Chapter 116 – Outside Dragon Lake City

Chapter 116 – Outside Dragon Lake City


Blood gushed out like a fountain from the hole in the burly man’s neck, causing pearls of blood to scatter into the sky, and the burly man’s eyeballs glared angrily, staring fixedly at the youth that had suddenly appeared before him. He seemed to be in disbelief, seeming to be not resigned… But in the end, he still crashed onto the ground and died on the spot.

All this happened too quickly and too suddenly; it practically happened in an instant. The two white clothed young men only abruptly recovered from their shock when the burly man crashed onto the ground.

“So swift!”

“How can this be possible?”

As they gazed at the tall figure in the distance, this extraordinary youth, the faces of the two young men in white clothes instantly went awfully gloomy, and their gazes even had a strand of indeterminateness. They were unable to guess Chen Xi’s strength and thus didn’t dare make any rash movements.

Whereas at the side, the young girl recovered from her shock. When she saw her little brother had arrived before her, she couldn’t refrain any longer and hugged him before crying her heart out.

She was truly too terrified. She didn’t know how she should continue living if she were to lose her little brother, and now that her brother was unharmed, the rage, grievance, and pain in her heart had all exploded out and transformed into crystalline tears the flowed down her face.

“Sister, I’m fine, don’t cry.” The youth consoled.

“Mmm.” The young girl wiped her tears off fiercely, then turned to look at the scene of the battle.

Only now did the young girl notice that the savior of her and her little brother was actually a handsome youth that was extremely young. Whereas beneath his feet, the Starnet Palace disciple had died tragically on the ground, and blood still gurgle as it flowed out from that disciple’s neck.

“Kid, speak your name! You actually dare kill my Junior Brother, do you know that we’re disciples of Starnet Palace?” A young man with triangular eyes spoke fiercely.

“Exactly, speak your name!” His companion shouted out explosively as well.

Although the expressions of the two were gloomy and savage, their tones instead revealed a feeling of being tough in appearance, but weak inside. Obviously, Chen Xi’s appearance had brought quite large pressure onto them.

“Senior, flee quickly. They’re indeed Starnet Palace disciples. You’ve killed their companion and the Starnet Palace will surely not let you off.” The young girl cried out anxiously from afar.

“Oh, Starnet Palace?” Chen Xi said in surprise and he seemed to be lost in thought. He recalled that Chai Letian, who’d died tragically at his hands, was a disciple of Starnet Palace.

Seeing Chen Xi being shocked as expected, the triangular eyed middle aged man was delighted in his heart, yet he spoke fiercely. “Hmph! Afraid? Quickly kneel down and kowtow in apology, hand over some treasures to show respect to us two brothers, and we’ll let you off this time. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise what?” Chen Xi smiled spuriously.

“Otherwise…” The triangular eyed young man was stunned, he vaguely noticed something was off, and he said fiercely, “What? You dare resist? You should know that we’re disciples of Starnet Palace, one of the eight great sects of Dragon Lake City. A person without backing like you dares go against us?”

Chen Xi suddenly felt extremely bored, these fellows hung the words ‘Starnet Palace’ at the sides of their mouths no matter what they said. At most, they were just pawns that relied on the might of their sect to bully others, dogs that were counting on the backing of their sect, and they were simply of the same character as Chai Letian, who always used the name of his ancestor.

Most detestable of it all was that as Starnet Palace disciples, these three people had instead done despicable deeds like raping women. If it wasn’t for him hurrying over, wouldn’t this pair of brother and sister have fallen into their malicious hands?

When he thought up to here, Chen Xi couldn’t be bothered to say anything more, and with a command in his heart, a Netherezim Flying Sword shot out violently like a bolt of lightning.

Pu! Pu!

These two white clothed young men only possessed a cultivation at the Congenital Realm, so how could they possibly be a match for Chen Xi? They were killed on the spot by the Netherezim Flying Swords before they could even react, and even until their deaths, they couldn’t wrap their heads around why Chen Xi would strike a killing blow towards them. Could it be that he doesn’t know we’re Starnet Palace disciples? Or he doesn’t know that killing us would be making the entire Starnet Palace his enemy?

If they knew that Chen Xi had killed Young Master Chai Letian, who they respected like a god before this, they would probably have died extremely peacefully, right?

“Thank you, Senior, for saving our lives.” The young girl held her little brother’s hand, and wanted to kneel and kowtow but was supported by a shapeless energy.

“There’s no need for such great ceremony. These three people were despicable and shameless and behaved immorally. They got what they deserved.” Chen Xi smiled and casually waved his hand.


