Chapter 1124 – Shocked!

Row after row of names surged up onto the floating wall of light like rays of golden radiance, and they seemed like gradually rising stars that emanated dazzling and blazing light. It drew the attention of everyone present here at the square.

At this moment, even the disciples participating in the test had become anxious, and their gazes stared unblinkingly at the floating wall of light as they tried hard to find their names.

In next to no time, a disciple cheered as he said, “The 1,000th! Haha! I thought that I would be eliminated this time, yet I never imagined that I would actually pass the first round smoothly!”

You’re delighted to such an extent from being the 1,000th?

Everyone couldn’t help but chuckle as they raised their eyes to look. Sure enough, they saw a wisp of golden light had faded on the bottommost position on the floating wall of light, and then a name appeared.

In next to no time, the 999th, 998th… Numerous rays of golden light faded one by one as they moved up, and they revealed name after name.

Cheering echoed with every revelation of a name, and it drew the extreme admiration of many people.

Especially the crowd that was watching from afar. Many of them were the seniors that had come along with these disciples. In the outside world, all of them were great figures that possessed might that reigned over an area, yet now, when they saw the names of the disciples from their powers appearing on the floating wall of light, all of them started crying with joy or danced with excitement. They didn’t seem like great figures at all.

But no one laughed at them because if it was themselves, they would definitely be unable to control their feelings as well when they saw such a scene. After all, this was Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test! Being able to pass smoothly through the first round of the test was already something worthy of taking pride in!

Along with the passage of time, the cheering on the square grew louder and louder, whereas, the disciples whose names hadn’t appeared yet and those seniors that came with them became more and more anxious, and they didn’t even dare breathe heavily.

Amongst the people present, only a small portion could be considered to be composed. These included the top existences that were already ranked in the top ten of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings, and the extraordinary figures of the younger generation from the Dragon Dimension, Buddha Dimension, and Phoenix Clan.

Of course, it also included Wang Daolu and the six Saint Immortal Realm experts that watched silently from midair.

“Brother Wang, do you think a blazing sun might appear amongst the disciples from this year?” A Saint Immortal smiled while asking in a low voice.

Wang Daolu’s expression was calm and reserved, and he said indifferently, “It’s only three rounds of tests, so how can we distinguish a blazing sun? The matters of the world are impossible to predict. I don’t dare to make a rash verdict.”

Another Saint Immortal said lightheartedly, “Brother Wang, just go ahead. Your distinguishing gaze is the most extraordinary in our Dao Emperor Academy.”

Wang Daolu seemed to have thought of something, causing his face to sink slightly. “My distinguishing gaze is extraordinary? Haven’t the seedlings I took a liking to in these past few years been seized away by that mad old woman, Daoist Nun Jiang? The Flaming Rain Ling Qingwu and the Iron Abyss Ye Tang were both discovered by me first! Hmph! I won’t say a single word in the future.”

The other Saint Immortals glanced at each other, and they smiled bitterly without end. The enmity between Wang Daolu and Daoist Nun Jiang had been going on for a long time, so it wasn’t good for them to say anything when they saw that Wang Daolu was slightly displeased at this moment.

“However, the curtains to the upheaval of the three dimensions are about to be drawn. All of you should be clearly aware that numerous world shocking geniuses would be born during troubled times, and there’s no lack of leading geniuses that can lead an era. Perhaps some world shocking geniuses might appear during the recruitment test this time.” Wang Daolu suddenly changed his tone and knit his brows together as he pondered before he said, “If all of you intend to find an inheritor to your mantle, then you must pay careful attention. Don’t allow other teachers to seize away the disciple you choose.”

The six Saint Immortals seemed to be lost in thought when they heard this. 


More and more rays of golden light surged onto the floating wall of light. Some rays directly faded and transformed into names while some rose up continuously, causing others to be unable to see exactly whose name the ray of light represented.

But it was undeniable that the rays of golden light that rose continuously definitely represented extraordinary figures. On the other hand, comparatively speaking, those experts whose names had already been revealed possessed much more inferior combat strengths and natural talent.

Of course, so long as one’s name appeared on the floating wall of light, then it represented that one had smoothly advanced into the top thousand of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings and passed the first round of the test.

