Chapter 1161 – The Praise Of The Gods Descends Like Rain

Yun Fusheng was a legendary figure of Dao Emperor Academy.

Numerous legends had been born in the boundless history of Dao Emperor Academy. Yun Fusheng wasn’t the most outstanding amongst them, yet he was an existence that no one could overlook.

19,000 years ago, Yun Fusheng was just a young man that was wild like a hawk yet peaceful like a lotus. His background was impossible to be determined, and everyone present only remembered that Yun Fusheng had participated in Dao Emperor Academy’s test by himself.

During the first round of the test, he was placed at the last.

During the second round of the test, he was still the last.

At that time, practically no one felt he would be able to pass the third round of the test, yet it just so happened that during the third round of the test, Yun Fusheng was like a piece of  unrefined jade that had shed off its ordinary shell to reveal extraordinary brilliance!

He didn’t just obtain the first position during the third round of the test, the Praise of the Gods he obtained even surpassed the scope of the Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth!

At that time, it even caused a stir in the entire Dao Emperor Academy.

It was common knowledge that the Praise of the Gods came from the quintessence energy of the Dao Emperor’s Golden Decree. According to the different phenomenon of the heavens and the earth caused by the various disciples, it was divided into the grades of Lingering Tune, Resounding in the Nine Heavens, and Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth.

On the other hand, the Praise of the Gods that Yun Fusheng obtained wasn’t amongst these three grades, yet it was even grander than these three grades. It seemed to have broken through a fixed law and created a new and unprecedented miracle!

After the test, Yun Fusheng’s display was even more extraordinary. He advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm within a short period of three years and obtained a rare Divine Crest bestowed by the heavens, Glowing Flamestream. Moreover, he was recognized by the Midnight Immortal King as one that possessed a brilliant Dao Heart and great wisdom, causing it to stir the entire world!

But to the astonishment of everyone present in the world, Yun Fusheng had vanished during the fourth year since he entered Dao Emperor Academy, and he never showed himself since.

Some people said that he entered a place where the gods were buried, and he fell there.

Some said Yun Fusheng obtained an extraordinary fortuitous encounter. He’d become a disciple of a mysterious and supreme sect in the three dimensions, and he was cultivating the supreme Grand Dao in seclusion.

All in all, there were many varying opinions towards Yun Fusheng’s whereabouts, and no one could produce a certain answer.

But even then, Yun Fusheng’s name had still become a brand in the Immortal Dimension that was impossible to wipe away. He was like a shooting star that flashed past the sky with dazzling and resplendent brilliance. Even though it was only for an instant, it allowed the people of the world to witness his legend.

At this moment, all the great figures present instantly revealed shocked expressions when Wang Daolu suddenly mentioned Yun Fusheng’s name, and they shot their gazes towards Chen Xi’s figure that sat upright on the distant Dao Sharpening Stone.

“Brother Wang, you mean that he might break through the limits like Yun Fusheng and obtain a Praise of the Gods that’s above the Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth?” The Mu Clan’s instructor spoke with surprise and wonder.

“Impossible!” Before Wang Daolu could answer, someone had already rejected it, and it was Zuoqiu Hong. He frowned as he said, “Who was Yun Fusheng? He was a peerless genius that obtained the praise of the Midnight Immortal King, and even now, he isn’t inferior to any of the six blazing suns. It isn’t good to compare such a figure with Chen Xi.”

The others felt it was impossible as well when they heard this, yet they also felt it might be possible. This sort of very conflicting thoughts was impossible to be described with words.

“Arguing is fruitless. Why not calm yourselves and wait for the outcome?” Zhou Zhili spoke calmly and stopped the others from arguing about this matter.

Subsequently, all of them restrained the complicated feelings in their hearts and started to wait calmly.

On the Dao Sharpening Stones at this moment, besides Chen Xi, the other disciples who were ranked in the top ten were receiving the tempering of the Praise of the Gods.

Only Chen Xi still didn’t reveal any movement, and he seemed to be very unusual.

Time trickled by.

After the time for an incense stick to burn, Zuoqiu Yin, Mu Yuchong, Moqi Yan, and the others who were the first to obtain the Praise of the Gods a long time ago had woken up from their meditation. They had excited expressions and held smiles on the corners of their mouths. Obviously, they’d obtained extraordinary benefits from the Praise of the Gods.

At this moment, Chen Xi was still in that practically dull and silent state.

This caused all the great figures on the platform to frown slightly, and they were either puzzled, bewildered, impatient, or anxious.

After a short period of time, Ao Wuming, Jiang Canghai, Zhongli Xun, Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhen Lu had awoken successively from their meditation. Just like Zuoqiu Yin and the others, the delight on their faces was impossible to conceal.

But right after that, all of them were stunned. The test isn’t over?

While carrying such a question in their minds, they shot their gazes towards the great figures on the platform, yet they noticed the gazes of those great figures had descended towards the same direction.

They looked along this direction and saw Chen Xi.

“Hmm? He still hasn’t drawn down a phenomenon of the heavens and the earth?” Mu Yuchong noticed that there was no fluctuation from Chen Xi, and Chen Xi was dull and silent like a well that was without any ripples.

“He didn’t draw down a phenomenon of the heavens and the earth yet was able to persist until now. Such a scene is truly strange…” Xuanyuan Yun muttered.

“If he continues sitting there like this, then could it be that we have to accompany him until he’s done?” Flames of rage arose in Zuoqiu Yin’s heart upon catching sight of Chen Xi, and his mood became extremely terrifying. As he spoke, he couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of impatience.

