Chapter 1155 – The Clear Cry Of A Young Phoenix

Some liked to be the center of attention and enjoyed people treating them with expressions of reverence, worship, shock, and admiration, but some didn’t.

Like Chen Xi.

Up until the moment he was stared at by the countless gazes present here, Chen Xi still hadn’t figured out everything, and he couldn’t help but be slightly surprised in his heart. He thought something had occurred.

It was when he saw his name appear at the position of the 1st on the floating wall of light that Chen Xi finally came to an understanding. So, it turns out that the Starpoints I earned were ranked at the 1st position!

Originally, this ought to have been something that was really worthy of delight, yet unfortunately, Chen Xi was truly unable to arouse any feelings of happiness while being stared at by so many gazes, and it was even to the extent he felt slightly uncomfortable.

At the bottom of it all, he didn’t like this sort of gazes. He didn’t like being taken to be a freak by others. But unfortunately, the heavens seemed to love playing jokes on him, and the more he disliked it, the more he received this sort of treatment.

No matter if it was in the Darchu Dynasty, the Dark Reverie, or the Immortal Dimension, he couldn’t remember how many times people had looked at him like he was a freak.

These experiences didn’t make him become accustomed to this sort of treatment, and he just learned how to deal with this sort of situation. Thus, in the next moment, he acted indifferent and looked steadily forward as he returned to Tie Qiuyu’s side.

After that, he remained silent like an ostrich with its head in the ground.

Fortunately, it wasn’t long before Wang Daolu spoke from midair to break the silent atmosphere in the surroundings and draw the attention of everyone onto himself.

“The second round of the test has ended. Next, the third round of the test will begin. Those disciples that passed the second round of the test may follow behind me and enter Dao Emperor Academy.” Wang Daolu didn’t give any unnecessary details, nor did he praise the disciples that performed outstandingly during the second round of the test. He just simply announced the following flow of the test with a calm tone, and he seemed to be extremely direct and frank.

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his hand to split open a path in the crowd, and then he walked towards the distant Dao Emperor Academy, whereas those seven hundred disciples that passed the second round of the test followed behind him.

In next to no time, they vanished from the square outside Dao Emperor Academy. 


“The third round of the test is called the Clear Cry of a Young Phoenix, and it means that the cry of a young phoenix is clearer than its seniors, or that outstanding geniuses appear in every generation and surpass their predecessors. Unfortunately, we’re unable to enter Dao Emperor Academy to observe it.” As they watched Wang Daolu lead the disciples away, animated discussions resounded once more in the square.

“This round of the test is a test of Martial Dao Will. The stronger one’s Martial Dao Will is, the more shocking the phenomenon created would be. According to legend, some extraordinary figures even obtained the ‘praise of the gods’ during the test, and it’s greatly beneficial to their future cultivation.”

“Exactly. All those years ago, the Flaming Rain Ling Qingwu and the Iron Abyss Ye Tang both caused phenomenon to descend from the heavens and aid them, allowing them to be chosen as personal disciples of some ancient seniors within Dao Emperor Academy. It was truly a cause for admiration.”

“I wonder how many disciples this time will have the luck to obtain the recognition of a senior from Dao Emperor Academy and be directly taken as a personal disciple?”

“No matter what, that Chen Xi from Southbridge Continent is definitely the dark horse in this year’s test. If nothing unexpected happens, then his appearance has probably been drawn the notice of numerous ancient seniors.”

“Haha, we’ll wait and see.”

All the people on the square didn’t leave, and they were all looking up and waiting before the floating wall of light.

If nothing unexpected happened, then the third round of Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test would end by today, and then the final rankings would be announced.

This was an extremely great event, and this final ranking would be spread throughout every corner of the Immortal Dimension. At this moment, no one was willing to miss this. 


Dao Emperor Academy occupied an extremely vast area, and the row upon row of lofty and large ancient buildings seemed to have been standing towering here for countless years, and they seemed to have witnessed the passage of time.

Since entering Darkombat City to participating in the test, this was the first time that Chen Xi had seen Dao Emperor Academy from such a close distance.

The first feeling he had was that it was ancient!

The plants, trees, bricks, tiles, mottled limestone that covered the ground, ancient bronze entrance… Everything was filled with an ancient aura that assaulted the face.

It was the mark of time, the mark of witnessing the ages and the passage of history. It caused others to be unable to help but feel reverence, and it felt as if they were walking into the vast residence of primeval gods.

Actually, if this ancient atmosphere was discarded, then everything within Dao Emperor Academy was extremely ordinary, and it was even to the extent that it wasn’t as luxurious as the halls that the immortals of the outside world resided in.

This was the might of returning to simplicity, seeking the truth within the common, hearing a thunderclap in silence, and only powers that had survived the primeval times were capable of possessing it.

All along the way, they didn’t see any other people. The students and teachers of Dao Emperor Academy seemed to be clearly aware that the recruitment test would be held today, so they didn’t interfere in the test so as to avoid affecting the test’s progress.

But Chen Xi was still able to sense that numerous obscure and formidable strands of thought were peeping over all along the way. They flashed past every single of them like the spring breeze caressing one’s face, and it didn’t cause them to feel uncomfortable at all. It was even to the extent that if he didn’t sense carefully, he would be utterly incapable of noticing their existence.

Looks like the gazes of many great figures in Dao Emperor Academy have descended onto this third round of the test… Chen Xi pondered in his heart. With his current results, entering Dao Emperor Academy wasn’t a problem to him at all.

