Chapter 1114 – Valiant Star Restriction

Lu Chen was very well aware that if Chen Xi’s strike were to descend, then even with his strength and even if he was able to resist it, he would probably suffer a heavy injury.

Instead of that, it was better for him to take the initiative to counterattack as perhaps he would be able to find a way out with while putting his life on the line!


The Thousand Autumn Sword tore through the sky while the blade of the sword surged with boundless strands of desolate sword qi. At the same time, strands of translucent and flickering flames drifted out from within the blade of the sword, and it melted and burned holes numerous holes in space.

This strike was called Thousand Autumn Flames!

Wood supported the might of fire, and it blazed the skies!

Similarly, this was Lu Chen’s trump card. When he was in the Zuoqiu Clan, an elder of the Zuoqiu Clan that possessed extraordinary attainments in the sword had once evaluated this move as ‘the destruction of the years in fire.’


This strike collided with Chen Xi’s surging waves of clouds that descended from the sky. One was fire, the other water, and both of them were supreme sword moves. When they collided at this moment, the chaotic flow created by it collapsed, shattered, and destroyed the clouds in an area of 50,000km, and it transformed into numerous horrifying black holes that swept madly in all directions.


Lu Chen suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood while paleness flashed on his face. Obviously, he’d suffered backlash from this strike. He raised his eyes to look at Chen Xi, and he noticed to his horror that this strike hadn’t injured Chen Xi in the slightest!

How could this be possible? 

Even those three Void Guards who were besieging Lie Binghan noticed this scene, especially when they saw Lu Chen spit out a mouthful of blood, it shocked them to the point their hearts trembled.

After all, amongst the sixty four Void Guards, Lu Chen’s strength was sufficient to be ranked in the top five. According to Zuoqiu Kong, Lu Chen’s strength was sufficient to be ranked in the top fifty of the Ascensio Immortal Rankings. Moreover, when Lu Chen advanced into the Golden Immortal Realm, it was very likely for Lu Chen to become another figure that rose gradually like a blazing sun in the Immortal Dimension!

Yet now, Lu Chen had actually lost to a little fellow that had just ascended into the Immortal Dimension!

Lie Binghan’s spirits were refreshed instead when he saw this scene. Presently, he was covered in injuries while his aura was extremely weak. He’d been holding on bitterly all along, so noticing this scene was undoubtedly like a pill of confidence that caused his fighting will to rise greatly once more.

“Boundless Ocean!” At the same time, Chen Xi’s expression became solemn as he stood in midair with his sword in hand. The Talisman Armament slanted as an indescribably vast and powerful aura rumbled out from its tip!

In the next instant, the sky transformed into an ocean!

Boundlessly vast tidal waves surged, covered the sky, and blotted out the sun. It seemed like an ocean in the air was descending, and the water droplets, streams of water, and spindrifts were formed from water element sword qi that was profound to the extreme.

It converged in midair to form an expanse of an ocean formed from sword qi, a sea of sword qi!

At this moment, the rivers, lakes, swamps, and even the water element energy in the heavens and the earth within an area of 500,000km started surging and howling. All of it swarmed over as if it was cheering and paying tribute to the supreme Law!

This vast phenomenon could be described as world shocking.

Lu Chen’s expression instantly turned ghastly pale while his Dao Heart shook violently, and his pupils constricted. He didn’t dare believe that such a shocking sword strike would have actually been executed by someone at the initial-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm!

He wanted to dodge, yet the wavy blue ocean and chaotic flow of water was everywhere his eyes could see, and he was utterly unable to avoid it.

It seemed as if he’d become a piece of duckweed floating on a surging ocean! Most importantly, the ocean was formed from water element sword qi!

At this moment, Lu Chen finally understood why Chen Xi dared boast that he wouldn’t be able to survive three moves. Merely this attack had caused Lu Chen to be moved, shocked, and arouse despair in his heart!

He was indeed born for slaughter and received the most brutal training in the world, yet when he really faced death, he was unable to control his feelings at all.

As they say, death was the greatest terror in the world!

Even supreme sages and great figures were unable to escape the limits of death, let alone an existence at the advanced-stage of the Mysterious Immortal Realm.

“NO!!!” Lu Chen turned around like a madman while the Thousand Autumn Sword in his hand transformed into a myriad of sword lights that descended like the desolate autumn, and it intended to break through the ocean and allow him to find a slim chance of survival.

Yes, he wanted to flee, he wanted to report everything that happened here to the Young Master, and he wanted all the Void Guards to understand that the target this time was absolutely not as simple as they imagined.

Conversely, the target was a freak in the Sword Dao, a freak that was even more abnormal than any one of them!


A tide arose in the ocean and formed nine layers before the surging and violent sword qi crushed through space as it swept towards Lu Chen.

Lu Chen’s attack was like a rock that was tossed into a lake, and it only caused a splash before it was swallowed by the ocean and vanished without a trace.

“NO!!!” Lu Chen roared furiously at the top of his voice while revealing a savage expression, and he’d lost his composure from before. He instead seemed like a trapped beast that had fallen into a hopeless situation, and he was terrified and furious to the extreme.

He struggled with all his might. Boundless and terrifying might surged out from within his body as he intended to detonate himself in order to take Chen Xi down with him.

Unfortunately, this actions that was normally extremely simple to accomplish seemed extraordinarily difficult at this moment because his vital energy and even every single pore on his body was terrified and imprisoned by the Laws of Water.

Water was all pervasive!

This was naturally a type of the Laws of Water, and coupled with Chen Xi had taken precautions against Lu Chen detonating himself since the beginning, how could Lu Chen possibly have the chance to detonate himself?


