Chapter 1116 – A Storm Gathers In Darkombat City

Darkombat City was divided into the inner and outer city.

The inner city was where Dao Emperor Academy resided, and no one besides members of Dao Emperor Academy could step foot into it.

The outer city was no different from any other city. There were restaurants, teahouses, stores, and so on and so forth that were arranged in neat rows, and they were flourishing, prosperous, and possessed a superb collection of things.

Something worthy of mention was that even if it was the outer city of Darkombat City, not everyone could reside there. For example, the restaurants and stores mostly had the support of top powers of the four great continents standing behind them.

The recruitment day of Dao Emperor Academy was seven days from now. At that time, the inner city of Darkombat that was usually tightly closed would open its doors and await the arrival of the outstanding talents from all over the Immortal Dimension to participate in Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test.

Those that passed the test would be considered students of Dao Emperor Academy.

Of course, before they registered themselves, the experts of the younger generation from the various continents had to enter the Martial Soul Hall of their respective continents to find their guide.

After that, their guide would lead them to Dao Emperor Academy to participate in the test. 


Chen Xi and Lie Binghan didn’t waste time here, and they moved forward along the flourishing street instead. The Martial Soul Halls that belonged to the various continents stood between the inner and outer city, and they were part of the Immortal Court and possessed a special status.

Thus, this area was called the Martial Soul Area.

There was still a very long distance towards the Martial Soul Area, yet they were able to see various ferocious beasts flying through the air while flying beasts soaring with their wings unfolded, and all of them were amazing mounts that carried numerous experts.

“My god! That seems to be a Golden Dracophant of legend. It’s completely made of gold and emanates a holy glow. Its aura is truly shocking!”

“According to legend, the Golden Dracophant is a saint beast of the Buddha Dimension, and it’s comparable to the four divine beasts of the Immortal Dimension. I never expected that I would actually see one here.”

“Look, a solemn and dignified Buddhist Cultivator wearing the vestment of monks with prayer beads on his neck is sitting atop that Dracophant. He’s obviously not an ordinary figure, and he has probably come to register himself to take Dao Emperor Academy’s test.”

“Exactly. Dao Emperor Academy concurrently allows Immortal Sects, Devil Sects, Buddhist Sects, and even the Dragon Clan and the other clans of the sea… The heir of any sect or living being can register for the test, and so long a person passed the test, then that person can become a student of Dao Emperor Academy.”

“How poorly informed! Could it be that you haven’t heard that an innate Buddhist Disciple of the Buddha Dimension, Zhen Lu, intends to register himself for Dao Emperor Academy’s test this time? If I’m not wrong, then Zhen Lu is definitely on that Golden Dracophant.”

“The innate Buddhist Disciple, Zhen Lu! So, it was him!”

In the sky, a Dracophant that emanated a brilliant golden glow flew by, and it caused a wave of clamorous noise to resound.

People from the Buddha Dimension? Chen Xi raised his eyes and looked up. He recalled the Calamity Ward Green Lantern and the Buddha’s Pagoda he possessed. They were both treasures from the Buddha Dimension.

If I have the chance, I have to find some books from the Buddha Dimension to refine these two Buddhist treasures once more… As he pondered, Chen Xi felt apprehensive in his heart as he suddenly noticed a gaze descend onto him. He raised his eyes to look, and he saw that a young man in a crescent colored vestment who possessed a clear appearance and a deep gaze was looking at him from the Golden Dracophant.

The most striking part of the young man was a golden lotus brand that resided between the young monk’s brows, and it emanated a pure and extraordinary aura.

But when Chen Xi’s gaze swept over, the young monk had withdrawn his gaze while the Golden Dracophant vanished in the horizon.

Could that fellow have been Zhen Lu? But why would he pay attention to me? Could it be because of the Calamity Ward Green Lantern? Chen Xi frowned and was slightly puzzled.

Suddenly, a terrifying fluctuation spread through the air as an extremely mighty immortal flying beast with gorgeous wings soared through the sky while carrying over ten women.

“A Fire Phoenix! My god! That’s a pure blooded primeval divine beast, an innate divine beast of fire!”


A thunderous roar shook the sky. Not long after the fire phoenix left, a completely pure white divine beast with ink black hooves, the head of a lion, whiskers of a dragon, and gushed with a myriad of strands of auspicious light strode over in the sky.

“That, that… That’s a Water Qilin!” A wave of clamorous noise arose on the street.

