Chapter 112 – Annihilation

Chapter 112 – Annihilation

Su Leng, who was at the Golden Core Realm, was indeed terrifying. The five flying swords that were tempered from the vengeful spirits that died of rage, resentment, greed, lust, and sorrow converged and scattered every now and then. The sword qi on the swords was dense to the point that it almost seemed as if it would drip down. They emitted a pungent aura of evil and slaughter, seeming as if a group of devils were running wild as they emitted sounds as if ghosts were wailing. Merely the forlorn and bitterly shrill sounds were sufficient to overwhelm ordinary Violet Palace Realm cultivators with terror.

Moreover, Su Leng’s figure drifted from place to place as well. He was like a wisp of a shadow that was dim and lightless. He was still here at this moment, instantly appearing 30 meters away in the next, and he was extremely alike to a ghost that was adept in stealth and concealment.

But it was still little Ling Bai that attracted Chen Xi’s gaze the most.

The little fellow had already transformed into a meter long Seventhgold Swordbamboo at the moment. Unlike when used by Chen Xi, the current Seventhgold Swordbamboo’s entire body flickered with lightning. Arcs of lightning crackled as they leaped about and roiled. The lightning’s piercingly cold aura of annihilation and the eternal aura of the Nirvana Sword Insight were fused together, and it simply swept through all obstacles. Every strike the sword slashed out with would carry along a dazzling arc of lightning that was like a waterfall that splashed out as thunder crashed, and the extreme Yang energy of annihilation slashed onto Su Leng’s Five Evils Composite Sword to the point it trembled and wailed ceaselessly.

In the heaven and the earth, lightning was in charge of punishment, and it annihilated all evil and foul things!

The Seventhgold Swordbamboo was a meter long; it grew 3cm every hundred years after experiencing the wrath of lightning and surviving, and the energy of lightning contained within it was vast and boundless like a great river. Earlier, when it was used in the hands of Chen Xi, he’d not even utilized a ten thousandth of it.

Whereas the Nirvana Sword Insight was neither alive nor dead, seeming eternal, and it caused everything to return to silence. Every sword strike was completely silent, without a trace of the sound of the wind, seeming to instantly appear out of thin air, and it was impossible to guard against.

With the two combined, even if Ling Bai’s cultivation wasn’t as formidable as Su Leng, but as a strand of sword soul that mastered the inheritance of the Nirvana Sword Dao and possessed the Seventhgold Swordbamboo as his body, the combat strength he exploded forth with was even more formidable than Chen Xi who possessed various cultivation techniques and abilities!

For a time, a stalemate appeared in the battle situation between Ling Bai and Su Leng, and it caused Chen Xi and Su Dingyi’s group’s minds to sway as extraordinary splendor rippled out from their eyes.

“Is that a Magic Treasure or a person? How can it be so terrifying? Martial Uncle Su Leng’s Five Evils Composite Sword is a treasure obtained from a mysterious ruin, how can it be unable to annihilate its opponent even until now?”

“Sword soul? Doesn’t seem like it, how could a sword soul control a sword by itself? Could it be that it’s a Magic Treasure that has gained intelligence? But… It seems like only the Immortal Artifacts of legend are able to possess such might, right?”

“I think that thing is surely an extraordinary Magic Treasure! So long as he’s able to subdue it, Martial Uncle Su Leng’s strength might rise explosively once more!”

“Exactly, Martial Uncle Su Leng’s cultivation in the Martial Dao has already attained the Dao Insight Stage, and he has comprehended the Nether Dao Insight that controls souls and items of evil. It’s like the arrival of the ghost emperor in the world, like the rebirth of King Yama, and it’s extremely formidable. In my opinion, it won’t be long before he achieves victory!”

Su Dingyi’s group of four communicated with their souls. They vigilantly swept the surroundings with their gazes as they sighed emotionally about the magnificence of the battle, and they didn’t ease up their search for Chen Xi for a moment.

So it’s the Nether Dao Insight, why would this fellow comprehend such a ghastly Dao? Could it be that he’s gone to the netherworld of King Yama’s under the nether springs? Chen Xi was shocked in his heart. In the three dimensions, if one were to talk about an unreal place, then it was surely the Immortal Dimension; if one were to talk about the most ghastly and terrifying, then it would instead be the netherworld. Supposedly, the netherworld contained the six paths of reincarnation, the netherworld blood pool, the hall of a myriad scenes, the judge that controlled punishment, King Yama… And many other unfathomable people and things.

But Chen Xi had only heard of it, as with his current sight and experience, he was still unable to come into contact with such exceedingly terrifying existences.

