Chapter 1153 – First

Zhen Lu, 13,400 Starpoints.

Ji Xuanbing, 12,900 Starpoints.

Chen Xi, 12,300 Starpoints.

Zhao Mengli, 12,290 Starpoints.

These were the names that were still flickering on the floating wall of light now. Amongst them was the leading figure of the Buddha Dimension’s younger generation, a descendant of a True Phoenix from the Phoenix Clan, and a descendant of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Ji Clan.

On the other hand, Chen Xi had become the one and only disciple of the Immortal Dimension that possessed an extremely ordinary background and origin. He was from the Southbridge Continent, and most importantly, he was a figure that had ascended from the Mortal Dimension.

Most people present here hadn’t even heard of Southbridge Continent before this. After all, the Immortal Dimension was too huge, and the most famous within it was the four great continents. So, would anyone pay attention to and remember the names of the other four thousand plus continents?

Amongst the myriad of living beings in the Immortal Dimension, most of them might not even step out of the continent they lived in for their entire lifetimes, let alone gain knowledge of the other continents.

But now, the name of Southbridge Continent was branded within the hearts of everyone present here, and the reason was merely because of a single person, Chen Xi!

An ascender from the Mortal Dimension, a young man at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm had actually ranked at the 3rd position in the second round of the test, and this could be described as a miracle!

In the recruitment tests of Dao Emperor Academy in the past, an example of an event like this was impossible to find.

So everyone present couldn’t avoid feeling shocked in their hearts. Even the great figures from those top powers felt deep curiosity towards Chen Xi.

“I never expected that this fellow was actually so formidable. To think that I was worried he would suffer elimination at the hands of the Zuoqiu Clan.” Liang Ren muttered within the crowd, and his face was filled with admiration and surprise.

“I said he felt we were burdens that day, and it really proved to be true now.” Gu Yueming teased and made a harmless joke.

“Both of you did well.” The nearby Tie Qiuyu grinned as he spoke. “Originally, I thought that it would be lucky if a single person from our Southbridge Continent was able to enter Dao Emperor Academy, yet I never expected that there would actually be four now.”

“Four?” Liang Ren and Gu Yueming frowned.

“Of course. There’s also that little girl from the Yin Clan. Alas, I truly feel pity for that Jiang Zhuliu. He’s affected by his inner demons now, and he has returned to the Southbridge Continent by himself. His path in the Dao will probably stop here.” Tie Qiuyu sighed.

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming were indifferent instead, and they didn’t feel any pity for Jiang Zhuliu. The only thing that surprised them slightly was that Yin Miaomiao was actually not eliminated from the recruitment test.

“The third round of the test hasn’t even begun. It’s still too early for all of this.” Liang Ren shook his head.

Tie Qiuyu waved his hand casually. “Don’t worry. I measured all your Martial Dao Wills. So long as a huge unexpected event doesn’t occur, then all of you won’t be eliminated from the third round of the test.”

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming felt much more at ease when they heard this.

Tie Qiuyu suddenly raised his head and glanced towards Wang Daolu who stood in midair before he roared with laughter as he said via voice transmission, “Old friend, do you feel more and more regretful now?”

“Hmph!” Wang Daolu’s reply this time was very simple, and it was only a cold grunt. But when it entered into Tie Qiuyu’s ears, it caused him to laugh even more joyfully, as if he’d avenged a great enmity.

On the other side, at the corner of the crowd was Yin Miaomiao who stood there all alone. As she gazed at the name positioned at the third on the floating wall of light, she bit her cherry lips tightly while a deep sense of defeat surged into her heart, and her expression was dim and gloomy.

That voice resounded seemed to resound once more at the side of her ears. “You won’t have any qualification to challenge me in the future!”

Now, all of this seemed to have already come true…

Yin Miaomiao suddenly shuddered as she felt loneliness and coldness that came from inside out.

“Big Sister Linglong, you actually asked me to take care of Chen Xi. Did you not see that he’s ranked at the third position!?” Mu Xiaoliu spoke angrily within the hall far away from the square.

Mu Linglong rolled her eyes at him and said angrily, “If I knew he would be able to attain the 3rd, then would there be any need for trash like you to help him? Not to mention, are you even sure that you helped him in the second round of the test?”

Mu Xiaoliu’s face froze as he muttered angrily. “Even though I didn’t help him, I’m not a piece of trash. At any rate, I was ranked at the 37th position…”

Mu Linglong continued striking blows at him. “Don’t forget that cousin brother Junlin instructed before he left that you aren’t allowed to return to the clan if you can’t get a position in the top ten.”

Mu Xiaoliu’s eyes opened wide as he pursed his lips weakly. “Alas, I, Mu Xiaoliu, am unable to compare to Chen Xi. But Chen Xi can’t compare with Zhen Lu and Ji Xuanbing as well, right?”

Obviously, he was rather unconvinced of Chen Xi’s superiority.

Mu Linglong’s beautiful brows raised, and she was just about to scold Mu Xiaoliu fiercely when an overwhelming wave of exclaims of shock resounded abruptly from the distant square, and the wave of voices was so vast that it drowned the heavens and the earth.

After that, there was utterly no need for Mu Linglong to scold him before Mu Xiaoliu was utterly listless.

“My god! The first!”

“His Starpoints instantly rose explosively by five thousand! Could it be that he killed a Golden Immoral Realm Cosmos Beast?”

“Dammit! Don’t block my view. Quickly tell me who it is!”

“Who else? It’s Chen Xi of course!”

“Chen Xi? He…he…he…took the first position? He’s simply…a freak!”

The wave of voices was vast and seethed with excitement. Numerous gazes descended onto the position of the first in unison, and as they looked at the formidable amount of 17,000 plus Starpoints, the shock on their faces was impossible to conceal.

