Chapter 114 – Shocking Dragon Lake City

Chapter 114 – Shocking Dragon Lake City

Seeming to have noticed the depression in Chen Xi’s heart, Ling Bai flipped his hand and a pearl appeared. It was translucent and sparkling like a drop of water, and a dreamlike rippling sheen was suffused on its entire surface.

“Oh, this Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl is a rare treasure in the world that’s refined by gathering the Spirit Void Crystals from the starry sky in space; it’s very rare and valuable. It’s able to sense and break open the walls of some secret realms and abodes. Su Leng used this to enter the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm.” Ling Bai grinned as he explained before tossing it to Chen Xi.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but rise in spirits in his heart when he received it. If this thing is really as Ling Bai said, then it’s absolutely a good tool in coming across Immortal Fortune!

What was called coming across Immortal Fortune was when during the path of cultivation, a cultivator was sent out by their sects to gain experience and wander about the world to find treasures of heaven and earth, abodes, and secret realms. If they were able to obtain ancient treasures, medicinal pills, Magic Treasures, or cultivation techniques during these fortuitous encounters, then it would be because they had deep good fortune and had come across Immortal Fortune.

Every large sect had this sort of training, and there would be a large batch of disciples that would go to mysterious places to explore and hunt for treasures under the name of gaining experience every year.

This practice was not only able to temper the disposition and strength of a disciple, but also possessed an extremely large possibility of obtaining treasures and inheritance from some secret realms and abodes; it provided great benefit, as it was able to bring benefit to one’s self and glory to the sect. Thus, ‘coming across Immortal Fortune’ prevailed and was extremely popular in the cultivation world, and it hadn’t declined for a long time.

Of course, fortune and danger were two sides of a coin. Most abodes and secret realms were filled with various restrictions and mechanisms. Some ancient ruins even contained remnants of various terrifying treasures, and those with slightly weaker strength might be unable to leave forever.

However, dangerous or not, for the sake of fortuitous encounters and their own Immortal Fortune, there were still many cultivators that poured one after the other into the wave towards coming across Immortal Fortune. Regretfully, most of the cultivators weren’t even able to find the door to the abodes and secret realms, let alone danger…

Whereas possessing the Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl was equivalent to possessing a shortcut to find the door to secret realms and abodes, and possessing the key to open the door to these places. Who wouldn’t be wildly excited from possessing such a treasure?

Chen Xi carefully placed the pearl into his storage ring and only now was the depression in his heart greatly relieved. He put everything away right away before identifying the direction and flashing out of the Oceanic Desert.

The Hidden Dragon Rankings of Dragon Lake City was about to begin, and if he didn’t make hay while the sun shines, he probably wouldn’t make it.


Within the gales and sandstorms, a figure was like the wind as he flashed towards the distance, swiftly vanishing into the horizon.


Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan was one of the six great clans of the city. Its estate occupied an extremely vast expanse of land that encompassed countless gardens, row upon rows of magnificent pavilions, and courtyards that stood in great numbers. Every corner of the estate revealed an aura of luxury and grandness.

The Su Clan’s discussion room was a spacious hall paved with sapphire colored stones, and an incense burner in the shape of an auspicious beast emitted smoke. Four jade pillars that required a few people to fully encircle stood towering within the hall. At 300 meters tall, they were sturdy and firm, and engraved upon them was dragons, phoenixes, divine turtles, spirit cranes, green pines, waterfalls, and other auspicious diagrams. Mist and smoke were suffused around these diagrams, and they seemed lifelike.

Behind the jade throne at the center was a screen lined with precious stones and metals. Mountains and rivers rose and fell on it, with the sun and moon facing each other from afar. It was vast and magnificent, revealing a majestic aura of grandeur.

At this moment, a black clothed middle aged man wearing a traditional hat sat on the center throne. He had big eyes and bushy eyebrows, a broad cheekbone, and a pair of eyes that were starry and seemed electrifying, and he was extremely dignified.

12 jade chairs were placed at both sides of the hall. At this moment, besides the last chair on the left that was empty, the other 11 chairs were already occupied with people.

There were men and women; young and old; and even a red clothed boy that had an appearance of a young child amongst these people. Although their appearances and clothing were different, the auras on their bodies were extremely formidable. A wisp of Yin and Yang slowly flowed as spirit and essence were generated, and a myriad of strange phenomenon occurred above them.

