Chapter 1148 – Rockface Spiritking


Chen Xi swung his sword casually to disperse the young man’s attack. The swords collided with a bang that shook the nine heavens and pierced the ear drums of all, and it erupted with blazing sword qi that swept towards the surroundings.

After suffering this attack, Lin Qianhui relied on the force of the attack to flash backwards, and he moved at a strange angle as he tore through space and swiftly vanished within the boundless night sky.

“The Eye of Divine Truth really is as profound as the legends say. If you have the chance, I welcome you to pay a visit to my Lin Clan. Those seniors of mine will definitely receive you courteously.” Lin Qianhui’s voice sounded out by his ear, and it caused Chen Xi who intended to pursue Lin Qianhui to stop abruptly. Chen Xi frowned without end because Lin Qianhui’s display was truly a bit too strange.

He faintly felt that Lin Qianhui seemed to attach great importance to the Eye of Divine Truth, and it might be precisely because of this that Lin Qianhui had suddenly stopped and left.

The reason was very easy to guess. No matter how profound the Divine Evernight Technique he cultivated was, and even if it allowed him to merge completely with the darkness and fully conceal the vital energy of his entire body, it was fully revealed beneath the gaze of the Eye of Divine Truth. Thus, Lin Qianhui was utterly unable to do anything to Chen Xi.

Under such circumstances, turning around and leaving was the wisest choice for an existence that was like an assassin.

In next to no time, Chen Xi shook his head and stopped thinking about this. He turned around to look behind as the Eye of Divine Truth opened while flowing with jet black light, and it revealed a myriad of secrets.

Looks like the commotion caused by my battle with Lin Qianhui earlier has drawn the attention of many gazes… You really are a bastard! Pay a visit to your clan? It’s good enough if I don’t kill you!  In the next moment, Chen Xi sighed before his figure flashed, and he flew towards the distance.


“It really is that kid’s aura!”

After a short moment, a group of people flew over in a vast array of almost two hundred people. Shockingly, it was Zuoqiu Yin and the others.

A grey clothed young man amongst them bent down and smelt for a moment before he stood up and said hurriedly, “The target left not too long ago. He’s heading towards the central area.”

Zuoqiu Yin nodded with a murderous expression before he waved his hand and said, “Set out! Continue the pursuit!”

The grey clothed young man was called Zuoqiu Ting. He possessed extraordinary natural talent and was extremely sensitive to smell. He was capable of distinguishing a variety of unique auras in the heavens and the earth, so he was a superb tracker.

The group immediately set out once more, and they charged towards the central area.



At the border of the central area was a vast rock forest, and numerous bare rocks shot into the sky. They seemed like blades, swords, axes, halberds… They were of all shapes and sizes, and it just happened to seem like an ocean of rocks.

This place was called Rockmess Forest, and a type of Cosmos Beasts called Rockface Spirits resided within it. They moved around in groups, lived on consuming rocks and metals, and possessed a ruthless and cold nature.

The strength of every single Rockface Spirit was comparable to an expert at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. According to rumor, a Rockface Spiritking resided in Rockmess Forest, and it was a terrifying existence at the Golden Immortal Realm!


A black shadow flew over from afar. It was like a bolt of lightning that instantly vanished within the dense rock forest.

“Quickly! That kid is already injured. It’s the best opportunity to annihilate him now!”

“It’s better to be a bit careful. Over thirty experts have perished at his hands all along the way here. We have to take precautions.”

“Exactly. Don’t split up so as to avoid giving him an opportunity to take advantage of!”

Not long after the black shadow vanished, another group of people swarmed over menacingly, and there was around thirty plus of them and all of them revealed a capable and oppressive aura.

They conversed briefly before splitting up into three groups of over ten people, and then they charged into the rock forest.

In the depths of Rockmess Forest was a short and inconspicuous mountain. The mountain was covered in strange rocks of all shapes and sizes, and it was completely barren. At this moment, a cave had been forcefully dug open within the mountain wall.

At the entrance to the cave was an illusory formation instead to avoid it being noticed.

Chen Xi gasped for breath as he forcefully endured the pain in his entire body. He sat cross-legged as he took a deep breath, and he healed his injuries with all his strength while pondering about his experiences all along the way here.

After he repulsed Lin Qianhui, he set out towards the central area, yet never had he imagined that the entire way was actually not peaceful at all, and he would suffer surprise attacks from time to time.

These opponents came in groups of at least three to five, and it went up to over ten people. There was a difference in their strengths as well, the weaker were roughly comparable to the experts around the 500th position on the ranking, whereas the stronger were capable of being ranked in the top hundred.

Of course, all of these surprise and sneak attacks didn’t cause any harm to Chen Xi. But he was helpless against their numbers. Practically as soon as he killed a group, another group would rush over, and they were simply annoying like flies that had sensed the smell of blood.

The thing that Chen Xi gnashed his teeth with hatred the most at was that every single time he was about to kill his opponent, they would activate the Violet Ribbon Starcrest. This caused his to have merely earned 2,200 plus Starpoints after eliminating forty opponents.

Actually, this was already considered really good gains because once the later stages of the second round of the test began, no one was an idiot to the point of giving away the Starpoints they possessed. So they would definitely activate the Violet Ribbon Starcrest as soon as they encountered danger and withdraw themselves from the test.

This caused the difficulty of earning Starpoints to grow more and more difficult. However, so long as one killed an opponent successfully, then the Starpoints earned were rather shocking as well.