Flames appeared out of thin air in the surroundings, the three corpses on the ground were instantly burnt into nothingness, and not even a fragment of a bone remained.

This pair of brother and sister were both shocked in their heart when they saw Chen Xi indifferently and calmly burning the corpses to destroy the evidence in front of them, and the gazes they shot at Chen Xi had an extra strand of reverence.

“Junior is Mu Yao, the one beside me is my little brother Mu Wenfei. May I know Senior’s name?” The young girl asked in a light voice. Her voice was clear and melodious, pleasing to the ear like numerous previous pearls dropping onto a jade tray, and it was like the sound of nature.

Chen Xi was stunned, as he had never expected that this thin and slender girl would actually have such a pleasant and moving voice. Only now did he notice that although Mu Yao’s clothes were shabby, her appearance was extremely elegant and pretty, like a young manglietia flower that gave one a pure and clear feeling.

Especially her eyes, they were bright like stars in the night and possessed an indescribable charm as if one would sink into its enchantment with just a glance.

No wonder those three fellows from the Starnet Palace lusted after her. Although this girl is only 15 or 16 years old, her appearance is breathtaking and refined. Chen Xi praised in his heart, then said, “You don’t have to call me senior. My age isn’t much older than the both of you. I’m called Chen Xi, and I was heading to Dragon Lake City this time, but I never expected that I would encounter the two of you here.”

“Big Brother Chen Xi is going to Dragon Lake City as well?” Mu Wenfei said happily, “Big Sister and I want to go to Dragon Lake City as well.”

“So that’s how it is.” Chen Xi nodded, then he said curiously, “How did the both of you end up here?”

“My Big Sister and I departed from Snowing Lake City and trudged all the way, walking for an entire half a year. We were about to arrive at Dragon Lake City when we were stopped by those three bastards from Starnet Palace and had no choice but to flee into this forest.” Mu Wenfei spoke angrily.

“Both of you journeyed on foot?”

“Yes.” Mu Yao nodded and lowered her head in embarrassment. “The cultivation of me and my little brother is shallow, so we were only able to journey on foot.”

Chen Xi secretly gasped.

According to his knowledge, Snowing Lake City was no less than 30,000 kilometers from Dragon Lake City. Seven or eight cities and numerous mountain ranges that were enormous spanned between them, and within those mountain ranges was numerous demon beasts. It could be said to be dangerous to the extreme.

Amongst this pair of brother and sister, the sister possessed a cultivation at the Congenital Realm and the brother still lingered at the Postnatal Realm, if they were to encounter an assault from some demon beasts, it was sufficient to instantly tear the two of them into pieces.

Moreover, Chen Xi noticed that their clothes were shabby and were obviously children from poor families that couldn’t ride carriages and could only move ahead on their feet, and it had become their only way of heading to Dragon Lake City.

“Big Brother Chen Xi, can we follow you?” Mu Wenfei looked eagerly as he spoke.

The nearby Mu Yao revealed an expression of anticipation as well.

“Alright!” Chen Xi nodded lightly.


“Wow! Big Brother Chen, this vessel is so formidable! This is the first time I’ve flown in the sky and it feels so satisfying…” A treasured vessel was flying in the clouds, and Mu Wenfei, who was only 12 or 13 years old, ran up and down on the vessel, looking at this and touching that, and he was excited to the point that his little face was red.

Mu Yao sat at the side, slightly uncomfortable and uneasy, as it was still the first time she’d sat on a treasured vessel that could fly. The strange and rare fresh fruit on the table, the dense runes that revolved like mist on the vessel, and the treasured vessels speed that was extremely swift like the wind… Everything before her eyes brought her a great shock.

Only now did she understand that the Big Brother Chen before her was actually a great Violet Palace Realm cultivator that could fly in the sky!

“Eat something.” Chen Xi had cooked several delicacies and placed it on the table before the young girl, and he said with a warm smile, “There’s still a day’s journey to Dragon Lake City, fill up your tummy first.”

The fragrance from the four bowls of delicacies on the table assaulted the nose and was suffused with spirit energy. Mu Yao had only taken a sniff when her stomach failed to put up a fight and growled, causing her face to instantly flush completely red.

Chen Xi smiled as called over Mu Wenfei to eat with his sister, and he instead got up and walked to the bow.

This pair of brother and sister caused him to recall the impoverished life of Chen Hao and himself in Pine Mist City, and he ceaselessly sighed with emotion in his heart.

One day later.

“Big Brother Chen. Look, is that Dragon Lake City?” Mu Wenfei lay at the bow as he shouted loudly.

