Chapter 1138 – Sudden Change In The Rankings

Chen Xi was ranked at the 15th position on the floating wall of light earlier, and his Starpoints were at a total of 514.

This position and amount of Starpoints was very dangerous, and it wasn’t much apart from the disciples that were ranked between the 15th and 20th position. He was at risk of being surpassed at any moment.

It was precisely because of this that not many people paid any attention to Chen Xi at that time.

After all, compared to Chen Xi, the existences ranked in the top ten were the most attention drawing and most worthy of anticipation because they were able to discern the competition and rivalry between the disciples of the Buddha Dimension, Immortal Dimension, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, and the various other top powers from the top ten positions. It could be said that the gazes of most people present here were drawn over by those positioned in the top ten.

However, at this moment, their gazes had moved in unison!

Because there was a name that was rising repeatedly at an inconceivable speed, and in merely the time of a few breaths, it had charged its way into the top ten!

That name was Chen Xi!

On the other hand, his Starpoints were swiftly changing like a rolling snowball that grew larger as it moved.

The eyes of everyone present opened wide when they saw this scene, and their eyeballs almost fell from their sockets. Moreover, a wave of gasping that rose and fell resounded from the square.

“My god! He’s too heaven defying!”

“What…what’s going on? His points instantly increased to over 2,000 in an instant. It’s impossible to obtain so many Starpoints even if one killed a king amongst the Cosmos Beasts!”

“Could it be that this fellow hunted another disciple that was ranked in the top hundred and seized the Starpoints that disciple possessed?”

“Impossible! No name has vanished from the top hundred on the floating wall of light for now. Moreover, Xuanyuan Che who’s ranked at the 10th position has only gained 1,700 Starpoints. All of this shows that the Starpoints Chen Xi obtained weren’t obtained from hunting other disciples.”

“This is too shocking…” 

“Keep quiet. Didn’t all of you notice that Chen Xi’s position is still rising?”

The sounds of discussion stopped abruptly because everyone noticed to their horror that after Chen Xi’s position shot into the top ten once more, his Starpoints were still changing. Moreover, along with these changes in his Starpoints, his position on the rankings rose step by step as well.

Even though this process was slow, it didn’t show any signs of slowing down!

Such a scene even caused Wang Daolu who stood silently in midair to be shocked in his heart. Even though Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test was being presided over by him this time, the second round of the test was occurring within the Bloodlands, and even he was unable to observe the situation within!

So he couldn’t help but be surprised and bewildered when he saw such a scene, and he was unable infer an explanation.

“2,600 Starpoints, the 9th position has been reclaimed by Chen Xi. Zuoqiu Yin has become the 10th once more. These two people are really a pair of rivals.”

“2,900 Starpoints, he has ascended to the 7th position!”

“3,400 Starpoints, the 5th ranked Ao Wuming has been pushed down as well!”

“3,800 Starpoints, he has killed his way to the 4th position! I wonder how Zhongli Xun would feel if he knew that his position had been seized away by Chen Xi.”

Every single time Chen Xi’s position took a step forward, it drew an uproar in the crowd. In the end, the expressions of everyone present here had been shocked to the point of becoming slightly stiff.

This change in Starpoints wasn’t quite normal. If this test wasn’t set-up by Dao Emperor Academy, then they would even have slight suspicions that Chen Xi had cheated.

Charging from over 500 Starpoints to 3,000 points, how many Cosmos Beasts or Xeno-race experts would have to be killed to accomplish this? Most importantly, all of this had occurred in an extremely short period of time!

Just think about it, could anyone beneath the Golden Immortal Realm accomplish all of this in such a short period of time within the Bloodlands?

In the distant halls, the space between Zuoqiu Ke’s brows were once again covered in a wisp of gloominess, whereas Mu Linglong’s little face flushed red while she clenched her tender fists together tightly, and she was uncontrollably excited.

Tie Qiuyu roared with laughter instead. He didn’t care if the others recognized him or not, but he boasted complacently to everyone in the surroundings. “Look, that’s the seedling that I selected myself…”

But even then, it still drew the envious gazes of many people, and it caused Tie Qiuyu’s face to bloom with a smile while he was in high spirits.

“4,100 Starpoints! My god! He actually…actually ascended into the top three and pushed down the Phoenix Clan’s Zhao Mengli!” Before everyone could recover from their shock, Chen Xi’s name on the floating wall of light had forcefully ascended into the ranks of the top three! Moreover, he was only a little over 200 Starpoints away from the second ranked Ji Xuanbing!

At this instant, the entire square had become deathly silent. Under the focused gazes of everyone present, Chen Xi’s Starpoints started to rise slowly and seemed to be about to stop.

This caused many people to heave sighs of relief in their hearts. Especially the Ji Clansmen, their expressions eased up because Ji Xuanbing was the pride of their clan and the pride of the Immortal Dimension. Earlier, he’d been surpassed by Zhen Lu during the first round of the test, and it had already caused them to feel very depressed.

At this moment, when they saw a young man who’d come out from nowhere actually be on the verge of threatening Ji Xuanbing’s rankings, they couldn’t help but feel slightly anxious.

Fortunately, the changes in Chen Xi’s Starpoints revealed signs of stopping, and it allowed them to be much more at ease.

