Chapter 1140 – Hawksorrow Mountain

“Big Brother Xun, that fellow is really formidable, yet he’s only at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. If we’re able to kill him, then we’ll probably be able to obtain a great deal of Starpoints. Should we…?” When they saw Chen Xi and the others leave directly, one of the disciples of the Zhongli Clan couldn’t help but speak softly via voice transmission.

“There’s no need to pursue.” Zhongli Xun rubbed his chin as he frowned and said, “If I’m not wrong, then that young man is Chen Xi, and he’s a ruthless figure. According to the information I obtained, the Zuoqiu Clan secretly instructed many of their pawns in the Bloodlands to kill him, yet they were unable to do anything against him. It’s best for us not to interfere in this matter.” 

As the leading figure of the Zhongli Clan’s younger generation, Zhongli Xun was naturally clearly aware that it wasn’t just the Zuoqiu Clan that had placed many pawns in the Bloodlands, and the other top powers had done so as well. Even their Zhongli Clan was no exception.

This was an unspoken rule, and these pawns were placed for a very simple objective, it was for the sake of guaranteeing that the disciples of the various clans could obtain sufficient Starpoints in the Bloodlands and pass the test smoothly.

Of course, pawns could sometimes be of some other uses as well. For example, providing information, assisting in the hunting of their target, and so on and so forth.

“Chen Xi? No wonder. So it was him.” The other disciples of the Zhongli Clan came to an understanding as well, and they revealed expressions of enlightenment. Because he was ranked at the 9th position during the first round of the test, Chen Xi’s name had been spread swiftly, and it was known to all.

Moreover, along the way to Barbaric Blood Lake, they’d heard a great deal of information about the matter of the Whitetail King leading all his subordinates out. Coupled with the information provided by the pawns of their clan, they were already clearly aware that Chen Xi’s name was already on the Zuoqiu Clan’s hunting list, and they intended to eliminate him.

When they heard that young man from before was Chen Xi, they discarded the thoughts in their hearts to hunt Chen Xi. That was a matter of the Zuoqiu Clan’s, and their Zhongli Clan wouldn’t lend a hand.

Conversely, their Zhongli Clan would only be even more happy if Chen Xi was able to hunt a few disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan.

“Interesting. If Chen Xi is able to pass through the three tests and successfully enter Dao Emperor Academy, then it would be worth for our Zhongli Clan to make friends with him. If he’s able to be of use to me, then it would definitely be greatly beneficial to me gaining a foothold in Dao Emperor Academy.” Zhongli Xun muttered while seeming to be lost in thought.

The other disciples of the Zhongli Clan laughed lightly when they heard this.

Someone said, “Big Brother Xun, with the reputation of our Zhongli Clan and with your personal invitation, wouldn’t taking Chen Xi in be an extremely easy matter?”

“Hmph! Aren’t you thinking a bit too highly of that Chen Xi by making Big Brother Xun invite him personally?”

“Exactly. That kid offended the Zuoqiu Clan. Perhaps he’ll be eliminated in a while. Even if he’s lucky enough to survive, if we were to make friends with him and become enemies with the Zuoqiu Clan because of him, then it would be unavoidable for the Zuoqiu Clan to feel displeased. The benefits and disadvantages of this needs to be thought over.”

The others spoke successively, and they more or less rejected Chen Xi.

Zhongli Xun glanced at everyone by his side and was clearly aware that they were actually unwilling to admit Chen Xi’s superiority. But he didn’t expose it and just waved his hand before he said, “We’ll discuss this matter later. The important matter at hand is to earn Starpoints.”

When he spoke up to here, his expression couldn’t help but become serious. “We won’t be able to find any Cosmos Beasts to hunt soon…”

When there were no more Cosmos Beasts to hunt, then they would naturally go hunt the other disciples that were participating in the test.

Because at that time, even if they didn’t hunt others, others would come hunt them!



Within a secluded mountain forest.

Chen Xi, Liang Ren, and Gu Yueming sat cross-legged as they chatted briefly before Chen Xi found out the reason that they’d made an appearance at the southeast area of the Bloodlands. They’d actually come specially to look for him.

On the other hand, the reason they came looking for him was very simple, it was for the sake of bringing back a piece of information related to the Zuoqiu Clan!

“So Zuoqiu Yin is leading his companions and rushing over here from Blackline Gorge?” said Chen Xi.

Liang Ren nodded and said, “Originally, the two of us weren’t completely certain. However, we happened to encounter a lone Zuoqiu Clan disciple on the way here, and we followed him all the way to finally hear him inadvertently reveal some clues. So we rushed over hastily.”

When he spoke up to here, Liang Ren couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Fortunately, we were able to see you beforehand. Now, we only have to flee quietly, and we won’t have to worry about the Zuoqiu Clan succeeding in their plans.” 

The nearby Gu Yueming smiled as well and said, “This is called luck. The Zuoqiu Clan’s plan deserves to fail.”

When he spoke up to here, he stood up and straightened his clothes before he said, “There’s no time to lose. Let’s make the best use of our time and leave here.”

Chen Xi shook his head instead and said, “You two leave first. I intended to confront the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan.” His expression was calm and revealed a strand of resolution.

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming were stunned, and they didn’t understand why Chen Xi insisted on taking this risk.

Chen Xi stood up as well before he patted them on the shoulder and said with a smile, “They desire to eliminate me from the test, so could it be that I’m not allowed to eliminate them?”

