Chapter 1121 – Seven Days Later

The Violet Ribbon Starcrest, a crest unique to Dao Emperor Academy.

Chen Xi was aware that no one was capable of making a copy of this crest, and only students of Dao Emperor Academy could wear one. This was a symbol of their identity, and it represented the dignity of Dao Emperor Academy.

Most importantly, the Violet Ribbon Starcrest had numerous miraculous effects, and one would only be clearly aware of them after becoming a true student of Dao Emperor Academy.

When the experts that possessed the qualifications to participate in Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test actually participated in the test, they similarly had to wear this crest, and the crest of those who were eliminated would be taken away.

It wasn’t just Dao Emperor Academy, all the six great academies of the Immortal Dimension had their own unique crest, and it was provided to be adorned by the students of their respective academies.

“What’re Starpoints?” Chen Xi couldn’t help but ask curiously after noticing the words on his Violet Ribbon Starcrest.

“Something similar to contribution points in a sect. After you enter Dao Emperor Academy, everything from attending classes, training, obtaining cultivation techniques or medicinal pills, and even requesting the help of others will require Starpoints. You’ll naturally understand how important it is after you enter Dao Emperor Academy.” Tie Qiuyu replied in a brief manner.

Chen Xi instantly came to an understanding, and he said in his heart, Looks like I can’t sit back and enjoy the resources of Dao Emperor Academy upon entering it, and I have to work hard to strive for everything. But this is good as well because only with competition is there improvement. A place that’s too easy and comfortable would easily wear down my will to fight.

As they spoke, a wave of footsteps resounded from the outside.

“Old Man Tie, guess what I saw! Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu actually came out from Iris Continent’s Martial Soul Hall!” Accompanying this voice was a tall and thin white clothed young man that walked in with swift strides. He still intended to say something, yet he instantly changed what he was about to say upon noticing Chen Xi at the side, and he smiled with surprise. “Chen Xi, you’ve come.”

Chen Xi stood up and cupped his hands as he said, “Big Brother Gu.”

The tall and thin white clothed young man before him was exactly Gu Yueming, Gu Yutang’s older brother. At the same time, he was the expert ranked at the second position on Southbridge Continent’s Continental Ascensio Rankings.

Gu Yueming cupped his hands and smiled as he said, “There’s no need for all that. You’re friends with Yutang, so you’re naturally no outsider. Sit down.”

Chen Xi nodded and sat down once more.

The nearby Tie Qiuyu’s expression was slightly gloomy instead, and he frowned as he looked at Gu Yueming and said, “Was what you just said true?”

Gu Yueming didn’t hesitate to answer. “How could it be false? I saw it with my own two eyes.”

Tie Qiuyu’s brows knit together even more tightly, and then he muttered. “How did these two fellows get together with the Zuoqiu Clan? An ancient clan like that isn’t related to them at all.”

Gu Yueming smiled as he sighed with emotion. “This is called fortune. Perhaps the Zuoqiu Clan took a liking to them.”

Obviously, he was rather envious towards their ability to form a relationship with the Zuoqiu Clan.

But right after that, Gu Yueming noticed that Tie Qiuyu’s expression was slightly off, and he pondered briefly before he instantly had a wisp of faint understanding and shot his gaze towards Chen Xi.

Since Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu had formed a relationship with the Zuoqiu Clan, then they would surely go against Chen Xi during the second round of Dao Emperor Academy’s test.

In this way, even if he, Gu Yueming, and Liang Ren were to stand by Chen Xi’s side, Chen Xi would still be in an extremely bad situation.

The reason Tie Qiuyu had a gloomy expression was none other than because he guessed that this sort of change would easily arouse internal strife amongst these disciples of Southbridge Continent, and the effect of this was terrible.

Chen Xi clearly understood their thoughts as well, and he smiled. “You’re right, but they didn’t get together by fortune, and it was the Zuoqiu Clan that took the initiative to seek them out instead.”

Tie Qiuyu and Gu Yueming were surprised when they heard this, and they said in unison, “Why?” 

Yes, why would an authoritative power in the Immortal Dimension like the Zuoqiu Clan take the initiative to get together with Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu? If it wasn’t Chen Xi who said this, they would definitely sneer at it and wouldn’t even be bothered to inquire about the reason because it was very obvious that this seemed to overly elevate the existence of Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu.

Chen Xi’s expression became calm as he said, “Because the Zuoqiu Clan is racking its brains to figure out how to deal with me, and they know that there’s enmity between me and Yin Miaomiao, so they would naturally use it.”

Tie Qiuyu was shocked. “Is this true?”

Gu Yueming looked at Chen Xi as if he was looking at a freak as well. He was truly unable to imagine how Chen Xi had offended a top colossus in the Immortal Dimension like the Zuoqiu Clan.

The atmosphere became slightly strange.

Chen Xi laughed bitterly and shrugged as he said, “This isn’t anything good, so is there any reason for me to joke about it?”

Tie Qiuyu and Gu Yueming glanced at each other, and the shock on their faces was impossible to eliminate in a short amount of time.

After pondering deeply for a long time, Tie Qiuyu shook his head and sighed. “This is going to be even more troublesome. Since the Zuoqiu Clan is targeting you like this, then they’ll probably intentionally go against you and play some tricks during the second round of the test.”

Gu Yueming grunted coldly and said, “It’s not something that’ll probably happen, they’ll definitely go against Chen Xi. Originally, I thought Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu very fortunate to make friends with the Zuoqiu Clan, but it turns out that they’re acting as lackeys for the Zuoqiu Clan. They’re truly shameless.”

His voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when a wave of footsteps resounded from outside the hall, and then Yin Miaomiao and Jiang Zhuliu walked in together.