In the end, Chen Xi’s Starpoints stopped at a 4,300, and he was only 17 Starpoint away from the second ranked Ji Xuanbing!

But even then, it caused most of the people present here to praise him without end, and it was as if they’d witnessed the birth of a miracle.

At the end, they finally faintly understood how Chen Xi had accomplished all of this, and it caused them to stop suspecting that Chen Xi had cheated in the test.

The details of the matter were recounted by some disciples that had been eliminated from the second round of the test. The position many of them arrived at after entering the Bloodlands was the southeast area just like Chen Xi.

They’d more or less witnessed the scene of Whitetail King leading the beast army towards the Bloodspirit Swamp, and they’d witnessed the terrifying might possessed by the grand formation that Chen Xi had set-up.

With the explanation of these disciples, most of the people present here naturally came to an understanding. But the only thing that left them wondering was why Whitetail King would make a move against Chen Xi on such a grand scale?

Amongst the people present, perhaps only the clansmen of the Zuoqiu Clan were clearly aware of the answer. However, they wouldn’t reveal all of this at this moment.

There really is something strange about this young man… I’m afraid those old fellows in the academy have already noticed this kid… In the distance, Wang Daolu sighed with emotion in his heart. As far as he was concerned, Chen Xi was unable to be compared to Zhen Lu, Zhao Mengli, and Ji Xuanbing for now.

Even if he was compared to existences like Zhongli Xun, Ao Wuming, and Jiang Canghai, he was still slightly inferior.

After all, his was only ranked at the 9th position during the first round of the test. Coupled with this second round of the test had only been carried out for less than a mere three days, there was still a very long period left until it ended.

If Chen Xi was able to maintain this position, then it would naturally impress everyone, but the possibility of this was too low and was practically impossible.

Wang Daolu was clearly aware that during the later parts of the second round of the test was the period of time where it was the most brutal and had the most variables. At that time, the Cosmos Beasts and Xeno-race experts in the Bloodlands would already be slaughtered completely.

In this way, if they wanted to earn Starpoints, they could only accomplish it by fighting and competing with each other, whereas Chen Xi who was all alone would obviously be in a disadvantageous position when compared to those disciples of the top powers that had grouped together.

Unfortunately, I’ve already taken a personal disciple… Wang Daolu sighed in his heart.


Bloodlands, Blackline Gorge.

The ground was dyed with blood while corpses lay across it. The air was still suffused with the thick smell of blood.

The disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan that had just experienced a large battle carried excited expressions as they patrolled the surroundings and cleaned up the battlefield.

Only Zuoqiu Yin stood on a rock, and a wisp of pride suffused the corners of his mouth as he watched the scene before his eyes. In merely two hours of time, they’d completely annihilated the thousand plus Xeno-race experts in Blackline Gorge, allowing every single disciple of the Zuoqiu Clan to obtain 513 Starpoints each!

All of this was accomplished by him, Zuoqiu Yin, so how could he not be filled with pride?

The only regret he had was that up until now, there were still four disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan that weren’t able to converge with them. Obviously, they’d suffered a mishap in the Bloodlands.

But this was already sufficient. Presently, there were still an entire seventy two disciples of their Zuoqiu Clan that had participated in the second round of the test, and so long as they passed the second round of the test, it would be sufficient for him to give the clan a satisfying answer. 

As the leader of the Zuoqiu Clan here, Zuoqiu Yin would even be able to obtain generous rewards from the clan!


Right at this moment, a wisp of snow white flowing light flashed by. Surprisingly, it was that Devilsow Bird.

Zuoqiu Yin couldn’t help but be slightly stunned from seeing this bird, and then he cupped his hands and said, “Could it be that your Master has something to instruct me with?”

The Devilsow Bird’s eyes were icy cold and carried a wisp of rage. “My Master told me to tell you that the target has annihilated Whitetail King’s subordinates, whereas Whitetail King and that woman called Yin Miaomiao have fled!”

What? Zuoqiu Yin’s face froze and was filled with disbelief.

“Up until this point in the second round of the test, only another thirty seven people need to be eliminated from the test. If you still don’t make the best use of your time, then you won’t have any chance to eliminate the target from the test. All of you do as you see fit.” The Devilsow Bird spoke coldly before it swiftly transformed into a wisp of white light that vanished without a trace.

On the other hand, Zuoqiu Yin’s expression sank immediately. The news brought over by the Devilsow Bird caused that wisp of pride he felt earlier to instantly vanish without a trace, and his mood was extremely horrible.

Chen Xi isn’t dead? 

Whitetail King and Yin Miaomiao fled?

How exactly did that fellow accomplish this?

Numerous questions surged into Zuoqiu Yin’s heart, causing his brows to knit together tightly while his gaze became extremely icy cold. After a short moment, he took a deep breath and didn’t dare think about it any longer.

“Everyone, gather up now and follow me to kill the target!” Zuoqiu Yin suddenly turned around and swept all the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan present here with his gaze, and then he said in a low voice, “We don’t have much time left, and the opportunity might even vanish at any moment. So, from this moment onward, we only have a single mission — hunt and kill Chen Xi!”

Everyone was shocked in their hearts while their expressions turned slightly grim. Chen Xi is still alive?

“Do all of you understand?” said Zuoqiu Yin in a fierce voice.

“Yes!” All of them didn’t dare give it another thought before agreeing in unison with murderous expression.

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