Chapter 1165 – The Test Concludes

Zhou Zhili’s voice had just finished resounding through the air when the entire hall fell into deathly silence.

No one had expected that the Dean would actually issue such a decree at this moment, and he actually didn’t agree to any of the instructors within the academy taking Chen Xi as a personal disciple!

What…exactly is going on?

Everyone was bewildered, and it caused their expressions to become surprised and bewildered.

After all, Chen Xi was the overall first in the entire test this time! Moreover, the Praise of the Gods he caused to descend even exceeded the Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth grade!

So long as he agreed to it, no instructor would be able to refuse being the master of such a peerless genius.

On the other hand, for the sake of taking him as a personal disciple, the great figures of the academy like Chen Haotian, Xuanyuan Pojun, Jiang Yu, and the others had swarmed over and seemed to be willing to fight to the death in order to seize Chen Xi. This obviously showed how dazzling Chen Xi’s display during the test was, and it caused these great figures to disregard their status and bearing.

Yet now, after arguing with each other, they just happened to be told that none of them were allowed to take Chen Xi as their disciple! 

This sudden change of events caused all these great figures to be stunned on the spot, and then they frowned while pondering deeply. They pondered bitterly yet were unable to wrap their heads around it.

On the other hand, Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and all the other disciple were astounded. They originally felt extreme admiration towards Chen Xi. After all, not everyone could obtain the favor of so many great figures. 

Zhen Lu was unable to accomplish it.

Ji Xuanbing who was from an imperial clan was unable as well.

Even the descendant of a True Phoenix, Zhao Mengli, wasn’t able.

All the five hundred disciples here that had passed the third round of the test successfully weren’t able to accomplish it, except Chen  Xi!

But it just so happened that the Dean issued a decree that caused it to be impossible for Chen Xi to become the personal disciple of any instructor. This naturally caused all these disciples to be astounded and puzzled.

Only Zuoqiu Yin was excited in his heart and even overjoyed. He was very clearly aware that if Chen Xi became the personal disciple of a great figure, then it would be extremely difficult for the Zuoqiu Clan to deal with Chen Xi.

But it was different now. Since Chen Xi was unable to become the disciple of any instructor, then it meant that he would be all alone after he entered the academy, and he would be no different from an ordinary student!

At that time, the Zuoqiu Clan wouldn’t have to worry or fear that a great figure would protect Chen Xi when they made a move against him!

Disregarding the reactions of everyone else, Chen Xi himself was stunned and frowned without end when he heard this news. He couldn’t be said to be angry, but it was utterly impossible for him to feel happy.

He was just very puzzled. He wondered why the elusive Dean would issue such a decree targeted at him at this moment?

I’m the first!

Why would I suffer such treatment? 

Chen Xi was puzzled, and he felt that he received severely unfair treatment at this moment.

“Wait, the Dean personally instructed Hua Jiankong to come over, so his objectives shouldn’t be so simple.” Wang Daolu frowned and pondered deeply before he said, “Even if he intends to suppress Chen Xi in order to temper Chen Xi’s disposition, he wouldn’t issue such a decree at such a critical moment.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the others deeply agreed. They felt this decree was too strange, and it was the reason for their shock.

“What’s so difficult to guess about this? The Dean thinks that we don’t have the qualifications to be Chen Xi’s teacher, and so as to not prevent us from misleading him, the Dean issued such a decree hastily.” Xuanyuan Pojun grunted coldly. He felt rather depressed when he found out he couldn’t take Chen Xi to be his personal disciple, and his words couldn’t help but carry slight displeasure.

The others couldn’t help but smile when they heard this.

“These words are slightly one-sided. I feel that the Dean probably has other arrangements for Chen Xi’s cultivation in the future. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make Hua Jiankong make a trip here.” The Dean of the Pill Reserve, Chen Haotian, spoke, and it aroused the agreement of many people.

“Other arrangements? I don’t think so. Didn’t you hear that the Dean intends to discuss it in the future? It shows that he hasn’t made a final decision towards the plan for Chen Xi,” said Jiang Yu. She wore a moon white colored Daoist robe and possessed a plain and dignified appearance. Every single word she spoke and move she made was decisive and resolute, and she seemed to be rather dominating.

“Alas, the Dean is really causing trouble for no obvious reason. After so many years, he issued such a baffling decree as soon as he made his presence known once more. If he has some opinions, then it would be fine if he spoke about it detail, yet he just had to act in a puzzling manner. How troublesome!” Qiu Wancen frowned and spoke with a bitter expression. His words were filled with displeasure towards the Dean, and he even said the Dean was causing trouble for no obvious reason, but everyone didn’t think anything was wrong with this.

The reason was very simple. As seniors in the academy, they were very well aware of the Dean’s nature, and it could be simply described as unrestrained and eclectic.

Or to put it in simpler terms, he didn’t follow a fixed set of methods and usually did things that were almost as if he was causing trouble for no reason.

No matter how they analyzed it, they were unable to figure it out. It wasn’t just those great figures that were rather depressed, even Chen Xi was rather speechless.

As for Zhen Lu and the other disciples, it was impossible for them to understand it as well.

In the end, Zhou Zhili gave the final word. “Alright, we’ll put this matter aside for now and deal with the other disciples first.”