The disciples of the top powers aren’t amongst these people who’re pursuing me, so it isn’t a big deal. The problem is Zuoqiu Yin and the others are always following behind me, and it’s slightly difficult to get away from them…

Perhaps they’re worried as well that I would activate my Violet Ribbon Starcrest and leave the test? However, in this way, I would be letting my opponents off too easily. Since they dared to pursue me, Chen Xi, it doesn’t make sense if they don’t pay the price…

This is already within Rockmess Forest. I heard a Rockface Spiritking at the Golden Immortal Realm resides here. It wouldn’t be a bad idea if I’m able to find him and draw misfortune to all of those fellows.

Chen Xi’s gaze was deep while his mind was cold like snow. He carefully and meticulously analyzed the situation he was in now while the injuries on his body were healing swiftly.

Actually, the injuries he suffered all along the way here weren’t heavy. The crux was that he’d suffered sneak and surprise attacks too many times, and it was extremely dangerous every single time, causing his soul and Dao Heart to faintly show signs of being unable to endure it while his physical strength was consumed too much.

If it wasn’t for this, merely relying on the assistance of the Dark Parasol Sapling would allow him to not be in such a sorry state and flee all over the world like a rat running across the street.


Right at this moment, a wave of violent shaking suddenly came from the entrance of the cave. At the same time, the entire mountain shattered abruptly, causing rocks to spray down as it collapsed.

Chen Xi swiftly stood up and stretched his body before picking up the Talisman Armament and charging out.


The rain of sword qi was like a dream as it drifted through the surroundings. The sharp and murderous strands of sword qi were like a drizzle that slipped into the night along with the wind, and it sliced up everything that obstructed Chen Xi.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Blood sprayed into the air while shrill cries resounded.

Chen Xi didn’t even spare a glance to this, and his movements weren’t sluggish in the slightest. Once he charged out of the cave, he flew off like a black bolt of lightning.

“Pursue him!”

“Dammit! He escaped again!”

“Dammit! Is this kid’s body made of Glazed Imperial Gold? Why isn’t he exhausted at all?”

A wave of cursing resounded, but Chen Xi’s figure had already vanished.


Rockmess Forest was extremely large. Chen Xi flew for the entire time for an incense stick to burn, yet he still couldn’t see the end of Rockmess Forest.

Moreover, the deeper he went into the forest, the more chaotic the energy of the heavens and the earth in the forest became. It revealed an oppressive force that seemed extremely ghastly, and it covered the sky and blotted out the sun.

Moving within the forest was like entering into a tomb that was enveloped in darkness. The barren rock mountains were like steles that had been towering within the darkness for countless years, and they were ghastly, solemn, oppressive, and horrifying.

When he arrived here, Chen Xi noticed the enemies behind him were unable to catch up to him for some time, so he slowed down and started to investigate the surroundings.

According to his knowledge, the central area was the most terrifying area within the Bloodlands. Not only was its environment adverse, it was filled with numerous temporal storms, spatial rifts, and Cosmos Beasts and Xeno-race experts equivalent to the Golden Immortal Realm were scattered about here.

The Rockmess Forest was covered in numerous Rockface Spirits. This type of Cosmos Beast moved in groups like an army, and they possessed formidable strengths, so ordinary figures didn’t dare enter this place by themselves.

But up until now, not to mention a temporal storm, Chen Xi hadn’t even encountered a single Cosmos Beast, and this was a bit too strange.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As Chen Xi pondered, a wave of rumbling faintly resounded from afar. Moreover, the closer he went over, the louder the rumbling became. At the end, the rumbling was simply like an erupting volcano or the collision of the sun and moon, and its impetus was extremely shocking.

“How loud!” Chen Xi was shocked in his heart and didn’t dare get too close, and he executed the Eye of Divine Truth to investigate instead. He was shocked in his heart when he saw the scene in the distance clearly.

It was a spacious plain over there. At this moment, an entire thousand plus Cosmos Beasts with bodies that were huge like mountains, completely made of rock, and had savage appearances were rampaging about there. They were like a torrent of rocks that surged about, and everywhere they passed, mountains collapsed while the ground split open!

Shockingly, it was over a thousand Rockface Spirits!

Especially horrifying of it all was that at the center of them all was an enormous Rockface Spirit that was 300m tall, completely covered in surging baleful mist,  and had a terrifying appearance and green fangs. Moreover, its eyes were like lakes of blood that erupted with a terrifying and bloodthirsty sheen. It emanated a terrifying aura that assaulted Chen Xi’s face just from standing there.

The Rockface Spiritking!

A formidable existence comparable to the Golden Immortal Realm!

Chen Xi’s heart couldn’t help but constrict when he saw this scene, and he felt lucky in his heart that he didn’t trespass rashly into that area, otherwise, he would probably have no need to struggle and could only activate the Violet Ribbon Starcrest to flee.

But right after that, Chen Xi noticed that numerous figures were soaring and flashing over there, and they were actually fighting the Rockface Spiritking!

When he looked carefully, there were around a hundred plus figures, and they were divided into three forces. Moreover, every single force had a leading figure.

“The Phoenix Clan’s Zhao Mengli! The Ji Clan’s Ji Xuanbing! The Xuanyuan Clan’s Xuanyuan Yun!” Chen Xi brows couldn’t help but raise up when he saw such a scene, and then he muttered. “No wonder. So it turns out that these three forces have joined forces, and they actually intend to kill this Rockface Spiritking. Truly impressive!”

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