Liang Ren said in a worried tone, “But you’re all alone. What if you’re eliminated? You won’t have another chance to enter Dao Emperor Academy. Acting in this way is absolutely more harmful than beneficial, and the losses outweigh the gains.”

Gu Yueming said seriously, “Liang Ren is right, even if you intend to take revenge, wait until you’ve entered Dao Emperor Academy, and it wouldn’t be late to make a move then. Why insist on taking a risk at this moment?”

Chen Xi knew that they were thinking for his own good when he heard this, but he’d already decided, so he was naturally confident in dealing with all situations he would face. In the end, he refused their good intentions.

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming knew they would be unable to persuade Chen Xi, and they both felt slightly helpless. But in the end, they respected Chen Xi’s decision.

“If I’m not wrong, then almost three hundred people have been eliminated by now. Both of you have to take care of yourself. It’s best to hide first, and it wouldn’t be late to earn Starpoints after the situation is clear. At that time, even if you’re killed, you’ll still be able to enter the third round of the test.” When Chen Xi intended to leave, he instructed the two of them seriously before he left.

“Alas, you should think about yourself.” Liang Ren sighed.

“Alright. Since you’ve decided, then work hard to accomplish it. Remember that you must keep yourself safe!” Gu Yueming’s expression was solemn as he spoke seriously.

Chen Xi nodded and laughed lightheartedly before he left swiftly.

“I wonder what deep enmity lies between this fellow and the Zuoqiu Clan. He never told us about it, and it’s truly infuriating.” Liang Ren puckered his lips and muttered with displeasure.

“He intends to bear all of this by himself, and he didn’t tell us because he’s worried that we would be swept into it.” Gu Yueming said calmly, “However, we only have to know that there’s enmity between him and the Zuoqiu Clan. One day, if he personally heads to the Zuoqiu Clan to seek revenge, then I’ll naturally go along with him!”

Liang Ren nodded silently. 


Hawksorrow Mountain.

This was an extremely precipitous mountain that was covered in jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, and it was said that even a hawk would find it difficult to surmount this mountain, thus it was called Hawksorrow Mountain. Coupled with the surroundings of this mountain being covered all year round by balls of black baleful mist that could silently corrode a living being and was extremely poisonous, very few living beings dared reside here.

However, no matter how poisonous the baleful mist was, it was completely harmless to immortals. The only troublesome thing was that the existence of the mist greatly affected the detection of Immortal Sense.

After Zuoqiu Yin’s group of seventy two arrived at the southeast area of the Bloodlands, they set up camp here. They were waiting for information, and they would move out courageously so long as they obtained certain news and kill the target swiftly like a bolt of lightning!“Big Brother Yin, a pawn of our clan in the Bloodlands sent information over earlier. The target made an appearance near Barbaric Blood Lake earlier.” A disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan walked over hastily and spoke swiftly to Zuoqiu Yin. “His exact position is unknown for now. However, according to the information, the Zhongli Clan had appeared nearby as well, and they ought to have met the target.”

Zuoqiu Yin frowned and said, “The Zhongli Clan?” After that he asked. “Is our pawn unable to detect his exact position?”

That disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan gnashed his teeth and said, “That traitor Whitetail King has vanished without a trace, whereas practically all the Cosmos Beasts in the southeast area have been eliminated by the target. So it’s extremely difficult to obtain more information.”

This answer caused Zuoqiu Yin’s expression to sink, and a wisp of fury surged into his heart.

In his heart, no matter how formidable Whitetail King’s strength was, Whitetail King was only a pawn of his Zuoqiu Clan. Now, that fellow had actually dared to flee on his own. He’s simply tired of living!

He took a deep breath and asked. “If the exact position is impossible to determine, then the direction he left towards from Barbaric Blood Lake ought to be known, right?”

That disciples hesitated for a moment before he said in a low voice, “He seems to be…heading over here towards Hawksorrow Mountain.”

Hawksorrow Mountain?

Zuoqiu Yin was stunned. Isn’t that the place that we’re camped at now?

“Because I felt this matter was too strange, so I suspect that the target might have acted in this way on purpose for the sake of deceiving us. Actually, he has probably fled towards other directions a long time ago.” The disciple spoke of his guess.

Zuoqiu Yin’s eyes narrowed as he muttered. “What if it’s true?”

That disciple was stunned, and then he laughed indifferently. “Wouldn’t that be even better? Would it be any different than walking into a trap? I think that it’s impossible for him to be so stupid.”


Right at this moment, a sharp sound that tore at their ear drums resounded abruptly, and then a hole was suddenly torn open in the baleful mist that enveloped Hawksorrow Mountain before a dazzling cold light shot out from within!

This cold light was simply like a wisp of flowing light that came from space. It was unbelievably swift and carried a matchless penetrative force as it caused a strand of a terrifying and shattered pitch black mark to appear in space from the friction with it.


A clansman of the Zuoqiu Clan that was keeping watch on a cliff didn’t even have time to react to what had happened before his throat had been penetrated. The terrifying impact carried his body out over 10km away before smashing heavily into a rock.

In the end, the rock shattered into powder, whereas the clansman of the Zuoqiu Clan transformed into a wisp of violet light that was carried out of the Bloodlands.

The entire process seemed to be slow, yet it had actually occurred in an instant. Right when Zuoqiu Yin and the others noticed this scene and had just turned their heads around, the throat of that clansman had already been penetrated!


Truly too quick!

Quick to the point they didn’t even have the chance to exclaim in shock, think, or feel fear! 

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