Those names that didn’t appear on the floating wall of light were those that had been eliminated.

However, no one was able to make a final verdict at this moment because those golden lights were rising without end. No one knew which disciple’s name it represented, so no one was willing to admit that they’d been eliminated at this moment.

Even if it was those disciples that were originally ranked at the lower end of the rankings, they couldn’t help but arouse a trace of hope in their hearts, and they hoped that a pleasant surprise and miracle would occur.

“My name has appeared! The 892nd! Haha! Even though my position has lowered by a few tens of positions when compared to before, I’ve passed the first round of the test in the end.” Meanwhile, Liang Ren roared with laughter, and the excitement on his face was impossible to conceal.

Chen Xi was extremely happy for him as well. He knew very well that Liang Ren was ranked at the 863rd position in the past, and Liang Ren’s position was in slight danger because of the participation of the top experts from outside the Immortal Dimension. But Liang Ren had advanced smoothly into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm a few days ago, and it was obviously this that dealt with the danger he faced and allowed him to avoid being eliminated.

“Mine has appeared as well! The 430th!” It wasn’t long before Gu Yueming heaved a sigh of relief. Even though he tried hard to maintain his composure, yet the delight and excitement between his eyes was utterly impossible to conceal.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was slightly surprised because Gu Yueming was previously ranked at the 392nd position. His ranking was greatly superior to Yin Miaomiao that was ranked at the 546th position. Yet now, Gu Yueming’s name had appeared while Yin Miaomiao’s name hadn’t.

After that, he recalled that Liang Ren told him Yin Miaomiao had broken through once more a month ago, and she’d advanced into the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm. So her combat strength had definitely changed.

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming were both extremely delighted, but when they saw Chen Xi staring blankly, they couldn’t help but glance at each other and restrain their laughter.

“Chen Xi, continue waiting. You can only confirm your true position once the dust has settled.” Liang Ren hesitated before consoling in a low voice.

“Yeah, there’s no need to be anxious. With your combat strength, you ought to not be eliminated…” Gu Yueming consoled as well, but his voice seemed to be slightly lacking in confidence.

Because he was similarly clearly aware that the positions from a thousand to three hundred had already appeared, whereas, Chen Xi’s name still hadn’t appeared. So the situation was slightly bad…

Liang Ren was just like Gu Yueming. Even though he was clearly aware that Chen Xi had currently advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm, yet he didn’t dare confirm that Chen Xi could make his way into the top three hundred positions.

After all, this was the Ascensio Immortal Rankings that gathered the top existences of the 4,900 continents in the Immortal Dimension, the Buddha Dimension, the Dragon Dimension, the Phoenix Clan, and the various other domains. Every single one of them was a top figure that was selected from a myriad of living beings, so it was obvious how brutal the competition for a thousand positions between so many extraordinary disciples was.

This was reality. No matter how confident they were towards Chen Xi, they couldn’t avoid feeling slightly worried at this moment.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but laugh bitterly as he rubbed his nose in reaction to this, and he opened his mouth yet didn’t know how to explain it. In the end, he said, “Yes, we’ll see later.”

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming nodded successively. They didn’t know how to console Chen Xi.

“Miaomiao, congratulations on advancing into the 278th position in one go!” Meanwhile, the nearby Jiang Zhuliu roared with laughter, and his voice just happened to be loud enough for Chen Xi and the others to hear clearly.

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming raised their heads and looked over. Sure enough, Yin Miaomiao’s name was at the 278th position, and they instantly revealed depressed expressions.

Chen Xi’s expression remained composed as before, and he said in his heart, This Yin Miaomiao’s accumulation isn’t bad, and she’s even slightly superior to Liang Ren and Gu Yueming…

While Chen Xi pondered, Jiang Zhuliu’s voice resounded once more. “Looks like some people really have no luck in entering Dao Emperor Academy. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to meet in the second round of the test.”

Some people, it ought to be someone, and it was naturally targeted at Chen Xi.

Yin Miaomiao glanced at Chen Xi when she heard this, and then she withdrew her gaze. Her bearing was cold and aloof as she said indifferently, “It really is a slight pity. But it isn’t really a pity. After all, there’s no one to blame if one’s strength is insufficient.”

