Chapter 113 – Spoils of the Battle

Chapter 113 – Spoils of the Battle

A single sword strike caused space to collapse inch by inch, and a Golden Core Realm cultivator was even unable to dodge, being obliterated and dying without a sound. Not even a corpse remained!

How terrifying was this sword?

What extent had its cultivation in the Sword Dao attained?

Although this scene only occurred in an instant, it impacted Chen Xi’s heart strongly, and his mind shook, causing him to be unable to speak for a long time.

The Sword Dao was worthy of being a unique supreme Grand Dao in the heaven and earth!

Huff~ Huff~

Ling Bai rapidly gasped for breath as his 3m tall body transformed back into the size of a 10cm little person. His little face was ghastly pale, exhausted to the extreme, yet the space between his brows was filled with an arrogance that looked down upon the world. Obviously, the little fellow was extremely complacent for being able to kill Su Leng.

“Leave quickly! If we don’t leave then the exit will vanish!” Ling Bai leaped onto Chen Xi’s shoulder before waving his hand, and the weapons and storage Magic Treasures that Su Leng and Su Dingyi’s group of six left behind were all made to fly towards him.

Chen Xi looked up and saw the exceedingly vast great hall’s walls, stone pillars, and ground were all emitting ominous sounds as numerous cracks appeared on them. As they swayed intensely and without end, they were on the verge of shattering and being destroyed.

Whereas at the place that Su Leng died, a warping and translucent passageway led directly to the outside. Obviously, this was a rift that was slashed open by Ling Bai’s fierce sword strike.


How could Chen Xi dare hesitate? He instantly executed the Divine Windwing Flight and he was a like a bolt of lightning as he swiftly charged through the passageway.


Right when Chen Xi’s figure left, the entire great hall collapsed with a bang. The bones, mush, and corpses on the ground were swallowed up by violent the turbulent flow of space and were obliterated.

Just like this, the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm that had existed for 10,000 years had completely vanished. The Su Clan’s youngest Golden Core Realm cultivators and six Golden Hall Realm cultivators had all fallen, and after being swallowed by the turbulent flow of space, they vanished completely without leaving behind the tiniest trace.

Gales howled and sandstorms raged deep within the Oceanic Desert.


Before a spatial tear that was 3km long, a figure flashed out from inside of it, and with a few ups and down, the figure stably stood on the ground.

So close. If it wasn’t for Ling Bai’s reminder, I would have nearly died within it. That turbulent flow of space is too terrifying! Chen Xi let out a long breath of air, and when he recalled the scene from before, he still felt a lingering fear in his heart, then he said to himself. I wonder how those experts are able to open up a pocket within space? This level of ability is comparable to reversing the flow of space.

“Oh, we’re rich, we’re rich!” Ling Bai flew about happily before Chen Xi as a string of storage Magic Treasures like rings, belts, and bracelets followed behind him. There were seven, all of them were twined in the aura of treasures as they flickered with bright lights, and they swayed behind Ling Bai like a dazzling tail.

“Roar! Roar!” Bai Kui that was like a little lion seemed as if he’d seen enticing delicacies, and he impatiently chased after Ling Bai with an expression as if his mouth was watering.

Six of these storage Magic Treasures came from Golden Hall Realm cultivators, and the jade green jade bracelet amongst them was possessed by a Golden Core Realm cultivator. How much treasure would be stored within? Just thinking about it would cause one to be excited.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but reveal a slight smile on his face. With a wave of his hand, all these storage Magic Treasures fell into his palm and he started to sort the spoils.

Ling Bai and Bai Kui instead looked eagerly from the side with sparkling eyes, and these two little fellows clearly possessed special affection towards Magic Treasures.

Su Leng’s storage bracelet was extremely verdant in color. There seemed to be a surging silver river with scattered rays of starlight within it that formed numerous formations like the Tranquility Formation, Dustproof Formation, Fire and Water Generation Formation, etc. The might of these formations couldn’t be said to be great, yet they were all some extremely practical minor formations.

Chen Xi didn’t even take a look before directly grabbing it with his left hand as he spat out a mouthful of True Essence and directly wiped off the soul brand atop it. Su Leng was already dead, and the soul brand atop it didn’t possess the slightest room for resistance.

The instant the storage bracelet was opened up, Ling Bai hurriedly moved closer to look within it.