“Perhaps he has been restraining himself with the intention of causing the Resonance of the Heavens and the Earth so that he can compare with Fellow Daoist Zhen Lu?” Jiang Canghai chuckled and obviously revealed an expression of ridicule and mocking.

Zhen Lu couldn’t help but grin when he heard Jiang Canghai mention him. His expression was tranquil, indifferent, and composed, and he didn’t’ reveal any strong emotions.

“Hmph! Can he?” Ao Wuming grunted coldly. It was merely a few words, yet it vividly displayed the arrogance he possessed as a descendant of a Green Dragon.

The others shook their heads silently when they heard this.

Even though Ao Wuming’s words were harsh, it was the truth. Even if they didn’t feel that Zhen Lu was more outstanding than themselves, they had to admit that the Praise of the Gods Zhen Lu obtained during the third round of the test was the most outstanding.

So, how could it be possible to surpass Zhen Lu?

After waiting for a while longer, Zuoqiu Yin instantly became impatient when he saw Chen Xi still didn’t reveal any signs of movement. He stood up and cupped his fists towards the distance as he said, “Seniors, the test has already been carried out to such an extent, so the rankings out to be decided. Since Chen Xi is still unable to cause a phenomenon of the heavens and the earth to descend until now, there’s no need to continue wasting time for him.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Zuoqiu Hong was stunned before he smiled and said to the other great figures by his side, “He’s right, what do all of you think?”

Most of them nodded with agreement.

Only the instructors from the Mu and Xuanyuan Clans requested that they wait a while longer.

Zuoqiu Hong felt confident in his heart when he saw that most of them agreed to his opinion, and he laughed lightheartedly. “The rule of our Dao Emperor Academy has always been that the minority obeys the majority. Since it’s like this, then we’ll end this round of  the test right now.”

As he spoke, he stood up and secretly gave Zuoqiu Yin a glance of praise before he cleared his throat, and then his expression became solemn as he said in a clear voice, “Everyone…”

He’d just opened his mouth when Zhou Zhili suddenly interrupted him with a wave of the hand. “Wait a while longer!”

Everyone was astounded and glanced at Zhou Zhili.

Zuoqiu Hong’s face froze while a wisp of  anger from embarrassment flashed in the depths of his eyes, yet he burst into laughter instead. “Dean Zhou, do you still have something to speak about?”

Zhou Zhili paid no attention to him and just stared fixedly at Chen Xi.

Under the gazes of everyone present here, he was first interrupted by Zhou Zhili, and then he was directly disregarded. It caused Zuoqiu Hong’s lips to twitch while his face burned, and he felt even more furious in his heart.

It was even to the extent that he didn’t know if he should sit down at this moment or continue standing, and that sort of feeling was extraordinarily painful.

“Dean Zhou…” Zuoqiu Hong took a deep breath. He’d considered what he should say before he spoke, yet in the next moment, he suddenly shut his mouth. He hadn’t been interrupted, but it was he himself who was unable to speak any further.

His pupils constricted while he stared fixedly at the horizon with a stiff and dumbstruck expression. He’s completely lost the graceful bearing of a great figure at this moment. 

However, at this moment, there wasn’t anyone paying attention to him. Practically everyone’s gazes had shot in unison towards the distant sky.

There was an ocean of stars there!

The clear and cloudless sky had suddenly revealed a scene of a myriad of stars that even drowned out the light from the sun, and it emanated boundless piercingly cold starlight!

The stars were bright and dazzling, and they transformed into rivers of stars, constellations, nebulae… All sorts of complicated and dense patterns circulated in the sky as if it was reflecting the secrets of the heavens, and it revealed a deep, vast, grand, and boundless aura!

It was the phenomenon of a boundless ocean of stars!


“What a vast phenomenon!”

“A boundless sea of stars that drowned out the illumination of the sun and moon. How could such a phenomenon appear at this moment?”

At this moment, even the pupils of Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli, and the others had dilated when they saw such a scene, and they were extremely shocked in their hearts.

At this instant, as they gazed at the myriad of stars in the distance, all of them felt dazed in their hearts. It was as if they were within the depths of the universe, and they couldn’t see the past, present, or future clearly.


A wave of grand and boundless natural tune of the Dao resounded from Chen Xi, and then everyone saw golden and divine musical notes that covered the sky transform into a divine rain that descended throughout the heavens and the earth.

As the golden rain descended onto the ground, flowers bloomed silently, plants grew gradually. As the golden rain descended into the lake, the fish cheered and danced about in groups on the surface of the lake. As the golden rain descended onto the mountain, the rocks glowed and emanated rosy light.

Even the sky was suffused with a fragrance that refreshed the soul. It was the aura of the Dao, the smell of the Dao!

The Dao was nameless, yet the strong named it the Dao.

At this moment, the tune of the Dao emerged and transformed into a golden divine rain that enveloped the entire heavens and the earth, and the aura of the Dao was everywhere. It was like a divine miracle.

“The praise of the gods descends like rain, the shapeless has been transformed into something with form. The Dao is indescribably profound!” Zhou Zhili suddenly stood up with his hands behind his back as he looked down at the heavens and the earth. His reserved and firm expression actually revealed a rare wisp of shock and admiration.

Everyone was shocked, and a thought couldn’t help but float up into their minds when they sensed the might of this Praise of the Gods. Did Yun Fusheng who received the praise of Midnight Immortal King all those years ago cause such a phenomenon to descend? 

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