Liang Ren and Gu Yueming were extremely infuriated when they heard this, and they glanced over with an icy cold gaze.

Chen Xi hurriedly restrained the two of them when he saw this. “This is Dao Emperor Academy’s test. Don’t get angry so as to avoid suffering punishment.”

“How repulsive!”


Gu Yueming and Liang Ren grunted coldly in unison.

“Heh! Once we enter the second round of the test, I’ll ask both of you what do you mean by repulsive and disgusting!” Jiang Zhuliu laughed coldly while his words revealed unconcealed threats.

“Some people really should restrain themselves so as to avoid bringing trouble to themselves.” After she finished saying this, Yin Miaomiao raised her head to look at the floating wall of light, and a wisp of an arc couldn’t help but curl onto the corners of her lips. “Brother Jiang, you’re ranked at the 215th position, congratulations! You’ve improved by an entire eighty six positions when compared to before.” 

Jiang Zhuliu couldn’t help but roar with laughter when he heard this, and he was unable to restrain the delight and complacency in his heart any longer.

He glanced proudly at Chen Xi’s group of three. “It’s about to enter the competition for the top two hundred positions. Could it be that someone still thinks he’ll be able to be ranked amongst it? Such wishful thinking! I advise someone to give up right now, so as to avoid suffering a blow and being humiliated.”

Meanwhile, Liang Ren and Gu Yueming couldn’t be bothered to argue with Jiang Zhuliu. Both of them accompanied Chen Xi by his side, and they were worried that he would be unable to endure this.

Yes, the golden light on the floating wall of light was already revealing the names within the top two hundred. As far as they were concerned, the higher it went, the smaller the chances were for Chen Xi to be ranked there, so they naturally couldn’t avoid feeling worried.

Chen Xi was indifferent towards all of this instead. He just looked at the floating wall of light with a calm and composed expression, and he didn’t seem dejected at all.

Along with the passage of time, the floating wall of light started to reveal the top hundred rankings, whereas Liang Ren and Gu Yueming became even more worried for Chen Xi.

Jiang Zhuliu and Yin Miaomiao were more and more reassured, and a wisp of coldness appeared on the corners of their mouths.

At this moment, even the people in the surroundings had became anxious. Those ranked in the top hundred were already able to be rewarded with Starpoints, and every single disciple capable of being ranked in the top hundred was a rare talent!

Amidst this silence, name after name appeared on the floating wall of light, and most of them came from the Ji Clan, Mu Clan, Jiang Clan, Xuanyuan Clan, Moqi Clan, Zhongli Clan, Zuoqiu Clan, and the top powers of the four great continents.

Of course, it included the top existences of the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, and Phoenix Dimension.

It could be said that every single name amongst them carried the shadow of a top power!

This indirectly displayed how deep the resources and reserves of these top powers in the Immortal Dimension was, and only such powers might be able to foster such extraordinary figures.

“The 15th, Zuoqiu Feiyu.”

“The 14th, Mu Wanyu.”

“The 13th, Dragon Dimension’s Ao Qingjun.” 


Along with the imminent revelation of the top ten, the atmosphere at the scene was silent to the extreme, and even a dropping needle could be heard. Everyone held their breaths in concentration while staring fixedly at the position of the top ten.

The top ten could be called the top ten in the younger generation of the entire Immortal Dimension! How many people amongst the myriad of living beings in the world could obtain such an honor?

“The 10th, Zuoqiu Yin!”

When they saw this scene, everyone present was shocked and felt extreme envy. Only the expressions of the Zuoqiu Clan’s disciples sank because Zuoqiu Yin was ranked at the 7th position on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings before this!

In other words, during the first round of Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test, Zuoqiu Yin had actually been pushed down by three positions!

Perhaps this was a type of supreme honor to everyone present at the square, yet to members of one of the seven great ancient clans, the Zuoqiu Clan, it was a great blow to them.


A bright light flashed once more on the floating wall of light, and then a name that was unexpected to all floated up into appearance — Chen Xi!

Who’s this young man? There seems to be none that are surnamed Chen amongst the seven great ancient clans, the top powers of the four great continents, the Buddha Dimension, the Dragon Dimension, the Phoenix Clan, or the various other domains, right?

Everyone was shocked! 

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