Chapter 1125 – Rising To Fame

Up until this point in the first round of the test, numerous facts could be deduced from the floating wall of light.

For example, practically all the experts in the top hundred positions were from the seven great ancient clans, the Buddha Dimension, the Dragon Dimension, the Phoenix Clan, and the top powers of the four great continents.

For example, the strength of those in the top hundred were practically all at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, and only a few were at the intermediate-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm, whereas the most striking of them all was Mu Xiaoliu that was a young man at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm. He was like a weirdo that was ranked at the 46th position.

This caused the young man called Mu Xiaoliu to be the one and only Heavenly Immortal Realm expert amongst the top hundred positions. When his name appeared on the floating wall of light, it even drew countless exclaims of admiration from the surroundings.

But no matter what, Mu Xiaoliu was also a member of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Mu Clan, and his background was no different from the other experts.

Yet now, a name that was extremely unfamiliar to almost everyone present here had appeared at the 9th position on the floating wall of light. This extremely unfamiliar surname seemed too striking, and it caused everyone present to almost not dare believe their eyes!

Chen Xi? 

Who’s this young man?

They swore to god, they absolutely firmly believed that this kid was definitely not a descendant of the seven great ancient clans, nor a disciple of the top powers in the four great continents, and he wasn’t an expert of the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, or Phoenix Dimension as well! 

Because surprisingly, the words Southbridge Continent were written by the side of his name!

Southbridge Continent? Is there an existence comparable to the seven great ancient clans in the Southbridge Continent? How could they possibly foster such a heaven defying figure?

Everyone was puzzled, and they were shocked speechless.

Even if one looked back to the recruitment tests of Dao Emperor Academy in the countless years of the past, such a situation was extremely rare, and it have never appeared in the last few thousands of years.

Because during every single recruitment test, the top hundred positions were controlled completely by the various great powers, and it was too difficult for the names of disciples that came from other powers to be ranked amidst the top hundred!

So when Chen Xi’s name appeared at this moment, it was comparable to a miracle, and it broke the fixed outcome of the past. Thus, everyone couldn’t help but be shocked.


“Alas, all in all, this fellow, Chen Xi, is too disappointing. He wasn’t even able to pass the first round of the test. How will we cooperate with the disciples of the Zuoqiu Clan during the second round of the test? Hmm? Miaomiao, why’s your expression…?” Jiang Zhuliu sighed via voice transmission with a slightly regretful tone, and there was even a wisp of an indescribable feeling of superiority in his voice.

Before Chen Xi’s name appeared on the floating wall of light, Yin Miaomiao and him were chatting quietly because their positions had already been confirmed, and they didn’t have any extravagant hopes of being ranked in the top hundred.

Thus, they moved their attention towards the second round of the test.

Or perhaps, it could be said that they were mainly concerned about how to maintain their relationship with the Zuoqiu Clan.

But at this moment, Jiang Zhuliu suddenly noticed that Yin Miaomiao actually went silent while her expression turned slightly stiff, and she was staring fixedly at the floating wall of light while even her body couldn’t help but shiver as if she’d seen a ghost.

“Ha? What’s wrong? I’ve never seen you like this…” Jiang Zhuliu laughed as he moved his gaze towards the floating wall of light. After that, the wisp of a smile on the corners of his mouth stiffened while he seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning. His pupils constricted, his mouth opened wide, and he had an extremely dumbstruck appearance.

“This, this, this…” Jiang Zhuliu felt that the name on the 9th position was so eye piercing, so absurd, and it shocked him to the point he was unable to speak.

It felt as if someone had struck him with a rod from behind, and it caused his head to feel dazed while breathing became difficult for him.

Jiang Zhuliu was dumbstruck just like Yin Miaomiao. His gaze was fixed upon the floating wall of light while he had a stiff expression, and his heart surged with waves.

Within a hall far away from the square, Mu Linglong who wore a dress covered in petals and gilded in the pattern of water noticed that familiar name, and she couldn’t help but open her eyes wide while she couldn’t restrain the excitement between her brows. She opened her cherry lips lightly and muttered. “I knew it would be like this. But this ranking is truly shocking… This is good as well, he surpassed that Zuoqiu Yin, and that little girl Zuoqiu Ke will definitely be angered to death.”

Before the floating wall of light, Mu Xiaoliu puckered his lips angrily and said, “What a freak! He completely seized the limelight away from me, Mu Xiaoliu! Especially hateful of it all is that this fellow was actually from Southbridge Continent, and he caused me to search for him at Eastern Peace Continent’s Martial Soul Hall for a long time to no avail. Moreover, I was fiercely cursed at by Big Sister Linglong… I must surely find the chance to fight him.”

Within another hall, Zuoqiu Ke had a icy cold expression. She was ranked at the 1,000th position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings before the first round of the test, and she didn’t hold any hope in being able to pass the test. So when the test began, she directly returned to the hall to wait.

In any case, even if she was unable to pass the test, she would be able to enter smoothly into Dao Emperor Academy by relying on the forces of the Zuoqiu Clan in Dao Emperor Academy. So her mood was much more composed than others.

Similarly, she was very clearly aware that Chen Xi would definitely not be eliminated, otherwise, the twelve Void Guards of her Zuoqiu Clan that perished at Chen Xi’s hands would seem to be too useless.

However, never had Zuoqiu Ke imagined that not only had Chen Xi not been eliminated, he charged into the 9th position of the floating wall of light instead, and he even pushed down the ranking of their Zuoqiu Clan’s strongest participant in the test, Zuoqiu Yin, to the 10th position!

