Chapter 1149 – Lucky Coincidence


Stones shot out in all directions as flames danced in the sky. Zhao Mengli transformed into a True Phoenix with dazzling wings as she circled in the sky and effused a myriad of strands of True Phoenix Blaze that enveloped the entire heavens and the earth. 

Ji Xuanbing moved forward with large strides instead. He was like an emperor that had descended into the world, reviewed the state of it, and took control of it. He forced the Rockface Spiritking back repeatedly to the point it roared furiously without end.

On the other hand, Xuanyuan Yun directed the other disciples of the three powers instead, and they resisted the attacks of the thousand plus Rockface Spirits.

The scene was in chaos, and it was horrifying.

It was obvious from this that these three forces had divided their tasks clearly, and they had rather tacit cooperation. It seemed as if they’d planned and prepared the exact steps to deal with the Rockface Spiritking. 

In short, the battlefield in the distance was too terrifying and possessed a vast impetus. It caused Chen Xi to be extremely astounded, and he didn’t dare interfere in it.

After all, a force of a thousand plus Rockface Spirits and a Rockface Spiritking was sufficient to annihilate the disciples of any force!

Presently, even though these Cosmos Beasts were besieged by the joint forces of the Phoenix Clan, the Ji Clan, and the Xuanyuan Clan, if Chen Xi were to make a sudden appearance at this moment, then it would surely draw the vigilance of Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and Xuanyuan Yun.

This would definitely cause delays in the rhythm of their battle. If the Rockface Spiritking seized this opportunity to flee or utilized the opportunity to kill some disciples from their side, then they would absolutely hate Chen Xi to death.

This Rockface Spiritking obviously possesses a strength at the Golden Immortal Realm, yet now it would seem like it has been trapped, and it’s actually unable to do anything against the joint forces of Zhao Mengli and Ji Xuanbing… Chen Xi frowned because this was a bit unusual. It wasn’t just a difference of a realm between a Golden Immortal and a Mysterious Immortal, so it was utterly impossible to surmount.

In the Immortal Dimension, Golden Immortals could already become an overlord of an area, a central pillar of the Immortal Dimensions forces, whereas it was practically impossible for Mysterious Immortal Realm experts to surmount the difference between these two realms and defeat a Golden Immortal.

Because no matter if it was the Dao Heart, Immortal Force, soul, or control of the Laws, the difference between Golden Immortals and Mysterious Immortals was like the gap between the heavens and the earth.

It was an absolute wall of a realm. Since the ancient times until now, there had been cases of Mysterious Immortals killing Golden Immortals, but practically none of them were in a head-on battle.

It was either through a sneak attack or the utilization of some sort of secret technique or treasure. Besides this, it was utterly impossible to defeat a Golden Immortal through one’s own combat strength.

As far as Chen Xi was concerned, Zhao Mengli’s group of three forces had obviously utilized something before the battle began, causing the Rockface Spiritking’s strength to be greatly restricted. Otherwise, it would absolutely not be so inferior.

However, even then, the Rockface Spiritking was still able to fight with Zhao Mengli and Ji Xuanbing until now, and this obviously showed how formidable its combat strength was.

If it was able to fully display its might, then Zhao  Mengli and the others could probably only flee.

I heard that killing a Cosmos Beast at the Golden Immortal Realm is worth six thousand Starpoints. I wonder if it’s true… Chen Xi sighed endlessly with emotion in his heart when he watched Zhao Mengli and the others gradually occupy an absolute advantage against the Rockface Spiritking.

He was very well aware that he couldn’t dream of killing such a Cosmos beast because he was clearly aware from the sight of Zhao Mengli and the others who required the joint forces of three powers to deal with this Cosmos Beast, if he wanted to kill such a Cosmos Beast by himself, it would be utterly impossible.

After that, Chen Xi didn’t think any further. His figure flashed as he moved silently towards the depths of the rock forest. The reason was very simple, he’d already noticed that those fellows that wouldn’t stop pursuing him had caught up.


“Who is it?”

Even if Chen Xi had restrained his aura, he was still noticed by Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and Xuanyuan Yun. Two ice cold gazes swept over like bolts of lightning towards him, and they carried an icy cold warning.

However, when they saw Chen Xi was only heading towards the depths of the forest and didn’t have any intention to interfere in their battle, then they withdrew their gazes before concentrating in the battle with the Rockface Spiritking.

Chen Xi finally heaved a sigh of relief after he arrived 500km away from the battlefield. He didn’t continue forward but stood on the spot while sizing up the distant battlefield with the Eye of Divine Truth.

He naturally wasn’t waiting for an opportunity to interfere in the matter. He merely wanted to see if those fellows pursuing him would dare to go through this battlefield and continue chasing after him.

As for going around that battlefield, it was utterly impossible. This rock forest was densely covered with rocks all around, so when they went around that battlefield, Chen Xi would have vanished without a trace by then. 


Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In next to no time, numerous figures appeared outside the battlefield, and it was precisely that group of experts that were pursuing Chen Xi.

They similarly noticed the battlefield, causing their expressions to go pale while they didn’t even dare breathe heavily as they were deeply afraid of disturbing the parties to the battle.

Obviously, they’d noticed that if they dared to disturb Zhao Mengli and the other’s battle, then there would absolutely be no end to their troubles, and it was even to the extent they might be killed on the spot.

 After all, compared to disciples of top powers like Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and Xuanyun Yun, they seemed to be slightly weak, and it was like the difference between a lion and a wolf.