“I’m going to rest.” Gu Yueming grunted once more when he saw them, and then he directly stood up and left. He seemed to be unwilling to be associated with them.

Yin Miaomiao was indifferent towards this.

Jiang Zhuliu frowned instead and said, “He only knows how to talk behind other’s back. I wonder who’s the really shameless one.”

His voice wasn’t loud, yet the distant Gu Yueming heard it clearly. He suddenly turned around and stared coldly at Jiang Zhuliu as he said, “I just couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to you. Could it be that you really think I don’t dare to insult you to your face? Being of poor birth isn’t your fault, but being filled with arrogance after grabbing onto the Yin Clan is. Do you really think you’re some sort of great figure?”

Jiang Zhuliu’s face turned grim because his greatest taboo was people talking about his background. Earlier, he’d already suffered disregard from Zuoqiu Ke, and it caused him to be filled with pent-up rage. At this moment, when he saw Gu Yueming dared to ridicule him to his face as well, it caused him to lose his compose, and he immediately said with an icy cold voice, “There’s naturally a fair judgment about what sort of figure I am. However, you, Gu Yueming, are ranked lower than me yet dare to talk nonsense before me? Who the fuck do you think you are?”

The atmosphere was confrontational and explosive.

Gu Yueming’s face sank as well, and he was just about to speak when he was interrupted by Tie Qiuyu who said, “Enough! If I wasn’t your guide, I couldn’t be fucking bothered to care about the crap between all of you! Now, if you don’t wish for you qualifications to be stripped away, then all of you shut the fuck up!”

His voice was like thunder that exploded in the hall, and he didn’t conceal his rage in the slightest.

Everyone present was apprehensive in their hearts, and they didn’t dare speak any further.

Gu Yueming grunted coldly, and then he glanced at Jiang Zhuliu before turning and leaving.

Jiang Zhuliu had a bellyful of grievance with nowhere to vent it. When he saw Chen Xi who sat at the side, he became steady instead, and he sat before the table and looked at Chen Xi as he said, “If I’m not wrong, you ascended from the Mortal Dimension, right?”

Chen Xi didn’t even spare him a glance as he directly stood up, and then he said to Tie Qiuyu, “Senior, if there’s nothing else, then I’ll be heading back to meditate first.”

As he spoke, Chen Xi turned around and left.

Jiang Zhuliu’s face sank when he saw Chen Xi actually dared to disregard him, and he said, “Earlier, Gu Yueming said that I’m of poor birth, and he was embarrassed to be associated with me. But I’m from the Immortal Dimension after all. Comparatively speaking, it’s the greatest joke that he’s friends with an ascender from the Mortal Dimension like you.”

Chen Xi’s footsteps were steady, and they weren’t stiff in the slightest.

Jiang Zhuliu couldn’t be bothered to conceal it any longer when he saw this, and he ridiculed bluntly. “Remember, no matter how terrible my birth is, it’s much more superior to yours. Do you think you could have survived until now without the Liang Clan’s protection?”

“Right, I obtained the support of the Yin Clan, but Miss Miaomiao has already agreed to be united as Dao Companions with me. Now, even the Zuoqiu Clan treats us specially. What qualifications do you have to compete with me?”

The more he spoke, the more agitated he became. He seemed as if he wanted to completely vent the resentment and rage in his heart, but his target had become Chen Xi instead.

“Besides that, after I pass Dao Emperor Academy’s test this time, I, Jiang Zhuliu, will be a student of Dao Emperor Academy! Merely based on this identity, I’m someone that none of you can disrespect!”

Up until the point Chen Xi’s figure vanished, Chen Xi didn’t speak a single word nor reveal any emotion. This sort of silent disregard caused Jiang Zhuliu’s expression to become livid, and he gnashed his teeth and said, “You’ll regret this! All of you will regret this!”

He seemed as if he shouted out the final sentence he spoke.

At this moment, Yin Miaomiao that stood silently at the side couldn’t help but frown as she felt Jiang Zhuliu had lost his composure, yet she didn’t say anything in the end. 


Seven days later.

At dawn, the azure sky above was lit up by clear light.

The entirety of Darkombat City had become extremely bustling before the sky had lit up completely. The streets were bustling with streams of people and wagons that surged like a tide, and all of them were rushing towards the inner city of Darkombat City.

Numerous variant beasts soared through the sky while crying and drifting through rosy clouds. The resplendent and blazing auspicious qi and glow emitted by their treasures made the entire sky seem gorgeous, dazzling, and extraordinarily grand.

All of this was because Dao Emperor Academy would begin the recruitment test today!

This was a grand event that could stir the three dimensions and draw countless experts over from all over. It wasn’t just the Immortal Dimension, there was also the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Clan, and various other mysterious domains. It could be said that a storm had gathered here, and it was a gathering of experts!

This grand event was held every hundred years, and there were top experts of the younger generation that obtained a meteoric rise and became renowned in the world through this grand event every single time it was held! 

For example, the Flaming Rain Ling Qingwu, the Iron Abyss Ye Tang, and the Jade Phoenix Wan Jiansheng who were part of the six blazing suns had advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, attained the supreme position as one of the blazing suns, and become the center of the three dimension’s attention while in Dao Emperor Academy.

If one traced back the past, then the great figures that were born in Dao Emperor Academy were countless and magnificent like a river of stars. The most renowned of them all was the current Valiant Star Immortal King!

All of this caused Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment ceremony to be extremely grand every single time, and it was unprecedentedly spectacular. It was the most striking event in the three dimensions.

At dawn on this day, Chen Xi followed behind Tie Qiuyu and stepped onto the path to participate in Dao Emperor Academy’s test.

His heart was calm, yet it was impossible to conceal his excitement.

Because this test was related to whether he would be able to truly gain a foothold in the Immortal Dimension! 

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