Chapter 115 – Battle Deep In The Forest

Chapter 115 – Battle Deep In The Forest

A treasured vessel crushed the layer of clouds in the sky as it flew with extreme speed towards the north.

Chen Xi stood at the bow while holding a wine gourd that he frequently drank two mouthfuls from, his long hair fluttered in the wind, seeming free and without restraint; he wasn’t that weak youth that was reserved and dull any longer.

Grandfather has been avenged, the next target is the Su Clan… Chen Xi’s heart rose and fell rhythmically as he swiftly pondered in his mind. Annihilating the Li Clan didn’t cause him to put down his guard, as the Li Clan was only an underling at best, and the Su Clan was the one that pulled the strings behind the scenes.

He truly didn’t understand why the Su Clan would send out so many Golden Hall Realm cultivators for the sake of tearing up his marriage contract when he was four; he also didn’t understand why the Su Clan would direct the Li Clan to humiliate him and make it difficult for him in all respects during these past few years, and they’d even killed his grandfather and crippled the right arm of Chen Hao.

Exactly what secret was hidden behind this? Could it be related to the annihilation of my Chen Clan?

Chen Xi still clearly remembered what his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, had told him once. She was taken away by his uncle, as the Zuoqiu Clan behind her didn’t agree to her marrying his father. For the sake of wiping away this humiliation and for the sake of obtaining the abode within the jade pendant his mother left behind, the Chen Clan had become the final sacrifice.

In other words, the Zuoqiu Clan that his mother Zuoqiu Xue was from, was one of the culprits in the annihilation of the entire Chen Clan!

This was an enmity of death that couldn’t be undone!

Fortunately, according to his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, she’d already broken off all relations with the Zuoqiu Clan and had even paid the proper price, yet the Zuoqiu Clan didn’t let her off…

It was precisely because of this that Chen Xi wouldn’t be at a loss of whether to seek revenge from the Zuoqiu Clan. Revenge was definite, but the key point was that his mother was taken away!

If it wasn’t for this, would she have the heart to abandon him who was still young and his younger brother who was still an infant?

She would absolutely not!

Heavenly Immortal, why must I become a Heavenly Immortal to have the chance to see my mother again? Could it be that the power of the Zuoqiu Clan is even more terrifying than a Heavenly Immortal? Chen Xi had thought of this question more than once, but he was unable to think of an answer even after a long time. Perhaps, all this would only come to light when he attained the Heavenly Immortal Realm.

“Hey, Chen Xi. You really want to participate in that Hidden Dragon Ranking competition?” In the distance, the one 10cm tall little Ling Bai rode on the fist sized Bai Kui, and they swayed as they flew over.

The two little fellows both had the habit of eating Magic Treasures and felt like old friends right away. Their relationship now had already become extremely friendly, and this was a friendship between gluttons.

“Yes, I want to participate for sure.” Chen Xi nodded. Wandering about the cultivation world all alone was an extremely dangerous thing, after all. If he was able to join a sect, then it would undoubtedly be the best choice.

Cultivation couldn’t escape from the four words of wealth, companions, technique, and location.

Wealth was medicinal pills, spirit liquid, spirit materials, Magic Treasures, so on and so forth, like the money and gold in the mortal world. Without it, one would find it difficult to do anything.

Companions pointed towards Dao Companions, but it was also seniors and Masters. It was people that could help show one the right path, senior brothers and sisters who helped solve the things that puzzled one during cultivation. As the saying went, bitter cultivation for ten years was inferior to a single guidance by a great teacher, and when three walk on the same path, one amongst the three can surely be the other’s teacher for something.

Technique meant cultivation techniques, martial techniques, Divine Abilities, so on and so forth, and it was similarly something that every cultivator must have.

Location meant immortal mountains, spirit veins, and Blessed Immortal Grounds. Cultivating in places with abundant spirit energy was undoubtedly a hundred or a thousand times better than cultivating in a common area.