It was an innate auspicious beast, an auspicious sign, and it was an existence capable of holding down the karmic luck of a sect. Presently, it had actually become a mount that carried numerous young men and women as it flew through the sky.

Chen Xi was stunned, and he was secretly shocked in his heart. These scenes were truly shocking, and those capable of possessing such divine beasts were definitely great powers with extraordinary status.

“No wonder the experts from all over the Immortal Dimension are fighting to come to Darkombat City. Such a spectacular scene like this can only be seen in Darkombat City…” Chen Xi withdrew his gaze and sighed endlessly with emotion.

All along the way, the number of divine beasts and flying beasts grew in number, and every single one of them were extremely terrifying. Some of them were formidable to the extent that merely their aura caused one’s heart to tremble.

Compared to all of those experts that rode on these mounts, Chen Xi and Lie Binghan seemed to be extremely inconspicuous, and they didn’t even have a beast to carry them forward.

“Actually, that Starsoul Beast of yours isn’t inferior to them at all.” Lie Binghan clicked his tongue in admiration as he spoke softly.

Chen Xi smiled. Starry was still an infant, so it attracted too much attention if exposed just like this. Once a great figure was covetous of Starry, then it would be impossible for Chen Xi to protect Starry.

Of course, he could keep Starry at his side at all times once he entered Dao Emperor Academy. After all, he would be a student of Dao Emperor Academy at that time, and merely this identity was sufficient to destroy the greed of others.

“Brother Chen, I’ll be heading to Cloudrest Continent’s Martial Soul Hall.” After they arrived at the Martial Soul Area, Lie Binghan ordered his mood and said, “I, Lie Binghan, will remember your life saving grace, no matter what…”

Chen Xi smiled as he interrupted Lie Binghan. “I only raised a hand, there’s no need to mention it again. I have to head to Southbridge Continent’s Martial Soul Hall as well.”

Lie Binghan took a deep breath and cupped his hands at Chen Xi with a serious expression before he said via voice transmission, “Brother Chen, if you go seek revenge from the Zuoqiu Clan in the future, then count me in!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lie Binghan turned around and vanished within the sea of people.

This fellow… Chen Xi shook his head, yet he really admired Lie Binghan in his heart because Lie Binghan was clearly aware that the Zuoqiu Clan was his enemy. However, Lie Binghan still dared to speak such words, and this action and courage wasn’t something that anyone could accomplish.

In the next moment, Chen Xi thought no further about this and directly headed towards the distance.

The distribution of the Martial Soul Area was very simple. The Martial Soul Halls of the four great continents were at the center, whereas the Martial Soul Halls of the other continents were distributed in order around the Martial Soul Halls of the four great continents.

“Please display your Martial Soul Token.” A few guards stood before the Martial Soul Area, and one of them spoke upon noticing Chen Xi’s arrival.

Chen Xi immediately passed his Martial Soul Token over.

The guard finished checking Chen Xi’s Martial Soul Token and inquired about Chen Xi’s ranking on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. After he confirmed Chen Xi’s identity, he guided Chen Xi towards Southbridge Continent’s Martial Soul Hall. “The Southbridge Continent’s Martial Soul Hall is situated in the 1,900th building in the northwest.”

“Thank you.” Chen Xi cupped his hands and left swiftly.

“I never expected that there would actually be five people from Southbridge Continent that are ranked in the top thousand positions on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings.” After Chen Xi left, that guard laughed lightly and spoke with a wisp of surprise. “I remember that there were at most three people from Southbridge Continent that were able to be ranked in the top thousand positions of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings in the past.”

“What’s there to be surprised about? The other continents are nothing much compared to the outstanding geniuses of the four great continents.” Another guard spoke indifferently.

“Yeah, that’s true as well. Almost eighty percent of the top thousand experts on the Ascensio Immortal Rankings are from the four great continents, whereas ninety nine of those that pass Dao Emperor Academy’s test are the geniuses from the four great continents. No matter how formidable the younger generation of the other continents are, they’re still inferior to the younger generation of the four great continents in the end.” 


After he entered the Martial Soul Area, it wasn’t clamorous and noisy like the other parts of the city, and numerous ancient buildings stood in rows along the sides of the spacious street.

The Martial Soul Area was a place only the experts of the younger generation ranked in the top thousand of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings could enter, but it wasn’t only these experts who could register themselves for Dao Emperor Academy’s test.