“Idiots! What’re all of you standing there for? Quickly come assist me to capture this thing!” Su Leng suddenly emitted a shout of explosive rage. With his arrogance and conceit, he was originally unwilling to use the strength of Su Dingyi’s group, but up until now, he’d noticed that his cultivation was actually completely countered by this thing that seemed like a man, yet wasn’t a man, and seemed like a sword, yet wasn’t a sword. Although it wasn’t to the extent that he would be defeated, he was extremely unhappy in his heart. At this moment, when he saw Su Dingyi’s group standing foolishly in the distance as they spectated, the rage in his heart was naturally unable to be restrained, causing him to roar out.


“Martial Uncle Su Leng, Chen Xi is still hiding in the shadows…”

“Yeah, exactly.”

Su Dingyi’s group of four had never imagined that Su Leng would shout at them for assistance, they were taken by surprise by this explosive shout, and they opened their mouths to explain right away.

It was at this moment —

What a good chance! A cold light flashed in Chen Xi’s eyes as the Shaman Energy throughout his body surged out, and an enormous palm over 100 meters in size that was a combination of earthen yellow and wood green color appeared out of thin air. The palm blotted out the heavens and the earth like a mountain, and a myriad of stars revolved on the striations of the palm as a desolate, heavy, and mysterious aura suffused out with a bang.

Divine Ability — Grand Astral Palm!

During this period of closed door cultivation in the 1st level of the Heavenpeak of Trials, not only had Chen Xi condensed the Second-Wood Shaman Marking and advanced to the 2nd level of the Violet Palace Realm, his Divine Ability, Grand Astral Palm, had also been cultivated to the Second-Wood Realm.

Presently, the Fifth-Earth Shaman Energy and Second-Wood Shaman Energy were gathered on the Grand Astral Palm, and its might rose explosively by almost double. It was originally sufficient to withstand yellow-rank Magic Treasures head-on, and now, when struck down at full force, it was completely capable of crushing profound-rank Magic Treasures!

After all, the Grand Astral Palm was a Divine Ability that was passed down from the Master of the abode, and a great supreme Divine Ability that shocked the world during the primordial era like this had almost already either been obliterated or lost. In the entire territory of the Darchu Dynasty, it was practically unable to be seen.


The instant the Grand Astral Palm appeared, it fiercely grabbed out and had already tightly grasped Su Dingyi’s group of four as if it was grabbing a few tiny little ants, and it utterly allowed no resistance. Then it fiercely gripped, and a wave of sounds of bones cracking and shattering accompanied by the swift emission of exceedingly shrill howls completely filled the great hall!

How fragile were the bodies of qi refinement cultivators? The defensive clothes and battle robes on the bodies of Su Dingyi’s group were all yellow-rank Magic Treasures, yet under the enormous strength of the Grand Astral Palm, they were simply like paper and didn’t produce the tiniest effect.

Drip! Drip!

The Grand Astral Palm released its grip and drops of sticky blood and flesh fell from the sky, piling into a pool of flesh mush on the ground. A pungent and bloody smell instantly filled every inch of the space within the great hall.

Four Golden Hall Realm cultivators were crushed by a single grip of the Grand Astral Palm!

At this moment, even Chen Xi himself couldn’t help be endlessly shocked in his heart when he saw this scene. Although he’d known since long ago that the might of the Grand Astral Palm was extremely terrifying... However, at this moment, when he saw four Golden Hall Realm cultivators transforming into a pile of mush, he finally understood the true might of the Grand Astral Palm!

But due to him not holding back in the slightest, the consumption of the Shaman Energy within his body was extremely terrifying as well. Only this strike had consumed it almost completely, and it was on the verge of drying up.

“Divine Ability!”

“What Divine Ability was that?”

In the distance, Su Leng abruptly leaped out from the battlefield as he emitted a sharp cry, and a wisp of astonishment had already surged up onto his cold face. The scene from before had practically happened in an instant. He utterly didn’t have enough time to save them before Su Dingyi’s group of four was crushed into mush, and he almost didn’t dare believe his eyes.

“Dammit! You actually dare get distracted while fighting me? You’re too arrogant!” Ling Bai’s clear and immature voice sounded out, and he was blazing with anger as he transformed into a wisp of lightning sword light that once again slashed over.

Where at this moment, Chen Xi commanded with his heart, and the Grand Astral Palm swiftly spread out to transform into a palm that slapped fiercely towards Su Leng! He was actually launching a pincer attack with Ling Bai and intended to crush Su Leng in one go!

Although Chen Xi didn’t know Su Leng’s identity, he knew that even if it was within the Dragon Lake City’s Su Clan, a person with a cultivation at the Golden Core Realm was an extremely respected existence. If he were able to kill this person at this moment, then it would surely be a painful loss to the Su Clan.

“Want to kill me? Dream on!” Su Leng shouted out explosively, then the Nine-Wyrms Earth Umbrella swiftly appeared with a wave of his hand. Dense runes revolved around it ceaselessly and the nine wyrms were even suffused with bright lights, the wyrms actually seemed as if they wanted to dash out of the umbrella, and a yellow light that was dense to the point that it seemed material had completely covered Su Leng.

