Chapter 1128 – Illusory Demonflower


The two beasts fought each other, their enormous mountain sized bodies collided with each other and emanated deafening bangs that caused numerous waves that shot into the sky to arise in the blood red swamp within an area of 50km.

The battle was extremely intense. The appearance of both the beasts was rather strange. One of them was completely covered in distorted silver colored and sharp scales. Its head seemed like that of a leopard, and its 30m long body was extremely agile as it moved through space like a fish swimming through the water.

The other beast had sixteen thick and long tentacles that seemed like black whips and a triangular shaped head, and it emanated waves of strange and foul wailing that sounded like the cries of a baby. It was extraordinarily horrifying.

A Leopard Qilin and a Ghostcry Beast!

Chen Xi recognized the origins of these two Cosmos Beasts at first glance. Moreover, he was able to clearly determine the strengths of both these beasts were at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and they possessed formidable combat strengths. However, when compared to the top thousand experts on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, they were slightly inferior instead.

The strengths of these two beasts were naturally not intimidating to Chen Xi at all.

So in the next moment, his Immortal Sense descended onto the dark rock in the distance. The glow of a treasure between the cracks of the rock was still faintly visible, and it emanated an alluring charm.

But to Chen Xi’s surprise, he was actually unable to see the true appearance of the treasure by relying on his Immortal Sense.

This is slightly strange. Could it be that it’s some sort of mysterious precious treasure? Chen Xi thought in his heart while a vertical eye suddenly split open between his brows. The eye was pitch black and deep, and it seemed as if the myriad of secrets of the universe were reflected within its pupils. It was exactly the supreme Divine Ability inherited from the River Diagram fragment — the Eye of Divine Truth!


However, before Chen Xi could get to the bottom of it with the Eye of Divine Truth, a figure suddenly appeared from behind the dark rock, and it grabbed swiftly like a bolt of lightning towards the treasure between the cracks on the rock!

Chen Xi’s eyes narrowed slightly while he was shocked in his heart. Never had he imagined that someone would actually be hiding behind the rock while waiting for an opportunity, and it was even to the extent that it had escaped the detection of his Immortal Sense!

Such circumstances were too rare to Chen Xi. After all, since he started cultivating in the Mortal Dimension, the strength of his soul had been tempered to an extremely formidable level through the assistance of the Fuxi Divine Status and River Diagram fragments. It wasn’t just matchless amongst his peers, it was even capable of being compared with existences that possessed a higher cultivation realm than him.

Now, he was already at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and the strength of his soul couldn’t be compared to before. It was capable of reigning supreme amongst experts at the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

But it was precisely under such circumstances that someone had actually avoided the detection of his Immortal Sense, so Chen Xi naturally couldn’t avoid feeling shocked. He was very clearly aware that this person had probably cultivated some sort of formidable secret technique that restrained the aura.

This discovery caused Chen Xi to become even more vigilant. The existences capable of entering the second round of the test were all the top experts of the younger generation in the Immortal Dimension, Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, and so on and so forth. Most of them originated from top powers, so the cultivation techniques they cultivated and the secret record they grasped were naturally extraordinary.

So he had to be careful when competing with these fellows!

These thoughts had only flashed in an instant within Chen Xi’s mind. In the next moment, Chen Xi saw the figure had already stretched out his hand into the crack between the rock, and he intended to grab the treasure.

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had discerned the fierce and rugged looking young man. If he wasn’t wrong, then the young man was probably Moqi Long who was ranked at the 793rd position on the rankings, a disciple that came from one of the seven great ancient clans.

However, right at the instant when Moqi Long’s hand was about to succeed in grabbing ahold of the treasure, the glow suddenly charged out instead. It transformed into a bloody mouth that swallowed Moqi Long’s entire body! Moqi Long didn’t even have any room to struggle!

