Chapter 1147 – A Descendant Of Evernight Immortal King

It was precisely because he understood the nature of the Dragon Clan that Zuoqiu Yin wasn’t infuriated, and he just glanced calmly at Ao Wuming before he said in a low voice, “I’ll be frank since the matter is urgent.”

When he spoke up to here, he paused, and he said after he saw that the others didn’t object, “I presume all of you know who you’ve come to deal with. So, I hope that all of you can temporarily listen to my command until we kill him, otherwise please leave.”

These words were frank indeed, and there wasn’t anything tactful about it.

The meaning was similarly extremely simple — All of you have come to help me because my Zuoqiu Clan promised you something. So please listen to my instructions when helping me, so as to avoid chaos in our group from lacking a leader.

“Of course.” Jiang Canghai smiled lightheartedly and didn’t mind at all.

“That’s how it should be.” Wenren Xiao nodded as well.

“Hmph! I’ll only help you kill the target, but I won’t allow you to order me about at your will.” Only Ao Wuming grunted coldly and displayed a trace of displeasure. However, even though he spoke like this, he still tacitly agreed to Zuoqiu Yin’s request.

When all three of them had agreed, the others naturally had no objections.

Zuoqiu Yin’s expression eased up slightly before he cupped his hands and said, “Then I’ll thank all of you first.”

Subsequently, he called Jiang Canghai, Wenren Xiao, and Ao Wuming over to discuss some matters in private, and it was none other than how they should deal with Chen Xi.

On the other hand, the other disciples gathered together and chatted softly amongst themselves.

The atmosphere was very calm and without any signs of vigilance. Actually, there was utterly no need for vigilance. At this moment, the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan, Jiang Clan, Wenren Clan, and Dragon Dimension were gathered together, and it could be said that experts had gathered together like the clouds in the sky. There was probably no one in the entire Bloodlands who would dare to look for trouble with them at this moment.


I never expected that the Zuoqiu Clan would actually call for so much assistance. They probably paid a great price… At an extremely far spot, Chen Xi silently withdrew the Eye of Divine Truth before his brows knit together slightly, and his face revealed an expression of deep contemplation.

The addition of the disciples from the Jiang Clan, Wenren Clan, and Dragon Dimension caused Chen Xi to have no choice but to treat this matter carefully, and it was even to the extent that he felt heavy pressure.

Those were almost two hundred experts, and there was no lack of top experts like Jiang Canghai, Zuoqiu Yun, Ao Wuming, and Wenren Xiao.

It could be said that these forces were sufficient to move freely through the Bloodlands by themselves. Unless the disciples of other top powers joint forces together, otherwise, no one would dare offend such a force.

Chen Xi was clearly aware that the length of their cooperation entirely depended on how long he could survive.

Nevermind, I’ll let those disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan off for now, and I’ll rush to the central area. The disciples of many top powers are probably gathered there, and once we’re there, their coalition will definitely be feared by the disciples of the other top powers. Perhaps trouble might even arise.

All in all, so long as I’m able to create confusion and chaos, then perhaps I’ll be able to find an opportunity.

Chen Xi swiftly pondered in his mind before he decided to leave for now and head to the central area of the Bloodlands.


Under the pitch black veil of night, a black shadow swiftly transformed into a ray of flowing light that flew between the mountains, and it vanished without a trace in the time of a few breaths.

Ten minutes later, Chen Xi’s eyes focused as he suddenly stopped moving. He silently concealed himself in the gorge at the side before withdrawing the aura emanated by his entire body.

Right after he finished doing all of this, a few figures suddenly flashed past the distant sky.

“Be careful. It isn’t just our group that intends to hunt Chen Xi down this time. I heard that the disciples of those top powers are rushing over from all directions as well. If we encounter them, then not to mention hunting Chen Xi down, it would even be difficult for us to protect ourselves.”

“Senior Brother Hua, since it’s like this, then why are we getting involved in this?”

“Hehe, it’s precisely because there are numerous powers getting involved in this that it’s easy for us to take advantage of it and profit. If we’re able to kill a few disciples of the top powers, then the return will be shocking to the extreme.”

“So that’s how it is. Senior Brother Hua didn’t come specially for Chen Xi.”

“Isn’t that obvious? Chen Xi’s Starpoints are ranked at the first position, and he’s like a deer that everyone covets and is pursued by all. But all of you are clearly aware that besides members of the same power, everyone else is the enemy in the Bloodlands. When everyone wants to kill this deer, conflict naturally can’t be avoided. At that time, the situation would definitely become extremely chaotic. I don’t seek to feast on the flesh of the deer, but we should at least have a share of the soup, right?”

“Right, right! If it comes to it, we can instantly activate the Violet Ribbon Starcrest when we encounter danger and leave the Bloodlands.”

A wave of discussion resounded, and Chen Xi heard it completely.

Chen Xi emerged from his hiding spot when this group of people vanished. However, his expression became even heavier because he noticed that the situation that he was in had become so precarious.

So it turns out that having too many Starpoints is wrong as well…  Chen Xi laughed with self-ridicule. He knew that if he was a disciple of a top power, then the situation where everyone was his enemy would absolutely not arise.

In other words, the reason he aroused the covetous intention in everyone was partially because he possessed an amount of Starpoints that was too high, but most importantly, he was all alone, without a sect, and without anyone to rely on!