At almost the same instant, he opened his mouth and spat, and a dazzling Gold Core revolved as it flew out. Half of it was black, the other white, representing the fused Yin and Yang, it generated spirit and essence, and it transformed into a gold light that fiercely shot towards the Grand Astral Palm with an intention to kill.

An intermediate-grade earth-rank defensive Magic Treasure!

A Gold Core!

At this moment, no matter who saw this scene, they would be greatly shocked. It was impossible for anyone to expect that Chen Xi, who was only at the Violet Palace Realm, was actually able to pressure a Golden Core Realm cultivator to this extent.

Of course, Ling Bai did the most work in this, as without him, Chen Xi would probably encounter disaster for sure today.


Su Leng’s Gold Core was exceedingly terrifying, and in only an instant, it easily shattered the Grand Astral Palm, causing it to transform into a myriad of shattered stars that vanished without a trace.


It was at this moment that Ling Bai’s lightning sword slashed down right after, and the violent energy of lightning and Nirvana Sword Insight slashed onto the Nine-Wyrms Earth Umbrella to the point it trembled intensely and started to wail. The nine wyrm atop the umbrella were struck to the point their severed limbs went flying, and they transformed into strands of airflow that concealed themselves within the umbrella. But, this slash didn’t break open Su Leng’s defense, and the formidableness of an earth-rank Magic Treasure could be seen from this.

“Kill!” Chen Xi’s face remained unchanged when the Grand Astral Palm was destroyed, and the eight Netherezim Flying Swords formed the Oblivionwind Flowinglight Sword Formation before striking towards Su Leng once again. It would be weird if a Golden Core Realm cultivator was so easy to kill.

“Dammit! Looks like I have to use my trump card!” Ling Bai’s slash didn’t even slice an umbrella to pieces, causing him to be embarrassed and angry. His figure flashed before he’d already transformed into a handsome 10 cm tall little person.

“Everything changes, living and dying, the lack of life and death is nirvana…” A string of obscure and profound chanting swiftly flowed out from Ling Bai’s mouth.

Accompanied by this voice, a terrifying energy abruptly surged out from every direction in the entire exceedingly vast great hall, this energy was neither being created nor destroyed, neither alive nor dead, and atmosphere seemed to have returned to the extreme silent state when the world was just formed, causing others to feel despair, helpless, dispirited…


Ling Bai’s 10cm tall figure abruptly steadily grew taller, and the aura on his body madly rose as well. In the blink of an eye, he’d already transformed into a 3m tall young man with eyes that were like grey and hazy chasms that were dull. The aura that was emitted from his body was like the aura of a god, eternal, nirvanic, and unshakeable!

“Hmm?” Su Leng had just dodged Chen Xi’s sword formation attack, and he hadn’t even had the time to gasp for breath when he felt an extremely dangerous feeling swiftly flow throughout his body. His heart felt as if it was pressed on by a 33km tall mountain, and it caused his breathing to become difficult.

“What cultivation technique is this?” As he gazed at Ling Bai’s 3m tall figure, as he gazed at those eyes that were still like a chasm, as he felt the terrifying aura that surged out from Ling Bai’s body, Su Leng, who had always been arrogant and self-conceited, couldn’t help but feel an icy coldness as if he’d fallen into an icy pit.

“Flee!” At practically the instant this thought flashed within his mind, Su Leng charged outwards without the slightest hesitation, and within his hand, the Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl suffused out with a dreamlike rippling bright light that instantly shot open a translucent and warping wall.

“Want to flee?” The corners of Ling Bai’s mouth curled into a trace of an icy cold arc, then he pressed his palms together. Everything within the entire space seemed to have been sucked out as space collapsed inch by inch, and a grey and translucent large illusory sword surged out from within the collapsing space.

“Supreme Grand Nirvana Sword!” Ling Bai shouted out explosively as his palms that were pressed together fiercely slashed forward!

Kacha! Kacha!

As soon as the grey and translucent illusory sword slashed down, the space in the entire great hall emitted a string of ear piercing explosive sounds of shattering. When he saw this scene, Chen Xi, who originally intended to chase after Su Leng, had stopped his footsteps abruptly, and a strand of dense astonishment surged out from his eyes. This sword technique… It’s actually able to tear space apart?


Su Leng was only a step away from approaching the translucent and warping wall, but this step was so near yet so far. It was so far the no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to stride past it.

Because, his hair, limbs, flesh, blood… His entire body was withering away at a shocking speed, yet it was terrifyingly silent, without the slightest bit of sound being emitted out. It was just like he was being slowly swallowed by an invisible monster. In the blink of an eye, he’d silently vanished from sight.


The Boundless Secretrealm Discovering Pearl rolled down onto the ground.

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