Chapter 1126 – Bloodlands

On the floating wall of light, three blazing golden light actually seemed as if they were fighting, and they were competing with each other for the first three positions. They seemed like three dragons in an extremely intense rivalry.

This scene caused everyone present in the surroundings to be extremely shocked. They were very clearly aware that it represented the strength these three people possessed, and they were practically on par with each other!

Perhaps it would only be a trace of distance that would decide their final position.

“A rivalry between three experts, yet the final outcome is unable to be decided after so long. Such a scene very rarely appeared in the recruitment tests of the past. It’s truly rare.” The crowd exclaimed with surprise, and all of them felt that the recruitment tests this time could be considered to be the most exciting in history.

Chen Xi puckered his lips as show his gaze towards the place closest to the floating wall of light. There were only a little over ten people there, and all of them possessed peerless auras and graceful bearings.

Amongst them were three people that were the most striking.

They were respectively a young monk, a young woman in a crimson dress, and a dignified man in loose garments and a girdle.

The young monk wore a moon yellow colored monk’s robe, had a tranquil and extraordinary appearance, and the mark of a golden lotus on his forehead. He was undoubtedly the innate Buddhist disciple, Zhen Lu. 

When he arrived at Darkombat City, Chen Xi had once seen him from afar while on the way into the city. At that time, Zhen Lu was riding atop a Golden Dracophant, and he’d once inadvertently shot a glance at Chen Xi, causing Chen Xi to have a rather deep impression of Zhen Lu.

On the other hand, the young woman in a crimson dress had a slender figure and black hair that hung down to her waist like a waterfall. Her body was coiled by strands of translucent flames that caused others to be unable to see her appearance clearly. But Chen Xi dared to confirm that she was definitely the descendant of a True Phoenix in the Phoenix Clan, Zhao Mengli.

The strands of translucent flames that surrounded her body were surprisingly one of the top terrifying flames in the three dimensions, True Phoenix Blaze!

The last man in loose garments and a girdle had a tall and mighty figure. His shoulders were broad, and his bearing was graceful and lofty. As he stood there casually, he naturally emanated a noble and lofty imposing aura like a sovereign that had descended to the world.

Ji Xuanbing!

Chen Xi was able to clearly sense the imposing aura Ji Xuanbing emanated, and it was definitely an aura of someone that cultivated a cultivation technique of the ‘Imperial Dao.’ It was supreme, noble, and like a sovereign that had arrived in the world. In terms of inheritance in the Imperial Dao, the Ji Clan was the most renowned in the Immortal Dimension!

According to legend, when the Immortal Dimension was formed, the ancestor of the Ji Clan was an emperor that possessed world shocking ability, and he controlled numerous domains and possessed peerless might.

All of this allowed Chen Xi to be able to clearly determine that the man in loose garments and a girdle was definitely Ji Xuanbing.

They really do possess peerless elegant demeanors and extraordinary auras. Every one of these three people are capable of being figures that lead an era no matter if they’re in the Immortal Dimension, Buddha Dimension, or Phoenix Clan. However, all of three of them have appeared here at once. The heavens really favor them… Chen Xi sighed with emotion in his head, yet he didn’t feel inferior at all. All along the way, he’d seen countless dazzling figures that were the favorites of the heavens, yet only a mere few of them were able to have the last laugh.


A wave of intense and strange fluctuation rumbled as a name finally appeared on the position of the 3rd on the floating wall of light — Zhao Mengli!

Everyone from the Immortal Dimension heaved a sigh of relief in their hearts when they saw this, because it was fine so long as it wasn’t Ji Xuanbing who’d been pushed down in position!

Chen Xi acutely sensed the changes in the mood of everyone in the surroundings, and he couldn’t help but chuckle while shaking his head. He knew that in the eyes of the people from the Immortal Dimension, Ji Xuanbing had already become the representative in the rivalry with the Buddha Dimension and Phoenix Clan.

But as far as Chen Xi was concerned, no matter if it was the Immortal Dimension, Buddha Dimension, or Phoenix Clan, they were all part of the three dimensions, and this rivalry didn’t seem very necessary.

Of course, the most important reason was that he came from the Mortal Dimension, and he didn’t have much of a sense of belonging to the Immortal Dimension. So he wasn’t like those people that came from the powers of the Immortal Dimension, and he didn’t attach much importance to such competition.


After a short moment, another wave of strange fluctuation resounded, and then the hearts of every single person present here instantly tightened. Their gazes shot over in unison and stared fixedly at the ray of light that was fading.

At this instant, the entire surroundings were silent.

On the floating wall of light, the gold light faded bit by bit. But when they saw the name it revealed clearly, everyone present here was stunned, their pupils dilated, and they didn’t dare believe their eyes.

Ji Xuanbing! 

How could Ji Xuanbing be the second?!

Such a scene was slightly impossible to accept for the powers of the Immortal Dimension. Ji Xuanbing was the second, then the first was naturally Zhen Lu.

When they thought about how the Buddha Dimension had seized the top position in their own territory, the feelings of everyone from the Immortal Dimension became complicated, and they stared blankly and silently at the floating wall of light.

This moment was supposed to be a moment that the entire crowd cheered and celebrated that the top ten positions had been decided. Yet now, the scene was deathly silent.

“Good, not bad. This year’s first round of the test is more exciting than the previous years.” In midair, Wang Daolu was the first to clap and praise, and his voice shook the surroundings and broke the silence.

After that, the other six Saint Immortals smiled and nodded without end.