Obviously, the lowest cultivation amongst them was at the Golden Core Realm!

Further behind stood nine yellow clothed men and women who possessed long pulses of qi and steady bearings. Their cultivations were all around the Golden Hall Realm, and they were the central force of the Su Clan.

In the back was a mass of violet clothed disciples, over 100 people, all of whom were full of spirit with bright lights revolving within their eyes, and they were valiant and extraordinary.

Amongst them, only one person particularly stood out, and that was a young girl in a black dress. She possessed black brows that curved upwards, beauty that was like a painting, and the corners of her mouth was slightly raised; she had a restrained disposition that revealed proudness that couldn’t be concealed. Shockingly, she was the Su Clan Patriarch, Su Zhentian’s, daughter, the person who was reputed as one of the dual suns of Dragon Lake City, Su Jiao!

“I called everyone together here today because I have two things to discuss.” On the jade throne at the center, Su Zhentian lightly knocked the back of the throne as he spoke with a light voice, and at the instant he spoke, a pressure that was like a mountain swept through the entire hall.

“Firstly, Pine Mist City’s Li Clan was annihilated a few days ago. The Li Clan had deep relationships with our Su Clan and has always been an efficient arm of the Su Clan. Now that it has been annihilated, our Su Clan naturally should stand out and apprehend the villain to take revenge for the Li Clan. I’ve already obtained reliable information that the assailant is a piece of leftover trash from the Chen Clan, the eldest grandchild of old dog Chen Tianli, Chen Xi!”

When he said the words, Chen Xi, Su Zhentian spoke in a heavier tone, and he seemed to hate this person to the bone.

“Who’s Chen Xi?”

“Yeah, how audacious is this person!? Annihilating an entire clan, he’s too unbridled!”

“Hmm? I seem to have heard of him from somewhere?”

The mass of violet clothed disciples discussed animatedly, yet the 11 elders, 9 Golden Hall Realm cultivators, and Su Jiao were instead silent. Obviously, they’d known of the incident at Pine Mist City long ago.

“Silence!” The person at the first seat on the right in the hall, the red clothed boy that looked like a young child abruptly turned around with raised eyebrows as he shouted explosively. His voice was like thunder and it shocked those violet clothed disciples to the point their bodies shook, and they kept silent like cicadas in cold weather.

The child’s name was Su Lingfeng and he was the Grand Elder of the Su Clan. He possessed this appearance of a young child due to having cultivated a strange technique, but his true age was already at 1,000 years old.

“It isn’t important if you’ve heard of him or not, what’s important is that not only has that Chen Xi annihilated the Li Clan, he even seized the treasures in the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain’s sword immortal’s abode that ought to have belonged to my Su Clan, and it’s precisely because of this that he was able to annihilate the entire Li Clan by himself.” Su Zhentian spoke slowly. “After all, this kid was still a little ant at the Congenital Realm one year ago, yet now he slaughtered all six Violet Palace Realm elders of the Li Clan. It can be imagined how great were the benefits he obtained in the sword immortal’s abode! Whereas these benefits originally ought to belong to my Su Clan!”


The pupils of all the violet clothed disciples dilated, seeming to not dare believe their own ears. If it wasn’t for them being afraid of the deterrent force of the Grand Elder, Su Lingfeng, they would have exclaimed our in shock since long ago.

A fellow that was still at the Congenital Realm one year ago annihilated an entire clan by himself one year later? Exactly how heaven defying was the cultivation techniques and Magic Treasures he’d obtained from the sword immortal’s abode!?

Whereas these treasures originally ought to belong to the Su Clan!

When they thought up to here, the eyes of all these violet clothed disciples revealed rage, and they wished for nothing more than to drag out that bastard called Chen Xi and make him spit out everything he’d obtained!

“Now, my Su Clan’s Golden Hall Realm experts of the ‘Ding’ generation have already headed over to apprehend Chen Xi, moreover, Elder Su Leng has gone to assist them as well. I presume it won’t be long before they will be able to apprehend the villain Chen Xi and make him hand over those treasures he’d stolen.” When he spoke up to here, a trace of a smile appeared on the corners of Su Zhentian’s mouth. “In this way, my Su Clan will be able to help take revenge for the Li Clan and seize the treasures that originally belonged to us, and it can be considered to be killing two birds with one stone. I and the Elders have come to a unanimous agreement, we’ve decided to reward these treasures to all the Violet Palace Realm disciples, and this is one of the reasons I gathered all of you here today.”

