Chapter 1141 – Bloody Slaughter

Swish! Swish!

Another two sharp howls sounded out from the depths of the clouds, and it tore open the dense baleful mist before transforming into a matchless flowing light that tore through the sky. At this moment, Zuoqiu Yin finally recovered from his shock. There was utterly no need to distinguish what those flowing lights were before he shouted explosively with a grim voice. “Alert! Full alert!”

His voice was hysterical and filled with fury and ruthlessness.

The disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan seemed as if they’d awakened from a dream, and their expressions turned grim. They dodged instinctively to the sky, causing the scene to instantly fall into chaos.

Pu! Pu!

Unfortunately, their reactions were still a little bit too late. Most importantly, these two successive flowing rays of light had practically shot out violently at the same time along with the first ray of flowing light. Its speed was truly too swift, and it directly penetrated the throats of two Zuoqiu Clan disciples!

Blood sprayed!

Violet rays of light shot into the sky! 

As he watched such a scene occur, Zuoqiu Yin’s expression became extremely gloomy. At this moment, he was finally able to see those flowing lights that tore through the sky clearly. Surprisingly, they were three immortal swords! 

However, he was truly unable to imagine who amongst the disciples that had participated in the test within the Bloodlands had actually attained such a state in the art of sword manipulation, causing him to be taken by surprise and be unable to react in time.

Wait, this wasn’t sword manipulation!

The trajectory of the immortal swords that shot over violently flashed into appearance within his mind, causing Zuoqiu Yin to instantly understand a fact. This was the Dao of Archery, and it was precise, sharp, and always hit the target!

In terms of speed, the Dao of Archery was even swifter than sword manipulation.

In terms of lethality, the Dao of Archery was able to fully and vividly display the words ‘killing with a single shot.’

In terms of accuracy, there wasn’t anyone in this world who could compare in the control of precision that a master archer possessed.

Obviously, someone had utilized immortal swords as arrows earlier to hunt them down from extremely far away! 

While all of these thoughts flashed within Zuoqiu Yin’s mind, his entire body flashed up as he suddenly let out a long howl, and then he withdrew an immortal axe before raising it up and smashing it down like a god!


The distant baleful mist was chopped open from the force and dispersed to the surroundings with a bang. It was completely crushed and dispersed by the terrifying might of the axe. A narrow and lofty rift had been struck open on the distant mountain and ground, and it was stretching towards the distance ahead.

At the instant the baleful mist vanished, Zuoqiu Yin finally detected a tall figure flashing off and easily avoiding being locked onto by him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Meanwhile, the other disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan recovered from their shock and flashed over to form a tight defensive formation while facing all directions, and their expressions were solemn and gloomy to the extreme.

In that short period of time earlier, three of them had been eliminated, and this sudden loss caused their hearts to still be coiled by a trace of coldness even until this very moment.

“Dammit! Who exactly dared to launch a surprise attack against our Zuoqiu Clan?”

“We lost three companions in less than the time for a single breath. Only disciples of top powers comparable to our Zuoqiu Clan are capable of accomplishing this!”

“Dammit! If I capture that person, then no matter if it’s the Bloodlands or the outside world, I’ll tear him into pieces before burning his bones and scattering his ashes!”

All the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan gnashed their teeth while their eyes almost split apart.

Zuoqiu Yin took a deep breath to forcefully restrain the hatred in his heart, and then he said lightly, “It was Chen Xi!”

Everyone was stunned when they heard this name, and all of them felt slight disbelief.

Zuoqiu Yin couldn’t be bothered to explain, and he frowned as he waved his hand and said, “He has already gone into hiding for now. But he might make another appearance at any moment. So all of you better be more vigilant. No matter how deplorable he is, he was still ranked at the 9th position during the first round of the tests!”

Everyone felt apprehensive in their hearts when they heard this, and their expressions became heavy.

Meanwhile, the short and fat Zuoqiu Zheng walked over with the three immortal swords in hand, and then he said in a low voice, “These were left behind from before. I’ve inspected them, they’re only ordinary immortal swords that aren’t even at the Darkspirit Grade. I wonder exactly how he accomplished this.”

“There’s no need to look at them any longer. He utilized the Dao of Archery, and his figure appeared 500km away when he attacked earlier.” Zuoqiu Yin stretched out his hand to receive the immortal swords before twisting with both hands. The three immortal swords were twisted into powder like tofu, and they trickled down from the cracks between his fingers.

Zuoqiu Zheng’s pupils constricted as he said with surprise and bewilderment, “Everyone’s Immortal Sense is restrained within the Bloodlands, and even figures like Ji Xuanbing, Zhen Lu, and Zhao Mengli are only able to scan an area of 500km with their Immortal Sense. How did that kid target us?”

