Chapter 1130 – Minor Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation

At the blood red swamp, Chen Xi sat cross legged on a pitch black rock while looking towards the distance in silence.

A fluffy and snow white rabbit sat by his side. Its clear eyes looked pitiably at Chen Xi, yet its gaze was rather complicated. It was sometimes filled with fear, sometimes with resentment, sometimes with wonder, and sometimes with hatred.

This rabbit was formed from the Illusory Demonflower, Wei Na.

After he utilized the Lotus Heart Empathy technique to place a strand of his Spiritual Brand into Wei Na’s soul, Chen Xi still didn’t feel at ease, so he utilized the Grand Confinement Dao Art to restrain Wei Na’s strength. Moreover, he ordered Wei Na to disguise herself so as to avoid drawing the attention of others.

Thus, Wei Na took the form of a white rabbit.

As a member of the Illusory Demonflower Clan, she was the most skilled in transformation. However, her disguise into a white rabbit was still puzzling to Chen Xi.

But he had many things to do, so he couldn’t be bothered to fuss about these minor details with her.

Chen Xi found out from Wei Na that this swamp was called the Bloodspirit Swamp, and it was situated at the southeast area of the Bloodlands. There were numerous Cosmos Beasts scattered all around here, yet there weren’t any Xeno-race experts here.

Amongst these Cosmos Beasts, the strongest was Nine Spirits who resided on Bloodwind Ridge, and he was addressed respectfully as Lord Nine Spirits by the Cosmos Beasts here. He controlled this entire expanse of Bloodspirit Swamp.

On the other hand, Wei Na, Mo Ta, and Lei Bin who’d perished at Chen Xi’s hands were subordinates of Lord Nine Spirits.

According to Wei Na, Lord Nine Spirits’ strength was roughly equivalent to the strength of an expert around the 300th position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, and there were around ten plus lords like Nine Spirits in the southeast area.

The existence that controlled the entire southeast area was called Whitetail King. His strength was comparable to an existence in the top ten of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, and he possessed a few thousands of Cosmos Beast subordinates.

I never expected that the Cosmos Beasts and Xeno-race experts scattered about the Bloodlands have actually formed clear groups. In this way, it’s much more troublesome to hunt them… Chen Xi pondered in his heart. According to his knowledge, there were a total of ten areas in the Bloodlands, the east, west, south, north, southeast, northeast, southwest, northwest, sky, and central.

The closer one got to the center, the more dangerous it became, and the central and sky areas were especially dangerous.

According to rumor, there were even Golden Immortal Realm existences amongst the Cosmos Beasts and Xeno-race experts that resided in the sky area. However, they were controlled by Dao Emperor Academy via secret techniques, so the participants of the test didn’t have to worry about them so long as the participants didn’t enter their territory.

I wonder which area Liang Ren and Gu Yueming were teleported to, and where the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan are… Chen Xi took a deep breath. He was very well aware that he couldn’t continue wasting time.

The important matter at hand was to earn Starpoints.

“Roughly how many Cosmos Beasts are there in this Bloodspirit Swamp?” Chen Xi turned around to ask the nearby Wei Na.

Wei Na was stunned, and then she raised her ears as she stuttered. “We’re… We’re not beasts, we’re the Sacred Race.”

Chen Xi frowned. He was naturally aware that these Cosmos Beasts that possessed intelligence had always called themselves part of the Sacred Race. They looked down upon all living beings in the three dimensions, and they took the living beings in the three dimensions to be prey that could be slaughtered at their will.

It was like how an butcher looked at animals.

Of course, in the eyes of the living beings in the three dimensions, the Cosmos Beasts were no different than prey that could be slaughtered at their will. This was the difference in their views based upon their own varying positions.

Wei Na was terrified when she saw Chen Xi frown, and she hurriedly said, “There are around a hundred bea… beasts in the Bloodspirit Swamp. All of them are under the command of Lord Nine Spirits.”

Chen Xi seemed to be lost in thought as he said, “The how do all of you usually contact each other?”

Killing Mo Ta and Lei Bin earlier had allowed him to obtain six Starpoints from each of them, and it was twelve in total. If he was able to clear out the hundred plus beasts in the Bloodspirit Swamp, then he would probably be able to obtain around six hundred Starpoints.

But if he were to kill them one by one, it would be too troublesome. So he intended to ask Wei Na about the method they contacted each other so that he could trick them all to come over here and eliminate them in one clean sweep.

Wei Na was horrified and looked vigilantly at Chen Xi. “What…what do you intend to do?”

Chen Xi remained silent and just gazed at her.

Before long, Wei Na gave in and lightly emanated a string of obscure and complicated sounds from her lips. It was completely different from the common language utilized in the three dimensions. 

Chen Xi’s soul was extraordinarily formidable. After he committed this string of obscure sounds to memory, he split them up and studied them. After that, he mimicked it once, and it was already seventy percent similar to Wei Na.

“What do these words mean?” asked Chen Xi.

“It a request for swift assistance as a large amount of prey have appeared.” Wei Na explained in a low voice.

Chen Xi nodded. He wasn’t worried that she would dare deceive him, or in other words, it was fine even if she deceived him because it was fine so long as it drew over a large amount of Cosmos Beasts.

After that, Chen Xi started looking through the storage ring and storage bracelet he seized from Mo Ta and Lei Bin.

Both of these storage treasures were actually taken by Wei Na from Moqi Long that had been eliminated. Chen Xi looked through it briefly before nodding with satisfaction.

As expected of a disciple of Moqi Clan, merely the immortal materials stored by Moqi Long were already over a thousand, whereas, there were over a hundred types of high-stage immortal materials. It was worth a fortune.

