Chapter 1150 – Divine Azurelotus Pond

A chaotic battle erupted.

The powers participating in this battle were roughly divided into three sides, and they were the disciples of the top powers that were led by Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and Xuanyuan Yun; and the disciples of the top powers that were led by Zuoqiu Yin, Ao Wuming, Jiang Canghai, and Wenren Xiao.

As for the third side, it was instead a group of random forces. Compared to the other myriad of living beings in the outside world, they were extraordinary top experts of the younger generation, but when compared to the two other sides to the battle, they were like a rag-tag group. Moreover, they formed the smallest group, causing their forces to seem the weakest.

As soon as the battle erupted, most of the people in this rag-tag group were forced to activate their Violet Ribbon Starcrest and flee from this place. On the other hand, another portion of them weren’t able to flee in time, and they were killed on the spot before being taken out of the Bloodlands.

The scene was extremely horrifying, and it caused the distant Chen Xi to be extremely shocked in his heart.

But when he thought about it, it was really a coincidence that this battle erupted. He was still thinking about bringing misfortune onto those enemies who pursued him by way of the Rockface Spiritking, yet never had he imagined that it would be Zhao Mengli and the others instead. Everything was filled with the feeling of a coincidence.

This was what it meant when one said the matters of the world were difficult to predict. Because of luck, incidents that occur in reality are usually even more complicated, odd, and absurd than legends.

“One cannot avoid a disaster of one’s own making. Haha! Zuoqiu Yin’s feelings at this moment are definitely extremely complicated, right?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but reveal a wisp of a smile on the corners of his mouth as he looked at Zuoqiu Yin who was fighting in a sorry state within the battlefield.

He was very well aware that once this fierce battle ended, then the Zuoqiu Clan would probably lose more than half of its disciples, and there would be utterly no need for him to make a move before they would find it very difficult to stay in the Bloodlands any longer.

After that, Chen Xi restrained his thoughts and flew towards the depths of the rock forest.

The distant battle was spreading swiftly. It had already affected an area of a few thousands of kilometers, and it was still growing in scale. If he were to stay here, then it would be impossible for him to avoid being swept into the battle.

Chen Xi originally intended to stay behind and seize the opportunity presented in this chaotic battle to kill Zuoqiu Yin and the others, but he decided to leave in the end.

It couldn’t be helped, even if he wasn’t involved in the battle, this battle had started because of him in the end. Without him appearing here, it was impossible for his enemies and Zuoqiu Yin’s group to pursue him all the way here.

If Zhao Mengli and the others were to realize this, then it would absolutely not be anything good for Chen Xi.

Most importantly, Chen Xi had noticed earlier that the Rockface Spiritking was already heavily injured and on the verge of death. At this moment, if he made the best use of his time to pursue the Rockface Spiritking, then perhaps he would be able to benefit from this. 


However, even though Chen Xi had left, the subsequent events were something that he’d never imagined.

Zhao Mengli’s group and Zuoqiu Yin’s group fought violently, and both sides suffered losses. From time to time, disciples after disciples were killed and eliminated or forced to withdraw by activating the Violet Ribbon Starcrest.

Under these circumstances, the losses they suffered grew heavier by the moment.

But no one admitted defeat.

All of them were geniuses of top powers that possessed respected statuses and were extremely proud. All of them wished for nothing more than to write the word pride on their foreheads, so how could they yield to the other side?

Not to mention that this was the test within the Bloodlands. If it was in the outside world, then perhaps they might ponder if it was worth to carry out a battle of such a level. But they couldn’t be bothered about all of this while within the Bloodlands.

In any case, it was for the sake of obtaining Starpoints because even if one was killed here, one wouldn’t really die, so how could anyone possibly flee in the face of battle at this moment?

Moreover, the second round of the test was reaching its last moments. They who were rivals with each other couldn’t avoid a battle in the end, so since it was like this, having the battle earlier or later made no difference.

It was precisely because of such an understanding that the battle between these two parties grew more violent as time passed, and the battle affected an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers.

It was even to the extent that when they saw they were unable to do anything against the other side, no matter if it was Zhao Mengli’s group or Zuoqiu Yin’s group, both groups sent news to the powers they were on friendly terms with and invited their friends to assist them in battle.

“You’re calling others over? Hmph! Alright, I, Ao Wuming, just happen to be on friendly terms with Zhen Lu. Let me see who all of you can invite over!”

“Hmph! Do you think I’d be afraid of you bastards? Zhongli Xun and the others will be here soon. Amongst the seven great ancient clans, I, Ji Xuanbing, hate your Jiang Clan the most. Since we’re going to fight, then let’s fight to our heart’s content!”

“My Phoenix Clan has been on friendly terms with the Mu Clan since the ancient times. The Mu Clan is at the central area now, and they’ll be able to arrive in less than ten minutes.”

“Hmph! The Mu Clan and the Moqi Clan are sword enemies. If the disciples of the Mu Clan come here, then how can the Moqi Clan’s disciples not? As luck would have it, my Jiang Clan has been connected in marriage with the Moqi Clan for many generations!”

A wave of shouts sounded out from within the battlefield and resounded in the heavens and the earth. Both sides had become completely infuriated, and they wished for nothing more than to kill all the members of the other side. So, they disregarded everything else and gathered their friends in succession.

This was very normal. To these disciples that possessed respectable statuses, a well-connected network of allies was similarly as important as their background. Both of these were a part of their strength, and wasn’t the establishment of such a network for the sake of dealing with predicaments like the one before them?

