Chapter 1152 – The Eleventh Hour

The Primordial Azurelotus in his hand was extremely verdant. Its stem swayed while its nine leaves that were branded with divine markings were in the form of rising layers, whereas at the top was a bud that was getting ready to burst. It emanated strands of refreshing fragrance that seeped into the depths of one’s soul and bones, causing one to be intoxicated.

Chen Xi stood there staring blankly into the air. If it wasn’t for the Primordial Azurelotus in his hand and the Rockface Spiritking that had fallen in the distance, he wondered whether everything he just experienced was a dream.

Especially shocking to him was that he was actually unable to remember anything about that aged voice from before, and it seemed as if it had been wiped off from his memory.

He was only able to remember what the voice had said.

In other words, even if that aged voice resounded once more, he would be unable to distinguish that person’s identity.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but be shocked when facing such an unfathomable and extraordinary ability. After all, since he started cultivating until now, it was still the first time that he’d experienced something so mysterious.

Meng Xinghe!

No matter if I remember this voice or not, you’re definitely Meng Xinghe!

Chen Xi muttered in his heart before he took a deep breath, and then he discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind. He carefully placed the Primordial Azurelotus within a jade box before putting it away.

This Primordial Azurelotus had already been plucked off, so it was impossible for it to have any chance of growing and transforming any longer. It could only be stored as a peerless immortal herb, so it was a cause of slight regret for Chen Xi.

However, he was already very satisfied because not only had he obtained five thousand Starpoints, he’d even unexpectedly obtained a Primordial Azurelotus within the lair of this Rockface Spiritking, and it could be said to be extremely satisfactory.

In the next moment, Chen Xi’s attention fell onto the corpse of the Rockface Spiritking. He walked forward without the slightest hesitation, and he utilized the Talisman Armament to gather the Rockface Spiritking’s tendons, blood, and various other parts.

This was a Cosmos Beast on par to the Golden Immortal Realm, so its entire body was covered in treasures. Especially its tendons and bones, they were high-stage immortal materials for equipment refinement, and they could be refined into Cosmic Grade Immortal Treasures.

Merely these immortal materials are probably capable of being exchanged for a pretty good Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact… Chen Xi finally let out a sigh of relief when he finished gathering all the immortal materials in the Rockface Spiritking’s body, and a wisp of a smile suffused the corners of his mouth.

After entering the Bloodlands, Chen Xi had exhausted all the immortal materials he possessed for the sake of dealing with Whitetail King and his army. Even though he obtained a great deal of immortal treasures when cleaning up the battlefield after the battle, these immortal treasures had mostly been utilized as arrows to deal with Zuoqiu Yin and the others. So he consumed most of them once more.

It could be said that Chen Xi’s pockets were all dry earlier, and he was utterly poor. Fortunately, with these immortal materials he gathered from the Rockface Spiritking, it greatly replenished the wealth he possessed.

If the value of this Primordial Azurelotus was added in, then it would instead allow him to possess extraordinary wealth. Of course, unless he was an idiot, it was utterly impossible for him to exchange the Primordial Azurelotus for anything else.

After all, it was a peerless immortal herb that could only be chanced upon by luck!

The four great essential factors of cultivation were wealth, companions, techniques, and location. The higher one’s cultivation rose; the more important wealth became. For example, immortal treasures, medicinal pills, immortal stones, immortal materials, and so on and so forth. All of this was under the word ‘wealth.’

Compared to wealth, companions that also referred to seniors that passed down their knowledge, techniques that referred to cultivation techniques, and location that represented places to cultivate behind closed doors weren’t that important.

After all, Chen Xi’s cultivation had already attained the Mysterious Immortal Realm. He was already immortal, so if he still didn’t know how to cultivate, then it would simply be a joke.

In short, wealth was the most important on the path to immortality. Otherwise, the word wealth wouldn’t be placed at the top of this list.

“Eh, the clear qi of the Dao within the pond hasn’t vanished!” Chen Xi’s gaze inadvertently noticed that the jade waves were rippling within the pond. The clear liquid was formed from the clear qi of the Grand Dao, and it was extremely miraculous.

However, without the thirty six Primordial Azurelotuses residing here, the clear qi of the Grand Dao within the pond was evaporating and vanished swiftly.

If it continued at this pace, then it wouldn’t be long before the clear qi of the Grand Dao within the entire pond evaporated completely and the pond dried up.

In the next moment, Chen Xi sized up the surroundings and noticed there was no danger. So, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to leap into the pond, sit down cross-legged, and start cultivating in meditation.

The clear qi of the Grand Dao within this pond was extremely thick. Unfortunately, once it was exposed to the air, it would vanish without a trace, and even an immortal treasure was unable to gather them.

Chen Xi could only make the best use of his time and try his best to absorb as much as he could during this period of time, so as to avoid wasting god’s given gifts and waste it for nothing.


Strands of the clear qi of the Grand Dao transformed into an expanse of tidewater that surged into Chen Xi’s body, and they coiled around his body like numerous clear streams as they cleansed his soul and strengthened his Earthly Soul. It was extremely profound. 


The square before Dao Emperor Academy was covered in clamorous noise.

Since around thirty minutes ago, the entire square had fallen into an expanse of noise, and there were exclamations of shock, wonder, rage, astonishment…

The reason was that violent fluctuations had appeared on the Starpoint rankings on the floating wall of light, and these fluctuations had been going on until now!