When the bracelet opened, a bright light that was formed from both black and white rushed out from within, then it transformed into a white jade book and a black jade brush that smashed towards Ling Bai’s eyes, causing him to be startled and to retreat hurriedly.

Book and brush?

Chen Xi was stunned, and when he saw the two treasures seeming to want to escape, he hurriedly stretched out his hand to grab them. Unexpectedly, the black jade brush swiftly turned around before fiercely slashing the sharp tip of the brush at Chen Xi’s palm.

The piercingly cold and fierce energy directly slashed out a shattered wave of air in the sky that was like a silver river’s waterfall splashing down.

What treasure is this? It even knows how to attack? Chen Xi’s eyes lit up, yet his hands didn’t dally, he clenched his hand into a fist and his Shaman Energy surged as he fiercely struck out with a punch.


The black jade brush was struck down to the ground by this strike, tumbling left and right as if it was drunk. It wanted to fly up again, yet was already clutched by Chen Xi’s hand.

At practically the same instant, his left hand swiftly stretched forward, and a large net condensed from Shaman Energy enveloped the white jade book that had fled 300 meters away. With a pull and catch, he’d already brought the white jade book into his palm, and no matter how it struggled, it was unable to escape Chen Xi’s hand again.

It possesses such shocking intelligence, I wonder what treasure it is? Chen Xi gazed at the treasures as he spoke.

Meanwhile, the white jade book and black jade brush revealed their true forms. The white jade book was coiled in glowing mist and entirely icy cold, and it emitted a strange aura that was vast like the sea. On its surface was two large words, Netherworld Register. The writing was orderly and precise, and it caused strong feelings of justice, impartiality, and respect to emerge from one’s heart.

The words Netherworld Diary would cause the heart of one who glanced at it to go cold and to think of some ghastly and terrifying things in one’s mind. However, the white jade book placed before Chen was instead vast, lofty, and righteous. It was like the righteous qi in the chest of an ancient saintly scholar; it was dignified, imposing, and frank.

Whereas the entirely black jade brush was icy cold and was made from an unknown material that seemed like iron, yet wasn’t iron, and seemed like jade, yet wasn’t jade. It was entirely pitch-black to the point there wasn’t a trace of flaw, and it was a type of blackness that was pure to the extreme. On it were the words Condemn Evil that were written in bold and vigorous strokes, and an inexplicable terrifying killing intent assaulted his face.

“Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!” Chen Xi felt his sea of consciousness being filled with innumerable words that spelled kill, countless sounds of shouting, countless sounds of weapons colliding, countless drops of fresh blood, and piercingly cold overbearingness that seemed to want to judge the world and condemn all evil.

“Hu!” Chen Xi hurriedly moved his gaze away, and his entire body was already drenched wet from cold sweat as if he’d just come out from being immersed in water. So formidable! The Netherworld Register is righteous and upright, and the Condemn Evil brush clangs with the sounds of slaughter. Exactly what treasure is this?

“Could it be a rare treasure from the Netherworld’s six paths of reincarnation? No, it seems that a treasure like this existed during the time of the primordial saints…” The nearby Ling Bai frowned as he thought hard and muttered. Obviously, he didn’t recognize what this was as well.

“Let’s open it first.” Chen Xi thought for a moment before stretching out his hand, intending to flip open the Netherworld Register, yet he felt a shapeless restriction suddenly surge out and it shook his fingers to the point that they went numb.

“I can’t open it?” Chen Xi was unwilling to give up and tried using True Essence, Shaman Energy, and even his soul's Spiritual Perception, yet no matter how he tried, he would always be reflected back by a shapeless restriction, and it caused Chen Xi to feel astonished and depressed.

“Roar!” The nearby Bai Kui had become impatient from waiting long ago, and it was as if he’d seen a supreme delicacy of the world, roaring as he impatiently charged out before opening his mouth to swallow the Netherworld Register. Yet he was grabbed ahold of by Chen Xi and was unable to move. His eyes still stared fixedly at the Netherworld Register, and they were a shiny jade color like a wolf that was hungry to the extreme.

Even the infant Pixiu that loved to eat the rare treasures of the world couldn’t refrain from wanting to take a bite, and it was extremely obvious that this book and brush were surely a pair of extraordinary treasures.

I wonder where this fellow Su Leng obtained it? I’m afraid even he hasn’t seen through its profundities, right? Chen Xi was extremely depressed, and under his helplessness, he could only toss the Netherworld Register and Condemn Evil brush into his storage ring before once again looking at the jade bracelet in his hand.