All of this occurred too quickly. From the moment Moqi Long appeared to the moment the glow of the treasure suddenly charged out and transformed into a bloody mouth that swallowed him, all of it occurred in less than an instant, and it was swift to the point it caused Chen Xi’s pupils to constrict while the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Crack! Crack!

A wave of the sound of bones and flesh shattering resounded from within the bloody mouth, and it caused Chen Xi’s heart to go cold. Obviously, Moqi Long was undoubtedly dead.

Meanwhile, the true appearance of the bloody mouth had appeared within the gaze of Chen Xi’s Eye of Divine Truth. Surprisingly, it was a 3m tall, gorgeous, and mysterious multicolored flower. Numerous savage and distorted faces floated up into appearance on the petals and stems, and it was extremely horrifying.

An Illusory Demonflower!

Surprisingly, Chen Xi recognized this gorgeous flower to be a variant in the universe. It possessed intelligence, was skilled in disguise, and it was extremely malicious. An adult Illusory Demonflower was even capable of deceiving the detection of a Saint Immortal!

“Haha! A fish has finally taken the bait.”

“Oh, the little fellows that have come to the Bloodlands this time aren’t vigilant enough.”

Along with this sound of conversation, the Leopard Qilin and Ghostcry Beast that were in intense battle in the distance suddenly stopped fighting, and then they flashed before transforming into a middle aged man in blood red robes and a young man with a sharp mouth and odd eyes.

“Oh, this is probably a disciple of one of the seven great ancient clans. His bloodline is pure and noble while his flesh contained a great deal of Immortal Pills and herbs. If I’m able to feast on a few more people like him, then I might be able to advance in cultivation.” 

At the same time, the Illusory Demonflower’s figure flashed to transform into a gorgeous woman in multicolored clothes. She possessed plump assets and was graceful and seductive. Her scarlet red lips were still chewing while the corners of her mouth overflowed with strands of dark red blood, causing her to reveal a mysterious aura.

After that, her eyes suddenly opened as her mouth spread open uncontrollably.


A wisp of shimmering violet light suddenly surged out from within the gorgeous woman’s mouth, and then it transformed into a violet colored ray of light. Moqi Long’s figure was faintly visible within the ray of violet light.

Obviously, the Violet Ribbon Starcrest within Moqi Long’s body had been activated, and it teleported him out of the Bloodlands at the moment before he perished. In other words, he was already eliminated from this round of the test.

What a ruthless trap. First the Leopard Qilin and Ghostcry Beast fought each other and intentionally made a commotion to draw the attention of others, then the Illusory Demonflower disguised herself into a glow of treasure that drew out the greed of the target. Thus, allowing them to attain their objective of hunting the target. When Chen Xi saw this, he finally understood that all of this was actually a trap! It was a trap that was carefully set up by three Cosmos Beasts!

Everyone is a hunter here, and similarly, everyone is prey as well! These words appeared once more in Chen Xi’s mind.

“Dammit! The Violet Ribbon Starcrest again! If I’m able to seize that little fellow’s soul, then I would absolutely be able to leave this damnable Bloodlands!” The gorgeous woman cried out furiously while her expression distorted, and she revealed resentment and dense anger.

“Wei Na, cut the crap. Quickly hand over the storage immortal treasure that belonged to that kid!” The blood robed middle aged man the Leopard Qilin transformed into frowned as he spoke.

“Exactly. You’ve already swallowed a great deal of that kid’s flesh. The treasures within that storage treasure ought to be divided up between me and Big Brother Mo Ta! Don’t blame me, Lei Bin, for being merciless if you dare hide anything!” The nearby Ghostcry Beast that had transformed into the young man spoke in an icy cold tone, and his voice was like the crying of an infant yet was sharp and horrifying to the extreme.

The gorgeous woman called Wei Na instantly recovered her calm when she heard this, and she said coldly, “Hmph! I naturally remember the agreement between us. But don’t both of you forget that we have to give half the spoils to Lord Nine Spirits as a form of respect. If he were to notice that the two of you hid something from him… Hmph!” She hadn’t finished speaking what she intended to say, yet the meaning behind her words were vividly displayed.

