Chapter 1154 – Soul Suppression

Within the deep and quiet cave, Chen Xi started his journey back out.

I wonder to what extent the second round of the test has been carried out to. The strength of the Zuoqiu Clan’s disciples are the weakest within that chaotic battle, so there will probably be extremely great losses… As he moved forward, Chen Xi pondered. But no matter what, I’ve already gained a sufficient amount of Starpoints. Perhaps it’s time to leave the Bloodlands as well.

This deep and quiet cave of the Rockface Spiritking was complicated and formed a world of its own. Chen Xi suddenly stopped moving when he arrived 3km away from the entrance of the cave.

At this instant, his eyes focused while his mind was calm and cold like ice without the slightest strand of distracting thoughts. Moreover, the vital energy within his entire body circulated soundlessly while a vertical eye that was suffused with strands of mysterious and icy cold jet black light split open.


At precisely that exact same moment that Chen Xi stopped moving, a wisp of a vast golden light suddenly surged in from outside the entrance, and it transformed into a monstrous wave that crushed down towards Chen Xi.

This golden light was grand, dignified, vast, and filled with great will and courage. It seemed like a great Buddha was infuriated and intended to release the souls in the mortal world with his supreme might!

This attack was too terrifying. It couldn’t be said to be sudden, nor was it shrewd and cruel. It was entirely open, aboveboard, vast, and mighty, and it carried an all-powerful imposing aura!


As he sensed how terrifying the imposing aura of this strike was, Chen Xi’s pupils constricted, and he didn’t dare hesitate any longer. The Talisman Armament soared through the sky while erupting with a myriad of strands of divine radiance, and his fused the strength of his entire body within this strike!

Sword of Water — Boundless Ocean!

An enormous wave that covered the sky swept out, and it converged the might of the surroundings as it fought the grand golden light!


An enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth resounded before a rain of light fluttered into the surroundings while the flow of air in the sky rumbled. In merely an instant, it completely swept through the entire cave, causing rocks to collapse while the entire body of the mountain started to sink and explode into pieces…

Chen Xi took three steps back while his countenance turned slightly pale, and the vital blood in his entire body was roiling.

He didn’t hesitate in the slightest to swiftly charge into the sky like a sharp blade, and he pierced apart layer after layer of rock to escape the mountain that was about to collapse.


However, right when Chen Xi’s figure appeared in midair, a grand ring of a bell resounded. It was like the roar of a Dracophant, like the rage of Buddha’s guardian warriors, like the long sigh of pity from a Buddha, and it was filled with a force that seized away the soul.

Chen Xi felt his mind drone while even his soul trembled and was fiercely suppressed by a formidable force. It seemed as if it intended to completely change his thoughts, mind, and memories!

If this was allowed to occur, then he would definitely fall to become an existence akin to a puppet, and he wouldn’t have any thoughts or will while being ordered about by another!

How ruthless! He actually intends to suppress and restrain my soul! Chen Xi suddenly shouted loudly in his heart. The world may crumble, the ages may collapse, but my head and soul are unshakeable! Every single word he said was like a thunderclap and carried a resolute and murderous tone.


His soul suddenly erupted with a myriad of fluctuations and boundless brilliant rings of light. It was like a tempest that swept towards the surroundings, causing the grand force that assaulted him to be swept away like a piece of paper!

After that, Chen Xi’s soul recovered its clarity once more, and it was flawless and untainted.

All of this took a long time to be described in words, yet it actually occurred in an instant. After all, this was a conflict of the soul, so no matter how swift an attack may be, it couldn’t be faster than a thought.

As it was said, a moment or an instant couldn’t compare to a ten thousandth of the speed of a thought! 

Clang! Clang! 

The ring of the bell was still reverberating, yet it was like a refreshing breeze to Chen Xi now, and it couldn’t affect him at all.

At this moment, Chen Xi finally saw his opponent clearly.

This person stood on a golden lotus platform very far in the distance. His figure had transformed to possess three heads and six arms while he revealed a furious glare from the eye between his brows. Moreover, there was a brilliant and golden lotus brand between on his forehead while he himself revealed a solemn and dignified appearance. 

Surprisingly, he was the innate Buddhist disciple of the Buddha Dimension, Zhen Lu!

At this moment, his six arms respectively held a Demon Suppression Sword, prayer beads, a bell, a staff, a green lantern, and a Buddhist scripture. His figure was lofty and suffused with a myriad of strands of Buddhist glow that dyed the entire heavens and the earth in brilliant gold.

The sound of the bell was clear as it reverberated through the air, and the shapeless soundwaves transformed into the form of dragons and tigers as they howled through the surroundings. The soul attack from before had precisely been executed from this bell.

“I never expected that a Buddhist disciple like you would know the art of sneak attacks. I’m truly overwhelmed by this unexpected favor.” Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent as he spoke calmly, and the murderous aura in his entire body grew stronger and stronger.

He was infuriated. It was fine if it was only a sneak attack earlier, but this fellow had actually intended to suppress and restrain Chen Xi’s soul, and these methods were simply ruthless to the extreme!

He was very well aware that if his soul hadn’t received the tempering and protection of the Fuxi Divine Statue since he started cultivating, then he would absolutely be unable to resist that attack from before, and it was even to the extent that another might not even have the chance to activate the Violet Ribbon Starcrest and escape.

A wisp of surprise obviously flashed past Zhen Lu’s eyes when he saw that Chen Xi was unaffected, and the ringing of the bell in his hand stopped along with this.

“It’s only a test. There’s no taboo in being vicious, killing, or anything else. Thus, utilizing any and all methods is perfectly reasonable.” Zhen Lu spoke as he withdrew his current form and recovered to his peaceful and tranquil appearance from before. As he stood on the lotus platform in the moon yellow colored monk’s robe he wore, he seemed to possess a graceful and extraordinary bearing.