If he was able to join a sect, it would be equivalent to possessing wealth, companions, technique, and location at the same time, and this was precisely the benefit of joining a sect. Which cultivator in the world didn’t yearn to escape from the ranks of independent cultivators that were homeless and take a leap to become a disciple of a sect?

“Oh, it’s indeed so. After you join a sect, then if someone wants to bully you, the seniors in your sect will be the first to disapprove,” said Ling Bai with a grin.

“It’s not only that. After I join a sect, I’ll be able to learn even more techniques, and it even might be possible for me to obtain some Divine Abilities. Moreover, I can widen my horizons.” When he spoke up to here, Chen Xi laughed in self-ridicule. “In the past, I felt that Pine Mist City was extremely huge and those big shots were extremely extraordinary, but they now look extremely unimportant and ordinary. If I want to improve my strength, then I must walk out to wander an even vaster heaven and earth.”

“Well said!" Ling Bai clapped and praised. “My Master was like this all those years ago. Arrogant, unyielding, and not satisfied with his situation. What dangerous place had he not gone to for the sake of tempering his Sword Dao?”

Chen Xi smiled when he saw the little fellow acting experienced to praise him, and he stretched out his hand to flick Ling Bai’s little head, then said, “Speaking about your Master all the time, who exactly are you?”

Ling Bai shook his head. “I can’t tell you. If you knew, then an extremely large calamity would be not far from you.”

Chen Xi didn’t force Ling Bai, as now that the little fellow had gone through thick and thin with him. Ling Bai was surely doing this for the sake of protecting him, and he could understand it.


The treasured vessel flew swiftly, and seven days quickly went by.

The nearer they were to Dragon Lake City, the more cultivators they saw on their way. Some were riding steeds and cranes, some standing on flying swords, and there were also some that drove treasured vessels like Chen Xi.

Chen Xi had even seen a cultivator that stood on two wheels that spewed flames and waves of heat, and its speed was exceedingly swift. It made one sigh with emotion about the number of eccentrics in the world, and the amount of unusual Magic Treasures in the world caused there to always be something that one hadn’t seen.

Comparatively speaking, Chen Xi’s treasured vessel instead wasn’t so conspicuous.

“Eh, there’s a forest there. Let’s go capture some demon beasts and roast some meat?” Ling Bai pointed towards the distance. As he spoke, traces of saliva flowed out the corners of his mouth.

When roast meat was mentioned, even Bai Kui wasn’t poised any longer, his furry little body that was like a snowball rubbed on Chen Xi’s neck, and he had a flattering appearance as he acted like a spoilt child.

All along the way, when Chen Xi was free occasionally, he would personally cook some delicacies that possessed smell, taste, appearance and was full of spirit energy. This caused the two little gluttons, Ling Bai and Bai Kui, to be mad with delight. Every time they ate, they would sweep through it like a whirlwind, even licking the plate completely clean.

“Alright, we’ll rest here for a while, and then press on without letting up until Dragon Lake City.” As he spoke, Chen Xi had already put away the treasured vessel, then his figure jerked before falling downwards like a shooting star that whistled as it flew towards the forest on the ground.

This forest was verdant and luxuriant, with trees that reached the skies, and it occupied an area of around 500km. Numerous beast roars sounded out from within it from time to time, and there were even enormous birds with gorgeous feathers that fluttered about within it in groups. Obviously, this was a place that fierce beasts roamed freely.

But to Chen Xi who’d traversed the depths of the Southern Barbaric Mountain Range and killed numerous demon kings, this place couldn’t be said to be dangerous at all.

In next to no time, he’d captured a Darkhoof Ironcow that had just advanced into the ranks of demon beasts. He then cut, cleaned, started a fire, skewered, and spread seasonings in one stretch without stopping.

Hiss~ Hiss~

Before long, an enticing fragrance of meat suffused out into the air. As the dripping oil fell into the flames, they emitted a hissing sound, and a layer of tempting golden yellow had suffused the surface of the meat pieces.

Ling Bai and Bai Kui obediently sat nearby and stared fixedly at the meat pieces as they desperately swallowed their saliva, and they had expressions as if they were hungry ghosts that had been reincarnated.