Only now did a surging uproar resound in the surroundings, and the waves of voices shook the nine heavens and completely swept away the silent atmosphere from before. In next to no time, the square had transformed into an ocean of cheering.

Indeed, the first round of the test this year could be considered to be peerlessly exciting. First, the Mu Clan’s Mu Xiaoliu had stepped into the top hundred of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings while at the Heavenly Immortal Realm, and he was like a red dot amongst a myriad of green leaves.

After that, a young man called Chen Xi appeared out of nowhere and occupied the 9th position with a cultivation at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and he surpassed the peak expert of the Zuoqiu Clan’s younger generation, Zuoqiu Yin, to receive matchless glory.

At the last moment, a scene of three experts fighting for supremacy even appeared. They represented the rivalry of the strongest experts in the younger generation of the Immortal Dimension, Buddha Dimension, and Phoenix Clan. In the end, the final three positions had been decided, and it caused everyone to be shocked.

At this moment, the dust had finally settled, so how could anyone restrain the feelings in their hearts?

They cheered!

They were surprised!They roared with laughter!

They congratulated the experts of the younger generation! 


Various waves of voices converged and shook the nine heavens, and it lingered incessantly by everyone’s ears.

“Now, I finally understand why you insisted on not allowing us to participate the second round of the test with you. You obviously think we’re too much of a burden for you!” Liang Ren roared with laughter and teased Chen Xi.

“Exactly. This fellow really hurts our self-esteem!” Gu Yueming glared at Chen Xi before he started laughing.

Chen Xi rubbed his nose while his gaze inadvertently swept towards the surroundings. He noticed that while some people cheered excitedly, some chose to leave silently and dejectedly.

Those that left were the disciples whose names hadn’t appeared on the floating wall of light. In other words, they were already eliminated from the test, and they were unable to enter Dao Emperor Academy.

Only the smiles of the successful are noticed, while the tears of the others are forgotten.

Such words couldn’t help but appear in Chen Xi’s mind, and then the excitement in his heart faded while he became calm.

This was only the first round of the test, and it was only the first step that he, Chen Xi, took to gain a foothold in the Immortal Dimension.

He wasn’t satisfied with only this!




Suddenly, numerous golden flowers drifted down from the sky, and then they transformed into dazzling golden rays of light that surged into the bodies of many disciples present in the surroundings.

At the same time, Chen Xi sensed that at that place that represented Starpoints within his Violet Ribbon Starcrest was another new line of words, 500!

This was the reward obtained from passing the first test. The top hundred would each be rewarded with 100 Starpoints, the top fifty would be rewarded with 200 each, the top ten would be rewarded with 500 each, and the top three would be rewarded with 1,000 each. Moreover, first place would be rewarded with an extra 1,000 Starpoints.

“Now, the second round of the test will begin.” In midair, Wang Daolu swept the surroundings with his gaze, causing the clamorous noise to stop abruptly, and then he said, “Those disciples that passed the first round of the test, follow me.”

As he spoke, he flicked his sleeve, causing a shapeless force to surge from the heavens and the earth, and it enveloped Chen Xi and all the other disciples that passed the first round of the test.

In the next moment, they vanished on the spot.

“Sleeve Universe! I heard that Senior Wang Daolu’s sleeves are sufficient to easily carry a world with him. I wonder if it’s true.”

“It’s naturally true, otherwise, how could he become one of the chief teachers of Dao Emperor Academy?”

The crowd wasn’t surprised by such a scene, and they spoke with praise instead. They felt extreme admiration towards Wang Daolu’s cultivation.

Wang Daolu was completely unaware of all of this. His figure flashed before vanishing on the spot long with the six Saint Immortals.

“”Next, they’ll be entering the Bloodlands to participate in the test. Little Fellows, all of you must be careful…” Tie Qiuyu’s expression couldn’t help but turn solemn when he saw this scene.

The second round of the test would be carried out within a Secret Realm created by Dao Emperor Academy, and the outside world would be unable to interfere with everything that occurred within it. So the competition and battles within were extremely fair.

At this moment, the experts at the square hadn’t left, and they converged towards the floating wall of light instead before their gazes shot towards it in unison.

After the second round of the test began, the rankings of the disciples that participated in the test within the Bloodlands would be clearly reflected on the floating wall of light, allowing every single person here to notice it clearly.

The atmosphere became silent once more.



Chen Xi and the other 999 disciples that passed the test appeared within a strange space. This space was completely empty, and there was only a blazing screen of light that formed a mysterious door floating in the extreme distance.

“You’ll arrive at the Bloodlands through there. I presume all of you are clearly aware that the second round of the test will be held in the Bloodlands.” Wang Daolu glanced indifferently at everyone, and then he said in a low voice, “The test within is extremely simple. Earn Starpoints through hunting. The first three hundred to be eliminated will be disqualified from participating in the third round of the test.”

As he spoke, he waved his hand and said, “If all of you’re ready, then you may enter right now.”

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

His voice hadn’t finished resounding in the air when some disciples flashed over impatiently, and they flew towards the mysterious door in the distance.

“Let’s go as well.” Chen Xi silently recalled the rules of the second round in his mind. After he confirmed that he didn’t miss anything, he spoke to Gu Yueming and Liang Ren that stood by his side before flying towards the door.

“They’ve left. Both of you can make a move as well.” Not long after Chen Xi’s group of three left, a black clothed and tall young man swept the nearby Jiang Zhuliu and Yin Miaomiao with his gaze before he spoke in a low voice. “Remember the Young Miss’s instructions. Don’t disappoint us.” 

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