his gaze became extremely icy cold.

“After he entered Dao Emperor Academy, it’s impossible to shake that kid in the slightest even if the entire strength of the sect is utilized. If I want to kill him, then I can only…” Bing Shitian suddenly raised his head and shot his gaze towards the deepest depths of Soaring Mountain. Mist coiled about that area, and the outline of a door could be faintly noticed within the pitch black darkness.

The door seemed to carry a shapeless force that caused Bing Shitian to suddenly become calm upon laying eyes on it, and then a wisp of respect and even reverence couldn’t help but surge out from within him.

“It’s said that it’s a door that leads to a mysterious place in the three dimensions. Even a Half-step Immortal King Realm senior of the sect was given the punishment of being struck down into the mortal world for venturing into it. But there’s also a rumor that a servant of my Heavenflow Dao Sect entered it years ago, yet was fortunate enough to obtain a supreme inheritance…”

“Should I take the risk?” 

Bing Shitian’s expression was indeterminate. He gritted his teeth tightly while his gaze flickered repeatedly, and he seemed to be making a difficult decision that would decide his fate.

At this moment, Qing Xiuyi’s figure that was graceful figure floated up into appearance within his mind, and then Chen Xi’s face that he utterly detested appeared…

In the end, Bing Shitian suddenly stood up and muttered. “I can’t wait any longer. Only a few years have passed yet that kid has already entered Dao Emperor Academy. If another few years pass, then I probably won’t have another chance…”


In the next moment, his figure had charged swiftly towards the depths of Soaring Mountain like an arrow that had left the bowstring, and he stepped through the door that seemed to be mounted within the darkness.


Right when Bing Shitian’s figure vanished within that door, the entire Soaring Mountain suddenly emanated a peerlessly vast fluctuation that shook the heavens and the earth as it rumbled in waves.

“Alas, he still took that step in the end.”

“I heard that Qing Xiuyi has already entered that sect in the three dimensions. Shitian’s actions aren’t rash, otherwise his path towards the Dao will definitely be shackled by this.”

“The critical factor is Chen Xi. He actually entered Dao Emperor Academy and even became the first amongst the new students this year. There’s an old grudge between him and Shitian, so Shitian can only risk everything.”

“Perhaps Shitian will be able to obtain the acknowledgement of that sect. However, he can’t avoid experiencing some extremely dangerous incidents. I only hope he’ll be able to persist until the end.”

Numerous formidable strands of intent enveloped the entirety of Soaring Mountain, and they glanced at the door that flickered in the darkness before all of them ceaselessly sighed lightly with worry.


Besides the 4,900 continents that were known by all, there were numerous mysterious areas, dangerous pockets of space, and unknown shattered worlds distributed throughout the boundless space-time territory of the Immortal Dimension.

Amongst these was a mysterious area called the Divine Abyss of Darkness.

There were boundless mountain ranges scattered around here, and it was like a primitive and undeveloped place.

At this moment, a robust figure that was 30km tall levelled mountains and uprooted trees as he moved. Every single step he took was like a thunderclap that shook the earth and caused the mountains to resonate.

“Master, there’s news about that kid from the Immortal Dimension. Should we tell Junior Sister Liuqing?” The 30km tall figure stopped before an extremely ancient and black colored building complex. His voice was like thunderclaps from the nine heavens, and it rumbled as it resounded throughout the heavens and the earth.

“Heaven Trampler, how many fucking times have I told you not to transform to such a height!? And don’t be so loud!” An aged and exasperated voice sounded out from within the ancient building complex.

“Oh, alright. Master.” The 30km tall figure suddenly shrunk into a 3m tall and robust man. He had a rugged appearance, eyes that were like bolts of lightning, and his face that was firm and seemed to have been carved by a blade was filled with an arrogant and overbearing expression.

Shockingly, he was the Great Sage, Heaven Trampler, Zhen Liuqing’s Senior Brother!


Heaven Trampler’s figure flashed and arrived before a low and pitch black building. There was an emaciated old man squatted on the ground there, and he held a wooden blade with both his hands while he inscribed another piece of wood.

The old man was naturally Heaven Trampler and Zhen Liuqing’s master, Daoist Dao Que.

Dao Que glared angrily when he saw Heaven Trampler and said, “Go on, what news is it?”

“According to the news, Chen Xi has entered Dao Emperor Academy and become the first in the recruitment test.” Heaven Trampler seemed to be very obedient and answered obediently.

“Dao Emperor Academy? The first?” Dao Que was stunned. He put down the piece of wood that he’d inscribed halfway before entering into deep thought, and then he chuckled. “This really is great news. Unfortunately, there’ll probably be no one that dares to take that kid as a personal disciple.”

Heaven Trampler was astounded. “Why? I heard that numerous extraordinary figures are hidden within Dao Emperor Academy, and it isn’t as simple as it seems on the surface. A Great Buddhist Master of the Buddha Dimension, a Five Colored True Phoenix of the Phoenix Clan, and the Green Dragon Ancestor of the Dragon Dimension are all living in seclusion within the academy. There’s also the Dean of the inner court, Chi Cangsheng, the Book Reserve’s head instructor…”

Dao Que waved his hands and interrupted impatiently. “Alright, how could I possibly know less than you, kid?”

Heaven Trampler instantly shut his mouth, yet it wasn’t long before he was unable to restrain himself and said, “Master, why?”

Dao Que grunted and said, “Do you know what the secrets of the heavens can’t be revealed means?”

Heaven Trampler said in a depressed tone. “Of course I do. But Chen Xi isn’t a secret of the heavens, so why can’t it be revealed?”

Dao Que was stunned, and then he glanced at Heaven Trampler with a strange gaze. In the end, he shook his head and didn’t speak any further.

Heaven Trampler knew he was unable to get an answer from his master upon seeing this, so he immediately changed the topic. “Then should I tell Junior Sister Liuqing about this? She brought those companions of Chen Xi’s along and came to the Divine Abyss of Darkness for more than a year, and she has become impatient from waiting long ago. If we still don’t reveal anything to us, then she’ll definitely charge out of here to look for Chen Xi.”

Dao Que didn’t hesitate before he said resolutely, “No. That kid has just gained a foothold in the Immortal Dimension, so he’ll probably suffer numerous calamities of karma if she goes looking for him now.”

When he spoke up to here, his gaze stared towards the grey sky in the distance and muttered. “Don’t worry, the Grand Dao isn’t whole, and it won’t be long before the great karma of the three dimensions descends…”His voice carried an indescribable strand of heaviness.

At this moment, at a mysterious place in the three dimensions, Qing Xiuyi had arrived before a green and misty divine mountain by herself. She swept the stone stele before the mountain with her gaze, and atop it was three obscure, complicated, and ancient characters — Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

“I’m finally here…” Qing Xiuyi muttered lightly with a voice that didn’t carry any excitement. There was only the sort of feeling of returning home that a child that had travelled far and wide possessed. After that, she walked step by step directly up the divine mountain with a calm and composed expression.

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