This outcome was something she was unwilling to see happen, thus her expression became rather icy cold and contained a wisp of anger that was impossible to conceal. Looks like I still have to utilize the methods Big Brother instructed me with to deal with him in the second round of the test…

“What a kid! What a surprise!” Tie Qiuyu slapped his thigh while laughing from ear to ear, and he thought happily in his heart. As expected of an extraordinary genius that I, Tie Qiuyu, took a fancy to. It’s sufficient for him to become renowned in the Immortal Dimension merely from the fact that he attained the glory of 9th on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings while at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm! Now, let me see if you regret it or not, Wang Daolu!

In midair, the six Saint Immortals clicked their tongues in admiration while they couldn’t conceal the shock in their expressions, and they thought in their hearts. This little fellow’s origins are insignificant, he truly is a good seedling that’s difficult to come by. If he passes through the third round of the test smoothly, then I have to make contact with him and prevent him from being seized by the others…

Only Wang Daolu’s expression remained indifferent and solemn; only his eyes had narrowed slightly. He still clearly remembered that this young man had come with Tie Qiuyu, and he said in his heart, No wonder Old Miser Tie intended to recommend him to become my disciple that day. This strength is extremely extraordinary indeed. Unfortunately, I already have a disciple, and my disciple’s natural endowment is superior to this kid.

“My old friend, do you regret it now? Hahaha!!!” Tie Qiuyu’s wild laughter suddenly sounded out by Wang Daolu’s ears, causing him to glance indifferently at the distant Tie Qiuyu before he said, “Want to make me feel regret? Wait until he passes all the tests.”

“Hmph! After so many years, you’re still so stubborn. No wonder Daoist Nun Jiang…” 

Wang Daolu grunted coldly and interrupted him. “Old Miser Tie, don’t mention that mad old woman!”

“Alright, then I’ll fucking wait and see. I’ll see how regretful you’ll feel, old fellow.” Tie Qiuyu’s voice stopped abruptly.

Wang Daolu withdrew his gaze as well.

At the same time, Liang Ren and Gu Yueming stared fixedly at Chen Xi as if a flower was growing from Chen Xi’s face, and their expressions were both extremely strange.

“What a freak!” Both of them sighed emotionally in unison. It was merely three words, yet coupled with their sighs, it vividly displayed the wild joy and shock both of them felt in their hearts.

Chen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh of cry, and he said to himself, If I knew earlier that I would be ranked at the 9th position, I would have surely told the both of you. The main point is that even I didn’t know…

After that, he saw Gu Yueming suddenly turn around to look at Jiang Zhuliu and Yin Miaomiao before lightly spitting out three words. “Slap! Slap! Slap!”

His words were spoken clearly and forcefully, one at a time, and it sounded like the sound of one’s face being slapped.

When it entered into the ears of Jiang Zhuliu and Yin Miaomiao, it caused both of their already stiff and dumbstruck expression to become even more unsightly. It was as if someone had struck three hard slaps on their faces, and their faces burned while their hearts twitched fiercely without end. They were infuriated and resentful to the limit.

Gu Yueming and Liang Ren roared with laughter when they saw this, and they felt extremely delighted and comfortable in their hearts.

Chen Xi didn’t notice this scene instead. At this moment, his gaze had descended onto the floating wall of light and the names that were appearing on it.

“The 8th, Moqi Yun.” 

“The 7th, Mu Yuchong.”

The 6th, Jiang Canghai.”

“The 5th, Ao Wuming.”

“The 4th, Zhongli Xun.” 


Along with the appearance of these names, the attention of everyone present here had moved from Chen Xi, and the atmosphere became strained once more.

Especially when they saw the originally second ranked Zhongli Xun and third ranked Jiang Canghai had respectively been pushed down to the 4th and 5th position, it even caused an uproar at the scene.

Even Wang Daolu and the six Saint Immortals in midair frowned.

This ranking meant that a great change had occurred in the top three positions, and it was definitely the Buddha Dimension and Phoenix Clan that was capable of causing such a change.

The only thing that was surprising was that the direct descendant of Dragon Dimension’s Green Dragon imperial lineage, Ao Wuming’s, position was already decided, and he was ranked at the 5th position. 

“Presently, only the Immortal Dimension’s Ji Xuanbing, the Buddha Dimension’s Zhen Lu, and the Phoenix Clan’s Zhao Mengli’s names haven’t appeared on the floating wall of light.”

“I wonder if Ji Xuanbing will be able to maintain the position of first on the rankings during today’s test. It must not be seized by the experts from outside the Immortal Dimension…”

Many people were extremely worried.

“It’s fine even if it’s seized away because this is only the first round of the test. The final victor will only be decided once the tests end.”

“Exactly. During the third round of the test and the especially during the brutal second round of the test, the combat strength and ability of an expert would be clearly revealed. So we don’t have to worry about this first round of the test, and we should wait silently while thinking about the long-term outcome.”

“Ji Xuanbing is the most formidable amongst the direct descendants of the Ji Clan, and there has been more than one Immortal King Realm existence amongst their Ji Clan’s ancestors. In my opinion, Ji Xuanbing will definitely be the worthy first ranked expert after the three rounds of the test conclude!”

The crowd whispered animatedly in discussion. Even though they spoke in this way, yet the anxiousness in their hearts was impossible to eliminate in a short period of time. All of them moved their gazes and stared at the position of the top three on the floating wall of light.

Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but look over curiously. Exactly what position will these three top experts from the Immortal Dimension, Buddha Dimension, and Phoenix Clan occupy during the first round of the test? 

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