Chapter 1137 – Taking Action

Jiang Zhuliu laughed with ridicule when he heard Chen Xi’s question, and he looked at Chen Xi as if he was looking at an idiot. His eyes were actually filled with a wisp of pity.

“How could a fellow that ascended from the Mortal Dimension like you understand backgrounds? Are you even worthy of talking about backgrounds with me?” Jiang Zhuliu’s voice revealed a strand of resentment. He seemed to have recalled the bumpy journey he’d traversed all through these years, and at the same time, his voice carried a strand of contempt and a feeling of superiority. It was his answer to Chen Xi’s question.

Yes, he looked down upon Chen Xi, he looked down upon Chen Xi’s background! He felt that even though he was poor, he was born in the Immortal Dimension in the end, whereas, Chen Xi…was only a fellow that had ascended from the Mortal Dimension.

Chen Xi remained indifferent towards this, and he just glanced at Jiang Zhuliu before he said, “Alright, since you want to compare backgrounds, then I’m not afraid to tell you that my father was just like me, he was only an ordinary person from the Mortal Dimension. Perhaps, this sort of background is lowly like an ant in your eyes, but my mother was the eldest daughter amongst the direct descendants of the Zuoqiu Clan.”

When he heard the first half of what Chen Xi said, besides feeling contempt, Jiang Zhuliu felt slight admiration for Chen Xi. He felt that even though Chen Xi was of lowly birth, Chen Xi still wasn’t so bad because he dared to admit it.

But when he heard the second half, his expression instantly froze while his eyes suddenly stared wide open, and he seemed to be filled with disbelief.

The eldest daughter amongst the direct descendants of the Zuoqiu Clan!?

How could this be possible?

If it’s really like this, then why does the Zuoqiu Clan want to kill him? 

When he thought up to here, Jiang Zhuliu’s expression became greatly indeterminate, and the corners of his mouth were suffused once more with a wisp of dense ridicule. For the sake of competing in background with me, this fellow actually made up a relationship with the Zuoqiu Clan. How laughable!

Chen Xi paid no attention to Jiang Zhuliu. This secret had been stored within his heart for countless years, and he’d never told anyone about it. But now, he didn’t care any longer.

Because he was about to enter Dao Emperor Academy, and he would soon have no need to worry about the situation he was in. So why would he worry about the Zuoqiu Clan’s revenge?

Most importantly, then Zuoqiu Clan was already aware that he was still alive, whereas he was similarly aware that the Zuoqiu Clan wouldn’t let him off. Thus, there wasn’t any point in concealing all of this any longer!So what if the entire Immortal Dimension found out?

“Even if I’m unwilling to admit it, but the truth is half my bloodline is from the Zuoqiu Clan. But I don’t care because it was given to me by my mother, and not the Zuoqiu Clan.” Chen Xi’s voice was calm, it wasn’t forceful yet carried a force of its own. “Moreover, my mother severed all relationship with the Zuoqiu Clan a long time ago. Perhaps this is inconceivable in your opinion, but my mother did that. As for the specific reason, you can ask Zuoqiu Kong if you want to know, but I guess he won’t tell you and will directly annihilate you instead.”

“In other words, you’re not qualified to know the reason with your identity, and you ought to be even more aware of the advantages and disadvantages of this.” Chen Xi spoke word by word. He didn’t try to convince Jiang Zhuliu, but after Jiang Zhuliu finished listening to Chen Xi, Jiang Zhuliu faintly felt that perhaps Chen Xi was telling the truth…

This caused his expression to become slightly unsightly while his heart felt empty and painful. In the end, he gritted his teeth and laughed coldly as he said, “You’re simply full of nonsense. You’re mad!”

Chen Xi let out a long breath of foul air while his gaze became calm and indifferent once more. “No matter what, the day will come when I’ll step through the Zuoqiu Clan’s entrance and reclaim what she lost all those years ago, and I’ll annihilate everyone that harmed her all those years ago!”

“Later, you can tell Zuoqiu Kong that I, Chen Xi, will make his father, Zuoqiu Feng, pay for everything he did to my mother all those years ago. Tell the Zuoqiu Clan to just…wait!”


It was merely a single word, yet it was filled with the fury and resentment he’d stored up for countless years, and it also carried a wisp of resolution and firmness!

Jiang Zhuliu’s expression changed successively. No matter how unwilling he was to believe this, his Dao Heart told him that Chen Xi seemed to be telling the truth…

Zuoqiu Kong was one of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension!

Zuoqiu Feng was the current Patriarch of the Zuoqiu Clan! 

Yet Chen Xi actually clearly said that he intended to step foot into the Zuoqiu Clan and take revenge one day!

These words sounded so absurd, yet Jiang Zhuliu just happened to discern an undoubtable tone within it, and it caused his heart to instantly fall into chaos.

“Why did you tell me all of this?” Jiang Zhuliu gritted his teeth and cried out furiously.

Chen Xi said indifferently, “I just wanted to tell you that with your status, you’ll only die even faster if you interfere in the enmity between me and the Zuoqiu Clan. Moreover, you can’t afford to interfere at all.”

Jiang Zhuliu’s heart shook fiercely while his expression was warped and livid. He attached most importance towards his background, so he was naturally even more clearly aware of the meaning and might contained within Chen Xi’s words.

