Chapter 1164 – The Dean’s Decree!

The 1st, Chen Xi!

The ring of the Dao Bell of Vie was still resounding by their ears, yet the entire Darkombat City was already seething.

No one had imagined that the first would be occupied by Chen Xi and not decided between Ji Xuanbing, Zhen Lu, and Zhao Mengli.

Moreover, no one had expected that the first on the final rankings of Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test this time would actually be a young man that wasn't amongst the candidates in their expectations.

It was even to the extent that it was the first time that myriad of living beings in Darkombat City had heard Chen Xi’s name, and it was so unfamiliar to them. It was unfamiliar to the point they were unable to figure out exactly who he was, which continent he was from, and which power he originated from…

Perhaps it was precisely because of all this unexpectedness that everyone would be so excited and shocked when they heard this name, Chen Xi, occupied the first position.

It wasn’t just Darkombat City, the square outside Dao Emperor Academy was filled with astonishment as well. The numerous great figures that came from the top powers all over the Immortal Dimension revealed shocked expressions and felt rather surprised.

After all, even though Chen Xi had been ranked at the 1st during the second round of the test, he was ranked at the 9th during the first round of the test. So overall, it was utterly impossible for him to compare to Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others.

Yet now, he’d actually become the one that was ranked at the first position in the end. How could this not be surprising?

“The Praise of the Gods obtained by this kid during the third round of the test was probably at the Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth grade. Moreover, if nothing unexpected happened, then he would have been the first in the third round as well. Otherwise, it’s impossible for his final ranking to surpass Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others.”

Most people had vaguely guessed a portion of the answer, but they didn’t dare come to rash conclusions.

“No matter what, this is a miracle in the end. It has practically overturned everything we know, and such a situation is unprecedented in the last few tests!” Someone sighed lightly and couldn’t conceal his shock.

“Good! Good! Very good!” Tie Qiuyu was the most excited amongst all that were at the square. His face glowed while he said the word good repeatedly, and this obviously showed how delighted he was in his heart.

“Hmph! I really look forward to Cousin Brother Junlin finding out about this ranking and what he feels after he finds out.” Mu Linglong’s clear eyes flowed with light and were filled with spirit. Her cherry lips were curved up slightly to reveal a proud expression, and it caused all the great figures of the Mu Clan to be extremely shocked.

On the other side, Zuoqiu Ke’s face seemed as if it was covered in ice. Her gaze was icy cold while the space between her beautiful brows was filled with a trace of gloominess and ruthlessness that was impossible to conceal. It wasn’t just her, all the clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan by her side had extremely terrible expressions.

The first!

Since that kid was able to obtain such an honor, he’s probably been noticed by the numerous great figures of the academy. In this way, it was obviously even more difficult for them to deal with Chen Xi.


Why did this happen!?

How are we supposed to give the clan an explanation?

All these clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan had an extremely complicated and terrible mood. 


At this moment, the Hall of Vie was filled with shock as well. No matter if it was the disciples who’d passed the test or if it was Zhou Zhili, Wang Daolu, and the other great figures of the academy, all of them couldn’t conceal the wisp of shock within their gazes towards Chen Xi.

Fortunately, this oppressive atmosphere passed very quickly.

“Haha! The test is finally over. Now I ought to be allowed to go over, right?”

“If I’m not wrong, the following period of time is the time where residences are distributed, the rules of the academy are proclaimed, and these students choose their instructors and lessons, right?”

“Hmph! I didn’t see all of you being so fervent towards the matters of recruitment in the past? Why have all of you come over anxiously today?”

A wave of clamorous noise resounded outside the hall, and then numerous extremely mighty figures with vast divine might charged into the hall. They were like rays of divine brilliance that tore through the sky as they arrived, and they caused circle after circle of ripples to reverberate through space.

This group of people was made up of both men and women, young and old. But without exception, all of them were extremely formidable, and every single breath they took resonated with the heavens and the earth, caused the Grand Dao to rumble, and shook the hearts of all.

As soon as they appeared within the hall, they shot their gazes towards the five hundred disciples in unison, and their gazes lit up while they revealed warm smiles upon noticing Chen Xi.

“Little Fellow, I’m the Pill Reserve’s head instructor Chen Haotian. I think your natural talent isn’t bad, and I intend to pass down my entire inheritance to you. Are you willing?”  An old man with snow white hair and a benign countenance spoke warmly with a smile on his face.

Zhou Zhili and Wang Daolu were stunned, never had they imagined that Chen Haotian who had a fierce and unsociable nature would actually reveal such a benign expression. Is this still one of the three grandmasters in the Dao of Pills that’s renowned throughout the three dimensions?

The other great figures that came over along with Chen Haotian instantly spoke in succession.

“Young Man, the Dao of Pills is only an auxiliary path. Come to my Book Reserve if you’re willing. I’ll take you as the personal disciple of the Book Reserve. At that time, all the books within the academy will be open to you, and there won’t be any need for you to pay with Starpoints!”

“Hmph! In terms of the ability to teach students, can any one of you compare with me, Qiu Wancen? Little Fellow, the competition to attain the Grand Dao focuses on killing resolutely. I’ve once fought in the Outer Realm for 36,000 years, so perhaps I’m not skilled in other things, but in terms of combat prowess, a grandmaster in the Dao of Pills and the Dean of the Book Reserve can’t compare with me!”

