Chapter 1139 – Barbaric Blood Lake

Bloodlands, southeast area.


A streak of light flashed through the sky along a fixed direction, and it flew towards the distance.

On the way, numerous battles could be seen from time to time, and it was either between the disciples participating in the test and Cosmos Beasts or Xeno-race experts; or it was between disciples instead.

When looked down from midair, every single inch of the ground was dyed dark red with blood and covered in skeletons and bones. It was like a tragic purgatory.

Strands of shimmering violet light shot into the sky from time to time, and it represented disciples that had been eliminated from the test.

This was the second round of Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test. It was brutal, bloody, and completely without any rules. For the sake of obtaining Starpoints, every single disciple had become an emotionless hunter that didn’t just kill Cosmos Beasts and Xeno-race experts, they even killed the other competitors that entered the Bloodlands along with them.

All along the way, Chen Xi didn’t waste any time, and so long as he noticed trouble approaching, he would go around it without daring to waste even the slightest bit of his time. Moreover, he didn’t even earn Starpoints.

It was naturally all for the sake of finding the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan as soon as possible before giving them a heavy blow!

Sometimes, he was unable to avoid some trouble, so Chen Xi would attack decisively and annihilate his opponents as soon as possible. In this way, he indirectly earned some Starpoints, and it could be considered a small gain.

“Friend, since you’re travelling alone, why don’t you join our group and we’ll earn Starpoints together? After all, it’s too dangerous to be alone in this Bloodlands.”

While Chen Xi was flying, a group of people suddenly charged out and blocked his path.

“Yes, we can’t compare to the disciples of those top powers, so it’s better to group up as soon as possible. Only in this way would we be able to persist longer in the Bloodlands.”

“Friend, what do you think?”

This group was around ten plus people in number, and they’d obviously experienced many battles, causing their entire bodies to be filled with the aura of battle. Moreover, their expressions were vigilant, capable, and murderous.

“I’m not interested. Move aside!” Chen Xi glanced coldly at them while his figure didn’t stop in the slightest, and he charged over directly. He’s seen numerous situations like this all along the way, and they mostly used the name of forming groups to seize the Starpoints of others.

Of course, there were some that really desired to form groups. But if the person didn’t agree, then they wouldn’t hesitate to kill the person, and they didn’t have any principles of morality or a line they wouldn’t cross.

“Hmph! A little fellow at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm dares to refuse us? You’re courting death!” 

“Since you refuse to submit to our request, then don’t blame us for being ruthless. Who asked you to be a competitor of ours?”

“Everyone, don’t fight with me for him. This kid’s Starpoints are mine!”

Chen Xi’s direct refusal caused their faces to sink, and they didn’t discuss at all before swarming over and attacking Chen Xi from all directions.

Based on the level of skillfulness their cooperation was at, they’d obviously done this countless times before.

Unfortunately, they didn’t recognize Chen Xi and only took him to be an expert at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm that was easily bullied, otherwise, they wouldn’t dare act in this way at all.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Chen Xi’s figure flashed without stopping in the slightest, and he smashed through them before vanishing.

Behind him, strings of scarlet red and hot blood sprayed through the air while a bloody hole had been pierced through the throats of the entire group of people. Their pupils dilated while their faces stiffed.

After that, a wave of buzzing resounded as numerous violet rays of light shot into the sky and carried these fellows that failed in harming Chen Xi but harmed themselves instead out of the Bloodlands.

Up until the moment they were eliminated, they were unable to understand why they’d lost so quickly and so terribly! 


This tiny incident didn’t affect Chen Xi at all. He flew forward directly, and he was on the very of leaving the scope of the Bloodlands’ southeast area.

But before he could fly for long, the sound of battle faintly and suddenly sounded out from afar.

This caused Chen Xi to be unable to help but frown. At this moment, the battles in the Bloodlands are truly frequent.

He originally intended to circle around the battlefield, yet in the next moment, his eyes narrowed as he flew towards the source of the sound instead.

This was a blood colored lake that covered an area of 500km. Bloody waves surged while it emanated a horrifying aura of blood.

A battle was being carried out at the side of the blood red lake.

Two young men were surrounded by around a hundred plus Cosmos Beasts, and they were in a critical situation.

Besides that, there was a group of young people standing not too far away from the battlefield, and all of them wore luxurious clothes and possessed extraordinary bearings.

Especially the young man in the lead. He had an almost gorgeous appearance and hair that was partially pure black like the eternal night and partially snow white like ice. It was coiled into a bun behind his head and just happened to seem like the convergence of Yin and Yang, causing him to emanate an unusual elegant demeanor.

This person was one of the leading figures in the younger generation of the seven great ancient clans, Zhongli Xun! He was ranked at the 4th position during the first round of the test.

Obviously, this group of people were disciples of the Zhongli Clan.

“Big Brother Xun, should we make a move and kill these two people?” Someone asked in a low voice while his gaze was filled with killing intent.

“This Barbaric Blood Lake doesn’t belong to us, so what’s the point of killing them? Just wait a moment. It won’t be long before they’ll be eliminated. At that time, it wouldn’t be late for us to clear up the Cosmos Beasts here.” Zhongli Xun spoke unhurriedly, and his voice was gentle while carrying a unique sense of magnetism while his bearing was composed and elegant.

The other disciples of the Zhongli Clan didn’t speak any further when they heard this. It was just as Zhongli Xun had said, the two of them would be eliminated soon at any rate, so there was no need for them to make a move themselves.

