Chapter 1131 – Despicable Native of the Three Dimensions

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The ground shook as the swamp roiled. Numerous enormous figures carried monstrous auras as they dashed over from all over.

A savage ape monster the size of a mountain.

A strange silver centipede with a myriad of enormous limbs.

A phantom horse that was thin like a bamboo and had a human’s face. 


Numerous Cosmos Beasts of all shapes and sizes broke the silent atmosphere in Bloodspirit Swamp and threw it into chaos. Everywhere they passed, they emanated aggressive auras that caused everything in the world to tremble.

In next to no time, they arrived at their destination.

The first scene that entered their vision was two Immortal Artifacts that were suffused with the blazing glow of treasures. They overflowed with flowing light as they floated silently above the swamp and emanated a glow that shot into the sky!

High-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts!

The eyes of these Cosmos Beasts opened wide as they revealed a wisp of greed.

They were captured from the universe by the experts of Dao Emperor Academy before being exiled at this Bloodspirit Swamp for countless years. So they clearly understood the treasures of the Immortal Dimension and naturally understood the value of high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts.

To them, these Immortal Artifacts were definitely treasures that could only be chanced upon by luck!

As for Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts, they seemed to be too far away from them instead. Even if such treasures appeared, they wouldn’t have the chance to obtain it. Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifacts had appeared in the past, but they’d been divided up between the lords and kings of the Cosmos Beasts, and it had utterly nothing to do with them.

“What a treasure!” A beast with the head of a cow and the body of a turtle had a heavy expression as he judged.

The other beasts deeply agreed as well, and the greed in their gazes grew even brighter. However, they were still able to control themselves. After all, the appearance of those two treasures was slightly strange, so they had to take some precautions.

It was just as they’d said before, the natives of the three dimensions were too cunning and full of tricks, so they had to take precautions.

After that, they noticed that two figures were in fierce battle a few hundreds of km away, and it was a handsome young man and gorgeous woman.

They didn’t know the young man, yet they knew that he was definitely a native of the three dimensions, whereas when they saw the woman, many beasts revealed a wisp of understanding as they recognized her.

“So it was Wei Na!”

“Oh, I thought it was a trap set up by a native of the three dimensions. Now it would seem like I was overly suspicious.”

“So in this way, it was Wei Na who sent out the distress signal earlier? This little girl isn’t bad. She helped us trick and kill countless preys in the past. Now that I think about it, we seem to owe her slightly.”

“Hmph! There isn’t anyone good in the Illusory Demonflower Clan! They’re lowly, crafty, and despicable. They’re the shame of our Sacred Race. If it wasn’t for her being slightly useful, I would have fucking killed a humiliation like her since a long time ago!”

The Cosmos Beasts discussed animatedly, yet from the beginning until the end, their gazes stared fixedly at the two Immortal Artifacts, and the greedy in their eyes grew denser and denser.

However, they were still slightly worried. In these past few thousands of years, they’d been tricked terribly by the natives of the three dimensions, and this deep and painful lesson that was taught in blood allowed them to learn how to be suspicious and vigilant. 

This scene was extremely magnificent. Not a single one of an entire hundred plus Cosmos Beasts acted rashly, and if this scene was seen by an immortal, the immortal would surely feel extremely ashamed.

They were such a group of disciplined beasts that remained unfazed even before precious treasures. Such ability was something even most immortals were unable to accomplish.

“Dammit! If all of you don’t want these two Immortal Treasures, then they’re mine!” Finally, the beast with the head of a cow and body of a turtle wasn’t able to restrain himself any longer, and he cursed in a low voice before stretching out his claw towards the two Immortal Artifacts with burning impatience.

The other beasts didn’t stop him, and they just stared fixedly at him.

“Ha! I’m fine! It isn’t a trap! These two Immortal Artifacts are mine!” After he grabbed smoothly onto the Immortal Artifacts, the beast with the head of a cow and body of a turtle couldn’t help but be stunned. He was slightly surprised, and then he started roaring with laughter as he spoke with wild joy.

The eyes of the other beasts opened wide and became red while they started breathing heavily when they saw this scene, and all of them became restless.

“What do you mean by they’re yours? Stupid cow! Don’t you know that everyone present deserves a share!?” A beast threatened fiercely in an icy cold tone.

“Exactly. All of us arrived here together, so how can it be monopolized by you? How about this? Allow me to safekeep these two Immortal Artifacts for now, and we’ll deal with the ownership of these Immortal Artifacts after we deal with that native of the three dimensions.” The savage ape monster that was the size of a mountain spoke with a gruff voice.

The beast with the head of a cow and body of a turtle roared furiously when he heard this. “These are mine! Mine! All of you cowardly fellows were terrified to the point of not daring to stretch out your hands earlier yet you’re trying to seize my fucking treasures instead. All of you are simply more despicable than the natives of the three dimensions!”

The other beasts chuckled with ridicule and directly disregarded his roars.

“Look, quickly! That kid actually intends to flee!” said a beast abruptly.

“Dammit! I’ll go capture him. All of you wait for a moment!” The eyes of the beast with the head of a cow spun about in their sockets before he roared with rage, and then he charged over.

“Ptooey! Stupid cow! Do you think we don’t know your intentions? That kid definitely has more treasures in his possession. Could it be that you still intend to seize a few more? How insatiably greedy!”

“Kill! Everyone, attack together. The treasures belong to the one that kills that kid!”

Instantly, all the Cosmos Beasts were unable to restrain themselves any longer and charged towards the distant Chen Xi. They seemed hungry and thirsty as if they’d taken Chen Xi to be food on their plate.