Moreover, he was the most clearly aware that he did indeed have no qualifications to interfere in the matter with his background…

“Why? Why is it like this? Why have I always worked so hard, yet suffer such hardships merely because of my poor origins? Why? Why?” Jiang Zhuliu muttered while his frustrated expression carried a wisp of insanity.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head when he saw this.


A wisp of sword qi easily pierced through Jiang Zhuliu’s throat.

But Jiang Zhuliu didn’t notice at all, and he still muttered. “Why? Why?”

Up until the point the Violet Ribbon Starcrest within Jiang Zhuliu’s body was activated before it transformed into a wisp of violet light that took him out of the Bloodlands, Jiang Zhuliu had still not awoken from that insane state.

Just like this, the existence that was ranked at the first position on Southbridge Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings was so easily eliminated from the second round of the test. Instead of saying that he’d lost at Chen Xi’s hand, he could be said to have lost to his own inner demons.

Because his background had become his inner demon a long time ago!

He cared too much about his background, to the point his Dao Heart had been covered up while he fell into obsession. Even if he was able to pass the test successfully this time, he wouldn’t be able to ascend the peak of the Grand Dao in the future.



Chen Xi started to clean up the battlefield. The Major Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation had practically exhausted all the immortal materials in his possession. But the gains from the battle were extremely delightful as well.

Over a thousand of Whitetail King’s almost two thousand subordinates had perished within the grand formation while another three hundred had been killed by his sword qi, so only another two hundred or so beasts had fled into the surroundings.

Even then, it was sufficient to be called an enormous gain.

Not to mention the beast bones and various immortal materials that covered the ground, merely the Starpoints he gained had leaped from 514 to 4,300!

However, Chen Xi was slightly displeased because the beasts that had perished in the grand formation were worth so few Starpoints. Every single one of them only earned him a single Starpoint just like the Sorlo Boa he encountered and killed when he first arrived in the Bloodlands.

Merely a small portion of the beasts earned him around five Starpoints, and only those five lords of the Cosmos Beasts were worthy around sixty Starpoints each. They could be considered to be rather valuable existences.

Especially after Jiang Zhuliu was eliminated from the test, the Starpoints in his Violet Ribbon Starcrest had been fully obtained by Chen Xi, and it was an entire two hundred in number.

This allowed Chen Xi to come to a deep understanding. No wonder those disciples that entered the Bloodlands are fighting each other. Merely the Starpoints obtained are worth the risk.

It’ll probably be very difficult for me to earn Starpoints like this in the future… Chen Xi pondered as he cleaned up the battlefield. He was very clearly aware that luck played an absolutely large part in the battle earlier. If it wasn’t for the Whitetail King taking the initiative to make a move, if it wasn’t for him having set up the Major Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation, if it wasn’t for Yin Miaomiao unintentionally fanning the fire and helping him improve the might of the grand formation… It would absolutely be impossible for him to obtain so many Starpoints.

After this, Zuoqiu Yin will definitely find out about everything that occurred here very soon. If he intends to eliminate me from the test, then it’s already to Zuoqiu Clan’s last chance. So it won’t be long before they’ll probably come looking for me… Chen Xi frowned as he suddenly realized something — what if the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan don’t come for him?

After all, only seventy six disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan were able to enter the second round of the test this time, and merely sixteen of them were ranked in the top hundred.

Such a force was naturally formidable beyond all doubt, yet if they were to collide with him head-on, then they would definitely have to pay a heavy price because Chen Xi’s combat strength ranking had firmly surpassed all the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan during the first round of the test!

This won’t do. I can’t continue waiting like this. They’re unwilling to allow me to pass the test, and it’s even more impossible for me to watch them pass smoothly through to the next round of the test… After pondering deeply for a long time, a wisp of resolution floated up onto Chen Xi’s face. He intended to act against the Zuoqiu Clan from this moment onward, and as for Starpoints, it wouldn’t be late to earn them once all the elimination slots in the second round were filled.

After all, this round of the test only eliminated three hundred disciples. If he was a bit late, then he would be unable to stop the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan from participating in the third round of the test even if he hunted all of them down.


After he finished cleaning up the battlefield, Chen Xi’s figure flashed before he directly left the area.

On the way, he was able to clearly sense that numerous Immortal Senses were scanning him from a few thousand kilometers in the surroundings. However, after they noticed his own Immortal Sense, these fellows restrained their auras before fleeing in all directions.

Obviously, the battle between him and Whitetail King’s subordinates could be considered to be a large scale battle, and it was impossible for it to not draw the attention of others.

These fellows are still having wishful thoughts of reaping the final benefits. If they dare go against me, then I guarantee they’ll regret it for their entire lifetimes! Chen Xi pondered briefly before he shook his head and paid no further attention to these fellows.

Chen Xi wasn’t moving forward blindly, and he was tracing back the path of the beast army from before. In this way, he would be able to enter smoothly into the southeast area of the Bloodlands before approaching the central area.

On the other hand, if the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan intended to take revenge on him, then it was very likely that they would move forward along this path!

At the outside world, the rankings and number of Starpoint on the floating wall of light at the square before Dao Emperor Academy was changing swiftly at all times.

But the changes in the top hundred positions was much slower. The reason was extremely simple, practically all those hundred positions were monopolized by the disciples of top powers like the seven great ancient clans.

It was truly too difficult to push them down from their positions in the top hundred.

However, right at this moment, the gazes of everyone were drawn over in unison by a single name.

That name was — Chen Xi!

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