Their only regret was that if those two people were to die at their hands, then perhaps they would be able to obtain some Starpoints. But obviously, Zhongli Xun disdained to obtain these Starpoints, so they didn’t speak any further.

“Seek for help? Didn’t you notice that they’re disciples of the Zhongli Clan? It’s already not bad that they aren’t attacking us.” One of the young men surrounded by the Cosmos Beasts fought as he spoke swiftly via voice transmission. “Liang Ren, concentrate on killing the enemy. We can’t be distracted at this moment!”

Surprisingly, these two people were Liang Ren and Gu Yueming. However, at this moment, both of them were tightly encircled, and they were in an extremely bad situation. Their entire bodies were soaked in dark red blood, and it was a mix of both their own and their enemies.

“I just feel that it’s slightly regretful that we were unable to pass the information to Chen Xi.” Liang Ren had a serious expression while his voice carried a tone of regret.

“I thought you felt slightly regretful that you’ll be eliminated and wouldn’t have the chance to enter Dao Emperor Academy again.”

“Alas, we probably have no chance… Actually, long ago before we participated in the test, I was clearly aware that I only had a very tiny certainty in being able to enter Dao Emperor Academy, so even if I’m eliminated, there wouldn’t be much regrets in my heart.”

“You really are a bastard! Since you’ve come, then give it your best and don’t think so much. As for the outcome, can anyone predict it?”

“Why don’t I protect you and help you open up a path? In this way, at least one of us will be able to pass the information to Chen Xi. Perhaps he might even be able to enter the third round of the test.”


“Why? Can you fucking stop dallying, alright? Just do as I said, otherwise, we’ll both be eliminated!” Liang Ren suddenly shouted fiercely at Gu Yueming, and then he leaped over and suddenly charged towards the area that was the most densely filled with Cosmos beasts.

“You…” Gu Yueming’s eyes turned red when he saw this, and they almost split open.

“You my ass! Quickly get the fuck out of here!” Liang Ren roared furiously. His figure had already been drowned within the Cosmos Beasts, and only his voice could be heard.

Gu Yueming gritted his teeth while the veins on his forehead bulged up. He didn’t hesitate any longer to turn around and charge to the side. With Liang Ren drawing the attention of the group of Cosmos beasts, the pressure he faced had obviously eased up greatly.

Unfortunately, it was still impossible to kill his way out of the tight encirclement in a short period of time. But at the very least…his hope of success was much greater, right?

“I never expected that these two fellows would be rather loyal.” The disciples of the Zhongli Clan in the distance laughed lightly.

“What’s the use of being loyal? Both of them will probably still be eliminated in the end.”

Another one of the Zhongli Clan disciples said, “However, I really respect their choice. If they seek assistance from us, then I’ll make an exception and rescue them once.”

The others smiled as they shook their heads without end upon hearing this, and they seemed to reveal expressions of deep agreement because not to mention loyalty, even disciples from the same power might fight each other in the Bloodlands!

“Since I’ve arrived, then it’s impossible for them to seek any help for all of you. However, I thank you, friend, for your good intentions.” Right at this moment, a calm and indifferent voice suddenly resounded from extremely far away in the distance, and it drew the attention of all the Zhongli Clan disciples. However, it was a wisp of sword qi that appeared within their fields of vision.

A wisp of sword qi that was like a gathering of the clouds in the surroundings or a wave of steaming clouds. As they sensed the terrifying crushing force within this wisp of sword qi, the expressions of all the Zhongli Clan disciples changed slightly.

Only Zhongli Xun’s expression remained calm as before while only his eyes flickered indeterminately and flowed with strands of bright radiance that seemed like bolts of black and white lightning.


The sword qi descended, and then a rain of blood sprayed!

The group of around a hundred plus Cosmos Beasts didn’t even have the chance to let out shrill howls before they were crushed into an expanse of blood and powder! Only Liang Ren and Gu Yueming stood there alone with stunned expressions, and they seemed to have been taken by surprise.

The expressions of those disciples of the Zhongli Clan changed slightly once more when they saw such a scene, and their expressions revealed a wisp of surprise and bewilderment. This strike was so terrifying that it caused a trace of uneasiness to arise in their hearts.

It was at this moment that they saw the person who’d arrived clearly. It was a handsome young man with eyes that were deep like the starry sky, and his bearing was indifferent and extraordinary. He was exactly Chen Xi.

However, most of them didn’t recognize Chen Xi, and only Zhongli Xun’s eyes narrowed before he revealed a wisp of sudden realization because he seemed to have guessed Chen Xi’s identity.

Chen Xi paid no attention to all of this. He directly arrived by Liang Ren and Gu Yueming’s side, and he heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that both of them hadn’t suffered any heavy injuries, then he said with a smile, “Fortunately, I wasn’t too late.”

Up until the moment Chen Xi spoke, Liang Ren and Gu Yueming finally seemed as if they’d awoken from a dream. They glanced at each other before a glow suffused their faces, and they seemed to be feeling happiness from surviving a calamity.

Both of them intended to say something, yet Chen Xi immediately waved his hand and said, “Let’s leave this place first.”

As he spoke, his gaze inadvertently glanced towards the disciples of the Zhongli Clan in the distance.

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming instantly came to an understanding, and they directly flew towards the distance with Chen Xi. From the beginning until the end, they didn’t spare a glance at the disciples of the Zhongli Clan at all.

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