When he spoke up to here, he paused for a moment while his brows knit together even more tightly. “Not to mention that when experts in the Dao of Archery hunt their enemies, there are extremely harsh requirements towards their Immortal Sense. Otherwise, the slightest mistake might cause them to be unable to lock onto their target. So they usually choose a superb location before making a move, allowing their Immortal Sense to be fully utilized…”

Before he could finish speaking, Zuoqiu Yin had already interrupted him and said, “What if he didn’t utilize Immortal Sense? Don’t forget that the White Emperor’s Metal Eyes, the Darkjade Eyes, Goldflame Eyes, and various other techniques obtained through natural talent are capable of seeing through reality and observing distances that are unimaginable to ordinary people.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Zuoqiu Zheng’s pupils constricted as he said with surprise, “If it’s like that, then it’s slightly troublesome.” Zuoqiu Yin took a deep breath, allowing his expression to recover its calm, and then he said, “I never expected that our prey would actually turn the tables and take us as his prey instead…”

He raised his head to stare into the distance, and his gaze was icy cold and suffused with a wisp of a ghastly expression. “I presume all of you are clearly aware of the situation before us. This kid is skilled in the Dao of Archery and possesses a technique similar to the Goldflame Eyes. He can be said to already occupy an advantageous position. Under these circumstances, we have to take the initiative to attack, otherwise we’ll only be hunted one by one and eliminated from the test!”

All of them were shocked in their hearts, and their expressions became even heavier.

No one had imagined that the situation would actually develop to such a state. Their target this time didn’t just take the initiative to attack them, he’d even successfully launched a surprise attack and killed three of their companions in one go!

This caused them to not dare continue taking the target to be an ordinary figure in their hearts.

“Now, I’ll assume command here while A’Zheng will lead nine experts ranked in the top hundred to search the vicinity. Remember, you must not split up, and you must give the signal at the first possible moment when you encounter the slightest sign of trouble!” Zuoqiu Yin swiftly issued an order. In the end, he said in a powerful voice. “This battle is related to the glory of the clan! And it’s even related to whether we’ll be able to smoothly enter Dao Emperor Academy! So we can’t lose!”

All the Zuoqiu Clan’s disciples recovered their calm, and they revealed a wisp of firmness and resolution.

Zuoqiu Zheng immediately selected nine extremely vigilant disciples with formidable strengths, and they left Hawksorrow Mountain.

“Everyone else prepare yourselves. So long as A’Zheng sends any news back, we’ll head over to give him support at the first possible moment!” Zuoqiu Yin swept the others with his gaze and spoke calmly.




1,000km away from Hawksorrow Mountain was an extremely luxuriant forest, yet the horrifying part was that the trees, rocks, and even ground of the forest were the dark red color of blood!

It was like burning blood had covered the entire forest. Every single branch and leaf were like pieces of flesh, and they seemed to be on the verge of dripping with blood.

This forest was called Bloodied Forest.

It was the place one of the Cosmos Beast lords in the southeast area hibernated. But at this moment, that lord had perished at Chen Xi’s hands a long time ago and this forest had lost its master.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Zuoqiu Zheng led the forces he selected carefully and searched all the way over here. They had vigilant expressions and strained nerves, and they didn’t dare be careless in the slightest.

“This place is already 1,000km away from Hawksorrow Mountain. Even if he possesses the Goldflame Eyes, he’ll probably be unable to pry upon the situation on Hawksorrow Mountain.”

“We’ll change our direction after searching this place. So long as we guarantee the surroundings are free of the target’s tracks, then we can return right away. After that, I’ll suggest to Big Brother Yin that the camp should be moved away from Hawksorrow Mountain, and we should choose a plain with a clear field of vision. In that way, the enemy will have nowhere to hide!” Zuoqiu Zheng searched the surroundings as he spoke swiftly via voice transmission. “Remember, don’t be anxious to make a move even if you notice the target. The most important thing is to send the news back to the camp.”

The others nodded in unison.

In next to no time, their group was about to search to the end of the Bloodied Forest, and they hadn’t noticed any unusual traces.

However, right when they were about to turn to search another direction, they were slightly stunned while their eyes focused because they shockingly noticed a tall figure standing in the distance.

Most importantly, this figure wasn’t concealed in the slightest, and he was just standing there openly with his back to them.

He wore green clothes and had ramrod straight figure, and it was definitely Chen Xi without a doubt. Of course, it was also their target this time!

“Send the news! Quickly!” Zuoqiu Zheng sent a voice transmission with a grim voice.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

However, at the same time that Zuoqiu Zheng sent his voice transmission, a scene that took him by surprise appeared. The distant Chen Xi was still standing there without moving, yet numerous sharp and ear piercing sounds of the air being torn apart shot out violently from behind them!

Instantly, all of them felt a chill run down their spins while every single hair on their bodies stood on end. They had utterly no time to think before they dodged instinctively to the side.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Immortal sword after immortal sword transformed into arrows and tore through space like flowing rays of light or bolts of lightning, and they carried an unparalleled penetrative force as they shot over explosively!

This strike actually consisted of over ten immortal swords that shot through the sky. However, only four disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan were killed by it, and the other immortal swords scraped dangerously past the bodies of the others before penetrating fiercely through the ground, causing rocks to shatter as bottomless holes were opened up in the ground!


However, it was exactly in this extremely small interval that a disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan sent out the signal successfully, and it transformed into a dazzling flaming glow that shot into the sky and blazed to the extreme.

When he saw this, Zuoqiu Zheng couldn’t be bothered to feel grief over those for clansmen that had been eliminated, and he swiftly turned around and roared towards the back with a savage voice. “Chen Xi! You’re finished! You’re finished!”

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The reply he got was numerous sharp and ear piercing sounds of the air being torn apart. It was numerous immortal swords that had transformed into arrows that shot over violently, and they were like the god of death’s sickle accompanied by the ring of the bell in his hand.

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