As for whether he was able to be taken as a personal disciple of a great figure in the academy, he didn’t care. He came to Dao Emperor Academy solely for the sake of obtaining an identity to make the Zuoqiu Clan hesitate in going against him.

“Chen Xi, Zuoqiu Yin and the others seem to be rather hostile towards you. Exactly how many disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan did you kill in the Bloodlands?” The nearby Liang Ren asked via voice transmission while revealing a curious expression.

Chen Xi turned around and glanced towards the distant Zuoqiu Yin and the others. He saw they had gloomy expressions and all of them revealed undisguised hatred when they looked at him. They seemed as if they would have charged forward and attacked him since a long time ago if it wasn’t out of consideration for where they were at now.

“Not many. I’ll tell you about it in detail once the test ends.” Chen Xi smiled before moving his gaze away. To his slight surprise, Yin Miaomiao wasn’t following by Zuoqiu Yin and the others’ side. She was staring blankly and revealed an aloof and cold bearing as she walked alone at the back of the group, and she seemed to be thinking about something.

“Chen Xi, I’ll definitely defeat you during the third round of the test!” Meanwhile, a handsome young man that still revealed a trace of immaturity on his face came over, and he spoke firmly.

He didn’t speak via voice transmission, so he drew the attention of all the nearby disciples as soon as he spoke. After that, many people recognized him as the Mu Clan’s Mu Xiaoliu.

A little freak that had cultivated for only a few tens of years since birth, and he was called the Little Devil in Human Shape within Midnight Continent. He possessed a domineering and mischievous nature, desired to excel over others, and he’d caused countless troubles in Midnight Continent.

It was precisely because of such knowledge that when everyone saw Mu Xiaoliu had actually challenged Chen Xi at this moment, most of them held the thought of watching a show.

Wang Daolu who walked at the front frowned, yet he didn’t stop it.

Chen Xi was stunned. He still remembered that he’d once seen this young man when he’d just arrived at the Martial Soul Area of Darkombat City, yet he never expected that this young man would take the initiative to come look for him at this moment.

“Why?” Chen Xi asked with a smile. He was able to sense that Mu Xiaoliu didn’t carry any ill intent, and this challenge was only issued out of the young man’s desire to excel.

“Big Sister Linglong asked me to take care of you in the second round of the test, yet I never imagined that you would actually be ranked at the 1st, and it caused me to be called a piece of trash by Big Sister Linglong.” Mu Xiaoliu was rather depressed as he puckered his lips, and every single move he made had a frank and casual bearing. He did indeed possess the disposition of a youth.

Chen Xi finally came to an understanding, and Mu Linglong’s graceful, attractive, and beautiful figure floated up into his mind as he said to himself, Looks like she isn’t just Mu Junlin’s cousin sister, and she seems to possess a rather high position in the Mu Clan.

On the other hand, those disciples that were waiting to watch the show were stunned while a wisp of surprise flashed on their faces. They seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi who came from Southbridge Continent would actually be related to the Mu Clan!

This was something no one had imagined.

“But you don’t have to feel burdened by this. I, Mu Xiaoliu, will only defeat you openly, and I won’t seek the help of others and disdain to use any tricks and schemes.” Mu Xiaoliu turned around and left after he finished speaking casually, and he returned to the group of young men and women from the Mu Clan.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile. He saw the leading figure of the Mu Clan’s younger generation, Mu Yuchong, smile at him with a warm attitude, and he nodded back at Mu Yuchong.

Their conversation was noticed by Zuoqiu Yin and the others, causing the gloominess on their faces to grow deeper, and it was even to the extent the gazes they looked at Mu Yuchong and the others with had become piercingly cold.

However, all of this didn’t pass calmly because it wasn’t long before the crowd ahead moved restlessly.

After that, under the surprised and bewildered gazes of everyone present, Zhao Mengli who wore a fiery red dress, had a snow white long neck, and possessed a peerlessly beautiful appearance walked slowly towards Chen Xi.

“Were you the one that caused that chaotic battle?” Zhao Mengli spoke frankly with a voice that was clear like a spring, and it was pleasing to the ear and rather sweet.

When they heard the words ‘chaotic battle’ the disciples of the seven great ancient clans, the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, and even the top disciples of clans like the Wenren Clan frowned before looking at Chen Xi.

That chaotic battle had even affected most of the people present here, and it was precisely because of that battle that they’d been removed from the Bloodlands while there was no lack of disciples that were killed and had their Starpoints seized.

But most of them weren’t clearly aware of the reason that chaotic battle had occurred.

At this moment, when Zhao Mengli came directly to Chen Xi and seemed to have taken Chen Xi to be the initiator of that battle, a trace of rage surged out from their hearts, and their gazes towards Chen Xi faintly carried a wisp of hostility.

Chen Xi seemed to have not noticed all of this at all. His expression was calm as he thought for a moment and said in a very simple manner. “It was an accident.”

“Very good. I would look down upon you if you didn’t dare admit it.” Zhao Mengli stared at Chen Xi for a short moment before she spoke these words in a light voice and left.

Chen Xi didn’t feel a sense of relief when he saw this, and he just frowned slightly because he naturally understood Zhao Mengli’s intentions. He couldn’t help but think in his heart. This woman really isn’t willing to suffer even the slightest loss…

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