Besides this, there were numerous immortal pills, and two high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts.

Coupled with the immortal materials in my possession, I’m barely able to set up a Minor Thunderclap Devilbreak formation… Chen Xi pondered deeply for a moment before he started to get to work. He sat cross-legged on the rock while refined the immortal materials.


Numerous immortal materials were withdrawn like flowing water, and then strands of profound talisman markings were inscribed onto them by Chen Xi’s formidable Immortal Sense. His movements were skilled and smooth like flowing water.

To set up a grand formation, he had to first prepare the formation’s foundation and accessories. The foundation was the talisman formation diagram, whereas the accessories were treasures that assisted and brought forth the might of the talisman formation like Formation Flags, Formation Disks, Formation Stones, and so on and so forth.

For example, the Minor Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation was a large-scale slaughter formation from the Darklightning Divine Talisman and utilized lightning as a form of attack. Once it was activated, it was sufficient to annihilate most experts in the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

If it wasn’t for the lack of immortal materials, Chen Xi even intended to set up the Grand Thunderclap Devilbreak Slaughter Formation, and its might could even trap a Golden Immortal!

The nearby Wei Na’s rabbit eyes suddenly opened wide when she saw Chen Xi refining the immortal materials, and she suddenly thought to herself. Could it be that this fellow is also a Talisman Formation Grandmaster?

I understand now. He intends to set up a grand formation to annihilate the members of my Sacred Race! Instantly, Wei Na understood Chen Xi’s intentions, causing her rabbit face to warp and be covered in bitterness. But right after that, she recovered her calm. Nevermind, annihilating them is fine as well. In the last thousand years, these bastards have always made me play the role of bait, and they even take away my spoils from the battle after baiting and killing the prey. It’s best that all of them die! 

The more she thought about it, the calmer she became. In the end, Wei Na even impatiently desired to rely on Chen Xi to help her take revenge instead.

One day later, Chen Xi stood up and put away the various immortal materials that he’d finished refining. After that, he sized up the surrounding environment before finally deciding that he would transform the area of 50km in the vicinity into the place he set up the grand formation.


Chen Xi flew up into midair before he flicked his sleeve, and then strings of immortal materials sprayed out like divine rays of light that descended towards the surroundings.

“Huff!” In the end, Chen Xi suddenly let out an ancient chant.

Droning echoed along with trembling, and then expanses of the dazzling and blazing glow of lightning suddenly flashed in an area of 50km in the vicinity. It tore open space itself and illuminated the heavens and the earth.

At the same time, a terrifying aura that caused one’s heart to palpitate rumbled as it spread throughout the surroundings. It shocked the drowsy Wei Na to the point of falling onto the rock, and her rabbit eyes revealed a wisp of terror. She hurriedly utilized her rabbit ears to cover her eyes while her entire body shrunk into a snow white ball of fur.

Fortunately, this sort of scene merely appeared for the time of a few breaths, and then it vanished without a trace.

The formation is done. Now, it’s time to reap the fruits… Chen Xi let out a long breath of air while his lips opened and closed slightly, and he emanated a strange, complicated, and obscure wave of sounds.

The sounds were filled with Immortal Force, and they spread throughout the surroundings like circles after circles of ripples. In next to no time, it covered the entire Bloodspirit Swamp.

Wei Na’s rabbit ears instantly stood erect when she heard it, and her eyes were bright and crystalline. She thought excitedly in her heart. Is it finally about to begin? Fortunately, only I was captured amongst my Illusory Demonflower Clan, so there are no clansmen of mine here and it doesn’t concern me even if all of them perish…  

“Hmm? Targets have appeared? This is a signal for assistance of the highest order!”

“Who, who sent out this signal?”

“It’s at the northwest! It seems that a large number of prey have appeared. Oh, how could I have forgotten? A hundred years have passed now, and the recruitment test of Dao Emperor Academy has begun once more!”

“Everyone, let’s go together. Those natives of the three dimensions take us as whetstones to hone their blades, yet isn’t it a grand event to divide up prey for us as well?”

“But everyone must be careful. The natives of the three dimensions are extremely cunning and crafty. In the past, many of them have pretended to be one of us and tricked many of our companions to death. So we must be careful so as to avoid being hunted and killed instead.”

“Should we notify Lord Nine Spirits?”

“Idiot! If Lord Nine Spirits were to make a move, then not to mention having a meal, we wouldn’t even get crumbs!”

“Let’s go!” 

Over a hundred strings of thought charged out from the Bloodspirit Swamp. After they communicated with each other, they were unable to restrain themselves, and they charged out from their lairs and rushed towards the same direction.

For a time, the silence of the entire Bloodspirit Swamp was broken. Numerous figures of all shapes and sizes carried monstrous killing intent as they soared through the sky. They were either enormous like mountains, thin like fine bamboos, or had over a hundred limbs. All of them possessed extremely formidable and ruthless auras, and it shocked many young living beings in the swamp to the point of shivering and feeling terrified and uneasy.

At the same time, the vertical eyes between Chen Xi’s brows was suffused with a dark sheen as he gazed silently towards the distance. After a short moment, he suddenly laughed in a relaxed manner. “I never expected that there would actually be so many…”

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve, causing the two high-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts he obtained from Moqi Long’s storage treasures to be withdrawn, and then they transformed into two flowing rays of light that descended at the edges of the grand formation.

At the same time, he turned around and said to the nearby Wei Na, “Come, fight with me and put on a good show for them. Only in this way would these preys be easily baited, right?” 

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