Chapter 1115 – Darkombat City

Book Fourteen — Dao Emperor Academy

Autumn Plain Continent.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two rays of light tore through the sky and flew towards the distance. It was exactly Chen Xi and Lie Binghan.

After passing through the Cloudlight Bridge, the both of them were worried that a mishap would occur while they took teleportation formations, so they could only rush forward with all their strength because so long as they arrived at Crimsonphant City of Autumn Plain Continent, then they would be able to rely on the teleportation formation there to arrive at Valiant Star Continent in one go!

They travelled silently, and they made the best use of their time to silently recover their strength.

The battle with Lu Chen and the others earlier had caused Lie Binghan to suffer a heavy injury, and his strength was on the verge of drying up. Even though Chen Xi didn’t suffer any injury, he similarly needed to spend some time to recover as his Immortal Force had been exhausted by too much.

Chen Xi silently summarized the experience he obtained from the battle as he flew forward.

Dreamlike Drizzle.

Cloudwave Destruction.

Boundless Ocean.

These three moves were the quintessence of the inheritance of the ‘Sword of Water’ that Chen Xi had comprehended.

Dreamlike Drizzle was sharp and slaughterous. Once it was executed, a myriad of strands of sword qi would condense to the limit, and it would seem to be dreamlike and indistinct, yet it was actually filled with offensive might.

Cloudwave Destruction emphasized on crushing, and it possessed the supreme imposing aura of a dark cloud bearing down on a city to crush it. It vividly displayed the crushing and powerful force of the Laws of Water.

On the other hand, Boundless Ocean emphasized on trapping and killing! Sword qi transformed into an ocean that covered the sky and blotted out the sun, and it enveloped everything. Once the enemy fell into it, then the enemy wouldn’t be able to escape any longer.

At the same time, this move was the strongest move in the ‘Sword of Water,’ and the word boundless was sufficient to prove how vast and formidable this move was.

To Chen Xi’s regret, these three moves were merely moves he’d discovered himself, and they could at most be considered as the ‘Sword of Water’ being dismantled into three.

If he was able to perfectly merge these three moves, then its might would absolutely not be merely double its current might!

Once I enter the Dao Emperor Academy, I must completely comprehend the ‘Sword of Water’ as only in this way would I be able to obtain another inheritance from the world of stars. Like the Sword of Fire, Sword of Metal, Sword of Wood… Chen Xi pondered silently as he flew forward.

The Infinite Divine Talisman within the world of stars was extremely special, and he was only able to comprehend a second inheritance from it after he’d attained perfection in a Grand Dao Law.

Just like this moment, even if he entered the world of stars and saw an inheritance in the Infinite Divine Talisman, it would still be the Sword of Water. This was like a barrier, and only by flawlessly grasping the Sword of Water would he be able to surmount this barrier and obtain another inheritance.

Besides that, I’ve already advanced into the Mysterious Immortal Realm now, so the amount of the energy of the Laws I can condense isn’t limited by my cultivation any longer. Thus, I must take some time to condense the Grand Dao profundities of star, obliteration, eternal, creation, and the others into the energy of the Laws. At that time, my combat strength would only grow stronger… Chen Xi took a deep breath while strong confidence welled up in his heart.

He knew that so long as he entered Dao Emperor Academy, then the situation he was in wouldn’t be so difficult as it was before. Conversely, he only had to cultivate silently in Dao Emperor Academy, and his hope of accomplishing his objectives would grow greater and greater!



Lie Binghan who silently regulated his breathing and recuperated all along the way suddenly rose his head, and he pointed towards the distance as he said, “Brother Chen, look, that’s Crimsonphant City. We’ll be able to arrive at Valiant Star Continent in one go from the teleportation formation there!”

Chen Xi raised his head to look. Sure enough, he saw that in the depths of the sea of clouds in the distance, he was faintly able to see the outline of a majestic city.