When he spoke up to here, he swept Chen Haotian and the others with his gaze before he grinned and said, “Why don’t all of you select a personal disciple from amongst the others?”

As soon as these words were spoken, it caused the spirits of all the disciples to be refreshed, and their gazes were filled with burning anticipation.

“Alas, all the students that passed through the test this time are really not bad, but my personal disciple isn’t so easily selected. Allow me to return and consider it.” Unexpectedly, Chen Haotian shook his head, and then he didn’t even spare a glance to the other disciples before turning around and leaving.

“Zhen Lu isn’t bad, but he’s unfortunately from the Buddha Dimension, and Old Man Deliverance in the inner court has settled on him since a long time ago. Zhao Mengli isn’t bad as well, but she’s unfortunately a descendant of a True Phoenix, and that old phoenix will definitely burn my hall if she finds out I seized a disciple from her. Ji Xuanbing isn’t bad too, but unfortunately, only the inner court’s Eccentric Ji can teach someone in the imperial path…” Xuanyuan Pojun spoke and judged three disciples. He sighed after judging every single one of them, and in the end, his gaze descended onto Xuanyuan Yun. “Forget it, I can only teach this good for nothing kid from my Xuanyuan Clan.”

After that, he said to Xuanyuan Yun, “Come to my hall three days from now.”As soon as these words were spoken, it was equivalent to taking Xuanyuan Yun to be his personal disciple, and it caused the other disciples to feel extreme admiration.

“Thank you, Ancestral Uncle!” Xuanyuan Yun’s heart shook and had an excited expression as he bowed.

“Alas, my fucking grandchild has become my personal disciple. What the fuck is this?” Xuanyuan Pojun shook his head and sighed emotionally before turning around and leaving in an instant.

Subsequently, a few great figures selected a personal disciple of their own as well.

For example, Mu Yuchong was selected by an inner court head instructor from the Mu Clan, or Jiang Canghai, Moqi Yan, Zhongli Xun, and the others who were similarly selected by the seniors from the powers they came from.

There were also many great figures that turned and left. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to take a personal disciple, but they didn’t take a fancy to these young men and women. After all, once one had attained their cultivation, the conditions that need to be fulfilled in order for them to take someone as their personal disciple was extremely harsh. Even if everyone present here was a top genius in the younger generation of the Immortal Dimension, they wouldn’t make such a hasty decision.

After all, being a personal disciple meant that the person would inherit their mantle, so how could they possibly pass down everything so easily?

In the end, only a few disciples were selected, and this meant that most of the other disciples could only start as ordinary disciples in the outer court.

In next to no time, all the great figures of the academy that came to fight for Chen Xi had left, and only Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, and the instructors from the outer court were left in the hall.

At this point, the blazing atmosphere in the hall calmed down greatly.

Even though they weren’t selected as personal disciples by those great figures, most of the disciples present here didn’t feel a sense of loss because so long as they were able to enter Dao Emperor Academy, did they have any need to worry about being unable to find a teacher?

As the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, it was an extraordinarily great fortune to be able to become a disciple of Dao Emperor Academy. Everyone was a genius that had forcefully fought their way through a difficult path that was covered in an army of geniuses, so they were naturally clearly aware of the glory and status that came with being a student of Dao Emperor Academy.

Of course, some disciples felt a huge sense of loss. But when they saw Chen Xi who was the first had suffered the same treatment they had, they felt relieved, and it was even to the extent that they felt a great deal of pity for Chen Xi.

Perhaps as far as they were concerned, Chen Xi was probably the most depressed, most unhappy, and felt the greatest sense of loss at this moment. 

Unfortunately, they were wrong.

Chen Xi wasn’t depressed or unhappy, nor did he feel a sense of loss. But he wasn’t happy, excited, or delighted. In short, his state of mind was rather calm.

He didn’t have any hope towards getting a high ranking before he participated in the test.

After the test ended, he hadn’t thought about becoming the personal disciple of any great figure either.

He merely came to Dao Emperor Academy for the sake of obtaining an identity that was capable of causing the Zuoqiu Clan to be fearful of it.

As for cultivating and inheritance, he still hadn’t even merged the Sword of Water that he inherited from the Infinite Divine Talisman, so how could he be interested in any other inheritance?

In short, because he possessed the true inheritance, the Infinite Divine Talisman, that the Master of the Manor left behind, Chen Xi didn’t really care about whether he was able to obtain other inheritances. Since he didn’t care about inheritances, he naturally didn’t really care about whether he was able to become the personal disciple of a great figure.

“Alright, all the matters of the test have concluded at this point. Now…” Meanwhile, Zhou Zhili grinned before he flicked his sleeve, and then the Dao Bell of Vie in the depths of the hall shook to the point space distorted and fluctuated while divine brilliance filled the air. 

After that, a lofty bronze door that was over 1km in height appeared out of thin air!

“Dao Emperor Academy welcomes all of you as a member!”


The gazes of everyone in the hall descended onto the bronze door in unison, and their gazes gradually started burning with anticipation while even their breathing faintly quickened.

At this moment, Dao Emperor Academy, the paradise of cultivation that countless experts of the three dimensions’ younger generation dreamt of had finally opened its doors to them! 

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