Chapter 1136 – Utterly Defeated

Pu! Pu! Pu!

A rain of blood sprayed through the sky while pieces of flesh shot out in all directions. A mist of blood formed from the dense aura of blood and drifted through the heavens and the earth, and the scope of the mist of blood gradually expanded along with Chen Xi’s footsteps.

His movements seemed to be slow, yet every single step he took was actually swift like a bolt of lightning. He moved 3km in an instant as if he was shrinking the distance between him and his enemies. Even though it couldn’t be compared to true teleportation, yet it was already swift to the limit.

However, the sword qi his entire body emanated was even swifter than his movement technique, and it was even sharper.

The supreme sword qi that represented the ‘Sword of Water’ transformed into a hazy drizzle that suffused the heavens and the earth, and it enveloped every inch of space along his path. Every single Cosmos Beast that charged forward didn’t even arrive 3km in his vicinity before they were directly minced and shattered into pieces by the sharp sword qi before they exploded to death.

Yet it just so happened that Chen Xi seemed to be completely unaware of this all. His expression was calm and aloof while he focused his gaze towards the distance, and he didn’t seem like he was carrying out a slaughter but was like a passing traveler instead.

A traveler that passed through this place and inadvertently gave rise to a storm of blood and seized countless lives!

He was calm and composed while his sword qi was like a dreamlike drizzle. He pressed forward without stopping while the ground beneath his feet was covered in shattered corpses, flowing blood, and bone fragments…

Walking upright and alone in green clothes while laying down a path of slaughter!

Pu! Pu! Pu!

Muffled bangs rose up and down like a note of death, and it was like the bell of the god of death that gradually drowned out the furious roars in the surroundings.

After an unknown period of time, or perhaps it was only an instant, or perhaps it was an extremely long time.

The furious roars in the surroundings had transformed into silence, and only the muffled sounds of blood spraying resounded and caused the atmosphere to be oppressive to the limit.

Terror rose in the hearts of every single Cosmos Beast, and it drowned their entire bodies like tidewater.

“AH!!!” Suddenly, a Cosmos Beast was unable to endure the bloody scenes before his eyes, and he roared fiercely before fleeing in panic.

This was like a fuse, and in the next moment, the beast army that was horrified long ago rumbled as it fled in all directions. They seemed as if they wished for nothing more than to be born with a few more legs.

Chen Xi didn’t care about all of this at all. Since the moment the Major Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation was destroyed, his Immortal Sense and vital energy had already locked firmly only Jiang Zhuliu, Yin Miaomiao, and Whitetail King.

As for those other Cosmos Beasts, he really didn’t care about them. Even if they possessed a  number of almost five hundred, in his eyes, they were only a group of useless beasts that were at his mercy.

This was the absolutely advantage his strength gave him!

Even though Chen Xi was only at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, his combat strength was already practically invincible amongst those of the same generation, and it was obvious from his ranking at the 9th position during the first round of the test.

Moreover, he was also the one and only existence at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm within the top ten of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings!

Coupled with the inheritance of the ‘Sword of Water’ that he obtained from comprehending the Infinite Divine Talisman, it was extremely difficult for his peers to compare to him in terms of lethality.

Yes, from the beginning until the end, Chen Xi’s target had always been the distant Jiang Zhuliu, Yin Miaomiao, and Whitetail King!

Whitetail King’s aura was formidable and brought a great deal of pressure to him, so he attached the most importance to Whitetail King. On the other hand, Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu were his enemies, so he didn’t intend to let the two of them leave now.

Even if he was clearly aware that he was unable to truly kill the two of them within the Bloodlands, but so long as he was able to eliminate them from the test, then the two of them wouldn’t have another chance to enter Dao Emperor Academy.

In this way, he would have indirectly destroyed their future, and it would be an extremely easy task to kill them in the future. 


His body didn’t move while suffused with sword qi, and he forcefully tore open a path of blood amidst the beast army while seeming to be invincible. When they saw this scene, Jiang Zhuliu and Yin Miaomiao couldn’t help but be anxious.

