Chapter 1151 – Primordial Azurelotus

The pond was around 30m in area. It was filled with jade waves, enshrouded with dense mist of immortal energy, and emanated strands of refreshing fragrance that gladdened the heart.

If one looked carefully, the mist, refreshing fragrance, and even jade green liquid within the pond were emanated by the thirty six azure lotuses.

These azure lotuses had ramrod straight stems and swayed elegantly. Every single azure lotus had nine leaves swaying along with it while the veins of these leaves were like talisman diagrams, and they were filled with an indescribably profound aura.

At this moment, the black clothed, robust, and bald middle aged man was sitting cross-legged at the center of the thirty six lotuses. His countenance was pale and translucent, the skin on his body was covered in numerous terrifying scars and rips, and his aura was flagging and on the verge of collapsing and falling into chaos.

Presently, two strands of clear air entered through his nose and mouth with every breath he took, and it circulated to form a scene that reflected the exchange between clear and muddy and the coexistence of Yin and Yang.

Obviously, he was relying on the energy of the Azurelotus Pond to repair his damaged body with all his might.

“Primordial Azurelotuses!? There are actually a total of thirty six here! They’re scattered within the pond in the arrangement of the stars and reveal a state where Yin and Yang coexists. A divine aura is innately emanated from them and can be derived into boundless things. They can be considered to be peerless immortal herbs!” Chen Xi held his breath in concentration in the distance while he was shocked in his heart. He never expected that the lair of this Rockface Spiritking would actually possess a divine herb like Primordial Azurelotuses.

A Primordial Azurelotus was a type of divine herb that was born at the period right after the chaos that enveloped the world had been split apart and the primordial world had just been born. It converged the clear qi and essence of the heavens and the earth, and it was profound, unfathomable, pure, and divine.

The Primordial Azurelotus was a divine herb that contained the clear qi of the Grand Dao, and it was a peerless and priceless immortal herb by itself. It was a treasure that could only be chanced upon by luck.

Most importantly, if one consumed sufficient clear qi of the Grand Dao while advancing into the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm and broke open one of the barriers of the three mysteries, the Barrier of Earthly Mystery, then one would be able to advance smoothly and develop the purest Earthly Soul!

The Earthly Soul was the place of convergence of muddy qi. When a person emerged into the world, it was unavoidable that one’s soul would contain muddy qi, whereas, the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm worked to cleanse this muddy qi within the Earthly Soul, transforming it into clear qi. At this point, one’s vital essence would undergo another transformation!

Of course, the effects of a Primordial Azurelotus was so simple, and it was capable of providing an indescribably profound effect when one advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm or even the Saint Immortal Realm.

After all, it was a peerless immortal herb. According to legend, in the boundless years of the Immortal Dimension, a Primordial Azurelotus had once attained the Dao and was transformed into a natural god. It cultivated for over ten thousand years and finally attained the Immortal King Realm, and it was called the Primordial Azurelotus Immortal King!

This obviously showed how extraordinary a Primordial Azurelotus was.

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi would find it so difficult to believe when he saw a divine herb like the Primordial Azurelotus actually existed within the lair of the Rockface Spiritking.

This was like a world shocking treasure trove was hidden within the house of a farmer, and it was unexpected and unbelievable.

Logically speaking, this is the Bloodlands, the territory of the Dao Emperor Academy. So, how could a divine herb like this have not been noticed? After all, there isn’t just a single lotus within the pond but an entire thirty six! If it was in the outside world, it would absolutely be covered by countless experts. Chen Xi frowned and faintly felt that the existence of Primordial Azurelotuses in the pond was slightly strange.

But right after that, he stopped thinking about all of this and placed his attention onto the black clothed, robust, and bald middle aged man. If he wasn’t wrong, then that was definitely the Rockface Spiritking.