“Dragon Lake City?” Chen Xi raised his eyes to look, and he saw that on the boundless ground in the distance, an exceedingly enormous city that was magnificent and towering had entered his sight. Merely the walls of the city were the height of a few hundreds of people, and they were all pure white like jade as they continued for 50,000 km. Within the city wall, numerous tall buildings stood up from the ground, and when looked at from afar, it was like an ancient dragon that was vast and powerful had coiled here as it looked down at the world.

In the sky, countless magnificent and colorful moving lights whistled as they arrived. However, when they were 5km outside the towering city, all of them obediently descended to the ground and lined up in front of the city gate.

Chen Xi was full of excitement when he saw such a scene, he’d never seemed such a magnificent city; a large city that was continuous and seemed to be boundless.

Misty Sea City was large enough. As the trade center of the southern territory, it was filled with a prosperous scene, endless streams of horses and carriages, and it was extremely flourishing. But when compared with this large city that continued on endlessly, it was still quite inferior. Compared to this, the Pine Mist City that Chen Xi lived in since he was young was even worse, and it was simply like a village in the countryside.

This was Dragon Lake City, the core location of the 500,000km southern territory, the number one largest city.

The eight great sects, three great institutions, and the six great clans that possessed ancient and long-standing resources and reserves were here, and they were the loftiest holy land of cultivation in the hearts of the cultivators in the southern territory.

“I heard that it’s prohibited to fly above Dragon Lake City, and now it would look like that wasn’t wrong.” Chen Xi put away the treasured vessel before bringing Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei to descend onto the ground, and then they walked towards the city gate.

The closer they came to the large city, the more they felt its magnificence, grandness, and loftiness; whereas they themselves were so tiny like a drop in the ocean.

“Little Sister Mu Yao!” A voice suddenly sounded out.

Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei raised their heads to look in unison, and they instantly said with pleasant surprise, “Big Sister Qingni!”

A young man and a young woman stood in the distance. The young man was handsome and tall, seeming elegant and extraordinary. The young women wore a dress that was like blue jade, her long hair was like pitch black ink, her skin white like snow and extremely delicate, and she possessed willow shaped brows and clear eyes, causing her to be extremely beautiful and moving.

The two of them stood outside the city gate like a couple made in heaven, and they were like a beautiful scenery that quickly attracted the gazes of the various cultivators that passed by.

At this moment, this young woman in a jade dress smiled as she walked over. Obviously, she was the Big Sister Qingni that Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei spoke of.

“You brother and sister have finally arrived.” Qingni smiled as she spoke.

“Qingni, this is the Miss Mu Yao and her little brother that you spoke of?” The handsome young man smiled as he spoke from the side, and when he saw Mu Yao’s pure and refined appearance, a bright light flashed within his eyes.

“Yes.” Qingni nodded, yet didn’t explain any further, and she instead said to Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei, “You two have come to Dragon Lake City for the first time, and I’m afraid you won’t have time to stroll about in the future once you join the sect. Let’s go, I’ll take the two of you to wash up first, then I’ll bring the both of you to have some fun.”

Mu Yao and her little brother were extremely delighted. Obviously, this Big Sister Qingni caused them to feel extremely happy.

“This person is?” Only now did Qingni notice the nearby Chen Xi.

“This is the person that saved our lives, he’s called Chen Xi,” said Mu Yao with a clear voice.

“Oh?” Qingni nodded, then said, “Then thank you Fellow Daoist, for lending a hand.” Although she said this, the expression on her face remained unmoved.

Chen Xi smiled and disregarded it.

“Let’s go, we’ll speak after we enter the city.” The handsome young man frowned, then glanced impatiently at Chen Xi and asked. “Fellow Daoist, do you want to follow us?”

“There’s no need.” Chen Xi shook his head.

Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei looked at Chen Xi and still wanted to persuade him.

“Take this 50 kg of spirit liquid as repaying Fellow Daoist’s favor of saving them.” Qingni casually tossed a jade bottle to Chen Xi. She didn’t even spare a glance at Chen Xi before pulling Mu Yao and Mu Wenfei towards the city gate, and she said as she walked, “It’s the first time the both of you have left home, you must be cautious and vigilant. Don’t be deceived by some fellows that have ulterior motives.”

“Fellow Daoist, farewell.” The handsome young man laughed in ridicule before chasing up to Qingni, and his voice could still be heard from afar. “Miss Qingni is right. He saved both of you for no reason. Who knows what thoughts he’s concealing? Perhaps he wants to use this relationship between the two of you to strike up a relationship with Miss Qingni. For the sake of climbing up in the world, people nowadays simply resort to every conceivable means…”

“I seem to have become a despicable villain.” Chen Xi was stunned, then weighed the jade bottle in his hand before chuckling to himself.

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