Chen Xi laughed coldly without end in his heart when he saw such a scene. They dared to pursue him fearlessly, yet didn’t dare to disturb Zhao Mengli and the others. These fellows really only dare to bully the weak, yet fear the strong.

He silently withdrew the black bow and was just about to kill some of his enemies, yet he thought for a moment and abandoned this thought in the end.

If he launched a surprise attack at this moment, then it was unavoidable that the attack passed through the battlefield, and it would be similarly extremely troublesome if it drew any misunderstandings.

“Bastards, move aside! Otherwise, I’ll kill all of you!” Right at this moment, a shout that was filled with boundless arrogance suddenly resounded from the other side of the battlefield, and it shook through the surroundings. 

Chen Xi raised his eyes to look over, and then a wisp of a strange smile couldn’t help but suffuse the corners of his mouth. Surprisingly, Zuoqiu Yin and the others had chased over in a formidable array, and those enemies that had pursued him earlier just happened to be blocking Zuoqiu Yin’s group’s path.

That voice from before was Ao Wuming’s.

Most importantly, this shout couldn’t help but shock those enemies of Chen Xi’s, and it caused Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, Xuanyuan Yun, and the others who were in battle to reveal grim expressions.

The gazes of everyone descended onto Zuoqiu Yin and the others in unison.

Chen Xi acutely noticed that when they saw Zuoqiu Yin, Ao Wuming, Jiang Canghai, Wenren Xiao, and the others actually come over with such a huge force, the expressions of Zhao Mengli and the others turned extremely grim while a wisp of gloominess appeared in the space between their brows.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Yin and the others were slightly stunned upon noticing Zhao Mengli’s group, and then they frowned.

The atmosphere became slightly strange for a moment.


Amidst this strange atmosphere, the Rockface Spiritking that was on the verge of falling into a hopeless situation suddenly let out a long roar, and it seized this short opportunity to transform into a jet black light that forcefully charged through Ji Xuanbing and Zhao Mengli’s defenses before fleeing towards the depths of the rock forest.

On the other hand, the other Rockface Spirits stopped besieging Xuanyun Yun and the others, and they fled off in all directions.



Zhao Mengli and Ji Xuanbing’s expressions instantly turned gloomy, and even the expressions of Xuanyuan Yun and all the disciples they brought along had turned hostile.

The hearts of all those enemies that had pursued Chen Xi and Zuoqiu Yin’s group jerked when they saw this scene, and they said in their hearts, Shit!

“Everyone, please allow me to explain…” Zuoqiu Yin spoke hurriedly, yet he was coldly interrupted by Zhao Mengli. “It has already come to this, so is there any need for explanations? All of you have disrupted something important of ours, so make up for it with your Starpoints!”

As she spoke, her figure flashed and swiftly transformed into a True Phoenix with gorgeous wings and a noble bearing. She danced through the nine heavens before her wings spread, and then a myriad of strands of flames rained down.

She actually didn’t intend to listen to Zuoqiu Yin’s explanation at all and attacked ferociously!

This obviously showed how infuriated Zhao Mengli was at this moment.

“Brother Xuanbing, the matter isn’t like this. Please calm down!” Zuoqiu Yin became even more anxious when he saw this, and he shouted explosively without end.

Never had he imagined that they would actually disrupt Zhao Mengli and the others while merely pursuing Chen Xi, and it was truly an unforeseen calamity that caused him to be depressed to the point of almost spitting out blood.

“We were opponents since the beginning, so even if it’s a misunderstanding, since we’ve encountered each other, then we’ll decide on the victor in battle!” Ji Xuanbing spoke calmly.

His voice was filled with a murderous tone.

Even with Ji Xuanbing’s disposition, he couldn’t help but be unable to restrain his rage when he saw the Golden Immortal Realm Cosmos Beast that was about to be annihilated had fled because their battle was disrupted at the critical moment.

“Kill! Kill all these fellows that intended to take advantage of the battle!”

“Dammit! I fucking persisted painstakingly until now, yet it was all for nothing now. All of you must pay the price for this!”

“Kill these fellows! Seize their Starpoints!”

The disciples of the Phoenix Clan, Ji Clan, and Xuanyuan Clan couldn’t restrain the rage in their hearts any longer, and they roared fiercely and furiously as they attacked Zuoqiu Yin’s group.

For a time, the sky was filled with blazing light while immortal treasures collided with each other and immortal arts surged. It drowned out an entire area of 500km in the surroundings.

The situation had fallen into complete chaos.

“Dammit! Dammit! Could it be that these fellows have gone mad? Doing this will only cause both our sides to suffer heavy losses!” Zuoqiu Yin’s expression was livid, and his eyes almost blazed with flames.

Since he decided to deal with Chen Xi until now, he noticed that nothing he did ever went smoothly. He suffered setbacks repeatedly, and after they invited over formidable assistance with great difficulty now, they should have been able to kill Chen Xi, yet never had he expected that they would offend Zhao Mengli, Ji Xuanbing, and Xuanyuan Yun instead!

This is simply utter misfortune!

“Hmph! Do you think we’d be afraid of all of you? Since you act indiscriminately, you deserve being unable to kill that Rockface Spiritking!” Meanwhile, Ao Wuming spoke coldly as well while he leaped up and transformed into a 30k long green dragon that moved to assault Zhao Mengli.

“Can this fellow not cause trouble? Isn’t he pushing us into a pit of fire?” Zuoqiu Yin was angered to the point he almost exploded from rage when he saw this scene, and his face twitched without end.

But at this moment, it was already too late to say anything because it was utterly impossible to calm the situation down now no matter how he explained.

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