I can’t delay any longer. This fellow’s collapsed vital energy is recovering bit by bit, and if he’s given a little bit more time, then I’ll probably have no chance of killing him… Chen Xi took a deep breath and withdrew the bow.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The bowstring suddenly shuddered three times. It was a dragon had roared as three high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts were shot out by Chen Xi with the Dao of Archery, and they transformed into dazzling rays of light that tore through space as they shot towards the center of the pond!

Wu~ Wu~ Wu~

Sharp and deafening sounds of friction resounded through the space ahead, and it disturbed the mind. Merely its imposing aura was already filled with an aura of obliteration and destruction of anything in its path.

“Hmph! Even a little bastard at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm like you thinks he can launch a sneak attack against this king?” At the center of the pond, the black clothed middle aged man that originally had his eyes closed in meditation had suddenly opened his eyes, and they were suffused with a wisp of an icy cold and bloodthirsty sheen. He seemed as if he’d expected Chen Xi’s appearance.

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and grabbed abruptly, and he easily grabbed the three ‘arrows’ in his hand. However, his figure suddenly trembled along with this, and the palm which he used to grab the ‘arrows’ even shivered.

A wisp of shock and bewilderment flashed within his eyes, and he seemed to have never expected that these three ‘arrows’ would actually possess such a formidable force.

“This is no sneak attack.”


At the same time that Chen Xi drew the bow and let the ‘arrows’ loose, he’d withdrawn the Talisman Armament and leaped over while slashing down at the Rockface Spiritking.


The sword strike transformed into a jade ocean that covered the sky and blotted out the sun, and it was boundlessly vast. It directly enveloped the Rockface Spiritking within it, and it was the strongest attack in the Sword of Water, Boundless Ocean! 

After all, the Rockface Spiritking was an existence comparable to a Golden Immortal. Even if he was heavily injured and on the verge of death, he wasn’t so easy to kill.

So as soon as he attacked, Chen Xi utilized his strongest moves.

“You ant! You’re courting death! Since you’ve delayed my important task of healing my injuries, then pay with your life!” The Rockface Spiritking howled furiously with a grim voice before his figure flashed, and he suddenly transformed into a 300m tall giant. The muscles on his body seemed as if they were made of rocks, and he had a terrifying appearance. He waved his arm before his palm crushed down ferociously like a veil that covered the sky.


A collision that shook the heavens resounded. It was like the sun and moon had collided, or a seismic wave had erupted. The terrifying after shock from it spread throughout the surroundings, and it shook the deep cave to the point rocks flew about in all directions while the rock wall collapsed.

However, the thirty six lotuses within the pond weren’t affected at all, and there seemed to be a shapeless force that had enveloped and protected them.


Chen Xi was blasted over 300m away. He coughed up blood while his face turned pale, and a wisp of shock that was impossible to conceal flashed within his eyes. He finally understood that he’d underestimate the Rockface Spiritking’s strength.

An existence at the Golden Immortal Realm was really not so easy to deal with. This could be discerned from how the joint forces of Zhao Mengli and Ji Xuanbing were unable to kill the Rockface Spiritking even after a long time.

However, in next to no time, Chen Xi heaved  a sigh of relief.

After their attacks collided head-on, the Rockface Spiritking didn’t seem to have suffered any harm on the surface, yet under the focused gaze of Chen Xi’s Eye of Divine Truth, the Rockface Spiritking’s vital energy was swiftly reducing and collapsing!

So long as he persisted for a while longer, then the Rockface Spiritking would definitely be worn out to death by him. 

“This King will let you off if you leave now. Otherwise, even the Violet Ribbon Starcrest won’t be able to save your life!” The Rockface Spiritking shouted explosively in a deep voice, and his words were peerlessly ruthless, yet a wisp of anxiousness was impossible to be completely concealed from his voice.

Obviously, he’d realized that he was in a bad situation.


How could Chen Xi listen to him? Chen Xi charged forward without the slightest hesitation.