“Distributing the treasures to us?”

“This isn’t real, right?”

“My god! That’s the treasure from within the sword immortal’s abode!”

The 100 plus violet clothed disciples couldn’t restrain the pleasant surprise in their hearts any longer, and they all spoke out as if in an uproar. Pleasant surprise! This was absolutely an extremely great pleasant surprise!

At this moment, even the nearby nine Golden Hall Realm disciples revealed expressions of jealousy and envy, and they felt it was a pity that there was nothing for them.

“Silence!” The Grand Elder, Su Lingfeng had to shout out explosively once more and restrain this buzzing and disorderly situation.

“Of course, there’re conditions for obtaining the treasures.” Su Zhentian only spoke after the hall returned to silence. “The Hidden Dragon Ranking’s competition will be held in half a month from now. At that time, the Violet Palace Realm disciples of the eight great sects, three great institutions, and the six great clans including our Su Clan will all participate in it. So long as someone amongst all of you is able to enter the first 100 ranks, that person will be rewarded with one treasure. Entering the first 50 ranks will be rewarded with two treasures. Entering the top 10 ranks will not only be rewarded with three treasures, but will also be rewarded with being promoted to become a core disciple of my Su Clan and enjoy the treatment of a Golden Hall Realm disciple!”

Hidden Dragon Ranking competition?

So that’s how it is!

The over 100 violet clothed disciples rubbed their hands and fists together as their eyes emitted a burning gaze. They were originally going to participate in the Hidden Dragon Ranking competition and compete with all the outstanding figures in the southern territory. The substantial rewards that the Patriarch, Su Zhentian, promised made their resolution to participate in the competition become even more firm.

“If one is able to seize the top three rankings…” Su Zhentian’s gaze swept the surroundings before saying word by word. “I will ask the Ancestor to make an exception and take you as a disciple!”

Become the Ancestor’s disciple?

The breathing of everyone present including the 11 elders stopped as their faces emitted boundless burning desire and longing. The Su Clan’s Ancestor was the most mysterious and most terrifying existence in the Su Clan!

It was at this moment that a sharp and hoarse voice sounded out from outside the hall. “Patriarch, something has gone wrong! The Soul Vitality Lamp of Elder Su Leng, Dingyi, Dingyuan, Dinglong, Dingkong, Dingwei, and Dingrou have all been extinguished in unison!”


A teacup smashed onto the ground and the entire beautifully decorated discussion room fell into deep deathly silence.

On this day, the news of one Golden Core Realm cultivator and six Golden Hall Realm cultivators of the Su Clan falling seemed as if it had grown wings as it flew into the ears of all the powers in Dragon Lake City.

For a time, the entire city was shocked!

The Su Clan possessed 12 Golden Core Realm Elders and 15 Golden Hall Realm cultivators, and amongst the six great clans of Dragon Lake City, it was an existence at the top. Now that six Golden Hall Realm cultivators had died in a short amount of time, and especially that a Golden Core Realm Elder had fallen, it instantly weakened the enormous strength of the Su Clan by a large amount.

The size of the Su Clan’s loss caused all the powers who heard of this news to be extremely shocked.

Exactly who dared be so ruthless towards the Su Clan?

Numerous scouts were sent out like tidewater, and before long, practically all the powers in Dragon Lake City obtained the same answer — Chen Xi!

To most people in Dragon Lake City, Chen Xi was absolutely a name that was unfamiliar to the extreme. However, this didn’t prevent the various powers going to understand him and gather information about him.

Before long, all the information related to Chen Xi had been placed on the tables of the various powers.

Chen Xi, orphan, jinx, talisman crafting apprentice, Southern Barbaric Nether Domain, sword immortal’s abode, annihilating the Li Clan by himself… Every piece of information was detailed to the extreme, and it dug out everything about Chen Xi and fully revealed it.

The thing that interested these various powers the most was the question — how did this kid’s cultivation become so formidable within a year? The answer was self-evident — The sword immortal’s abode within the Southern Barbaric Nether Domain!

The true reason that the Su Clan suffered such great losses became evident along with this as well. It was naturally for the sake of the treasures from the immortal abode in this kid’s possession, and it was precisely because of this that Chen Xi’s name had spread throughout the entire Dragon Lake City in practically a single night and had become an important person that all the various powers paid attention to.

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