Names were dimming down at practically every single moment, and this only carried two meanings. They were either killed and removed from the Bloodlands, or they’d activated the Violet Ribbon Starcrest themselves to leave the Bloodlands.

But no matter which it was, the dimming down of their names meant they’d been eliminated!

Of course, they could still participate in the third round of the test, but their rankings in the second round of the test were fixed and couldn’t be changed any longer.

Especially those disciples that were killed, their Starpoints had fallen to rock bottom, and they were positioned at the end of the ranking on the floating wall of light.

At the same time, the Starpoints behind some names underwent tremendous changes.

For example, Zhao Mengli and Ji Xuanbing’s Starpoints had broken through the barrier of ten thousand, and they were chasing up to Zhen Lu and Chen Xi who were respectively ranked at the second and first.

On the other hand, the Starpoints disciples of top powers like Xuanyuan Yun, Ao Wuming, Zuoqiu Yin, Jiang Canghai, Wenren Xiao, Zhongli Xun, and so on and so forth rose repeatedly and advanced by leaps and bounds.

However, compared to these leading figures of the younger generation from the various powers, their clansmen were being eliminated successively.

Most importantly, all of this was happening at the same time! Thus, it seemed to be too shocking, and they were unable to figure out exactly what had occurred within the Bloodlands.

“A chaotic battle! A great chaotic battle!”

“The seven great ancient clans, the Buddha Dimension, the Dragon Dimension, the Phoenix Clan, and all the other top powers are gathered there, and they’re in violent battle within the Rockmess Forest at the central area of the Bloodlands!”

In next to no time, some disciples that left the Bloodlands spread the news, and they revealed everything that had occurred within the Bloodlands, causing another uproar at the square.

No one had imagined that such an incident would actually occur at the final stages of the second round of the test. According to the routine of the previous years, there would be chaotic battles during the final stages of the test, but it would at most be between the disciples of a few powers. It was never of such a large scale as this current battle that had practically converged all the top powers that were participating in the test.

“No wonder! No wonder the rankings on the floating wall of light is changing so intensely!” Someone sighed with emotion.

“Look! The disciples of these powers are being eliminated one by one. Especially the Zuoqiu Clan, there are actually only less than three of them remaining!” Someone was shocked and didn’t dare believe that the Zuoqiu Clan was so weak.

“Practically all the disciples ranked outside of the top two hundred have been eliminated. Presently, even those ranked in the top hundred are being eliminated successively. It probably won’t be long before the second round of the test ends.” Someone pondered deeply and predicted that the curtains to the second round of the test were about to be drawn.

However, no one was able to infer exactly what brought about such a vast chaotic battle. Moreover, it was so horrifying and intense that it hadn’t ended until now.

Amidst this expanse of clamorous noise and shock, time slowly flowed by, whereas, most of the names on the floating wall of light had dimmed down. There were only some names flickering brilliantly at the position of the top fifty.

But it wasn’t long before names started dimming down amongst the top fifty, and this situation quickly spread to the top ten.

“Even Zuoqiu Yin has been eliminated. At this point, the Zuoqiu Clan has been completely wiped out!” They saw the name of Zuoqiu Yin that was at the 10th position on the floating wall of light dim down, but he wasn’t killed, and he’d activated his Violet Ribbon Starcrest to leave the Bloodlands. Thus, the Starpoints behind his name hadn’t vanished.

But even then, the hearts of everyone present jerked fiercely. It wasn’t because they felt pity for Zuoqiu Yin, and it was instead because all of them were clearly aware that the outcome of the second round of the test was about to be decided!

On the other hand, the elimination of Zuoqiu Yin was only the starting of the end!

Actually, up until this point in the second round of the test, it was extremely difficult to kill an opponent and obtain Starpoints. After all, everyone was a top existence with strengths that were almost on par. So even if an expert wasn’t a match for the other or suffered a surprise attack, the expert would be able to seize the opportunity to activate the Violet Ribbon Starcrest and guarantee himself a safe withdrawal from the Bloodlands.

Thus, even though many names positioned in the top fifty on the floating wall of light had dimmed down, their positions were fixed and didn’t change at all.

“Xuanyuan Yun had been eliminated!”

“Moqi Yan has been eliminated!”

“Mu Yuchong has been eliminated as well!” 


Along with the passage of time, the names at the top ten started to dim down one by one. The entire crowd exclaimed with shock every time this happened, and the atmosphere became more and more tense.

Even the great figures present here were staring fixedly at the floating wall of light at this moment because they were deeply afraid of missing the slightest detail.


Right amidst this atmosphere of anticipation, two names of the floating wall of light dimmed down simultaneously, and they were Ao Wuming and Zhongli Xun!

At this point, only Chen Xi, Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, and Ji Xuanbing remained amongst the top ten!

On the other hand, Chen Xi’s position of the 1st had been reclaimed by Zhen Lu and Ji Xuanbing, causing him to fall to the third position while his Starpoints were merely a little bit higher than Zhao Mengli that was at the 4th position.

But even then, it was extremely shocking to everyone present, and he even became the center of attention. After all, it was expected that Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, and Zhao Mengli would be able to persist until now, but never had anyone expected that Chen Xi would actually be able to persist until now, and he was still 3rd! 

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