In merely an instant, five thousand Starpoints had appeared out of nowhere, allowing Chen Xi to completely surpass Ji Xuanbing and Zhen Lu, pulling open the distance between them by almost four thousand Starpoints!

Who could have imagined that such a scene would occur?

Tie Qiuyu hadn’t.

Wang Daolu hadn’t as well.

No one present here had!

It was precisely because they hadn’t expected it that they seemed to be so shocked when they saw this scene appear.


In one of the halls in the distance, Zuoqiu Yin who’d been eliminated a long time ago couldn’t restrain the grievance in his heart and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood when he saw such a scene.

He was truly too infuriated because he was clearly aware that more than half of the Starpoints that Chen Xi possessed had come from the clansmen of his Zuoqiu Clan. In other words, Chen Xi had gained this supreme glory by stepping over them!

It wasn’t just Zuoqiu Yin, the expressions of the other disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan were black like the bottom of a wok and were extremely unsightly. All of them gnashed their teeth while they almost exploded from their hatred.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Ke had completely lost her calm, and she said in a grim voice, “Trash! A group of trash! So much help was arranged for all of you, and it even consumed a great amount of resources from the clan, yet all of you were actually even unable to deal with a tiny ant. What are all of you if not trash?”

Zuoqiu Yin and the others were silent like cicadas in the winter, and their expressions became even more unsightly.

“Young Miss, calm yourself. The outcome is already determined, and it’s impossible to stop Chen Xi from entering Dao Emperor Academy any longer. Perhaps we can only take revenge on him in Dao Emperor Academy.” A grey clothed old man advised from the side.

“I understand all of this. The thing that hurts me is that our Zuoqiu Clan has utterly lost face today!” Zuoqiu Ke gritted her teeth and said, “In the past recruitment tests of Dao Emperor Academy, when has my Zuoqiu Clan even lost face like this? I…I don’t even know how I’m going to explain this to my Big Brother later!”

The others were silent.

Indeed, the display their Zuoqiu Clan’s disciples put on during this second round of the test was terrible indeed, and it was far inferior to the disciples of the other great ancient clans.

All of them were even noticed by everyone present here, and if nothing unexpected occurred, then ridicule towards the Zuoqiu Clan would grow wings and fly throughout the Immortal Dimension before the recruitment test even ended.

At that time, the reputation of the entire Zuoqiu Clan would probably be disgraced as well! And all of this was caused by a single person, Chen Xi!

“Chen Xi! You bastard that shouldn’t have been born into this world! Just you wait! Even if you enter Dao Emperor Academy, you must pay a hundredfold for all of this!” Zuoqiu Ke took a deep breath and gritted her teeth as she spoke. Her pretty oval face was covered in a ruthless and resolute expression, and it seemed to be slightly savage.

Meanwhile, after Chen Xi advanced into the position of the 1st on the floating wall of light, Ji Xuanbing who was ranked at the 3rd and Zhao Mengli who was ranked at the 4th both left the Bloodlands successively.

Both of them had obviously realized that it would be impossible to earn any more Starpoints if they stayed within the Bloodlands any longer, so they chose to leave.

Thus, only Zhen Lu and Chen Xi still remained within the Bloodlands and hadn’t made an appearance. Moreover, there was no change to the Starpoints they possessed, causing it to seem extremely strange.

“Where’s Chen Xi? He has already seized the position of the first, yet he still doesn’t intend to come out?” This was the voice in everyone’s hearts. 


At this moment, Chen Xi was sitting cross-legged within the Azurelotus Pond while absorbing the clear qi of the Grand Dao with all his might, and he was completely unaware of everything that occurred in the outside world.

After a long time, when the thick layer of liquid formed from the clear qi of the Grand Dao within the 30m wide Azurelotus Pond vanished, Chen Xi let out a long mouthful of foul air before he opened his eyes.

At this instant, he clearly sensed that his entire body was pure and translucent. As for his soul, it seemed as if it had been cleaned by the clear qi of the Grand Dao, causing his entire body to be clear while his thoughts were flawless and without any impurities.

Especially the center of his chest, a strand of airflow was faintly rising from there and seemed restless. The Earthly Soul was being developed there, and it was a sign that he was on the verge of advancing into the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

The Earthly Soul was the store of all the muddy qi in a person’s body, and it was called the second barrier of the barriers of the three mysteries. If one wanted to break through this barrier, then one had to completely eliminate the muddy qi within the Earthly Soul, allowing one to seek one’s true self and be untainted by the karma of the mortal world.

It was what was called ‘severing the mortal fate.’

When one was born into the world and consumed the grains of the mortal world, one suffered the effect of the mortal world’s evil. The Earthly Soul amongst the three souls couldn’t avoid being tainted by muddy qi, whereas the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm required that this muddy qi within the soul be eliminated, allowing one’s immortal body to become even purer and more translucent. Thus, attaining a transforming of one’s vital essence.

Now, after he absorbed the clear qi of the Grand Dao within the pond, Chen Xi’s Earthly Soul had become clear and bright like glass. The muddy qi within had been completely eliminated, and he only lacked a shred of attainment before he could break into the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

I never expected that merely some of the clear qi of the Grand Dao formed by the Primordial Azurelotus would be able to allow me to touch the threshold of the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. If I consume a leaf of the Primordial Azurelotus, then I’ll probably immediately advance in my cultivation, right? Chen Xi stood up, and he couldn’t help but praise in his heart as he sensed the changes in his body. The Primordial Azurelotus really did deserve to be a peerless immortal herb that was born before the universe was formed, and it was indescribably profound.

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