If it was Zhen Lu, Ji Xuanbing, Zhao Mengli or the others, then would anyone dare covet the Starpoints they possessed?

This was reality.

Sometimes, the difference in status and background caused the treatment one received and the influence one possessed to be different like the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi shook his head and was about to continue on his journey when a wisp of a sharp aura appeared out of thin air like it came from hell. It moved at an unbelievable speed and at a tricky angle as it shot violently towards Chen Xi’s throat!


A strand of an extremely fine sound of the air being torn apart resounded. The strand of sharp aura seemed to have restrained all light and merged completely with the veil of night, causing others to be utterly unable to see it clearly or lock onto its trajectory!


Chen Xi was shocked in his heart as the vertical eye between his brows opened abruptly. It suddenly shot out a strand of jet black light. This jet black light contained a forbidden force that was mysterious, icy cold, obscure, and deep. It was filled with a terrifying aura that seemed capable of eradicating all techniques.

As soon as it appeared, the space around Chen Xi seemed as if it had suddenly been sealed up, and everything fell into a strange state of absolute motionlessness! 

At this instant, even time and space had been sealed up and frozen! 

The Eye of Divine Truth — Light of Eradication! A light that sealed all techniques!


The wisp of sharp aura was like a fish swimming smoothly in the water that had suddenly entered into a layer of ice, and it revealed a trace of sluggishness.

It was precisely this trace of sluggishness that allowed Chen Xi to finally discern that it was an extremely pitch black immortal sword. It was controlled by a young man who wore black clothes, had a cold bearing, and an extremely ordinary appearance.

This young man seemed like a spirit that moved through the darkness, and his entire body and bearing was merged with the eternal night while his vital energy was condensed without being emanated at all. If he didn’t see this young man with his own two eyes, Chen Xi would be absolutely unable to notice this young man’s existence!


Even if it was merely a trace of sluggishness, seeing that his killing move had actually been stopped caused the black clothed young man’s eyes to focus while he exerted strength with his arm, causing the black colored immortal sword to pierce through the sky like a bolt of lightning, and it easily destroyed the Light of Eradication before continuing towards Chen Xi.

However, Chen Xi had already reacted at this moment, so how could he allow the young man to succeed? Chen Xi’s palm flipped before the Talisman Armament soared into the sky, and he slashed out with the technique, Dreamlike Drizzle!

At the same time, Chen Xi sighed in his heart. The body refinement cultivation of my main body is still too weak, and it’s unable to completely display the might of the Light of Eradication. If it was my clone, then merely this attack would be able to destroy that young man’s attack!

Unfortunately, this was the Bloodlands that was definitely monitored by the great figures in Dao Emperor Academy, so he didn’t dare allow his clone to leave the world of stars so as to avoid exposing the secrets he possessed.


The swords collided and erupted with an enormous bang that shook the heavens and the earth. In an area of 50km with the two of them at the center, mountains shattered into powder, forests were levelled, and countless rifts split open on the ground like spiderwebs.

Dust and dirt filled the air while divine light erupted, and the impetus was shocking!

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Chen Xi and the black clothed young man retreated a few steps back each. But if one looked carefully, the black clothed young man was slightly inferior, and he took a small extra step more than Chen Xi.

“Divine Evernight Technique? You’re Lin Qianhui?” Chen Xi took a deep breath as he pointed the Talisman Armament towards the young man from afar, and Chen Xi revealed an indifferent expression.

Before he participated in the test, Tie Qiuyu had once handed over a copy of information to him, Liang Ren, Gu Yueming, and the others. This copy of information recorded the detailed information of some formidable figures that were participating in the test this time.

For example, Lin Qianhui was a top figure from the Profound Path Continent’s Lin Clan, and he was ranked at the 14th position during the first round of the test. The Divine Evernight Technique he cultivated was even a supreme immortal technique that allowed him to comprehend the profundities of the eternal night, and it allowed him to restrain all the vital energy within his body and merge with the darkness.

Such a cultivation technique was simply ever successful when utilized in assassinations.

The facts were indeed like this. The Profound Path Continent’s Lin Clan was a top power that could compare with the seven great ancient clans, and an Evernight Immortal King had once been born amongst the clan’s ancestors. His assassination technique was extraordinary and unparalleled through the ages. He was renowned as the Emperor of Assassination in the Immortal Dimension, and he caused others to tremble with fear from hearing his name.

On the other hand, the Lin Clan was called a clan of assassins. Perhaps it was inferior to the seven great ancient clans in terms of influence, but its ferocious reputation caused all the myriad of living beings in the Immortal Dimension to be extremely terrified.

Because it was a clan of assassins that moved through the darkness. So long as one was targeted by them, then the consequences were unimaginable.

The black clothed young man didn’t answer, yet asked instead, “Where did you get this Divine Ability, the Eye of Divine Truth?”

Chen Xi said calmly, “Do you think I would tell you?”


A strand of an extremely fine sound resounded as the black clothed young man attacked ferociously once more. The black sword was like the assault of the eternal night, and it carried a trace of an elusive aura amidst its strangeness. 

It seemed like the eternal night had descended and darkness was everywhere, causing it to be impossible to dodge.

Unfortunately, under the vision of Chen Xi’s Eye of Divine Truth, his movement technique, the traces of his sword, and speed were locked onto and were clearly reflected within Chen Xi’s mind. This was equivalent to tearing apart his disguise! 

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