“So long as we arrive at Valiant Star Continent, then even if the entire forces of the Zuoqiu Clan are deployed, it will be impossible for them to harm us in the slightest!” Lie Binghan spoke with extreme confidence.

Chen Xi was stunned, and then he seemed to have thought of something and said with sudden understanding, “The Valiant Star Restriction?”

Lie Binghan’s eyes glowed brilliantly and revealed a wisp of yearning as he said, “Exactly, the Valiant Star Restriction. That’s a restriction set up personally by the Valiant Star Immortal King, and it covers every inch of space in Valiant Star Continent. It can compare to the Laws of the Heaven Dao!”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but brim with praise, respect, and admiration.

Chen Xi understood this very well. According to his knowledge, the Valiant Star Restriction was indeed no different to the Laws of the Heaven Dao, and it was a great accomplishment of the Valiant Star Immortal King. Just thinking about it caused one to exclaim with admiration.

During the three months of time that Dao Emperor Academy was recruiting, this restriction would be activated in the entire Valiant Star Continent, and the reason was to protect the experts of the younger generation that had entered Valiant Star Continent with the intention of registering to be tested at Dao Emperor Academy.

During that period, if anyone dared to make a move against the experts of the younger generation in Valiant Star Continent, then they would be directly annihilated by the Valiant Star Restrictions. Unless that person was an Immortal King Realm expert, otherwise no one was capable of escaping the might of the Valiant Star Restriction.

This obviously showed how the entire Valiant Star Continent valued the recruitment held by Dao Emperor Academy, and since it was capable of asking an Immortal King to set up a restriction, it was clear how extraordinary the status of Dao Emperor Academy was. It was indeed worthy of being the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension!

As they chatted, both of them arrived at Crimsonphant City, and they didn’t waste any time here before heading directly towards the teleportation formation in the city.



There was a huge crowd of people before the teleportation formation, and it was bustling clamorously.

When Chen Xi and Lie Binghan arrived here, they saw that the area before the teleportation formation was tightly packed with a dense mass of immortals that were waiting here, and it seemed extremely noisy.

Chen Xi couldn’t help but frown slightly when he saw this scene. The teleportation formation could only transport a hundred people at a time, and it was only activated three times a day. So, based on the situation here, it wouldn’t be their turn even after three days had passed.

Lie Binghan laughed lightly at the side. “Because the recruitment held by Dao Emperor Academy drew the attention of the 4,900 continents in the entire Immortal Dimension, countless immortals have come over from all over for the sake of witnessing this grand event.”

Chen Xi said, “It’s only a recruitment of disciples, why would it be described as a grand event?”

Lie Binghan looked at Chen Xi with a surprised expression, and when he explained swiftly when he saw Chen Xi was really unaware. “Brother Chen, there’s something you’re unaware of. The recruitment held by Dao Emperor Academy is a matter of top priority in the Immortal Dimension. At that time, the top figures of all the top powers in the Immortal Dimension, Buddha Dimension, and Dragon Dimension would gather in Valiant Star Continent.”

He paused for a moment and continued. “Simply speaking, those great figures that were usually mentioned in legends, famous outstanding geniuses, and even the living beings from the clans that came from various mysterious regions would make an appearance in Valiant Star Continent. How could such a grand event be seen at any other time?”

Chen Xi came to a slight understanding and nodded.

He wasn’t really interested towards all of this, and he just wanted to arrive at Dao Emperor Academy as soon as possible.

To Chen Xi’s surprise, the teleportation formation in Crimsonphant City wasn’t just activated three times a day, and batch after batch of people were teleported successively.

Obviously, the Immortal Monarch’s Estate had considered the appearance of such a situation and had made an exception.

This allowed Chen Xi to feel at ease. He was very well aware that it was because the reputation of Dao Emperor Academy was too great, and it was currently the academy’s recruitment period, so the Immortal Monarch’s Estate acted in this way because it was worried that the limited number of teleportations in a day would delay the experts of the younger generation from registering themselves at Dao Emperor Academy.