“Cut the crap and quickly hand it over!” The blood robed middle aged man, Mo Ta, frowned as he spoke.

Wei Na withdrew a storage bracelet in a slightly unwilling manner and then passed it over.

Mo Ta looked through it briefly before he glanced gloomily at Wei Na, and then he said in a low voice, “There are only some immortal pills and immortal materials within this storage bracelet, and there isn’t even a single weapon. Who do you intend to trick with this? Believe it or not, I’ll report this back to Lord Nine Spirits right now, and I’ll let him deal with an insatiably greedy bitch like you!” Lei Bin directly moved forward and grabbed onto Wei Na’s neck, and his odd eyes were suffused with a wisp of a ruthless sheen. “Quickly hand it over! Presently, the Bloodlands have become the testing grounds of those damnable humans once more. It’s exactly the best time to rake in a big profit. Can you bear the responsibility for the consequences of us being delayed?” 

As he spoke, he swung his hand to smash Wei Na’s entire body into the swamp while revealing an expression of detest.

Wei Na stood up in a sorry state. Her countenance was pale while she revealed boundless resentment on her face. In the end, she compromised and withdrew a storage ring before throwing it forcefully into the air. “Take it!”

Mo Ta and Lei Bin’s eyes lit up, and they moved out in unison to stretch out their hands and grab the storage ring.

Rain that was fine like the hairs of a cow suddenly drifted down from the sky that was covered in a thick layer of grey haze. It was hazy, gentle, and drifted throughout the sky, yet when Mo Ta and Lei Bin’s hands grabbed towards the storage ring, the drizzle that covered the sky suddenly transformed into strands of extremely sharp strings, and it crisscrossed before it enveloped the two of them beneath it.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The strands of fine rain were hazy and gentle like a dream, yet at this moment, they were sharp and murderous to the limit. In a mere instant, Mo Ta and Lei Bin’s figures had been sliced into a pile of minced flesh while blood sprayed through the sky like a waterfall, and the scene was extremely gorgeous yet tragic.

Up until the moments of their death, they hadn’t figured out what had occurred!

Wei Na’s pupils dilated while her mouth opened wide from suddenly witnessing such a shocking scene. Her entire body stiffened as it turned icy cold, and her soul almost left her body. Boundless terror erupted like a volcano and surged within her heart, and it caused her to be unable to refrain from being on the verge of crying out loudly.

However, she restrained herself from shouting in the end because an ancient and lusterless edge of a sword was already laying before her throat. The sword surged with a terrifying sword qi, and it caused goosebumps to arise on her skin.

“Help me do something and I’ll spare your life when I leave these Bloodlands.” Chen Xi who wore green clothes and had a tranquil and indifferent expression appeared before Wei Na’s field of vision.

“Alright!” Wei Na agreed without the slightest hesitation. After she witnessed that shocking scene, how could she dare arouse the slightest thought of hoping that she would be lucky?

“Remove the protection of your soul,” said Chen Xi calmly.

“What do you intend to do?” Wei Na spoke with a terrified and trembling voice. However, when she saw Chen Xi frown, she was instantly terrified to the point of not daring to hesitate any longer, and she obediently did as he said.

Chen Xi separated a strand of his Spiritual Brand and placed it within Wei Na’s wide open soul. He did this so that he could sense if Wei Na aroused any ill intent.

Unless Wei Na’s soul was more formidable than his, otherwise, it would be utterly impossible for her to remove that strand of Spiritual Brand he placed within her soul.

This was a profound technique within the Allheaven Truth, and it was called Lotus Heart Empathy. It was a secret technique in the utilization of the soul, and when it was cultivated to the highest level, one would even be able to affect the thoughts of all living beings with a single thought!

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