This was the first time they’d witnessed Chen Xi’s combat strength since leaving Southbridge Continent, and they finally understood why he was able to be ranked at the 9th position during the first round of the test.

Merely this murderous, fierce, and matchless sword qi was far from something the two of them were able to accomplish, and he could be described as the number one expert in the Sword Dao within the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

All of this caused a wisp of depression to fill the space between their brows. It was extremely difficult for them to accept it, yet they had to accept it, and it was difficult to imagine, yet it had already become a fact before their eyes!

“Make Whitetail King make a move later while we flee temporarily and return to converge with Zuoqiu Yin. Chen Xi isn’t someone we’re able to go against.” Yin Miaomiao took a deep breath as she forcefully restrained the complicated and shocked feelings in her heart while she spoke swiftly via voice transmission.

At this instant, she suddenly remembered an event of the past. She recalled that when she faced Chen Xi’s challenge that day, she’d once said that Chen Xi was unworthy…

After that, she recalled the answer Chen Xi had once gave her. You won’t have any qualifications to challenge me in the future…

At that time, she felt it was immature and extremely absurd, yet when she recalled it now, it was like a resounding slap that stuck her face and her heart.

This sort of feeling caused her to feel unhappy, defeated, and frustrated, and it was a feeling that she’d never had since she started cultivating until now.

“Alright.” Jiang Zhuliu’s expression changed indeterminately when he heard Yin Miaomiao’s voice transmission, and then he gritted his teeth and agreed in the end. It was merely a single word, yet it seemed to have been squeezed out from the cracks between his teeth and was extremely difficult and heavy for him.

He wasn’t willing to admit that he was inferior to Chen Xi. But… He had no choice but to admit it before this cruel reality! Thus, his mood became extremely depressed and horrible.

“Quickly! Get prepared, the beast army is about to scatter!” Yin Miaomiao’s expression turned grim as she spoke swiftly.

Jiang Zhuliu was shocked in his heart, and then he raised his eyes to look over. Sure enough, he noticed that the merely two hundred or so Cosmos Beasts that remained were already fleeing in panic towards all directions.


However, to the surprise of Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu, Whitetail King that had always been accumulating strength while waiting to make a move at the side had actually fled at this moment!

How could anyone have expected that a Cosmos Beast expert who was comparable to the experts ranked in the top ten of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings would actually choose to flee so cowardly after watching more than half of his subordinates being slaughtered mercilessly?

At the very least, both Jiang Zhuliu and Yin Miaomiao hadn’t expected it. 

“Dammit! Both of you just wait! This kid’s combat strength is so formidable, yet both of you actually dared to use him to trick this King! I’ll definitely take revenge for this later!” Whitetail King’s voice that was filled with boundless resentment sounded out from afar, and it caused Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu’s hearts to sink while their faces turned pale.

“Miaomiao, leave! I’ll cover your retreat! Otherwise, you won’t be able to flee!” A wisp of ruthlessness flashed on Jiang Zhuliu’s face, and then he gritted his teeth as he spoke. His voice revealed a strand of madness, yet there was even more resolution within it.

Yin Miaomiao was stunned, and she was slightly moved as she said, “Alright. If you suffer any harm today, then I’ll take ten times the revenge from him!” As she spoke, she glanced deeply at Jiang Zhuliu before she didn’t hesitate to turn and leave.

“Leaving? Stay behind!” Suddenly, Chen Xi’s indifferent and calm voice sounded out from afar. Along with this voice, his figure transformed into a wisp of lightning that swiftly pursued the distant Yin Miaomiao.

Whitetail King’s sudden flight took Chen Xi by surprise as well, and it messed up his plan, causing him to be unable to control the situation in time.

At this moment, when he saw Yin Miaomiao actually intended to flee as well, he naturally wouldn’t sit idly by as this occurred.