This time, nothing charged out of it again.

However, there weren’t any treasure within that took Chen Xi’s breath away, only 30 kgs of spirit liquid, a huge pile of pills and herbs, and some valuable spirit materials remained. Their conditions were all extraordinary and practically were all in the ranks of the treasures of the heaven and earth, and they could be considered to be a shocking sum of wealth.

But after that, Chen Xi did discover a sword technique. Shockingly, it was refinement and cultivation technique of the Five Evils Composite Sword, and it was extremely evil and malicious.

Chen Xi destroyed this sword technique right away, as he rejected evil and malicious things extremely in his heart, let alone this sword technique which required the torture and killing of an 250,000 lives. Although he wasn’t a good person in a traditional sense, he was absolutely unable to commit such heinous crimes.

After casually tossing over 10 medicinal pills to Bai Kui, Chen Xi shot his gaze onto the storage Magic Treasures of Su Dingyi’s group of six.

84 low-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures, 12 intermediate-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures, 6 high-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasures, and 1 top-grade yellow-rank Magic Treasure… After a short while, Chen Xi had completely finished sorting all the storage Magic Treasures, and besides discovering a huge amount of Magic Treasures, there were also medicinal pills, materials, and spirit liquids. Their total worth was only similar to the worth of Su Leng’s treasures alone.

These Magic Treasures are either sabers, spears, horsetail whisks, tassels… Only six flying swords that are at the high-grade yellow-rank are useful to me, and I have no use of the others. Truly depressing gains!” Chen Xi shook his head helplessly, and as he looked at Bai Kui who happily wagged his tail as he ate one Magic Treasure after another, the depression in Chen Xi’s heart grew even stronger. He’d worked laboriously for all this, yet it seemed to be food replenishment for the little fellow.

Kacha! Kacha!

A wave of crisp sounds resounded out by his ears, Chen Xi turned to look and saw Ling Bai holding a low-grade yellow-rank flying sword in his arms as he devoured it as if devouring tofu with a delighted expression on his face, and the sharpness of his teeth caused Chen Xi to almost not dare believe his eyes.

I… Could it be that I’m raising two gluttons? Chen Xi suddenly felt that this was far from good. If this were to go on in the future, then how many treasures would he have to use to fill up the stomachs of these two little fellows?

“Ling Bai, why have you started eating as well?” Chen Xi pointed at the flying sword in Ling Bai’s hands that had been eaten to the point it was wrecked.

“Oh, I’m cultivating.” As he spoke, Ling Bai finished the flying sword in his hand with a single bite, then with a wave of his hand, another flying sword entered into his hand before he opened his mouth and took a bite.

No matter how poised Chen Xi was, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch, and he suddenly thought of something. “Right, since you can already cultivate now, then what cultivation technique are you cultivating?”

“It’s naturally the Nirvana Sword Scripture. You saw it earlier, I killed a Golden Core Realm cultivator!” Ling Bai raised his chin proudly, and he spoke word for word as if he was seeking credit.

“That was the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm’s energy. It was left behind by your Master to protect you, and it was only used by you.” Chen Xi had only just wrapped his head around it.

Ji Yu had once said before he left the abode, that the key to leaving the Sword Tomb Nirvana Realm was to make Ling Bai absorb the energy left behind by Ling Bai’s Master. If inferred in this way, Ling Bai had indeed absorbed this terrifying energy, but he turned it around and used it all to kill Su Leng.

“I killed him at any rate.” Ling Bai smirked and completely didn’t mind Chen Xi exposing him.

“Then you have to endlessly devour Magic Treasures to advance your cultivation?” Chen Xi asked the most critical question.

“It’s indeed so. Just like qi refiners breathe in spirit energy and body refiners convert Shaman Energy, my body is a Magic Treasure, so I naturally have to devour even more Magic Treasures to strengthen myself. Along with the increase in my cultivation, the grade and rank of the Magic Treasures I require will increase.” As he spoke, Ling Bai ate another Magic Treasure in a few bites, the burped in comfort.

After confirming the glutton attribute of the two little fellows, Chen Xi couldn’t help but hold his forehead and sigh endlessly, and he recalled something Duanmu Ze had once said. “Who can understand the feeling of having one’s face covered in tears?”

Authors note: This chapter is a slight transitional chapter, and there are some things that must be buried first as it’s related to the future plot. I’m not dragging the story!

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