“Dammit! Don’t fight with me!” 

“Hey! You actually dared to trip me!”

“Bastard! Don’t block my path! Are you courting death?”

The scene was in chaos. Over a hundred Cosmos Beasts moved out in unison while striving to be the first, and not a single one of them was willing to be a step slower than the other. It was a rather magnificent scene.

Strength came in numbers. At this moment, they weren’t worried about anything else because how could there not be any danger when fighting for treasures? At most, some of them would die, and it was fine so long as they themselves didn’t die.

This sort of attitude like that of the willingness to sacrifice others in order to benefit one’s self.

“They’ve come.” Wei Na ‘fought’ Chen Xi while speaking via voice transmission. Even if she was clearly aware that Chen Xi had set up a grand formation, she was still anxious to the point her heart rose to her throat when she saw the dense mass of Cosmos Beasts that covered the heavens and the earth.

Chen Xi said swiftly, “Wait a bit more. Only less than half have entered the grand formation now.”

Wei Na bit her lips and was just about to say something when the phantom horse had charged over. “Little Sister Wei Na, don’t be afraid. I’ll help you kill your enemy!” Amidst a wave of strange laughter, the phantom horse kicked out with its legs. Its legs were like two iron poles that carried a fierce and metallic sheen as it stomped down fiercely at Chen Xi.


Chen Xi feigned inferiority and staggered back.

The phantom horse became even more complacent when he saw this, and he licked his scarlet red lips as he cried out excitedly while continuing his attack towards Chen Xi. “Little Fellow, quickly hand over your treasures, and I’ll immediately turn around and leave!”

Chen Xi remained silent while he glanced at the surroundings out of the corner of his eyes, and he noticed that around ten plus beasts hadn’t entered into the boundary of the grand formation yet. However, right when he intended to wait for a moment longer, he suddenly heard Wei Na’s sharp and terrified cry.

It turned out that some beasts had already surrounded Wei Na at this moment. “Little Bitch, you’ve seized a great deal of treasures already, right? Quickly hand it the fuck over!”

These words were spoken murderously.

Chen Xi hadn’t expected that these Cosmos Beasts would actually make a move against Wei Na at this moment. He didn’t dare think any further, and his body suddenly surged with a blazing divine glow as he stomped in midair and emanated a resounding sound. “Huff!”


This ancient sound was like a thunderclap from the nine heavens, and it shook the Cosmos Beasts to the point their minds became slightly dazed. At the same time, a terrifying and horrifying aura suddenly surged out from an area of 50km in the surroundings.

What? Before the Cosmos Beasts could figures out what had occurred, they saw the scene before their eyes change, and then they suddenly saw countless dazzling bolts of silver lightning striking down from all directions…


A myriad of bolts of lightning converged together and were suffused with a frightening aura that seemed to desire the annihilation of all evil and the decimation of the world. Countless resplendent bolts of silver lightning zigzagged and fluttered through the sky as they filled the sky to the point it seemed as if they end of the world had arrived.

The Minor Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation!

“Dammit! We’ve been tricked!”

“How despicable! What a despicable native of the three dimensions! I’ll fucking kill you!”

“Wei Na, you stinking bitch! You’re actually working together with a native of the three dimensions to trap and kill us! You’re dead! You’re dead!!”

“Dammit! I was so fucking careful, yet I actually fell into a trap once again!”

“AH!!!!” A wave of terrified and furious howls resounded. But in next to no time, it was drowned out by the rumbling and heaven shaking sounds of thunder, causing only their shrill and miserable cries before death to be heard from time to time.

Chen Xi and Wei Na stood side by side at the foundation of the grand formation at the center of the formation. When they looked out from here, their surroundings were filled with an ocean of thunderstorms, and the heavens and the earth were filled with lightning.

Cosmos Beast after Cosmos Beast was struck to death, and they were utterly incapable of avoiding or escaping the formation and its attacks.

Wei Na suddenly covered her face while her entire body trembled without end.

Chen Xi frowned. “What’s wrong?” 

“That scene is too beautiful. I don’t dare to continue laying eyes on it…” Wei Na spoke softly with a similarly trembling voice, yet she wasn’t sad, but delighted instead!

Chen Xi was slightly speechless. She seems to be even more happy than I am…

But in next to no time, he couldn’t be bothered about this because he noticed that the Starpoints within his Violet Ribbon Starcrest was rising at an alarming speed.





This insane speed caused Chen Xi to be extremely excited. He’d already entered the Bloodlands for an entire day, yet he was only starting to obtain Starpoints at this moment.

But he never expected that he would obtain Starpoints in such an insane method. It was simply not like earning Starpoints but like sweeping them up!

When the last Cosmos Beast within the grand formation was annihilated, the Starpoints within Chen Xi’s Violet Ribbon Starcrest had already increased from the 513 he originally possessed to 1,030 Starpoints.

It had increased explosively by an entire 517 Starpoints!

All of this had occurred in a mere moment.

Unfortunately, the last ten plus Cosmos Beasts weren’t able to enter the grand formation, otherwise, my Starpoints would at least increase by another sixty or seventy… Chen Xi took a deep breath as he restrained the excitement in his heart, and he puckered his lips with slight regret.

In the next moment, he stopped thinking about all of this. He flashed into the grand formation and started gathering the spoils. These Cosmos Beasts mostly possessed cultivations at the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and they could be said to be covered in treasures. Their bones, tendons, horns, and so on and so forth were all precious immortal materials! 

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