Obviously, he knew that he’d lost the opportunity to deal with Chen Xi, so he intended to stop.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and said, “Doesn’t Buddhism talk about freeing the souls of all and being benevolent? But I don’t see any benevolence in you, and you’re instead like a ferocious and ruthless devil.”

“Does Benefactor intend to discuss the Dao with this monk?” Zhen Lu wasn’t infuriated at all, and he spoke calmly.

His voice was calm, slow, and revealed a composed and peaceful tone. If it was heard by a commoner of the mortal world, that commoner would definitely take him to be a true Buddha and kneel down in worship.

“Everyone knows that people from your Buddha Dimension are good in talking, and the only way to discuss the Dao with all of you is through force!” Chen Xi frowned and didn’t waste his breath any longer. He held his sword in hand as he charged towards Zhen Lu.

Just like Zhen Lu had said, there was no restriction on utilizing any methods during this second round of the test, let alone rules. But since Zhen Lu had gone against him and utilized such a ruthless and despicable method, then no matter how well tempered Chen Xi was, he couldn’t help but be filled with rage and killing intent at this moment.

As for Zhen Lu’s identity, he didn’t care anymore.

So what if he was the leading figure from the Buddha Dimension? This was the Immortal Dimension!


The Talisman Armament soared through the sky. Chen Xi had just executed Dreamlike Drizzle when he spun the Talisman Armament and executed Cloudwave Destruction to overlap it. The two ultimate attacks of the Sword of Water transformed into a rain of sword qi and waves of sword qi that covered the sky as they swept over.

At that instant, the clouds in the surroundings surged as if they were infuriated while a drizzle drifted through the sky. The heavens and the earth were enveloped by an infinite amount of the Laws of Water, and every single inch of the heavens and the earth were filled with a murderous, sharp, crushing, and destructive aura.

“It’s only a test today in the end. If Benefactor does indeed want to fight, then I’ll definitely accompany you in the future. At that time, this monk will cleanse the vicious qi in Benefactor’s entire body with a supreme profound technique, and it can be considered to be a boundlessly virtuous deed…” His peaceful and calm voice drifted through the sky as Zhen Lu actually activated the Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and he transformed into a ray of violet light and left the Bloodlands.


Chen Xi put his sword away while a heavy expression appeared between his brows. He naturally didn’t think that Zhen Lu was afraid of him, conversely, Zhen Lu’s display caused him to take Zhen Lu even more seriously.

Zhen Lu was absolutely a formidable enemy that was extremely shrewd. He immediately retreated when he noticed he’d lost any chance of killing Chen Xi, and he completely disregarded Chen Xi’s provocation. Unless Chen Xi possessed sufficient strength to crush Zhen Lu, otherwise it would be extremely difficult for Chen Xi to annihilate a figure like Zhen Lu.

The members of the Buddha Dimension are really experts in enduring and seeking certainty. They lack great willpower without enduring and lack freedom of the soul without seeking certainty. However, this Zhen Lu is really despicable… Chen Xi took a deep breath and discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind before turning around and flying towards the distance. 


To Chen Xi’s surprise, there wasn’t a single trace of anyone left within the entire Rockmess Forest. Could it be that all the other disciples who participated in the test have left the Bloodlands?

He was unable to figure it out. After he left Rockmess Forest, he searched other places, yet not to mention a person, he didn’t even notice the shadow of a single Cosmos Beast.

Chen Xi didn’t feel much regrets because he had sufficient Starpoints at any case.

“I’m going to leave.” Chen Xi let Wei Na out with a flick of his sleeve.

Wei Na was stunned, and she seemed to feel that it was slightly sudden and said, “Then…will you come back?”

Chen Xi shook his head. “It’s impossible. Even if I want to return, I probably won’t have the chance once the test passes.”

“Yes, then thank you for not killing me.” Wei Na lowered her head and spoke in a slightly weak tone.

“There are only friends and enemies in my eyes.” Chen Xi smiled, and then he didn’t speak any further before turning around and transforming into a ray of violet light that charged into the sky.

“You won’t feel the same way after you participate in the battle between the three dimensions and my Sacred Race.  That’s…a conflict of the Heaven Dao, and it’s an enmity of blood that can’t be reconciled for eternity. No one can avoid getting involved in it…” Within the empty mountains, the rabbit Wei Na had transformed into looked at the direction Chen Xi left while muttering without end.


On the square outside Dao Emperor Academy.

Under the gazes of everyone present, the name of Zhen Lu who was ranked at the second position on the floating wall of light dimmed down, and it caused the entire square to resound with a clamorous noise of astonishment.

They seemed to have never expected that Chen Xi would really become the last person to persist within the second round of the test, and his ranking in Starpoints was at the 1st position. No one could compete with him any longer!

At this moment, Tie Qiuyu had forgotten to ridicule Wang Daolu as well, and he stared blankly at the position of the first on the wall of light while he muttered. “If such a figure can’t become a new blazing sun of the Immortal Dimension, then the heavens are really blind…”

It wasn’t just Tie Qiuyu, most people present here including Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and Mu Linglong couldn’t help but have similar thoughts in their hearts.

The entire square was deathly silent, perfectly silent without the slightest shred of noise. Amidst the silent atmosphere, a shocking force was spreading.

At this moment, silence was even more powerful than words.


Chen Xi’s name dimmed down on the floating wall of light, and then a tall figure appeared at the scene and became the center of all attention.

The gazes everyone shot at this figure couldn’t help but carry a wisp of shock, wonder, praise… And there was also unwillingness, resentment, rage, and hatred…

But in conclusion, at this moment, Chen Xi had attained unparalleled glory! 

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