Chapter 1135 – Path Of Death

The terrifying aura spread at extreme speed, and it instantly enveloped the entire area.

At the same time, the entire Major Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation that was destroyed to the point of being on the verge of collapse seemed like a withered tree that had come back to life again, and it suddenly emanated a strange fluctuation.

Strands of grey bolts of lightning were visibly being effused out from the outer area of the grand formation, and then it enveloped the entire grand formation like tidewater.

After that, a thunderous bang resounded, and it shook the heavens and the earth.

At this instant, a myriad of thick and zigzagged bolts of lightning swept down from the sky like an ocean, and it drowned the heavens and the earth.

This sudden change of events caused the Cosmos Beast army that was still charging within the grand formation to fall into chaos, and their faces couldn’t help but be covered in terror.

“Shit! We’ve fallen for a trap!”

“Dammit! Wasn’t the grand formation destroyed?”

“What’s going on? What exactly is going on? Why is it like this?” 

“Despicable native of the three dimensions! That woman definitely deceived us!”

Waves of furious roars shot into the sky, and they rose and fell through the air. But in next to no time, it was drowned out by the surging thunderclaps, and then another wave of miserable cries of escape resounded.

The scene was in extreme chaos.

Outside the battlefield, Yin Miaomiao’s cold and beautiful face had instantly become ghastly pale while her pupils dilated, and she bit her lips forcefully while standing there silently.

I fell for his trap!

She finally confirmed that since the moment she started break open the formation, she’d actually fallen for Chen Xi’s trap. That grand formation was absolutely not an ordinary Major Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation!

She was even able to discern that it was precisely her actions of breaking open the formation that added fuel to the flame instead, and it caused the grand formation’s might to increase greatly once more!

Why did it turn out like this?

Since she started cultivating until now, this was the first time an indescribable feeling of defeat arose in Yin Miaomiao’s heart. The attainments in the Dao of Talismans that she took pride in were actually like a joke at this moment, and it caused her heart to be filled with boundless frustration and defeat.

“This King needs an explanation!” The nearby Whitetail King’s expression was livid while his eyes almost blazed with flames. The wild joy he felt earlier had instantly been replaced by extreme rage when he saw the scene before his eyes.

With his discerning ability, how could he be unable to determine that the might of this grand formation had become even more terrifying than when it was completely unharmed?

If it wasn’t for Yin Miaomiao being someone the Zuoqiu Clan had sent over, the Whitetail King even slightly doubted if this woman was a companion of Chen Xi’s that had intentionally tricked him!

“What’s there to explain!? At this moment, you aren’t thinking about how to deal with the scene before our eyes but you’re blaming Miaomiao instead. Could it be that you think our Zuoqiu Clan would trick you?” Jiang Zhuliu berated coldly. He was in panic in his heart as well, but when he saw Whitetail King question Yin Miaomiao, he instantly couldn’t be bothered about anything else.

His prospects, his future, practically all of it was entrusted to Yin Miaomiao. He was going to take Yin Miaomiao as his Dao Companion in the future, so how could he possibly sit idly by?

The corners of Whitetail King’s mouth twitched while his expression was extremely gloomy, and he gnashed his teeth as he said, “Don’t force my hand. If you do, then I’ll disregard the fact that you’re related to the Zuoqiu Clan!”

As soon as these words were spoken, Jiang Zhuliu was instantly speechless.

Meanwhile, Yin Miaomiao had already recovered from her shock and said, “Whitetail King, if I really wanted to harm you, then you’d have probably fallen into the grand formation right now.”

“You’re right, and if it wasn’t for that, both of you’d be dead a long time ago!” Whitetail King grunted coldly, and then he paid no further attention to the two of them and looked towards the grand formation instead.

Within the grand formation, thunderstorms surged while bolts of lightning danced about wildly. Waves of miserable and shrill howls resounded from time to time, and everything within the formation couldn’t be seen clearly any longer.

But just by listening to the sounds emanated from within the grand formation, it was obvious what sort of calamity the Cosmos Beast army was suffering.

This caused Whitetail King’s expression to become even more gloomy, and he said with an icy cold voice, “Now, both of you better think of a way to save the situation, otherwise if all my subordinates perish, then both of you must be buried alongside them!”

After he spoke these words, Whitetail King turned around and sat within the bronze treasured carriage, and he didn’t speak another word.

“Hmph! You’re cowardly and without ability to save your own subordinates, yet you push all the responsibility onto us…” Jiang Zhuliu spoke indignantly.

“Don’t say anymore.” Yin Miaomiao frowned as she said, “He isn’t joking!”

Jiang Zhuliu was stunned, and then his expression became serious. “Then… Then what should we do? Could it be that we should charge into that grand formation?” 

“Allow me to deduce for a while longer.” Yin Miaomiao took a deep breath and forcefully restrained the various feelings in her heart, and then she stared at the distant grand formation before she started to deduce silently. 


At the center of the grand formation, Wei Na opened her eyes wide while staring blankly at the scene in the distance, and she frequently rubbed her eyes while seeming to be perplexed and shocked.

Why did it turn out like this? 

Wasn’t the grand formation destroyed?

Wei Na suddenly bit the tip of her tongue, and the intense pain allowed her to be clearly aware that she wasn’t hallucinating. In other words, everything before her eyes was real!

Within the grand formation, numerous Cosmos Beasts were being annihilated by thunderbolts in succession, and those numerous figures that emitted furious and disgruntled roars while fleeing in all directions actually existed for real!