In the next moment, the ocean rumbled and drowned Lu Chen…

When the ocean vanished, Lu Chen’s figure was nowhere to be found. Obviously, his entire body had been destroyed and obliterated within the ocean formed by the ‘Sword of Water!’

Chen Xi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he saw this scene, and then an unhealthy flush of red flashed on his face for a moment. This attack, Boundless Ocean, was the strongest attack within the ‘Sword of Water’ that he’d comprehended.

It was powerful and boundlessly vast. The Immortal Force it consumed was extraordinary as well. With Chen Xi’s foundation that was extremely thick, he was still almost unable to endure it.

Fortunately, he had the assistance of the Dark Parasol Sapling, and it supported him in completing this strike.

“Senior Brother Lu Chen!”

“Dammit! Why…”


Instantly, the eyes of those three Void Guards besieging Lie Binghan almost split apart when they saw this scene, and they were both terrified and furious to the limit. All of them didn’t dare believe their eyes, and they didn’t dare believe that their Senior Brother Lu Chen would actually die at Chen Xi’s hand!

“Come! No matter what, we must report this matter…” One of the Void Guards quickly recovered from his shock, and he immediately roared furiously with a grim voice. But before he could finish speaking, he heard the sound of blood spraying resound as a wisp of sword qi soared through the sky and severed his head.

“Bastard! I’ll kill you if it’s the last thing I do!”

At this moment, the other two Void Guards recovered from their shock as well. One of them roared furiously before charging at Chen Xi, and the other turned around and flashed towards the distance instead.

 Under this situation of extreme danger, they still maintained this sort of cooperation, and one of them intended to stop Chen Xi while the other fled so that they could report everything that happened here. They were indeed able to look down upon most experts that were their peers.

Unfortunately, they’d encountered Chen Xi this time, an existence that was a greater freak than them.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

With merely two slashes of the sword, both these Void Guards whose will to fight had collapsed were killed. They perished on the spot, and Chen Xi’s casual appearance seemed as if he was crushing two ants.

This was the outcome that came from their will to fight having collapsed.

Once one lost their will to fight, one was like a tiger that had its teeth pulled out, a lion that was aging, and one didn’t possess anymore deterrent force.

At this point, all twelve Void Guards had been annihilated by Chen Xi!

It was also at this moment that Chen Xi finally heaved a long sigh of relief and started panting rapidly without end. Lu Chen had given him great pressure in this battle, and he felt it was fortunate that all of this had ended now.

Under the assistance of the Dark Parasol Sapling, Chen Xi had recovered by a great deal in merely a short moment, and he didn’t hesitate to clean up the battlefield.

Even though Lu Chen and the others had perished, all the Immortal Artifacts in their possessions were rare and top quality Immortal Artifacts from the Zuoqiu Clan. Even if Chen Xi had no use of them, they could be exchanged for a shocking amount of wealth.

During this entire process, Lie Binghan stood there while staring blankly as he was shocked speechless.

The battle from before was absolutely the greatest battle he’d encountered since he started cultivating, and it exceeded his imagination. Moreover, it moved him greatly as well.

This was the broadening of one’s horizons. If one stayed at a single place, then one’s horizons and ambition would be limited to this expanse of the world, and one wouldn’t know that there was a greater figure or a higher mountain in the outside.

This was the reason Lie Binghan was willing to risk his life in order to enter Dao Emperor Academy. It was because Dao Emperor Academy was the number one academy in the Immortal Dimension, and it was situated at one of the four most flourishing continents in the Immortal Dimension!

Only by cultivating there would he be able to discover the true top forces of the Immortal Dimension!

“Unfortunately, besides some treasures used in battle, they actually didn’t carry any storage treasures…” After he finished clearing up the battlefield, Chen Xi couldn’t help but shake his head as he looked at the high-rank Cosmic Grade Immortal Artifact and three top-rank Darkspirit Grade Immortal Artifacts in hand, and then he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Lie Binghan was still standing there while staring blankly.

“Let’s go, so as to avoid any mishaps from occurring.” Chen Xi shouted at Lie Binghan before transforming into a wisp of flowing light that charged towards the Cloudlight Bridge.

“Oh.” Lie Binghan seemed as if he’d awakened from a dream. He turned around to look at the expanse of 50,000km that was covered in desolation, and he couldn’t help but smack his lips before turning around to follow behind Chen Xi. 

He knew that this scene from today was bound to be branded within his memory, and he would never be able to forget it. 


Zuoqiu City, the Zuoqiu Clan.


The sound of shattering resounded as Zuoqiu Kong who drink tea beneath the ancient tree opened his eyes, and he withdrew a shattered Soulfate Tablet from within his pocket and looked silently at it for a long time.

“They’ve failed? They didn’t even have the chance to send news back to me…” Zuoqiu Kong muttered while his clear and handsome face was gradually covered in a layer of ice.

Zuoqiu Ke sat facing him, and she put down the tea cup in her hand as her eyes opened wide while she asked. “Big Brother, you mean Lu Chen and the others are all dead?”

Zuoqiu Kong took a deep breath to forcefully restrain the wisp of agitation that arose in his heart, and he nodded. “They should be.”

Zuoqiu Ke’s brows knit together as she said, “Since it’s like this, then we’ll send more people to continue pursuing Chen Xi. Lu Chen and the others were top Sacrificial Soldiers that the clan paid a great price to foster, and they were supposed to assist Big Brother in inheriting the position of Patriarch in the future. The loss of every single one of them is comparable to the loss of a Valiant Grade Immortal Artifact!”

Zuoqiu Kong shook his head and sighed. “It’s too late.”

“Why?” Zuoqiu Ke stared was stunned.

Zuoqiu Kong lightly spat out four words. “The Valiant Star Restriction!” 

—  End of Book Thirteen —

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