Some experts of the younger generation from the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, and so on and so forth similarly had the qualifications to participate in Dao Emperor Academy’s recruitment test.

Chen Xi distinguished the direction and headed directly towards the northwest.

On the way, he saw numerous young geniuses moving through the various Martial Soul Halls. Some of them possessed auras so strong that they were on par with Lu Chen, causing Chen Xi to be extremely surprised.

It was even to the extent that he saw a young man with auras that shot into the sky like rainbows and emanated layer upon layer of the Dao as he moved. He was only at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm, yet his imposing aura was so formidable that it was actually more formidable than Chen Xi when he was at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm!

If such a figure was within the bounds of Southbridge Continent, then he would probably have to hand over the name of ‘freak’ that he possessed there.

“Hmph!” The young man was full of youthful spirit and cut a heroic figure. He raised his head proudly when he saw Chen Xi notice him, and then he grunted coldly before walking into a grand and ancient building. Surprisingly, it was the Midnight Continent’s Martial Soul Hall.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but smile when he saw this. He was able to discern that this young man had probably just left the clan he was from. The young man was proud and confident like a newborn calf, yet he emanated an inexperienced aura.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but recall Mu Linglong when he saw the words Midnight Continent. She was the cousin sister of one of the six blazing suns, Mu Junlin, and he wondered if she would come to Darkombat City this time.

As he pondered, Chen Xi moved towards the distance. He didn’t notice at all that not long after he left, a young woman in a white dress, with a beautiful appearance, and a delicate and graceful figure walked out from within Midnight Continent’s Martial Soul Hall.

It was exactly Mu Linglong!

Unfortunately, it just so happened that both of them slipped by each other, and they were only a moment apart from meeting.

“Hmph! Not to mention Zuoqiu Ke, I don’t want to see anyone for now!” Mu Linglong was slightly unwilling, and she pouted her tender cherry lips.

“She came to pay you a visit in the end. Not to mention once you enter Dao Emperor Academy in the future, she might become your classmate. So both of you ought to take care of each other.” A tall young man followed Mu Linglong out. He had a casual expression and was peerlessly handsome. Every single move he made revealed an arrogant and cold aura, and it was exactly Mu Junlin! One of the six blazing suns of the Immortal Dimension!

A wisp of a helpless expression couldn’t help but suffuse his face as he looked at the angry young woman before him.

“Cousin Brother, go on and leave. Xiaoliu is here already, right? Would anyone in Darkombat City dare to bully me with him by my side?” Mu Linglong glared at Mu Junlin with an impatient expression.

Mu Junlin laughed bitterly without end.

“Big Brother Junlin, go ahead. I’m enough to take care of Big Sister Linglong.” A young man ran over and spoke casually. He was exactly the handsome young man at the perfection-stage of the Heavenly Immortal Realm that Chen Xi had noticed earlier.

Mu Junlin thought for a moment before he nodded and said, “Alright. Many seniors of our Mu Clan are teachers in Dao Emperor Academy. Both of you can go look for them if you encounter any trouble.”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at the young man and grunted coldly. “Xiaoliu, if you’re unable to be ranked in the top ten in the test this time, then don’t come see me again when you return to the clan!”

The young man instantly revealed a troubled expression, and he said with a bitter expression, “Can it be the top twenty? There are a lot of freaks registered for the test this time…”

Mu Junlin couldn’t be bothered to pay attention to him, and he turned around before leaving swiftly.

“He’s finally gone…” Mu Linglong who originally revealed an angry expression finally blinked her eyes when Mu Junlin’s figure vanished from her sigh, and she instantly smiled sweetly before she snapped her finger and said, “Xiaoliu! Go! Go investigate about a fellow called Chen Xi for me! Yes, he’s from Eastern Peace Continent. Go take a look…”

“Chen Xi? Who the fuck is that? Why should I, Xiaoliu, go search for him myself?” Xiaoliu spoke proudly.

Mu Linglong glared fiercely at him. “Will you go or not?”

Xiaoliu instantly puckered his lips, and then he gave in and sighed weakly. “I’ll go, alright? In our Mu Clan, only I, Xiaoliu, am like a punching bag for everyone. Alas…”

“Go! Quickly! Don’t think that I don’t know everyone in Midnight Continent calls you a little devil in human shape!” Mu Linglong glanced at him with contempt.

“If I’m a little devil in human shape, then Big Sister Linglong is a queen of devils in human shape!” Xiaoliu chuckled, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot before Mu Linglong could flare up.

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