A strand of indescribable shock suffused Wei Na’s entire body, and it caused her to be unable to refrain herself from raising her head to glance at Chen Xi while she muttered in her heart. No wonder he was so composed. It turns out that he’d planned everything since the beginning. How laughable it was that I was anxious and terrified earlier…

“How regretful.” Right at this moment, Chen Xi who’d been sitting in meditation with his eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes, and his voice revealed a wisp of regret.

Wei Na felt that her brain was unable to process all of this because the army of Cosmos Beasts were on the verge of annihilation right before her eyes. What’s regretful about this?

Chen Xi didn’t know what Wei Na was thinking in her heart. He directly stood up and silently scanned the surroundings of the grand formation for a moment before he suddenly said, “Prepare yourself, we might have no choice but to kill our way out later.”

Wei Na was stunned, and she couldn’t refrain herself from asking. “Isn’t the grand formation fine and well?”

Chen Xi shook his head, yet he didn’t explain because Wei Na wouldn’t understand even if he did.

Since the moment he found out Whitetail King had led all his subordinates over, Chen Xi was clearly aware that the Whitetail King would definitely break the formation open. Even if Whitetail King didn’t possess the assistance of a Talisman Formation Grandmaster, Whitetail King would destroy the grand formation with brute force.

So, since the beginning when he set up the Major Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation, he’d already made some slight changes to the talisman formation’s structure, and he utilized the profundities of the Devour Divine Talisman.

In this way, the attacks of his enemies were completely devoured by the grand formation and merged into the grand formation, allowing the might of the grand formation to be improved.

However, Chen Xi hadn’t expected that Yin Miaomiao would actually come along with the army of Cosmos Beasts and break open his grand formation with the Dao of Talismans, and it sped up the process of the grand formation devouring the attacks of his enemies instead.

In this way, the immortal materials and foundation of the grand formation he set up were on the verge of being saturated from devouring too much energy. Once it erupted, the grand formation would collapse and shatter on its own within a short period of time.


Sure enough, an enormous bang that shook the heavens resounded from within the grand formation after a short period of time, and then the terrifying waves of air shot into the sky to form an enormous mushroom cloud that spanned 50km into the surroundings and completely illuminated the heavens and the earth.

When they saw this scene, Yin Miaomiao, Jiang Zhuliu, and Whitetail King retreated simultaneously without end as they were deeply afraid of being struck by the aftershock.

“The grand formation…has actually been really destroyed!”

“I’m alive, I’m fucking alive! HAHA!”

“Dammit! I’ll kill that kid, I’ll tear him up and swallow him alive!”

Amidst the dust and dirt that suffused the sky, a wave of clamorous noise resounded. It turned out that many members of the Cosmos Beast army were still alive within the grand formation, and a rough count put them at almost five hundred in number.

Obviously, these were all experts of the Cosmos Beast army, otherwise, they would have perished a long time ago.

However, this number caused Whitetail King’s expression to be extremely unsightly. Presently, in a short period of less than ten minutes, he’d actually lost over a thousand from his almost two thousand subordinates! This sort of heavy loss caused his heart to tighten.

On the other hand, Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts instead. The grand formation was destroyed, and a few hundred Cosmos Beasts were still alive, so Whitetail King would naturally not dare to harm them.

“Look, quickly! It’s that native of the three dimensions!”

“Kill! Kill that despicable bastard!”


Meanwhile, the dust and dirt dispersed, causing their fields of vision to clear up. At the area that was originally the center of the grand formation was a tall figure standing there.

When they saw him, the eyes of those few hundred Cosmos Beasts that were lucky enough to survive had instantly turned red as they let out furious roars, and there wasn’t even any need to instruct them before they charged ferociously at Chen Xi.

At the same time, Jiang Zhuliu and Yin Miaomiao saw Chen Xi as well. When they thought about how they’d been played by Chen Xi earlier and almost caused Whitetail King to take revenge on them, a wisp of hatred surged out of their hearts.

However, they didn’t make a move. Others might not be aware, but they were clearly aware that Chen Xi was ranked at the 9th position during the first round of the test, and he was even more highly ranked than Zuoqiu Yin.

Under such circumstances, how could they possibly put themselves in danger?

Most importantly, they were ranked at the 278th and 215th respectively, and it was an extremely large distance away from Chen Xi. Even if they were unwilling to admit it, they had to accept this sort of distance.

Fortunately, they had the Whitetail King by their side!

The Whitetail King was an existence who possessed strength that was comparable to those ranked in the top ten of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings and coupled with the two of them and the few hundreds of Cosmos Beasts in the distance, it was sufficient to deal with Chen Xi.

Right when Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu’s thoughts were flashing swiftly, Chen Xi had launched a slaughter!

His figure was tall, his clothes fluttered, and his footsteps were composed and relaxed. He moved alone within the encirclement of the Cosmos Beast army, yet he seemed as if he was taking a stroll within a courtyard.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

But in the eyes of those Cosmos Beasts, this native of the three dimensions before their eyes was like a sword, a peerlessly sharp sword, a supreme and invincible weapon of slaughter!

He didn’t make a single move from the beginning until the end, yet his entire body was suffused with strands of extremely sharp, murderous, and fierce sword qi that drifted through the sky and transformed into hazy and dream-like strands of fine rain that spread through the surroundings.

After that, Cosmos Beast after Cosmos Beast that charged towards him fell, they were sliced into pieces of flesh while a rain of blood sprayed through the sky and shrill cries shook the heavens.

When looked at from afar, Chen Xi who was encircled by the Cosmos Beast army was like a sharp blade that could reach the sky, and he smashed through the Cosmos Beast army and forcefully tore open a path of death where the glow of blood fluttered through the sky! 

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