Chapter 1143 – First

When this voice resounded throughout the Bloodlands, the surface of the floating wall of light that stood on the square before Dao Emperor Academy was suffused with a circle of bright and golden ripples.

After the ripples vanished, the names on the entire floating wall of light instantly transformed into a total of seven hundred.

However, everyone wasn’t surprised by this because an entire three days had already passed since the second round began. According to the examples of the past, it was indeed around the time for the eliminations to conclude.

The thing that really caused everyone to be surprised and shocked was that the position of the first on the floating wall of light didn’t belong to the Buddha Dimension’s Zhen Lu any longer, and it belonged to…Chen Xi!

In other words, Chen Xi who was originally ranked at the third position had surpassed Ji Xuanbing and Zhen Lu who were above with a single jump in Starpoints, and he’d obtained the position of first in one go!

Moreover, all of this had occurred just before that voice from the obscure intent had resounded!

At that time, the situation was very sudden and unexpected to everyone. Chen Xi who was ranked at the 3rd position possessed a total of over 5,000 Starpoints, but in the blink of an eye, his Starpoints started changing rapidly.

Every single change was an increase of between 300 to 500 Starpoints, and these sort of changes occurred an entire ten times! In the end, his Starpoints formed a total of 8,319.

In other words, in that extremely short period of time, Chen Xi’s Starpoints had increased by over 3,200!

This sort of change could be said to be world shocking!

Even Zhen Lu who’d been pushed down to the second position now only possessed 6,700 plus Starpoints, and it was over 1,600 less than Chen Xi.

If they didn’t witness it with their own two eyes, everyone present wouldn’t dare believe it, and it was precisely because of this that the impact this sort of shock had on their hearts was obvious.

It was even to the extent that the entire square was instantly deathly silent to the point a falling needle could be heard when Chen Xi’s name ascended into the position of first. At that instant, even the Half-step Immortal King, Wang Daolu, who was presiding over the test from midair was dazed for a short period of time, and he even felt suffocated.

It was precisely because of this that everyone wasn’t so surprised instead when the names on the floating wall of light were changed abruptly, and they found out that the eliminations had ended.

Because all their thoughts were filled with that name who was ranked at the first position!

Chen Xi!

At this moment, no one dared to underestimate this name.

Of course, at this moment, most people had perceived that the reason Chen Xi’s Starpoints had changed so quickly was definitely related to the Zuoqiu Clan.

Because at the same time that Chen Xi’s Starpoints changed repeatedly, there were some names in the top hundred in the rankings on the floating wall of light that had changed repeatedly and dimmed down before vanishing in the end.

His Starpoints had changed ten times, whereas ten names had vanished from the top hundred positions on the floating wall of light, and the most thought provoking fact was that all these names were surnamed Zuoqiu!

All of this allowed everyone to be clearly aware that Chen Xi had killed ten disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan to allow his Starpoints to increase so swiftly. Of course, there was also another possibility, and that was the Zuoqiu Clan originally intended to hunt Chen Xi down, yet the ten of them were killed instead…

But no matter what, everything Chen Xi obtained was related to the Zuoqiu Clan, and this was an undeniable fact.

“Alas, he seems to have attained brilliant glory, yet he’ll probably be in a terrible situation in the future from offending the Zuoqiu Clan.” Someone couldn’t help but be worried for Chen Xi’s future after realizing all of this.

“Hmph! This is a test. Could it be that only the disciples of the great powers can kill others, yet others aren’t allowed to kill them? Then what meaning would this test have? I think that Chen Xi did well.” Someone stood up for Chen Xi.

“The Zuoqiu Clan will take revenge on Chen Xi? What a joke! A genius like this will definitely enter Dao Emperor Academy, and with the protection of Dao Emperor Academy, no matter how formidable the Zuoqiu Clan is, they can only swallow this grievance!” Someone was indifferent towards this.

“You’re right, but don’t forget that the Zuoqiu Clan has a certain level of influence in Dao Emperor Academy. Even though they can’t deal with Chen Xi in the open, who would be able to find out if they played some tricks in secret?” Someone else was filled with worry.

All in all, no matter what, all of this at least displayed that Chen Xi had become the center of attention at this moment. Merely this honor was sufficient for his name to shake the Immortal Dimension and be known by all the living beings within it!

“Go! Investigate who this Chen Xi actually is! I’ll agree to all his requests if we can bring him over to our Moqi Clan!”

“What an interesting young man. He’s from the Southbridge Continent? There aren’t many formidable powers there. A young man like this is precisely what our Jiang Clan requires the most!” 

“Go investigate Chen Xi’s background. He must not be taken away by the other powers!”

The reactions of the great figures of some top powers towards Chen Xi’s display was strangely uniform. All of them instructed their clansmen with the intention of drawing Chen Xi over to the power they represented no matter the cost.

After all, Chen Xi was merely at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm and came from Southbridge Continent, so he could be said to be without any foundation. If they were able to rope in such a genius, then any price they paid now would be worth it in the long term.

“Young Miss, this Young Master Chen Xi is truly extraordinary.” An old man grinned as he spoke.

“Of course, I knew a long time ago that he’d surely be more formidable than anyone else.” The corners of Mu Linglong’s mouth was suffused with a wisp of a proud arc, and she seemed to take pride in Chen Xi’s accomplishments.