This time you helped me, and next time I’ll help you. As they continued to help each other, it formed into a friendly relationship. Of course, this sort of friendly relationship was definitely established on the foundation that both of them possessed equal status because this sort of friendly relationship was established on the basis of equal status and background. In other words, it was a relationship that wasn’t pure at all.

As the saying goes, loyalty was only for those of low status, not nobles. 

Those that were loyal, righteous, and willing to lay down their lives for another were mostly lowly commoners, whereas those that were noble usually betrayed their friends because they possessed authority, status, and wealth, let alone possess any loyalty.

Of course, this was merely a general statement and might be slightly one-sided, but it was suitable to be used in most situations.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In next to no time, numerous figures started flying over menacingly from all directions, and they were swift like bolts of lightning. They didn’t conceal their auras at all, and they were utterly not worried that someone would dare to launch a surprise attack on them as they travelled.

The reason was very simple. Practically all of them were top powers on par with the seven great ancient clans like the Mu Clan, Moqi Clan, Zhongli Clan, and so on and so forth.

Their arrival was simply like a fan that caused the flames of the battle to grow vaster. Intense battles were everywhere while aftershocks rumbled and divine light descended chaotically, and it drowned the heavens and the earth in Rockmess Forest.

This scene could be described as world shocking, and it caused others to wonder if all the disciples still surviving in the Bloodlands had gathered here. 


In the depths of Rockmess Forest, Chen Xi couldn’t help but be bewildered in his heart as he felt the ground quake violently and sensed the sounds of battle that faintly resounded from behind him. This battle seems to be even more horrifying than I expected…

But this is good as well. The more people leave the test, the better it is for me. It’s best if all the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan are killed. That would truly be delightful and satisfying to hear. Chen Xi smiled before he placed his attention onto the area ahead.

At this moment, he didn’t care about how many Starpoints he could earn. After all, he already possessed over twelve thousand Starpoints within his Violet Ribbon Starcrest now, and such an amount was sufficient to be placed at the first position during the tests of the past.

So even if he was unable to earn any Starpoints at all now, he believed that his position wouldn’t fall beneath the top twenty.

Huff~ Huff~

A wave of sharp panting that was extremely unpleasant to the ear resounded in the distant darkness. It seemed to be slightly horrifying in the extremely dark environment in the surroundings, and it seemed like a peerless ferocious beast had its bloody mouth open in the distant darkness and intended to swallow up its prey.

Chen Xi wasn’t terrified but delighted instead because he was clearly aware that it was definitely the Rockface Spiritking that made these sounds.


In the next moment, his figure flashed like a drifting illusion as he flashed soundlessly through the darkness and carefully approached the depths of Rockmess Forest.

A tall mountain that stood towering into the sky, with peaks that rose and fell, and was like a barrier that was connected to the sky and earth obstructed Chen Xi’s path. Moreover, it covered up the sky above him and reflected darkness down upon him.

Beneath the mountain was a flat expanse of ground with a few piles of bones scattered about, causing it to seem horrifying.

After he arrived here, Chen Xi hide behind a rock before utilizing the Eye of Divine Truth to investigate ahead.

In next to no time, he noticed a hidden entrance to a cave on a precipice of the mountain wall. Under the assistance of the Eye of Divine Truth, Chen Xi clearly noticed that there was actually a vast space behind the entrance, and he couldn’t see the end of it!

On the other hand, the rock wall seemed to be ordinary, yet it was actually formed by numerous Rockface Spirits. With a rough count, he put them at over a hundred in number. Their figures had merged perfectly with the rock wall while their vital energy was restrained within their bodies, causing them to seem like ordinary rocks. If it wasn’t for the assistance of the Eye of Divine Truth, even Chen Xi would be unable to notice all of this.

If someone else were to enter this place, then that person would probably encounter the assault of these numerous Rockface Spirits before even entering the entrance, right? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart.

He stared silently at the entrance for a long time before he stretched out his hand and withdrew the bow, and then he suddenly shot an arrow towards the darkness at the side.


A sharp sound of the air being torn apart resounded, and it seemed to be especially conspicuous amidst the deathly silent atmosphere. After that, a pair of completely red and bloodthirsty eyes suddenly opened up on the rock wall. Moreover, there was a total of over a hundred pairs of such eyes that were large like lanterns. It was like a few hundred lanterns had suddenly lit up in the night, and all of them looked towards the side.

“Who is it?”

“Should we investigate?”

“Don’t make any rash movements. The King is heavily injured and on the verge of death, and he’s recuperating within the Divine Azurelotus Pond. We must guard the entrance well at this moment so as to avoid allowing those damnable natives of the three realms seizing the opportunity to enter the cave.” A wave of thoughts conversed before sweeping the surroundings, and when these thoughts swept past the back of the rock where Chen Xi was hiding earlier, Chen Xi’s figure wasn’t there any longer.

The reason was very simple, Chen Xi had already seized the opportunity to charge into the cave. He was like a breeze moving in the darkness, and he directly flashed towards the depths of the cave.

After a short moment, Chen Xi suddenly stopped while a wisp of a jet black sheen silently arose on the vertical eyes at the center of his brows. Within his field of vision, a jade colored pond that was suffused with a mist formed from immortal energy had appeared. At the center of the pond was thirty six blooming azure lotuses, and they swayed with divine brilliance while emanating a myriad of strands of auspicious qi. They were divine and pure.

Moreover, at the center of those thirty six azure lotuses was a robust and bald middle aged man sitting cross-legged there! 

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