“You’re called Chen Xi, right? I’m Jiang Yu, and the Flaming Rain Ling Qingwu was guided to her current accomplishments by me. If you’re willing to cultivate by my side, then I guarantee it wouldn’t take a hundred years for you to become another blazing sun in the Immortal Dimension!”

“Daoist Nun Jiang, don’t forget that the Iron Abyss Ye Tang was taught by me. Moreover, why is a woman like you fighting for a male student with us?”

Instantly, the hall fell into endless argument once more, and this scene of inseparable argument caused the other disciples to be stunned. Even this is possible?

“Everyone, there’s no need to argue. No matter if he becomes your personal disciples or not, Chen Xi has to start cultivating from the outer court in the end. As the Dean of the outer court, I naturally will treat Chen Xi well.” Zhou Zhili was unable to restrain himself and joined in as well.

Only Wang Daolu felt extremely bitter in his heart. He wasn’t able to compete with them because he’d just taken a personal disciple a while ago. According to the rules of the academy, a head instructor wasn’t allowed to take another disciple before the head instructor’s current disciple attained the Golden Immortal Realm.

“Little Kid Zhou! Is this how you speak to your Martial Uncle?”

“Little Brother Zhou, you took a piece of Chaotic Steel from me the other day. Look, I won’t ask you to return it to me, and it’s fine if you just give this disciple to me.”

When they saw Zhou Zhili actually intended to join in, the others were instantly displeased and reproved him successively without end.

Zhou Zhili’s face instantly sank as he grunted. “No matter what all of you say, according to the rules, Chen Xi must enter the outer court to cultivate!”

“That’s true, but it doesn’t stop him from becoming my personal disciple.” Jiang Yu waved her hand and spoke in a straightforward manner.

Zhou Zhili felt his head hurt. This Daoist Nun Jiang is really difficult to deal with.

Right when everyone was locked in argument, a grey clothed young man suddenly walked in from outside the hall. His hair was white as snow, and he possessed starry eyes and slanted brows. As soon as he walked in, a breeze that was piercingly cold to the bone swept throughout the hall, and it caused space to tremble and be covered in a layer of ice!

Instantly, the atmosphere in the hall became deathly silent.

The gazes of everyone descended onto the grey clothes and white haired young man.

What shocking sword qi… Chen Xi looked over from afar and was utterly unable to see the young man’s face clearly before he felt a piercing pain in his eyes. Moreover, goosebumps arose all over his body.

It was a form of absolute suppression between realms of cultivation, and it caused Chen Xi to arouse the feeling of being helpless to resist him.

Who’s this fellow?

Isn’t this aura a bit too fierce and powerful…?

Chen Xi was surprised and bewildered in his heart.

“Hua Jiankong!” Zhou Zhili’s expression instantly relaxed when he saw this young man.

However, the expressions of those great figures like Jiang Yu, Xuanyuan Pojun, Qiu Wancen, and Chen Haotian revealed anger.

Hua Jiankong was the personal disciple of the Dean who’d followed the Dean on an expedition for 10,000 years without ever suffering defeat. He was the most renowned expert of the academy.

Some said he possessed a cultivation at the perfection-stage of the Saint Immortal Realm, some said he’d stepped into the Half-step Immortal King Realm a long time ago. As for exactly what cultivation he possessed, no one was absolutely certain.

When they saw Hua Jiankong arrive, how could those great figures not understand that the Dean wanted to interfere in this matter as well? Otherwise, with Hua Jiankong’s cold and aloof nature, he wouldn’t join in at all.

Sure enough, in the next moment, Hua Jiankong had arrived by Zhou Zhili’s side, and he passed a jade slip over. “These are Master’s instructions.”

He turned around and left as soon as he finished speaking.

From the beginning until the end, he didn’t spare a glance at anyone within the hall. He seemed to be proud, cold, and like a lone wolf that moved about by himself.

Up until the point Hua Jiankong’s figure vanished did the piercingly cold atmosphere in the hall finally recover to normal.

“Quickly take a look. What did the Dean say?”

“How strange. I remember that the Dean hasn’t interfered in the matters of the academy for a few thousands of years, yet he issued some sort of decree today and even made this cold faced kid, Hua Jiankong, deliver it personally?”

“Actually, I have a bad premonition…”

As they discussed it, everyone shot their gazes towards Zhou Zhili.

Zhou Zhili placed his gaze on the jade slip in his hand instead. He was slightly stunned when he saw the content of the jade slip clearly, and his face turned slightly stiff while he fell silent for a long time.

The others glanced at each other when they saw this, and they all felt that it was slightly strange.

As the Dean of Dao Emperor Academy’s outer court and an existence who was a Half-step Immortal King that was renowned since a long time ago, Zhou Zhili was usually calm, stern, reserved, and composed no matter the situation.

Yet now, he was actually stunned?

What’s going on? Could it be that the contents of the jade slip can even stun Zhou Zhili’s Dao Heart?

“Little Kid Zhou, quickly tell us about the Dean’s instructions.” Qiu Wancen frowned as he spoke.

The others spoke successively as well, and they became even more curious about the content of the jade slip. Even Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the other disciples who’d passed the test were no exception.

“The Dean said…” Zhou Zhili took a deep breath before he raised his head and looked at everyone, and then his voice carried a trace of an indescribably complicated feelings. “He doesn’t agree to allow any instructor within the academy to take Chen Xi as a personal disciple. He ordered this matter to be put aside for now and be discussed in the future.” 

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