“But… I heard that Young Master Junlin isn’t on friendly terms with Chen Xi?” The old man changed the topic and spoke abruptly.

“My cousin brother is good at every aspect, and his only flaw is being too proud and arrogant. He looked down upon Chen Xi that day and even sent Chen Xi away like a beggar. How laughable! Forget it, let’s not mention him. It’s spoiling my mood.” Mu Linglong waved her hand and was very irritable when Mu Junlin was mentioned.

“Old friend, how do you feel now?” Tie Qiuyu sent a voice transmission to Wang Daolu while beaming from ear to ear.

“Hmph!” Wang Daolu grunted coldly while his expression remained unchanged, but he was sighing endlessly in his heart instead.

No matter how unwilling he was to admit it before Tie Qiuyu, he had no choice but to admit that Chen Xi was an extraordinary freak indeed. When he thought about how he once had the chance to take Chen Xi as his personal disciple, he truly felt slightly regretful in his heart.

But on the surface, Wang Daolu couldn’t reveal any of it, and he said indifferently, “He’s extraordinary at a young age, yet might not be the same as time passes. If he’s able to become another blazing sun of the Immortal Realm, then perhaps I’ll give you an apology. But now…we’ll see after the third round of the test ends.”

“You’re still so stubborn!” Tie Qiuyu spat, yet his face was covered in complacency. He was already very satisfied that Chen Xi was able to accomplish this.

Amongst the people present, only Zuoqiu Ke and the other clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan had gloomy and unsightly expressions. All of them were able to clearly sense that along with Chen Xi’s name ascending into the position of the 1st, numerous strange gazes had swept over towards them from the surroundings.

These gazes carried mocking, teasing, sighs… It caused all of them to feel uncomfortable while their expressions became even more unsightly.

“That damnable little bastard!” Zuoqiu Ke gnashed her teeth and was faintly on the verge of being unable to control her feelings, and the space between her brows was filled with a piercingly cold and murderous expression.

“Looks like we can only request the great figures of our Zuoqiu Clan in the academy to make a move against him…” A grey clothed old man by her side sighed and said, “But in this way, the action against this kid can only be carried out in secret. After all, it’s Dao Emperor Academy, and our Zuoqiu Clan can’t be associated with some taboos.”

“We have a lot of time for that.” Zuoqiu Ke took a deep breath before her expression returned to a calm state and her voice became more and more indifferent. “If he thinks he doesn’t have to worry about his safety after entering Dao Emperor Academy, then he’s gravely mistaken!” 


“Eh! The Starpoints of every single disciple on the floating wall of light is starting to rise explosively!”

“It has begun! It has finally begun! At this moment, the Cosmos Beasts and Xeno-race experts in the Bloodlands have already been completely slaughtered, and the only method to earn Starpoints is to kill each other!”

“Exactly. In this way, the amount of Starpoints they earned would become extremely shocking. After all, all those disciples that were able to persist until now have earned at least 300 plus Starpoints. In other words, so long as one was able to kill a rival in the test, then one would at least be able to obtain 300 Starpoints!”

“No wonder many names amongst those 700 have dimmed down. Even though they didn’t vanish from the floating wall of light, yet they’ve probably been removed from the Bloodlands.”

“This is the true competition. I really look forward to the battle between the top experts of the Buddha Dimension, Immortal Dimension, Phoenix Clan, and Dragon Dimension. At that time, it would be the moment Starpoints changed the most!”

“Do all of you think that Chen Xi who’s ranked at the 1st will be able to persist until the end?”

“It’s probably very difficult. After all, the final stages of this round of the test revolves around group battles, whereas he’s all alone. He’s innately in a disadvantageous position. Moreover, he already possesses numerous Starpoints, an entire 8,000 plus, so he has probably become a fragrant piece of meat in the eyes of others…

“Yes, you’re right. At this moment, Chen Xi is like a world shocking treasure trove, and it’s impossible for it to not be coveted by others. So he’s definitely in a situation where enemies are everywhere!”

The Starpoints behind the names of every single disciple participating in the test had started to change rapidly, and it grew madly. At the same time, many names gradually dimmed down as they’d obviously been killed.

In the eyes of everyone, Chen Xi who possessed 8,000 plus Starpoints would definitely become a fragrant piece of meat that the other disciples competed for during the final stages of this round.

It was like a group of experts chasing a deer, and Chen Xi was that deer! 


Chen Xi was unaware of everything that was occurring in the outside world. At this moment, he was following behind the Zuoqiu Clan with a calm expression, and all the movements in the surroundings were reflected within the Eye of Divine Truth that resided between his brows.

Even though he was unable to completely eliminate the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan from the test, so long as he killed them, he would still be able to obtain a large amount of Starpoints. So Chen Xi naturally wouldn’t stop just like that.

Of course, Chen Xi wasn’t aware that the amount of Starpoints he possessed was ranked at the first amongst all the participating disciples, and he just simply felt that the more Starpoints he obtained, the better.

Two hours later, Chen Xi suddenly stopped before a gorge. A wisp of a piercingly cold and deep sheen flowed out from the vertical eye between his brows, and it completely displayed in his mind everything down to the slightest detail in an area of 500km in his surroundings.

After that, a strange smile suffused the corners of his mouth because those disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan had actually been stopped, and there seemed to be people that intended to kill them…

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