If it was at an ordinary time or if it was another power of the Immortal Dimension, then the Immortal Monarch’s Estate would absolutely not be so ‘considerate.’


Before long, Chen Xi and Lie Binghan each paid ten thousand immortal stones, and then they entered the teleportation formation before vanishing within it.



Valiant Star Continent.

One of the four great continents of the Immortal Dimension.

In the boundless annals of history in Valiant Star Continent, countless leading figures had been born, and they’d played out countless legends. Within Valiant Star Continent, sects were numerous like trees in a forest and experts were many like the clouds, and most importantly, there was even an Immortal King residing here!

Compared to the other three great continents, Valiant Star Continent’s reputation was undoubtedly the greatest. The reason was that an academy that was publicly acknowledged to be the best in the Immortal Dimension resided here — the Dao Emperor Academy!

The most famous rumor in the Immortal Dimension was that the Valiant Star Immortal King was a student of Dao Emperor Academy in the past!

Besides Valiant Star Immortal King, there was no lack of other great figures in the top powers throughout the four great continents that had cultivated in Dao Emperor Academy.

Moreover, every single time Dao Emperor Academy recruited, it wouldn’t just draw over the top experts of the younger generation in the 4,900 continents of the Immortal Dimension, even formidable living beings from the Buddha Dimension, Dragon Dimension, Phoenix Dimension, the clans of the sea, and so on and so forth would be drawn over as well.

This obviously showed that how deep and long-standing the resources, reserves, and inheritance of Dao Emperor Academy was.

There were a total of 130,000 cities in Valiant Star Continent, and it was boundlessly vast. It was even more vast than a large world. Dao Emperor Academy was situated within Darkombat City.


Light flashed within the teleportation formation in Darkombat City, and then a hundred people surged out from within. Shockingly, Chen Xi and Lie Binghan were amongst them.

“Wow! This is Darkombat City!?”

“My god! Look quickly! There’re actually numerous strands of divine radiance descending from the sky, and it’s beautiful and dreamlike like silk. It’s condensed into form from the purest Immortal Energy!

“Shh! Can you speak softer!? Don’t make others think we’re bumpkins!”

As soon as they walked out of the teleportation formation, a wave of clamorous noise assaulted them from ahead, and Chen Xi and Lie Binghan were pushed aside by the crowd.

“They’ve gone mad!” Lie Binghan shook his head.

Chen Xi smiled and started carefully sizing up the surroundings.

This was an extremely bustling street in Darkombat City, and it was 300m wide. There were ancient buildings on both sides of the streets, and they formed a continuous row along the street.

At this moment, streams of crowds surged through the street, and they rubbed against each other as they moved, causing it to seem bustling and flourishing to the extreme.

Gorgeous divine radiance floated in the sky, and it emanated blazing light that illuminated the entire city. When one stood beneath it, even the air one breathed was filled with pure and thick Immortal Energy!

Everything here seemed like a busy street of the mortal world, yet it was actually a top paradise in the Immortal Dimension. Even with Chen Xi’s experience, he couldn’t help but be extremely shocked in his heart while residing within the city.

The reason was extremely simple, on one hand it was the grand atmosphere of Darkombat City that was simply extraordinary. But most importantly, it was that during this short period of time since they left the teleportation formation, he’d sensed at least over a hundred obscure and terrifying auras!

Every single one of these auras was at least at the Golden Immortal Realm, and there was even no lack of existences that possessed even higher cultivations!

This was Darkombat City, a city situated in Valiant Star Continent, a city where the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension resided. It was like the most dazzling pearl studded in the Immortal Dimension, and in the countless years of the past until now, Darkombat City drew over countless experts to make a ‘pilgrimage’ here.

This place will be the place that I, Chen Xi, truly gain a foothold for myself in the Immortal Dimension. As he looked at the streets that bustled with streams of people and sensed the aura of experts that suffused the surroundings, Chen Xi took a deep breath, and his gaze was calm as he silently clenched his fists together tightly.

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