“How audacious! Since it’s like this, then I’ll fulfil your wish!” The Rockface Spiritking roared furiously while his entire body surged explosively with boundless killing intent, and he entered into battle with Chen Xi.

Chen Xi was obviously in a disadvantageous position in this battle. He was blasted flying repeatedly and coughed up blood without end. He was in a rather sorry state. However, his eyes grew brighter and brighter as he fought because the vital energy all over the body of the Rockface Spiritking were showing signs of collapse.

On the other hand, the expression of the Rockface Spiritking grew more and more gloomy. His eyes that were like ponds of blood were filled with rage and anxiousness, yet no matter how desperately he fought, he was unable to kill Chen Xi.


The Rockface Spiritking slapped Chen Xi flying with a single strike. However, he didn’t pursue Chen Xi and turned around instead. He leaped up and entered the Azurelotus Pond and roared with an insane look on his face. “Since you’ve forced this King into a hopeless situation, then this King will destroy the Primordial Azurelotuses!”

As he spoke, he raised his arms, and then they emanated a myriad of strands of bloody light that seemed to form a pair of bloody axes before he smashed them down ferociously at the thirty six Primordial Azurelotuses.

Chen Xi’s pupils constricted. Never had he imagined that this fellow would actually act in this way, but it was already too late to stop the Rockface Spiritking.


However, unexpectedly, the Rockface Spiritking’s attack hadn’t even descended before a shapeless restriction suddenly surged out into appearance in the sky above the thirty six Primordial Azurelotuses. It transformed into a river of stars, and a bang echoed out as the 300m tall body of the Rockface Spiritking was blasted flying with a light wave of the river of stars!


The Rockface Spiritking fell onto the ground like a punching bag. The skin on his body had split open while fresh blood shot out from within, and countless bones in his entire body had been broken. No matter how he struggled, he was unable to stand up again.

This obviously showed how terrifying the injuries this strike gave him were. It caused Chen Xi who witnessed this scene from afar to be unable to help but gasp while feeling extremely shocked in his heart.

“Meng Xinghe! This King looked after the Primordial Azurelotuses for you for over eight thousand years, yet you actually intend to kill this King now! You…” The Rockface Spiritking roared hysterically with fury, and his voice revealed deep rage and resentment.

As soon as these words were spoken, it allowed Chen Xi to come to a complete understanding. Sure enough, these Primordial Azurelotuses belonged to someone, whereas the Rockface Spiritking was only the slave that looked after it!

Meng Xinghe!

Who’s that?

Could he be a great figure of the academy? Why did he place these Primordial Azurelotuses here?

Countless questions flashed within Chen Xi’s heart like bolts of lightning. However, before he could recover from his shock, the Rockface Spiritking had perished completely and didn’t make another sound.

At the same time, 5,000 Starpoints instantly appeared within Chen Xi’s Violet Ribbon Starcrest, and it arrived at a total of 17,000 plus Starpoints!

It clearly wasn’t me who killed it, yet I received the Starpoints. What’s going on? Chen Xi was stunned. There was no pleasant surprise in his heart as he looked at the Azurelotus Pond, and there was a wisp of bewilderment there instead.


Right at this moment, jade waves surged within the pond while the thirty six Primordial Azurelotuses seemed to have been grabbed by a shapeless hand, and they flew into the air and seemed to be about to fly away.

“You did well, young man. Your karmic luck is like a rainbow while your courage is exemplary. Since you had the luck to arrive here, then I’ll give this Primordial Azurelotus to you.” An aged voice resounded by Chen Xi’s ear. The voice was like thunderclap that seemed to be omnipresent. It revealed a grand feeling as if one was listening to the secrets of the Grand Dao, and it caused others to involuntarily arouse a wisp of reverence in their hearts.

As soon as his voice finished resounding in the air, an extremely verdant Primordial Azurelotus had appeared in Chen Xi’s hand, whereas the other thirty five Primordial Azurelotus vanished into thin air.

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