However, before Chen Xi could chase up to Yin Miaomiao, he was stopped on the way by Jiang Zhuliu.

“Chen Xi, I’m your opponent!” As he spoke, Jiang Zhuliu suddenly howled fiercely before a silver immortal sword appeared within his palm, and it was coiled with layer upon layer of the energy of the Laws as it slashed down at Chen Xi.

His move was violent and revealed an aura of indifference towards life and death.


Chen Xi frowned. He flicked lightly with his finger, yet it was like a sledgehammer when it smashed onto the blade of Jiang Zhuliu’s sword, and it shook him to the point Jiang Zhuliu’s sword move collapsed while Jiang Zhuliu’s body staggered.

Chen Xi paid no further attention to him and pursued Yin Miaomiao once more.

“Unless you kill me, otherwise, don’t hope of pursuing Miaomiao!” However, Jiang Zhuliu was actually not dejected in the slightest as he charged forward once more. His silver immortal sword transformed into a monstrous veil of swords that seemed like an expanse of bright silver clouds as it enveloped towards Chen Xi.

This strike was actually terrifying to the extreme, and it carried the ruthless and horrifying intent to take Chen Xi down with him, and it caused Chen Xi’s brows to raise as well while he didn’t dare be careless against this strike.

He formed a sword with his fingers before slashing out with the move, Cloudwave Destruction. A myriad of strands of sword qi transformed into waves of clouds that rushed down, and it easily crushed Jiang Zhuliu’s attack.

But in this way, Yin Miaomiao had already fled to the point there was no sign of her any longer.

What a pity, said Chen Xi in his heart. He turned around to look at Jiang Zhuliu with an extremely icy cold gaze. He was truly unable to figure out while this fellow who was ranked at the first position on the Southbridge Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings would be so impossible to tolerate!

There was no enmity between the two of them, and he actually didn’t hesitate to go against Chen Xi merely for the sake of Yin Miaomiao. Moreover, he even colluded with the Zuoqiu Clan in secret, and it truly caused Chen Xi to be utterly disappointed.

“Chen Xi, come! Didn’t you want to kill me since a long time ago? It’s your only chance now!” Jiang Zhuliu sneered while revealing an expression of insanity. His gaze swept the surroundings before he said rather regretfully, “Unfortunately, this is the Bloodlands, so you can’t really annihilate me. Haha!”

Chen Xi frowned and said, “Could it be that you’ve never thought about the fact that you won’t have another chance to enter Dao Emperor Academy once you’re eliminated from this round of the test? At that time, do you think Yin Miaomiao will still become Dao Companions with you?”

As soon as these words were spoken, Jiang Zhuliu’s expression froze before he said furiously, “Miaomiao isn’t that sort of person!”

Chen Xi glanced at him with slight pity. “Even you’re clearly aware that your background can’t compare to Yin Miaomiao. Now that you have no chance to enter Dao Emperor Academy, even if Yin Miaomiao agrees to become Dao Companions with you, the members of the Yin Clan will probably not agree to it.”

Chen Xi’s voice was calm and indifferent, yet every single word was like a sharp blade that pierced into Jiang Zhuliu’s heart, causing his expression to change indeterminately without end.

“Haha! It’s true, I’m of poor background that can’t compare to the Yin Clan. Moreover, I’m about to be eliminated as well. But what about you? Zuoqiu Yin has already arranged a full array of methods to eliminate you from the test. Do you think the Zuoqiu Clan will allow you to continue existing once you’re unable to enter Dao Emperor Academy?” Jiang Zhuliu suddenly roared with laughter. “In terms of situation, yours is even worse than me. What qualifications do you have to laugh at me? Most importantly, even if I’m of poor birth, it’s a million times higher than a fellow like you that ascended from the Mortal Dimension!”

Chen Xi’s expression was indifferent as he looked calmly at Jiang Zhuliu and said, “Is background so important?”

His voice carried a strange wisp of emotion within it because he’d recalled his mother, Zuoqiu Xue.

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