“Hmm?” Chen Xi’s brows frowned as he raised his eyes to look into the distance.

“What’s wrong? Can we eat yet?” Ling Bai asked impatiently.

“There’s movement over there.” Chen Xi’s current Spiritual Perception was already extremely formidable and was even stronger than ordinary Golden Hall Realm cultivators. He instantly judged that there were people fighting at the southwest area deep in the forest!


“What do all of you want to do?” Deep in the forest, a young girl around the age of 15 or 16 cried out in rage. There stood a weak young man around the age of 12 or 13 beside her, and the two of them wore simple clothes that could even be said to be shabby.

At this moment, the two of them were being attacked by a burly man, and their situation was critical, as they only relied on the young girl to hold a sword and fight the burly man.

At the side of the battlefield stood two white clothed young men with their arms crossed before their chests, and they grinned as they watched the battle. Their gazes kept moving back and forward from the young girl's graceful figure and peerlessly beautiful face, and their eyes frequently flashed with an expression of greed and lust.

“Despicable! I never imaged that you Starnet Palace disciples would be so despicable and filthy!” She emitted a sharp cry of rage, and her beautiful oval face was filled with worry.

“Big Sister, you don’t have to care about me. Flee Quickly!” The youth by the young girl’s side was extremely weak. His features were immature, yet revealed a ruthless expression, but he didn’t know martial skills, so he could only hide behind the young girl’s back and worry without being able to do anything.

This brother and sister pair were obviously of poor birth. Not to mention the shabby clothes on their bodies, the sword in the young girl’s hand was only a mortal weapon, and many cracks had appeared on it, almost to the point of shattering. Moreover, her sword technique was simple, crude, and full of flaws. Obviously, she didn’t possess the guidance of a great teacher and had learned the technique purely by trial and error.

“Little beauty, stop struggling with your lousy sword technique. If it wasn’t for me taking care of your beautiful appearance, I would have killed you thousands of times. Obediently abandon resistance and let us three brothers have some fun, then we’ll let you and your little brother off, how about it?” The burly man laughed in ridicule, and he had an expression filled with lust.

“Ptooey! As one of the eight great sects of Dragon Lake City, the Starnet Palace actually has you things that are worse than pigs and dogs. Truly disgusting to the extreme!” The young girl gritted her teeth as she cursed.

“Hmph! You actually dare curse us as worse than pigs and dogs? You’re truly courting death! Since it’s like this, then Junior Brother, kill this little beauty’s little brother first, and let her know of our greatness!”

“Right, kill her little brother first, then play with her body before burning her corpse and obliterating all traces. Who in this world will know that it was us three brothers who did it?”

The two young men who watched from the sides with their arms crossed before their chest sneered and spoke out successively.

“Alright! I’ll do as Senior Brothers say!” The burly man smiled savagely, then he moved for the kill towards the youth behind the young girl.

“You dare!?” The young girl was enraged to the extreme. She swung her sword as she rushed forward desperately, actually disregarding her own life for the sake of saving her little brother!


Although the young girl blocked the burly man’s attack, the sword in her hand shattered into pieces, and she flew backward for over 30 meters before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Sister!” The youth was scared to the point he cried out loudly, then turned around to run towards the young girl, and he actually completely forgot that a villain still stood behind him!

“Wenfei! Watch out behind you!” When she saw this scene, the young girl was directly terrified to the point her beautiful face turned pale, terrified to the point her soul almost left her body, and she screamed out bitterly.

“It’s too late! Hahaha! Die!” The burly man raised the enormous sword in his hand and fiercely slashed downwards.

When she saw her little brother would be slashed alive into two halves, the young girl couldn’t endure it any longer and closed her eyes, and tears gushed out from her eyes like pearls.


It was at this moment that a wisp of flowing light swiftly appeared, it was fast like a bolt of lightning and directly pierced a bloody hole through the neck of the burly man, and a tall figure appeared like a ghost along with it.

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